Don’t Let Need Lead (Part 3)

TOT 55 | Don't Let Need Lead

Are you someone facing a difficult time financially? Do you feel a sense of uncertainty that tempts you to frantically try and save you and your family from financial challenges? If so, you do not want to miss the eye-opening truths revealed in this podcast episode. Dr. Siohvaughn Funches reminds you of how God has a sure way to provide you and your loved ones what you need, and even supply what you desire! Listen in now and see breakthroughs beyond anything you imagined, hoped for, or prayed!

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Don’t Let Need Lead (Part 3)

We’re going to continue on with our series entitled, Don’t Let Need Lead. What an on-time message because the needs of people in the world are changing and they’re changing rapidly. There are a lot of uncertainties but what is certain, sure and solid foundation is God is faithful. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. God is our provider. We went over that in the previous series prior to this commencing. We did it over the course of several weeks. This particular series is picking up in that same spirit. We’re still learning about God. He is still unveiling Himself to us via the word, which is our solid foundation. Even in the most uncertain of times and trying times, God is showing us via His word who He is, what His will is in no uncertain terms regarding providing for His children and laying a deep, solid foundation of things that we already know He’s building upon those revelations and expounding on the word. We’re going to pick up and although it’s not that same series, we’re continuing in that same spirit. We are getting some revelations along those same lines.

Before we continue on regarding not letting need lead us, let’s take a moment and do what we always do and that’s to acknowledge God together. I thank you Heavenly Father for this opportunity to once again get at the feet of Jesus and hear His word. I ask you Father that you will give to all of us the spirit of wisdom, revelation, and all the more in the knowledge of Jesus. That the eyes of our understanding being enlightened, and that we may know what is the hope of His calling. What are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us, who believe according to the working of His mighty power? I ask you, Jesus, to expound on the scriptures to us about the things concerning Yourself and I pray you to give us fresh bread, Lord. Let fresh faith come our way. Let fresh revelation and enlightenment come our way, God. I pray you to stir up something on the inside of us that we give birth to God on time, but quickly.

I thank you, Lord, that your provision proceeds any problem. We commit to your hands our needs. We commit to your hands those things that we desire. We commit to your hands those things that have seemed problematic and troublesome, Lord. We thank you for who you are. You are faithful. You go before us. You are our rearguard and you are the one who supplies all of our needs. You give us the desires of our hearts. I thank you, Heavenly Father, that you are the same yesterday, today, and forever. The economy has changed. The world we live in has changed. Our basic mundane day-to-day activities have all suddenly changed, but God, you remain the same. Your word remains the same. Your faithfulness is the same. Your power is the same. Your provision is the same. You are who you say you are and I thank you, God, that you are imparting faith in us that is taking root and bearing much fruit that remains in us, and even throughout our entire generations.

Our entire bloodline, God, reaped the benefits of the faith you’re imparting in us, especially in this season. I thank you, God, for whatever the enemy and even people mean for evil, you are working together, God for absolute good. I praise you and that’s what causes us to give you thanks even in the most trying times. Continue to lead us and guide us as your word declares, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go and guide you with my eye,” and you have pronounced to us, “Don’t be anxious for anything, whether it’s a need, a want, dire circumstances, or it’s not serious at all.” You say it, but in prayer, thanksgiving and supplication, make your request known to you, God. Your peace that transcends all understanding guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

I thank you that you even answer us before we open our mouth to speak. I thank you for the positioning that’s taking place in all of our lives. You are positioning us to possess our possessions, not only because you love us, not only because you desire to glorify the name of your son, Jesus, not only because of the great importance that He is of your kingdom being continually established in this Earth and you will continually be done in this broken place, God, called Earth. I thank you, Heavenly Father. There are many people you want to bless, God. I thank you for there are many souls that still need to be saved and you desire to save for your word declares and choose not to lose one. I thank you, God, that there are other people that even need miracles and it gives you all the more reason and motivation to do what you promise, to do it on time, to do it well, and to do it swiftly. In Jesus’ name, we pray.

Series Recap

The Holy Spirit is pouring out all of that and I’m here to say, “Amen.” Amen to all of that Holy Spirit and thank you because we don’t know how to pray, but you do. Recapping a little bit for those who are joining us for the first time and even for those who are busy and need a refresher. We’ve been purely looking at the word of God because we know that God’s will is His word. There’s nothing more certain than that. I’m somebody who believes in the prophetic. I believe the gift is in my life and it operates quite often. I’m someone who does believe that Jesus, without question, was a prophet. There are many people who got used in a prophetic manner, even Moses.

That’s a wonderful thing and it’s something you can count on, especially when it’s God when someone’s not playing. God has spoken or shown them something because that is God’s word as well. I find the written word of God to be something that I don’t have to ever second guess. I don’t have to decipher or discern whether this person is prophesying or prophelying. If I’m reading the word of God, if I’m in the Holy Spirit, I’m in my own time with God and God is expounding on the scriptures to me about the things concerning Himself, I know I can take that check to the bank and cash it. It is that simple. That’s going to happen every single time and it’s been like that without fail.

TOT 55 | Don't Let Need Lead
Don’t Let Need Lead: God has a sure unfailing way for you to have all of your needs and your families’ needs met in an abundant way!

It’s been strong like that in my life that even at times, when I wanted to dismay and give up, the memories of those sheer times, that God, through His word, spoke to me and show me a scripture that was exactly what I needed for something serious I was going through. Sure enough, God has remained faithful. It’s like, “You can’t give up.” You want to, but there’s something stronger like the continual faithfulness of God keeps holding your hands up, the way Moses’ hands were held up back at that time. We’ve been looking at the word of God. I haven’t been so much giving you some of the revelations that God has spoken to me in my own time with Him. I will do that during this series, but I’ve been feeling from God to start with the word.

The foundation we lay in this series is going to be the word of God. At any point in time on this journey, you don’t take my word for it. Even I don’t take my own word for it because commencing this show and got birthing this through me. I want to know what God said. I want to know what God’s will is, not what my will is. I often lay down what I think should happen or what I feel is right to say, “God, not my will, your will be done.” I’ve learned enough lessons the hard way, as far as trying to do it in my own way or in my own timing to know it’s better to fall back and say, “God, I am committed to you, your kingdom come. Your perfect will be done and not the will of another, including me.” I’m okay with that. If Jesus humbled Himself like that and was without sin and still say it. He dotted every I and crossed every T, but still humbled Himself and say it, “Not my will, your will be done,” than me, who misses that mark on a daily basis ought to be swift to say, “God, not my will, your will be done.” God continues to put it in our hearts. I don’t believe that this is something it was before we were born again, as far as our will. Maybe not being the will of God or what we desire that may not be the way God wants to go or the timing.

I believe that once we’re born again, especially as you allow God to cultivate the Holy Spirit to begin to cultivate a relationship with you, you began to learn the word of God, not only for an accumulation of knowledge or memory verses or things like that. Although, I would encourage you to memorize verses, especially ones pertaining to you and your family or what God spoke to you or the desires even over your heart. It is important that we let God firmly establish His word and His will in us more by spending time in the actual word. Spending time with God, the same way you would in a marriage, in any intimate relationship where you would spend time alone with that person. Even if you have children, you wouldn’t have had children after the first child if every moment of every day, you are with them, your husband or your wife in front of everybody else. In order for you to conceive the next child, you all have to spend some intimate time alone.

An intimate relationship is part of cultivation. It is mandatory, necessary and there is no plan B. There is no way around that, but it’s also necessary at times that we come together, like your family may come together for dinner. I would encourage married people in an intimate relationship to sometimes have dinner with the husband and wife. I want to encourage you to do that for a good reason. Some of these things I learned the hard way. You want to take my word for it and not take my experience for it. I would encourage you that in your walk with God, which is the most intimate relationship you’ll ever supposed to have here in Earth and even as you go to heaven. I would encourage you to spend some time alone with God.

It is the will of God that we come together like in a Bible-based church. That’s the will of God. Scripture tells you that there are certain blessings when we come together. It’s also the will of God that we get alone with God and that’s what the Bible said because we’re Christians. That’s Christ and we are here to follow Him. He is our Savior and Messiah. He’s our everything. He’s our God, our Lord, our friend, and our teacher. Teachers teach you and lead by example and an example we can see from Jesus to follow is that He would go off to a solitary place. The Bible says this multiple times and He would be alone and pray with God.

That’s cultivating that relationship and that relationship is intimate. Intimacy requires privacy in large regard. We can’t have this relationship reached where it’s supposed to go. It can’t be what God wants it to be unless we give Him that part of us, that’s willing to draw near in intimacy. If anything is hindering you, if you feel afraid, if it makes you feel uneasy to get along with God, that for sure is not coming from God. It’s a simple prayer and asks somebody to come in agreement with you that be removed from you whatever’s trying to hinder you from getting along with God because God doesn’t bite. Sometimes you’ve got to tell people that.

He loves you and God is not getting you alone with you to scold you or to point out your flaws. Trust me, God is getting you alone to love on you and give you things that you need that you may not even realize you need. Before you blow up out somewhere in the streets and have a breakdown, God wants to help you build you up in private. If you do have to have a breakdown done in his presence and alone with Him in his tender hands, you know that He is strong enough to heal and fix, but yet, gentle enough not to break you when you’re already at a position where you’re feeling quite fragile, “He’s perfect. I love this man.” That may sound disrespectful to you guys, but that’s the relationship I have with God. God is everything.

TOT 55 | Don't Let Need Lead
Don’t Let Need Lead: There is a lot of talk about uncertainties, but what is certain, sure, and solid is that God is faithful.

God’s Will To Provide Your Needs

We’re going to continue on in that and then eventually, we’re going to get into the Book of Ruth because that’s where this revelation came out of and studying the Bible. If you’ve been walking with God sometime, you probably know that God is big on confirmation. He’s given us several scriptures, Old Testament and New Testament showing us His will as far as providing for us. When you know His will is to provide your needs and to supply your needs. When He instructs you, how to walk in the center of his will, where His abundance is at, and where His provision is that you can trust that, but when the devil comes to try to attempt you, even when you feel may be drawn to something in your own flesh and the devil isn’t even present, we can’t blame Him.

Something in us was going wrong and was heading south. When that temptation comes to put riches above God, that temptation to allow what you believe you need and what you may even need to lead you. You can remember the very thing that God is planning in you. If you were someone on the verge of that or you had already begun to walk in that, consider this series divine intervention, and God loves you that much to halt you in your tracks, correct you with His loving word. That way you don’t get corrected by learning something the hard way because the devil got a hold of you, your finances, and rocked your entire world. We don’t want unnecessary processes and God doesn’t want that for us either. We certainly don’t want delays for the will of God in our life and His kingdom to be established in our life or the life of our children or marriage. We don’t want anything to do with that. That’s not God.

We’re going to look at Deuteronomy 28 and this is in the Old Testament. You probably have been with me on the journey for a while and you’re like, “You said that we don’t live under the Old Testament.” It is true. As far as the Old Covenant is concerned, but God is His word. There are many things we can learn about God and there are many shadows of Jesus throughout every page of the entire Bible, from Old Testament to New Testament, Genesis all the way to Revelation. You can allow God to teach you, but through the Old and New Testament, things from the Old and New covenant, but it has to be done in light of Christ. That’s why I asked God, “Please show me your word in light of what Jesus has done.” I don’t want to get a hold of this thing and I’m feeling this is what God wants, but I’m reading it under an Old Covenant mentality as opposed to enlight of Jesus Christ, the cross, and His resurrection. He’s actual blood being shared for me.

One of the things Jesus has done and the Bible says this, Jesus has fulfilled the law for us. We could not keep the law. None of us, that includes Mother Teresa and every member of the Pope. None of us could keep the word of God. The Bible says that all have fallen short of the glory of God. The law was given that every mouth be stopped and we all say, “I am rich and unknown. I need a savior.” It even seems like I want to try, but the more I try, the more I messed up. This flesh, no one can save it, but the Lord. It brings us to the end of ourselves. It brings us to a place of humility in an unequivocal way. It shows us we need a savior. That savior is Jesus, myself, included. I’ll be the first to stand up and say, “I needed Jesus to save my very wicked soul.” As simple as that. Thank God for the blood of Jesus. In Deuteronomy 28, in light of what Jesus has done and that He has fulfilled the law for us. We couldn’t keep it, so He kept it for us. A lot of times in the Old Testament, He was saying, “I desire to bless you. I’ll bless you based upon your ability to keep my law.”

A lot of promises from God in the Old Testament, you find they come with condition precedence. It’s like, “If you do this behavior, keep all my commands, don’t lie, don’t cheat, and don’t steal. Make sure you sacrifice this. Make sure you keep the Sabbath. Make sure you don’t work on the Sabbath.” All these conditions were laid out then God would come and lay out all these blessings and then these blessings will come upon you. “I’m blessing you coming in. I’m blessing you going out.” It would be like, “These blessings are explosives.” If you even did a fraction of that, I would need or want for anything ever, but thanks be to God for Jesus because that struggle was very real. Who was required under the law? The law was perfect and man is not so that was never going to work. That’s the real need we have.

If I could sum up every need, it will be Him. We need Jesus because the rest seems to all fall in place in a large regard or at lease you are positioned for the rest to fall in place. The majority of it falls in place when you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and when you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. We remember that Jesus and keeping the law for us has made us a beneficiary. We are heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ. The Bible says, “All the promises of God are in Him, this is Christ Jesus, Amen.” We have Deuteronomy 28 and it does start off saying, “If you diligently obey the voice of the Lord,” but this is how we read the Old Testament in light of what Christ has done. “Jesus has diligently obeyed the voice of the Lord, our God for you and for me. That’s part is done. We can check that off and then, so what about the good part? God is like, “If that happens and Jesus is our substitute, it has definitely happened.” We are the righteousness of God and Christ Jesus. That’s the actual Bible that tells us that.

Feelings Of Insecurity And Worthlessness

The Lord is our righteousness. Jesus is perfect. He dotted every I and crossed every T. You get His righteousness and so do I as believers. That works, which means we have obeyed that when we accepted Jesus as our Substitute, our Lord, and our Savior. That’s what we got. The deal is on and done. You might as well collect your goods because when you gave your life to Christ, all of these blessings are your portion. God says, “The Lord, your God will set you high above all nations of the Earth. Even the richest of nations, not just above it, but high above it.” It says, “All these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you.”

TOT 55 | Don't Let Need Lead
Don’t Let Need Lead: When it came down to how God laid down His life to save yours, that ought to tell you everything about what you’re worth.

I love that it says overtake you because sometimes if the enemy has somebody in, especially with the spirit of insecurity, it brings about a self-destructive type of behavior. When somebody is insecure or feels worthless, I’m not saying any of this to heap any condemnation on them. I think that that’s a broken place to be and I would pray that God mend, heal, and deliver them from those mindsets, from those destructive patterns of behavior, every demon behind it, and every dark force behind that because that’s for sure not God. You are worth God Himself dying for. When it came down to what God laid down His life to save yours, that ought to tell you everything about what you’re worth. It’s definitely not God to have spirits and feelings of worthlessness and insecurity.

When people do, sometimes they self-sabotage. They have self-destructive behavior. You are going to see it when we get to the Book of Ruth because Naomi, which is Ruth’s mother-in-law, has some self-destructive behavior. People start feeling bad about themselves. You start feeling down. You feel like, “What was me?” You feel cursed. When something good comes your way, when people get wrapped up or bound by this, they even unconsciously reject the thing they need. I love God. I love God’s love. God’s love is unfailing and it’s relentless. I’m talking about, you can tell, “God, get going. I don’t want it. I don’t need it.” You can do all of that talking about God. It’s like, “This is crazy.”

When you get to know the heart of God, you want to pinch His cheeks. I imagine Him like a little chubby because that’s how I imagined my natural dad’s face. He could be slim. I’ll figure it out when I get there, I’m like, “You’re cute. You’re such a cute dad. You are such a loving daddy.” He relentlessly keeps going and it’s not in a pushy way, but it is persistent. God’s not pushy, but God is persistent. I love it because there are times, we’ve all probably gotten wrapped up and those feelings of worthlessness and things like that. We push away or try to block our own blessing, even unconsciously.

If somebody is going to be self-destructive, the devil can retire because he doesn’t need to do anything. They’re doing it themselves. I love the fact that God doesn’t say that these blessings will come upon you, but He says, “They’ll overtake you.” You cannot outrun them. If you are in that state of mind, may God bring deliverance and reign it down, God, without delay in Jesus’ name. Feel us up with your presence, your purpose, your feelings of worth, and your sense of identity in Christ. Do it perfectly in Jesus’ name, I pray. I pray for you to answer my prayer, even if something in somebody is saying, “I don’t even care anymore. It doesn’t matter.” Go past all of that persistent lover you are. Be that lover and I love that.

God does that. It overtakes you, even if something in you tells you to run away from God when He is what you need. I said this before I use this analogy and my mother was like, “That’s crazy. May God has mercy on us and keeps us in our right mind because when you say that, it’s eye-opening.” I told her how God showed me. I imagine God being a grocery store. It’s full of produce, meat, milk, and all these nourishing things. The food is more than anyone person could ever even eat. There’s a person who’s starving to death and they are like, “I need food.” They’re in the grocery store. They’re in God, but something of hail itself.

Tell them, “In order to get what you need, you need to get out of that grocery store.” If you’re hungry, you don’t need to get out of the grocery store. You need to pitch a tent in the grocery store. Put down some roots in the grocery store. You are in the right place at the right time. Do anything but be moved. If you have God, you have everything you need. Don’t run from Him. Don’t do that because you have a need for something or something is broken in your life or in your family. God is the store. Run towards Him. If somebody is in a near-fatal accident, you don’t run away from the hospital. You do 100 miles an hour towards the hospital.

God’s Blessings

We have to get this understanding in our life when it comes to emotional, mental, relational, financial things in every aspect. I’m not being religious when I say this. I’m being real and I have seen the power of God. There are things I still hope for, but there are plenty of things I don’t hope for anymore. All I had was a word from God and faith in that word and nothing and no one else, all the money off the head. All the people I know and have broke bread with, it didn’t veil me anything but God. I’m not saying this because I’m a person sitting around having wishful thinking. The majority of what I’ve prayed for God has already answered and given unto me. From me, not the thing that God started, won’t finish.

TOT 55 | Don't Let Need Lead
Don’t Let Need Lead: It is without any doubt that God wants us exceptionally blessed.

When He said, “I’ll finish. I’m the author and the finisher,” I’m going to take Him at His word. He owned a role so far in my life so I don’t have a choice, but to believe. I would be in absolute denial or the worst liar if I say anything else than what I said. It is just that simple. I pray, “God help us not to self-sabotage and remove from us any route that causes those sorts of things.” God continues on in Deuteronomy 28 to say, “Blessed shall you be in the city. Blessed shall you be in the country. Blessed shall be the fruit of your body, the produce of your ground, the increase of your herds, the increase of your cattle, and the offspring of your flocks.”

These are people’s possession, not only their means of making money but even their possessions and things they bought or maybe reinvested with their money. God then says, “Blessed shall be your basket. Blessed be your kneading bowl. Blessed are you when you come in and blessed you’re going to be when you go out.” The Lord deals with your enemies. The Lord will command the blessing on you, your storehouses, and to all which you set your hand to do. The Lord will bless you in the land that He is giving you. The Lord will grant you plenty of goods in the fruit of your body, in the increase of your livestock and the produce of your ground in the land, which He swore to give you and the Lord will open to you, His good treasure. The whole heavens be opened up to you to give you rain in your land in His season and to bless all the work of your hands.”

Most would have been good enough, but He said to bless all the work of your hands. You shall land to many nations. We’re talking finances. You shall land to many nations, but you shall not borrow. Let’s deal with it. Let’s go ahead and accept it for what it is. God’s will is His word. God is His word. God is the truth. The truth has been spoken. It is without any doubt that God wants us exceptionally blessed. Not getting by, not made it, not that either, and that would be a lie. That’s not what God said. He’s talking about plenty and then when you got the plenty, He’s talking about the increase. It would be enough if He let you be a possessor of Heaven and Earth, but, “I’m opening up all the Heavens and it doesn’t matter what you set your hand to do. I’m going to command the blessing on it.” These words like command are like, “I’m going to make it happen.” There are those that may still be wondering whether they should involve God in their financial life, whether they should let Him direct them in their career, or what they should be doing. When God is leading them to say, “Reduce your hours and spend more time with your wife and spend more quality time with your child.” “I don’t know about that because I have bills.”

They’re doing all of that like God doesn’t know or care. This isn’t God’s will. I think God has a better vision and a bigger plan for all of our lives in every way, especially financially. From that one passage of scripture, it’s evident to me that the plans God has for me are penthouse plans and compare it to mine, even though I thought they were good. You don’t want to get my degree. I want to have a nice house, nice neighborhood, two cars, a truck. I’m thinking like that. I’m looking at these scriptures and I’m meditating on the will of God for me financially. I’m thinking, “God has a penthouse idea and I had a project idea.” I had a free government housing idea compared to God’s. I was thinking of good walking shoes and God was thinking on your own fleet of private planes. I renounced the small ideas I have, that small thinking, and all that stuff I felt was arriving.

I want to receive the perfect will of God for my life. I want to receive it in every area, including finances, but in order to do this, we have to know what God’s will is. We’re learning that. We have to believe in Him. The Bible says that, “The faith to believe God comes by hearing and hearing the word of Christ.” That’s exactly what we’re doing. I think that if God has taken the time to dig a foundation in us this deep when it comes to finances, He’s doing it for a reason. He loves us. He wants to provide for us. He’s positioning us to receive and possess all of our possessions in Christ. I love you all. God bless you all and I’ll talk to you next time. Let’s pick up next time where we left off and continue to allow God to transform our lives in amazing ways from the inside out, in Jesus’ name.

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