Don’t Let Need Lead (Part 4)

TOT 56 | Possessing God’s Promise


God freely gives to His children is positioning us to possess every promise of provision He made us, even via this podcast. On today’s show with Dr. Siohvaughn Funches, learn why it is vital that you don’t allow need to lead you, but instead trust your Heavenly Father to supply your needs in such an abundant way that you are blessed to be a blessing to others! Hear why it’s not only possible but God’s pleasure to give you the riches of His very own kingdom and prosper you in such a way that the world can see His heart of love toward you!

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Don’t Let Need Lead (Part 4)

We’re going to be continuing on with the series titled Don’t Let Need Lead. This is an on-time message, yet is a timeless message from God because we’re humans, so we’re going to have needs. God made it that way and God doesn’t make mistakes. Your needs aren’t a problem. It’s God’s will to provide and supply your needs beyond even what you and I need, but to oversupply. They will have enough in store to even be a blessing to others. People can see the goodness of God via our heart and via our hand by giving them things if they have a need.

This message is timely because of everything that’s going on in the world and the impact it’s having. We know that that particular virus was something that impacted health, but one of the trickle-down effects or domino effects that it had was to literally launch an attack on people’s finances. There’s no industry that hasn’t been impacted by that particular virus. We want to talk about not so much the virus or even to go into too many details about the impact, but about our God who supplies our needs well above and beyond what we need, but He feels us up and He gives us much more in store to bless others. We’re going to continue on with that. We’ll recap a bit for those just joining us.

Prior to getting into all of that, I want to take a moment as we always do and acknowledge the one who provides for us, who loves us very much, and whose love is unchanging or unfailing even if financial circumstances change and even if we change. I thank You, Heavenly Father, for you are our constant. You are our steady, you are our sure foundation upon which we can stand and be healed. I thank You, God, that you are sovereign, you are King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I thank you, God, for you’ve given us the gift of free will. We have that. We take our free will and we get at the feet of Jesus to hear His word, not to hear me, not my opinion, not my revelation, but from your Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit, have your way. God, I thank you and praise you that you continue to give to us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of your son, Jesus. I thank you that the eyes of our understanding are being enlightened all the more this day. We are knowing, God, what is the hope of His calling? What are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints? What is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe according to the working of His mighty power? I asked you, Jesus, to expound on the scriptures to us about the things concerning yourself. I thank You, Lord Jesus, for your promise that the spirit of truth will lead and guide us into all truth.

TOT 56 | Possessing God’s Promise
Possessing God’s Promise: God’s will is that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers!


I thank you for your promise that declares my people will know the truth and the truth will make them free. You are the truth and whomever you set free, Jesus, is free indeed. I thank you that we are being set free from any form of bondage and especially bondage in the area of finances. I thank you and I decree and declare over every believer who’s reading, no matter what time or what year it is that they play this or replay this. I thank You, Heavenly Father that you are setting us apart. We are in your Heavenly Goshen, Jesus Christ.

Even if 1,000 fall at our side and a myriad at our right hand, poverty, lack, will not come near our dwelling. Unnecessary loss will not come near our dwelling. I thank You, God, that whatever has happened, that was negative that the enemy or people meant for evil, you have already worked together for our good. I pray like you’re serving your profit deep that our eyes be opened, that we see God. That you being for us means that they are more forced than they could ever even possibly be against us.

For those who are reading and they’re saying, “God is all I have.” I praise you, Jesus. You will prove this to them in the land of the living. If God is all you have that’s because God is all you need. I thank You, God, that you will over answer. We will be an example of your goodness, your power, your desire to give, your provision, and the fact that you sit high above the economy and its fluctuations in this world. This is not your economy, God. I thank you that we look to You. We look to the heels for wince come our help. Where does it come? It comes from you Lord, the maker of heaven and earth. I thank you, God, that we’re not going to be believing you for this, but I thank you for tangible manifestations of your glory and our life in every area of our life including our finances. In Jesus name, we pray, Amen.

We’re going to recap a bit. I understand that there are people who join us on the journey sometimes along the way and weren’t there at the beginning. It also refreshes everybody who hasn’t read the message since the last episode, depending on if you’re caught up or not. We’ve spent the last episodes renewing our minds with the word of God, specifically in the area of Jesus as Lord over our finances and God and Jesus as our provider. The Holy Spirit has expounded on the scriptures to us demonstrating his absolute promises to provide for His children and His faithfulness to provide for his children.

God’s Amazing Plan

Specifically, last episode, we looked in depth at Deuteronomy 28. We see in that passage of scripture that beyond a shadow of a doubt. God has great, amazing plans for our lives especially our financial lives. Those are not spiritual blessings that God is talking about. Those are tangible, physical, and financial blessings and God’s will is His word. That is the word of God. If anything is making you feel like God is on the fence about providing for you in a way that you have more than enough, we looked at the word of God. We’re going to continue to look at the word of God. God is going to pull down that imagination, that thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and we can see the knowledge of God. We gained the knowledge of God by getting to know Him and God is His word.

He’s unfailing, absolute unequivocal truth that won’t then break or fail at any time for any reason, no matter the season. God is sovereign. He is King. I wanted to take a look at 2 Corinthians 1:20, not because what we went over it on the last episode, but every other scripture we’ll look at now and remind every believer, every Born Again Christian. If you have given your life to Christ and you’re truly born again, one of the promises that we’ll go over in a 2 Corinthians 1:20 is an all-encompassing promise. Within that promise is every other promise, all the thousands of promises in the Bible, the things God has spoken in your heart, the dreams God has given you personally, all of that. God has a word that encompasses all of it.

I want you to take this in as a key scripture for this particular series that we’re doing and always keep a key in your heart and meditate on it. Mutter those words under your breath even. The Bible declares that in 2 Corinthians 1:20, “For all the promises of God in Him, are yes and in Him. Amen to the glory of God, through us.” Who we are? This right here is one of those catch-all things. Sometimes we may go through the Bible and even the enemy or our own doubt or maybe our own insecurity or wrong believing and thinking has us say, “I know God did that for David, but I don’t know if you would do that for me. I know He did that with Noah, but God knows I’m right. I don’t know.”

You do know God will do it for you. Not only do you know that got is able like the leper who wanted to be cleansed by Jesus knew he was able. “I know you are able, but Lord, are you willing? If you’re willing, make me clean,” Here’s how we found out whether or not God is willing because God is His word. We search His word, we find Him, we find His ways, and the more we do that, the more we trust Him blindly. We don’t need to see it, to hear it and we don’t need a confirmation. Although I thank God for the profit, they don’t have the profits out of me. I’ve gotten to know God for myself. If He says it, He’ll do it.

This particular passage of scripture covers all the promises in the entire Bible, which include Deuteronomy 28 because I know that this is a new covenant ministry. I know this show teaches from a regulatory standpoint in light of what Jesus has done, but all the promises of God, “A yes, and in Him. Amen to the Glory of God through us.” You find that promise. There’s no need to be like, “My God, are you able? God, are you willing?” “Will you do it for me?” Here goes, “Yes, and in Him, Amen.” Amen is like, “Be it unto me according to your word,” because God’s given the yes.

If you could find the promise, if the promise exists, God has given the, “Yes, this is our Amen. God, be it unto me, according to your word.” Going back to the area of finances, God is dealing with that impact, and that negative side effect or could have been the actual goal behind that Coronavirus was to target people’s economic stability, but I thank God for being God. He’s gone before us with these promises and in Genesis 12:2, and I love that the fact that it’s in Genesis, that is the book of beginnings. God said, “I will make you a great nation. I will bless you and make your name great. You shall be a blessing.” God blesses us in a way that doesn’t just bless us.

God Freely Gives Us All Things

He does it in such a degree and magnitude that we’re a blessing for others. All of these I believe are coming from the New King James Version, in Romans 8:32, the word of God declares, “He who did not spare his own Son, but delivered Him up for us all. How shall he not with him also freely give us all things?” In other words, if God was a giver enough, a lover enough that He would do something tantamount to crazy like give up His own son in exchange for us. When he did it, we were still in sin, we were at our worse.

He gave up His best. If He gave us the best, why would He ever withhold the less? I love how God says, “How shall He not with Him? Also, freely, give us all things.” If we take our time, sometimes we feel maybe like the devil loves to do that. Especially, the spirit of religion, you got to read chapters, but some verses of the Bible honestly you could spend your entire day. It may be the verse may not be the only thing you read, but it may be the verse you meditate on for a week or weeks or even a month can go by and you’re still meditating. It’s rich, full, and so much revelation in it.

This particular Bible verse is the foundational thing. It’s not hard for them to put up drywall in the house. I like real estate. I watched those channels where they’re rehabbing things and restoring properties and homes. Since I was younger, like had a driver’s license instead of me going to the movies, sometimes I did do that, but a lot of times and oftentimes I would take my car alone with me and God, sixteen years old, driving to a subdivision and would view the model homes. Some people are into that thing.

I’m probably someone who likes it, maybe even more than others have. If you do have any understanding of this, you’re in a home yourself or have personal experience with contracting and things like that in the building. You’ll understand why this particular verse may mean so much to me and why I’m emphasizing it should mean so much to you. This verse is something that’s foundational. Digging a foundation, the better it is, the deeper it will be, which means the longer time it takes.

TOT 56 | Possessing God’s Promise
Possessing God’s Promise: God has amazing plans for our lives, especially our financial lives.


This is a verse that if you can build your relationship with God if you can build your revelations of God, His love for you and His willingness to provide for you off of this. I mean provide anything. Your emotional needs, your financial needs, your spiritual needs, married people, your sexual needs. God is involved in all of this because if he didn’t spare Jesus but freely gave Him up, for us, it costs Him everything, but it was free to us. How shall He not give us the lesser things freely? Like, “Why not? You didn’t make me pay anything. I own everything. I had a debt to God.” Everybody who’s ever sinned, which is everyone, had a debt to God they couldn’t pay. God sends Jesus to pay the debt and then tells us, “The ledger is clear. You have no debt.”

He gave us His best and it didn’t cost us anything. Surely, if you did that and I know that you did that, I already believe that. “I believe that Jesus died for my sins, He forgave me, He made me righteous, put me on his robe of righteousness.” If you can believe that, then you have to believe God for all the lesser things. This giving of Jesus not sparing Him is the foundation. It’s the thing that makes certain and sure every other thing that we could ever ask God that’s built on it. It is your solid foundation. It is the perfect picture of the heart of God. Jesus is the best. He’s God’s best. God told me the lesser is always included in the greater. Jesus is the greatest gift God could’ve given. Surely the lesser is already included in the greater, which is why God says he’ll give these things with Him. It’s all with Him.

Sometimes we think, “We got to figure this out,” or, “We got to do this,” and, “We got to do that.” I’m not being religious and I’m not trying to minimize anything anybody is going through or facing. I’ve been touched. I’ve not been the exception to the rule. I’m not minimizing it at all, but what I’m doing is magnifying the one who did something as drastic as giving up His own son. Parents, if you can do something like that for somebody and not charge them anything, while they stand before you guilty and own you everything, what is it then? What is it to repair your finances? Even if you’re the one who made the mistake and you caused your finances to be like that, God is still for you.

He’s not against you. If He gave you the greatest, which is Jesus freely, He’ll provide for you financially. He’ll supply your needs financially in abundance that you blessed, your needs are met. Not only that you are a blessing for others and He will do so freely. With knowing this about God, with us letting this truth and this demonstration of His unfailing love, His heart to give and to give freely and to give lavishly. He came to give. The Bible says, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.” God loves and then He gives, “He gives the best, go big or go home.” God is going big. You won’t have to tell Him to go home.

All these lesser blessings, I don’t mean lesser like insignificant or not of importance. I mean lesser as in it’s not great like Jesus. Your marriage is a wonderful thing. It’s a vital thing. It’s an important thing. If God gave up Jesus for you, God will heal your land. With knowing this, we as believers, we as God’s beloved in whom He is well-pleased. We have no business begging, borrowing, and definitely not stealing. We’re sons and daughters of God of the only true and living all mighty God who the Bible says is the possessor, the owner of heaven and Earth. He has made us an heir of His and a joint heir with Jesus Christ.

Stay In That Position Of Faith

We don’t have any business running after riches. Letting our needs lead us into destruction, trying to provide for ourselves. We have no business chasing down the idea of becoming rich because the truth is God has made us rich. It’s the time for us to possess our possessions and receive all that God freely and graciously has already provided for us. We know that God gives freely and abundantly because of His love for us. We know that in order to receive all that He’s paid for, with His own blood to give us, all we have to do is what Jesus said and that’s in Mark 5:36, “Only believe and God gives to each one of us a measure of faith.” We know that from Romans 12:3, you may remember that from the onset of this show. Romans 10:17 in New Living Translation version because it’s more accurate to the original language. It says, “Faith comes by hearing and that he is hearing the good news about Christ.”

That’s what you’re doing now. Faith is coming now. You are and I am unconsciously believing God more and more now. As a result of it, we’re going to receive from God, but what we don’t want to do is get out of receptive position, this posture of faith, this belief in God’s goodness that will never disappoint you. That God himself will make sure you’re never disappointed for you to put your trust in Him. He never fails. He loves it when you do that, He takes that and uses it as an example to demonstrate even to others why He’s trustworthy.

We’re going to look at what could happen if we come out of that position. We’re going to look at it straight in the Bible like we always do. When He was expounding on this to me, took me to the book of Ruth. One of my favorite books. I’ve read it many times over the course of many years, but it was not until a couple years ago that the Lord showed me this and brought the revelation back to me for such a time as this. We’re going to read a little bit. I’m going to extract from the Holy Spirit what He wants us to get from it. We’re going to learn from them. The Bible says that we’re supposed to look at the testimonies of these people and we are supposed to learn about God and even in some like, “That was unwise. I’m probably not going to go there. Look where it got them.” We can learn plenty of things.

In Ruth 1:1 from the King James Version says, “Now it came to pass in the days when judges ruled that there was a famine in the land.” We as a nation and the nations around the world are experiencing what’s considered a famine. Look at this, even having prosperity, success, and finances at the forefront of your mind, when hearing this and allowing God to give you this revelation, it says, “In a certain man of Bethlehem,” the word Bethlehem means house of bread, “Judah went to dwell in the country of Moab, he and his wife and his two sons.” This is what God showed me. “The name of the man was Elimelech. The name of his wife was Naomi and the names of their sons were Mahlon and Chilion.

They went to the country of Moab and remained there.” God told me this sequence that the Holy Spirit chose to write this and this story is by no means happenstance or coincidence. Its God ordained with a God purpose to teach us here. Here’s a teaching moment. We see there was a famine in Bethlehem, house of bread. Jesus is the bread of life. It represents the center of God’s will. People can be in the center of God’s wheel and still experience things like a famine. It doesn’t have to be in the area of finances. It could be a famine in their marriage. They need Jesus to turn that bland water into the best wine and they need them to do it yesteryear, not even yesterday. Let’s be honest, married people.

God Knows Our Needs

With that being said, God knows what we have need of and He promised, as we saw earlier in this series to supply all of our needs, according to his riches and Glory in Christ Jesus. We went over this, even the secrets prior to this one, and during this one that God’s paths, His will for our life. The roads He tells us to take, the way He teaches us to go. Even on a daily basis, the Bible says, “It drips with abundance.” There’s abundance in that path. God made you and I. He loves us very much. He made us with needs and He doesn’t make accidents. Did God make you? He did. Are you an accident? That’s an impossibility. God doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t have accidents. He didn’t trip and fall and like, “You were conceived.” I was like, “Too late now.”

That’s never what happened. May that heal the hearts of those who’ve heard any words, even from their own parents to the contrary of the truth. May healing spring forth now in Jesus’ name with the truth. May the truth make you free. These people were experiencing this famine and Elimelech takes his wife, his children, and runs away from out of the house of bread. There’s a famine. He’s inside the house of bread. He leaves the house of bread. He flees the house of bread and goes to Moab. This is a nation that was previously cursed because of the incestuous ways in which they live.

I remember they were under the old covenant then, that nation was cursed by God because of the incest and various things including having several gods. I’m like, “How can you even keep count of them? How do you remember all their names?” They must have been better with names than I am because they had a million gods, that’s an exaggeration, but I’m trying to drive home the point they had many gods. I would’ve needed flashcards.

TOT 56 | Possessing God’s Promise
Possessing God’s Promise: Running after riches and letting our needs lead us will being us destruction.


He had a need. You don’t eat, you don’t live. “I’m human. I got to eat. I need money to buy bread.” We talk to God and tell Him these things as if He doesn’t know. That’s what’s crazy. It’s nothing wrong with talking to God, share everything with Him, pour out your heart to God. Hannah did great things that happened to her. David did that all the time. Great and mighty things happened for him constantly pouring out the heart. Do that. I do that.

We don’t want to have this attitude or this position even unconsciously that like, “God doesn’t know,” or “He must not get it.” That’s sliding into a bit of a loftiness. It’s like even putting God down, like you know better than Him, in a sense. I’m thinking about it because I’ve had thoughts like that. You don’t intend that pride, you don’t intend that magnitude of error, but it is that magnitude of the error. The new student is like, “Clearly the teacher doesn’t get it and they’ve been teaching for 40 years.” Even to a human teacher that’s an insult. We don’t want to insult God.

God knows our needs. He knew these people’s needs. They went off anyway and interestingly, they went to Moab. That was a Gentile nation. That represented at that time outside of the will of God. Now, Gentiles become the bread of Christ. We are literally the body of Jesus Christ. Things aren’t what they used to be. God was always gracious as we’ll see in this particular book, but they let that need lead them. When they did, the Bible says, “After they let need to lead them and run them away from the house of bread into a nation that was a curse. Elimelech died,” His wife, Naomi, was still living, “Two sons took wives of the women of Moab. The name of the one was Orpah and the name of the other Ruth. They dwelt there about ten years, then both Mahlon and Chilion also died. Their husband and Naomi survived her two sons and her husband.

They did have a need, no question about it. God doesn’t have the ball. The Bible says there’s a famine. That’s obviously a problem financially and a problem for your tummy, but we must let God lead us. The Bible says, “As many as our sons and daughters of God are led by the spirit of God, not by what they need.” Need is important. I’ll tell you what’s more important that God lead you and I, and we let Him supply our needs because when God supplies our needs, you won’t have to give up one blessing in exchange for the other.

God may upgrade you, God may trade in your Kia Sephia for a Mercedes-Benz. I wouldn’t call that loss or taking anything away from me. I would call it God upgrading. I would call it what God said. Even in a material way, you’re going from level to level and glory to glory for the Glory of God. we cannot let need lead us as important as it is. These people let need to lead them. The consequences were severe. Maybe they were able to get to Moab and find bread, but they lost their life and a dead man doesn’t need bread.

It was unwise to let even something as vital, even something that is a matter of life and death like need leads them. You got one leader and need isn’t it. That’s not your God, that’s not my God. If it’s not God, then it’s not leading. There is one who has the reins here, this has to be opposition. This has to be the stance that we take, not mighty power by God’s Holy Spirit, we must take that position. Unless you’re Jesus, you can get off the throne in my life, get off the throne in my heart. It’s as simple as that.

I want to look a little bit more into this and we’re going to see not only them letting me lead and the devastating consequences of it, but God’s going to minister to us because God knows we’re human. Had to be human is to the heir, but more important than that, to be human is to be loved and created by God. God is well-known for cleaning up our mess. We’re going to look at the heart of God in that especially for those of us who’ve made some bad decisions, especially in the area of finances. It’s not over. That’s not the way your story ends, it’s not the way my story ends. I too have fumbled the ball, but praise is to Jesus. He’s the God of second chances.

You need another one after that, He’s the God of the 3rd chance and the 4th and the 5th and so on. Seriously, I don’t have a count for my own life. I’m sure you don’t have a count for yours. God’s love and His faithfulness are from everlasting to everlasting and He has tireless love. I praise you Jesus for that. I pray God you seal what You’ve done with the blood of your son, Jesus. You who began a good work in us, I thank You that you will finish it, Lord. In Jesus’ name. I’ll talk to you next time. I love you.

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