Don’t Let Need Lead (Part 2)

TOT 54 | Provision Of God


It is God’s will to lead us into supply above and beyond what we need and can even imagine. On today’s show, Dr. Siohvaughn Funches shares how God does this leading via His Spirit and not fear, panic, or worry. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind. And with this power, love and sound mind, we will walk right into the provision God so graciously gives. As a child of God, you never have to let need lead you. God knows what you need, and is willing and able to meet those needs and even bless you with your heart’s desires!

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Don’t Let Need Lead (Part 2)

We’re going to be continuing on with our series called Don’t Let Need Lead. This is a timely word from God, especially with the financial downturns that our nation, as well as other nations, are experiencing due to that virus. God has laid it on my heart to share with you some of the wisdom and revelation He’s given me. Even in times past with studying with Him along the lines of the series we were doing prior to this one. As far as God is our provider, He will provide for us. God is continuing on in that same spirit and letting us know via the word, wisdom and revelation, and coming out of his word that He’s not only our provider, but we are to allow Him to lead us into that provision. Definitely not allow our needs to lead us. No one should be leading us but the Holy Spirit.

Before we get a little bit deeper into the message and recap a bit about the episode before this. Let’s take a moment and let’s acknowledge God and pray. I thank you, heavenly father, for this time and opportunity to come together in the same mind and same spirit with the same focus, as far as getting at the feet of Jesus and hearing His word. I pray that you will give to each and every one of us the spirit of wisdom, revelation, and the knowledge of your son, Jesus. That the eyes of our understanding will be enlightened and we will know what the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance and the saints and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe according to the working of His mighty power.

I thank you, Jesus, that you’re going to expound on the scriptures to us about the things concerning yourself. You will reveal not only your heart to us, but your hand towards us. I thank you, Lord, that we will enter into rest. We will be refreshed. We will be restored. We will be renewed and reminded of your goodness, your provision, your promises, and all that you’ve already given us. Even how we can possess our possessions and come effortlessly into our inheritance. In Jesus name, we pray.

God Is Our Provider

Let’s recap a little bit because there are people sometimes who join us for the first time, even me at series. Weeks has passed since you probably listened to the prior message. It’s even good for those, who’ve been with us on the journey to be refreshed a little bit. We spent several weeks prior to this series firmly establishing and deeply going into word of God regarding the truth that God is our provider, and God will indeed, in fact, in truth provide for us. We specifically looked at times of famine because of what’s going on in our nation, as well as the nations around the world. We continue in that same spirit, along those same lines of faith that God is our provider. We’re looking more specifically at allowing God to lead us into that provision.

You remember from a few weeks ago, those who were with me on the journey that God was reminding us of that particular scripture. God’s path drip with abundance. I’m paraphrasing, but it is along those lines. We know that it’s not that God’s provision is anywhere everywhere. It’s in a certain place. Things that are valuable are placed somewhere. You even place your keys probably in a certain place or people buy those things that they hang by the door. I have one but I don’t even use it. I have a special place or a drawer for the keys. You place things that are valuable to you in a certain place. If you’re someone who even has maybe a safe or you have particular jewelry that is important to you, you may place it in a safety deposit box at the bank. You want it in a safe place. There’s this place and then there’s a way to access it. God reveals all of that to us, not that He has something for us because indeed He does, but where it is? He leads us into accessing it. He teaches us how to possess our possessions. All of that is a part of it. All of that includes being led by God.

We looked at the scripture, as many as are the sons and daughters of God, they’re led by the spirit of God. We began to talk briefly about the book of Ruth. We’re going to look at that as an example of the importance. How vital it is to not let need lead you. We began looking at Matthew 6. We started there before we were even going to get into the book of Ruth, because I felt God wanted to lay a foundation for us. He always does that via His word. On this show and in the book that God writes through me, this is not something where you’re going to have to take my word for it. I am the messenger. I am the secretary. I’m writing what the Holy Spirit is revealing and showing to me, the revelations that God has given me but they’re not my own. I’m sometimes getting them at the same time, I’m giving them. As I like to say, I’m on stage but I’m sitting in the audience. I’m with you. I am being used by God to teach certain things but I’m a student. You got to know that.

We’re going to look at Bible verses prior to getting into the book of Ruth, but we started with Matthew 6. That’s that a famous passage of scripture where Jesus talks about not worrying about your needs specifically. I was expounding on how I’m glad that the Lord didn’t say, “Don’t worry.” He doesn’t want us to worry about anything. Cast your care. Whatever the care is, you’re going to cast it on Jesus because he cares for you. He wants to provide for you. He wants to take care of you. You’re the cared for and He’s the caregiver. He’s the provider and you’re the one who’s provided for, and me as well. The one He’s provided for. God wants to take His place in our life. He wants to bless us.

TOT 54 | Provision Of God
Provision Of God: Whatever your cares are, cast them on Jesus because he cares for you and he wants to provide for you.


He wants to establish His kingdom in our life. Be it on the Earth, His will being done in our life as it is in heaven. That’s bountiful and plentiful. That’s not sickness or premature death. That’s not sorrow or grief. It’s not pain and sadness. It’s not loss and tragedy. God wants us to be a reflection of His will and heart in the earth. We are a light even in a dark place. One of God’s will is to provide for His people. He leads you into provision. One of the instructions He gave us very clearly, specifically in the area of needs, I’m glad He did that because someone would think, “Jesus is saying don’t worry but maybe He’s talking don’t worry about this or that. He’s not saying don’t worry, when it comes to something as serious as what you need. If you don’t get what you need, you could die. For sure, if there’s a time to worry, that would be it.”

God specifically, coming in the flesh as Jesus, is telling us the top-notch things. Things that are a matter of life and death, “I’m telling you as your loving father, as Jehovah-Jireh, your provider, the possessor of heaven and Earth, the one who owns all things.” The Bible says the Earth is Lord’s and the fullness thereof and you’re an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ. “I’m promising you and I’m telling you, I provide for you. Do not worry. Not even about the most vital thing like a natural need.” One of the top human things, a natural need. Your relationship with God is even more important than that. That’s not going to have any eternal effect. What you ate last Saturday or even if you fast the whole Saturday probably won’t have an eternal effect. Whether you died at that day or you ate everything you could find, it will have no effect at all. It may have an effect in your intestines like filling up with garbage. As far as the eternal impact or the everlasting impact, it will have no significance at all.

Our relationship with God is even more important, but the enemy comes and tries to distract us. Not with things that are unimportant. That’s why the enemy will try to bother peoples’ children. He would try to destroy a marriage. He would try to come up to somebody’s health. These are things that are very important and it’s even more important to God. The enemy knows that. We need to know that He’s not dealing with things that are unimportant. God’s instruction to us, even with things that we can consider the most important, humanly speaking like your needs. If you don’t have what you need, you could die. God knows that. God was reminding me, “Tell them and share with them what I’ve showed you. I created you all in love. I am love. I’m telling you that as your creator, I created you to have needs.” That’s not an accident. God didn’t accidentally say, “Look at this. These people ended up being thirsty and they need water. Jesus, let’s do a do-over.” God didn’t call a do-over. He knows what we need.

Jesus said that in this particular passage of scripture, “God knows what you have need of.” He created you on purpose with a purpose. Nothing is happenstance with God. Everything is intentional and you have needs. God intended it to be so. He’s your provider. Having needs is not a problem. We think about that as a problem. That’s God’s perfect will because He’s your provider. He’s your need meter. Jesus was saying not to worry about these things. Surely if we’re not called to worry about the things that are matters of life and death, then we’re not called to worry about other things like when our cellphones get turned off. It is important and it does matter. I can tell you that if it matters to you, it matters to God. Never let anyone make you feel like it’s insignificant. If it bothers you, it could be a pimple. You can want clear skin. Somebody has to be like, “I think that’s vain.” I think it’s God’s will. God, several times in the Bible, talked about people being beautiful both in form and appearance.

Maybe that’s great and maybe that’s fine that you want that. I know that if it matters to you, it definitely matters to Him. That’s for sure. We want to have you established and firm in that, and not feeling bad about anything you’re praying for. His instruction to us is still not to worry. I thought it is also interesting that He says in this same passage of scripture, because if you read the Bible in context, how no one can serve two masters for he will either he will hate the one and love the other or he will be loyal to one and despise the other. That’s interesting and God says how you cannot serve God and riches. That for sure is not a coincidence. The Bible is God’s breath and God for sure put that there for a reason.

It’s a very important reason because the enemy will try to use the things you need, the things that are serious. He wants people to be convinced that in order to get what they need met, then you need money. That’s not true. In order to get your needs met, you need God. That’s the truth. He tries to bring that that lie to people because God himself has already announced. When it comes to riches, you cannot serve God. You can’t even love God if riches is your God. It breaks and destroys any ability to walk with God, any ability to have an intimate relationship with God, which is the very reason you were even created. The enemy goes, “That’s a lie. That’s not wounding someone.”

When Jesus said, “Then he comes to kill, steal and destroy,” that’s not just steal or destruction. That one right there is an assignment of death. You got to know which one he’s doing. Sometimes he mixes them together. That for sure is a kill. If the devil is trying to get you to love money or mammon to be your God, that’s a kill shot on your life. That right there is a deadly attempt against your life. That’s not to try to destroy something. That’s not to try to agitate you. That’s not to try to tempt you. Those are minute compared to what he’s trying to do if he’s trying to have mammon to be your God. That’s very serious. I’m thinking if it’s anything to pray about, it would for sure be to pray about that. If it’s anything you don’t want to play around with, it’s definitely that. That’s not something to play around with.

TOT 54 | Provision Of God
Provision Of God: Nothing is happenstance with God. Everything is intentional.


Do Not Let The Need Lead

A lot of people may end up in that trap where mammon is leading them and that’s their God. The devil came telling them that if there were ever a reason to go that way, or to do what you need to do, or do whatever it takes, it would certainly be to save your life because you have a need and that’s serious, so do it. God is saying that even when it comes to something as important as your needs, you are not to let need lead. Period, point blank, full stop, no exceptions. As many are the sons and daughters of God, they’re led by the spirit of God, not by their needs, what you want, what you think you need or what you even know you need. You will be led by God. The perfect will of God is that you will serve God. God’s perfect will is that riches serve you. Money is supposed to be a servant to us. Remember, God made you the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath. You have no business serving money or riches.

You are created. You’re called a King and a priest. That’s a high position. Though people who are kings and priests have servants and they do serve. Kings sit in courts and this and that. Priests serve the people. The highest leadership is the highest form of servitude, but they have servants in a sense and they are called. You cannot serve and do the things out there that maybe the people who prepare the food are doing and also sit on the bench. Hear the cases and make the rulings or create the laws and things like that as a king. You can’t be decreeing and you’re somewhere baking or doing that. You can’t do that. You’re not going to be able to sit in both seats. You can’t occupy both seats. You’re to sit in your seat of authority and you are not to be moved. I’m thinking that for way too long. The devil has convinced people that the sufficiency or the meeting of their needs and even wealth is something that in order to obtain, you got to go outside of the will of God but that’s definitely a lie from the pit of hell.

God created your needs. He even created desires. He created fulfillment, riches, honor and promotion. All of these good things are God’s idea. The enemy has come to make it seem like if you want any of these things, you flee from God and come his way. That’s nonsense. Heaven is already bountiful and rich for many reasons but God said that in heaven, the streets are made of gold. You don’t need streets made of gold. That’s crystal clear. That’s not a need. That’s a luxury. God is into luxury. God is the one who said, “Ask for wisdom.” He said, “With wisdom comes riches and honor.” He’s giving you the blueprint to it. Except when you get the wisdom and the riches and the honor, you don’t lose it. You don’t get it to give it to somebody else. You don’t get promoted to be humiliated and brought down. God has the way of you getting something and getting it in an abundance. He said, you’re blessed to be a blessing.

Knowing God Intimately

You can even have all your needs met, plus things that you desire, plus you’re a blessing to other people. That sounds way more than enough. Who created the concept and idea of way more than enough? That for sure is God. The enemy operates in deception and is always trying to get you to have an image of God that’s distorted, contrary to His word, which is why there’s no way to make it out here in a relationship with God without going into His word. That’s not possible. You’re going to have to do that. You’re going to have to get to know God for yourself. You’re going to have to ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding and not just to accumulate knowledge, but you want to get to know God.

When you get to know someone, I don’t have a ton of friends but people who are close to me, someone could come and tell them something. They might read something. They are literally unmoved like my children. It’s people close enough to you. You’re not going to be able to tell them anything about them. You’re not going to do that. You’re not going to successfully do that because they know the person you’re talking about and they know them for themselves. That’s why any rumor or writing or gossip column, they’re unmoved. They’re like, “Whatever,” and then, “What are we eating for lunch?” It’s nothing, less than even water off a duck’s back. It’s because they’ve taken the time to know you intimately.

When we take the time to know God intimately, then it comes with lies or deception or trying to misconstrue even a scripture or have you read it, but not in light of what Jesus has done. Reading it as if you’re under the old covenant instead of the new. You can know God for yourself. You’re like, “That’s not God.” He’s like, “God is mad at you.” You’re automatically like, “God is not angry. You’re a liar. I know God. I spent time with God. Trust me, I’ve given God plenty of reasons to be angry and even pissed, but He’s not. That’s not God. That’s not him. I know him for myself. He’s very loving and forgiving. God is that type that He won’t even bring it up like what you did. You may bring it up, but He won’t even so much bring it up. Let alone try to make you pay for it. I know God for myself, get out of here with it.”

You can dismiss it. It will not be long drawn out warfare. You need to fast and pray and call friends and making 25 confessions to the priest. There is no need for any of that. “Let’s go to Wendy’s and grab some of those spicy nuggets.” I’m eating. I don’t have time for this even and you’re about your day. When you take the time to get to know God for yourself, people who’ve misconstrued the Bible can’t lead you astray. The enemy who intends to send you off can’t lead you astray because you know Him for yourself. We’re getting to know God, you’re getting to know him. I am more and more as our provider. The one who bountifully gives not just what we need, but even what we desire.

TOT 54 | Provision Of God
Provision Of God: Leadership is the highest form of servitude.


We don’t have to let need lead us or a need. The devil come and say, “What are you going to do about this? Don’t you need this? Aren’t you going to need that?” Jesus spoke, His heart has been revealed already on what’s needed. He supplies my needs. He told me, “Don’t worry about it.” He told me “If I seek first, the kingdom of God and His righteousness, the need will be met for me.” It will come after me, I don’t need to go after it. You’re not getting me off my seat of authority to go chasing after something. I’m not doing that. We can see His heart in His word.

I’ll go over a couple of the scriptures that he gave me. Philippians 4:19 says, “My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Specifically dealing with the area of need and it says all of them. It’s according to His riches. How rich is God? I’m just wondering. Everything belongs to him. It doesn’t get richer than that. He says, “According to His riches in glory, by Christ Jesus, He supplies our needs.” Our needs have no business even just being met. If your needs are just being met, it’s time to tell God, “Let your kingdom come and let your perfect will be done in my life, in the area of finances.” That’s not God’s perfect will that it just be met. According to His riches, it will not be a just met. It wouldn’t be, “At least we got the light bill pay. How much we got to live? Nothing. At least the lights on.” That’s not God’s perfect will for you. We’ve got to keep praying and pressing because that’s not it.

The Power To Get Wealth

We see in Deuteronomy 8:18, it says, “You shall remember the Lord your God for it is He who gives you the power to get wealth. That he may establish His covenant, which He swore to your fathers as it is this day.” Who gives you the power to get wealth, equipping people with gifts, talents, opportunities, and divine connections, ordering their steps, giving them favor with people? That would be God. It cannot be possible the lie of the enemy that, “If you want to be rich, go away from God.” God created riches. He said, “He gives you the power.” He didn’t even say to get by. He didn’t say the power to survive, “At least you made it. No eviction this month.” The power to get wealth. Wealthy people are not barely making it. They’re not like “Thank God that lighting didn’t get cut off.” God is not crazy. He created language. He could have used another word. He didn’t have to say wealth. He didn’t have to do that. God’s will is wealth. How do you know it’s His will? Because it’s His word. Let’s continue to grow in our faith.

In Proverbs 10:22 it says, “The blessings of the Lord makes a person rich,” and He adds, “No sorrow with it.” We have no business chasing after riches and bowing our knee to the false God of mammon, when our father who loves us owns every riches in the whole world. If love language is the gift freely, and has went as far as to die for us to have an inheritance that includes monetary gain, wealth and riches. We go somewhere and bow a knee to a false lying devil. That’s a problem. I’m going to read Proverbs 10:22 again because I can stand to hear this again. “The blessings of the Lord makes a person rich.” Not barely getting by. Not only a couple of dollars short on the rent. The landlord won’t trip over that. That’s not the will of God. The will of God because you know the word of God.

God’s Perfect Will

The word of God said, “The blessing of the Lord makes a person rich.” We shouldn’t be going after riches in that sense. God has a purpose for riches, but it is God’s will that we are a reflection of him in the earth. God is many things, but poor and lacking is neither one of them. The Bible says, “As Jesus is, so are we in this world.” Jesus is not lacking. He’s so full. He never is depleted. That’s God’s will. I’m talking about He’s like that in every way. If people need an encouraging word, He’s rich with that and can give it. If people need healing, He’s rich with that and can give it. This is God’s will for us. We want God’s kingdom to come and His perfect will to be done in our life as it is in heaven.

Second Corinthians 8:9 says, “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. That though he was rich, yet for your sake, he became poor. That through His poverty, you might become rich.” There it is again, rich. He could have said it so you can have enough, but that’s not what He said. He literally said rich and God makes plenty of things after all He’s LOE, but He doesn’t make mistakes. God, in all His wisdom and love, sent Jesus to die for our sins. That’s the richest we can get. That’s the most valuable thing we possess. It’s the salvation. It’s not just because you’re saved from hell. It’s what gives you even the right that access fully to God. Intimate relationship, you can be as close with God as Jesus is. To the point that God is saying, “Be one with the Father.” He made you so clean, through what Jesus did that He lives in you. This Holy God as Holy as it gets. You can’t but know that you’re Holy. He is so close to you that He’s in you.

He certainly wouldn’t dwell in a filthy place. He’s Holy and that hasn’t changed. A lot has changed for us because of the cross of Jesus Christ. The fact that God is Holy has not changed, which tells you the level and magnitude of your holiness. It’s not your own. It’s because of what Jesus did. It’s His righteousness, not your own. It’s His righteousness, not my own. It really is His and as righteous as He is, He has made us equally righteous in the eyes of God. That’s incredible people. That’s the most valuable possession. That’s what has us this ability to fellowship with God and to come boldly to God. We used to come fearing and trembling. We couldn’t even look upon Him. We come boldly face-to-face, “God, I’m in need. It was me that messed up. Can you fix it like yesterday?” He answers and that’s why we are so privileged. We are privileged people. No doubt about it.

TOT 54 | Provision Of God
Provision Of God: The blessings of the Lord make a person rich, not barely getting by.


He didn’t just send Him for that. God has foreseen everything. It’s so beautiful. There is no limit to this. If we can tap into this like we are supposed to, it’ll be greater than Abraham and Lot when they had to move away from each other because their possessions were so great. They couldn’t even fit in the same land. Imagine that. We feel good. We got a beautiful house in a nice subdivision. God has blessed us. Can you imagine me your soul being blessed that you don’t even fit in a subdivision? You’ve got to move 50 miles away because that’s how much space you need for everything that you have. We haven’t begun to tap into this yet, but He’s feeding us the faith even now.

He sent Him too. Everything Jesus did was with the purpose, but He sent Him also for this purpose. Jesus being rich in heaven, owning all things, possessing all things, and bankrupted himself to come here and be a man and be mistreated, spit on, mocked, humiliated. Strip naked in front of everybody and beaten beyond recognition. That’s more than brought low. Rock bottom is a heaven over your head if that’s happening. You were once reigning as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. You brought yourself low for me. This is great. You have humbled yourself just like you said, even to the point of death. That was a death before giving up the ghost on the cross. That kills. He did that too for purpose. He says, “For your sakes.” You’ve got to think about it. If God went to that extreme measure, he already sent Jesus to do that. The price has already paid. He would not withhold that from you. That’s an extreme measure to go. If God was not interested or was against you having riches, you being wealthy, there’s no way in the world he would send His son and let Him be poor so that through His extreme poverty, you could be rich.

God does everything with a purpose and this purpose is He’s born out of love. It’s even dawning on me more and more how much He loves us and how much is His will. Not just to meet our needs but to provide for us more exceedingly and more abundantly above all we could ask for things. I want to finish up here because I want to take my time with this and let God continue to take over. I have notes and things like that, but whatever God chooses to say and the wisdom He chooses to give, I’m all for it. It even blesses me to hear it. Thank you so much. I’ll be talking to you soon. God bless you.

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