TOT 56 | Possessing God’s Promise

Don’t Let Need Lead (Part 4)

  God freely gives to His children is positioning us to possess every promise of provision He made us, even via this podcast. On today’s show with Dr. Siohvaughn Funches, learn why it is vital that you don't allow need to lead you, but instead trust your Heavenly Father to supply your needs in such… Continue reading Don’t Let Need Lead (Part 4)

TOT 54 | Provision Of God

Don’t Let Need Lead (Part 2)

  It is God's will to lead us into supply above and beyond what we need and can even imagine. On today’s show, Dr. Siohvaughn Funches shares how God does this leading via His Spirit and not fear, panic, or worry. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but power, love and a… Continue reading Don’t Let Need Lead (Part 2)

TOT 52 | Provision Of God

God Will Provide For You (Part 7)

Without a doubt, it is God's will to bless believers so abundantly that they are a blessing to others. This is the inheritance of every born-again child of God, and through this podcast episode, believers learn how to possess this rich inheritance! Dr. Siohvaughn Funches takes listeners through the life of Jacob and Joseph, demonstrating… Continue reading God Will Provide For You (Part 7)

TOT 18 | Bearing Fruits

From Barren To Bearing (Part 1)

We can all bear fruits in our own special ways. In another inspiring episode, Dr. Siohvaughn Funches talks about bearing fruits after being barren. She notes the gravity of his provision including even material things, stating that God is without doubt providing us everything he can in any form and in random moments. When it comes… Continue reading From Barren To Bearing (Part 1)

TOT 15 | God As Our Provider

Provision In Peculiar Places (Part 1)

God can provide us everything with his great love. In another episode that brings us more faith than we already have, host Dr. Siohvaughn Funches discusses a very important message about God as our provider. This is vital because it is His will that he has the role of provider and we have the role of… Continue reading Provision In Peculiar Places (Part 1)