God Will Provide For You (Part 7)

TOT 52 | Provision Of God

Without a doubt, it is God’s will to bless believers so abundantly that they are a blessing to others. This is the inheritance of every born-again child of God, and through this podcast episode, believers learn how to possess this rich inheritance! Dr. Siohvaughn Funches takes listeners through the life of Jacob and Joseph, demonstrating God’s heart’s desire to abundantly supply every need and greatly bless His children so that they are a blessing!

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God Will Provide For You (Part 7)

We’re going to be finishing up our series that we’ve been working with entitled God Will Provide For You. This is an on-time yet a timeless word for many reasons all over the world, not just in our nation. Before we dive into that and recap a bit for those who are just joining us, let’s take a moment and pray. I thank you, Heavenly Father, that you will give to each one of us the spirit of wisdom, revelation and the knowledge of Jesus. The eyes of our understanding being enlightened that we may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance and the saints, what is the exceeding greatness of His power towards us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power.

I thank you, Holy Spirit, that it won’t be me who’s speaking, but I’ll simply be a vessel that you can speak through. I thank you for speaking to us collectively and even speaking to the specific things, Lord that you know all our concern for us or confirming things, God, that you have promised us. I thank you that this will be a place where you will release rainbow words even for people who go back and reread to things for years from now read it. I thank you that it will always be on-time words via this show and timeless words. I thank you that these gifts that you are releasing to us keep on giving not only to us, but to our family and as we fulfill our calling to the body of Christ and the world at large. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

I’m going to recap this series a bit. I’ve spoken before how I like it because it leaves no room for doubt. It’s not God might provide for you or most likely He will and it’s not that God was saying, “It all depends on such and such,” but God affirmatively spoke and this is God who cannot lie and say that He will provide for you and for me. That’s a wonderful thing. Our key scripture, as you all know who’s been with me on this particular journey, comes from 2 Corinthians 8:9, “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that though he was rich, yet for your sakes became poor. That through his poverty, you might become rich.” God established via his word. You didn’t have to take my word for it and you don’t have to take anyone else’s word for it. God himself spoke for himself via the word. His word is His will and it is His will that we have more than enough to bless others.

God’s Promise To Abraham’s Seed

We also established that when you’re born again and you become a child of God, you have an inheritance. You are an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ. Out of all the people in The Bible, we know that Jesus is the son of man, but He’s also God. He said, “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the father.” He and the Father are one. That makes sense that we would be heirs of God with Christ, but out of all the people in The Bible, God chose Abraham, which was before the law was given, not coincidentally, but intentionally and made Abraham a promise. He didn’t just make it to Abraham, but he made it to his heirs. That’s relevant for you because when you were born again, God put you in Christ. The Bible says that if you are in Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed. God made a promise to Abraham and to his seed.

You don’t just have an inheritance being an heir of God and a joint-heir with Christ, but you have one also being the seed of Abraham. God has set you up to be richly and greatly blessed. We established that this promise is one that God uses to bless you richly, greatly, abundantly that you are a blessing to others. That speaks of not just substance and meeting your need, but that speaks of abundant provision, needs and wants. That you can even give into the bosom of others and that is wonderful. We saw that promise in Genesis when God was telling Abraham to get out of his country and away from his father’s house. I’m paraphrasing, He said, “I’m going to show you land and I’m making you a great nation. A great nation is coming out of you and I bless you. You shall be a blessing. I bless those who bless you. In you, all families of the earth shall be blessed.”

I would suggest reading the whole part of The Bible, where God reveals His heart, Himself, and His son via the life of Abraham and even his wife, Sarah. Especially, through his son Isaac. We looked at Abraham’s seed, naturally speaking, and we’re not Abraham’s seed. Those of us who are not Jewish, those of us who are reading, who are Jewish, you are both ways. We, spiritually speaking, are Abraham’s seed and rightfully heirs because Jesus has made us rightfully heirs and God did this for us before we even knew to open our mouth, pray, and ask for something like this. To be blessed beyond measure and supply of our own life and house, but even pouring out into other’s lives. God is good.

We saw what it takes to obtain the blessing. We saw what it takes not to obtain the blessing. Those who are Abraham’s seed, we received this blessing via faith, not by keeping the law. We looked at Abraham’s life, his son Isaac, and during their time, there was a severe famine. We saw how God provided for them because God had made that promise to Abraham and to his seed, that’s you and I. That was Isaac and Jacob. We looked even at Isaac’s life and we saw that God provided for him. God was not just faithful in the promise he made to Abraham. When he said, “Abraham, this promise is to you and it is to your seed.” He meant business. We talked about all over the world, there seems to be a severe famine, but it isn’t God’s first go-around with famines or severe famines.

We saw that even in Abraham’s life, we saw famine again in the life of Isaac, and we saw how God blessed Abraham. The Bible says that God blessed Abraham so much. He wasn’t just rich, he was very rich. It would have been good enough to be rich, you’d have thought, but he was very rich. That’s the way God is thinking. Let Him think and bless us like that. We’re not going to complain, God. You got Isaac and it was in the middle of a famine. God is blessing him because of that promise He made. That same promise is to you. You got to take hold of this. God is speaking right on time. You’re experiencing a famine, but God is still God. That promise still stands and it’s rightfully yours, not arrogantly yours. God wants you to possess your possessions. God wants you to take hold of your inheritance because you’re not just blessed by God for your sake.

Although that pleases God, he’s your father, it brings him joy that you have provision and that you have things that you enjoy, desire, and delight in. He likes to see this. You think about yourself and as a parent or your parents, if you’re not a parent yet or have chosen not to be, you think about the joy it feels on a Christmas day or on a birthday, for example, when the child is opening the gifts. It’s almost like you’re as excited as them and more. You can’t wait to show them this. It was hard for you to hold it, that you got them that bike or game they wanted. Imagine the great joy in God in giving. He’s not a grudging giver. He even instructs us not to give grudgingly. He doesn’t.

A Free Gift From God

The Bible mentions time and time again about God-given, and he uses the word freely. He freely gives. We learned that you couldn’t merit it. You can’t earn it. You can’t go and say, “I deserve it because I did such and such.” You receive it by faith because of what Jesus did. When you stand in that position of humility and faith, knowing it was all because of Him, I’m the recipient of this. I’m not an earner and these are not my wages. This is a free gift from God. I stand as a recipient, not as an employee that feels like God is my boss and He owes me wages after two weeks straight of good work. It’s not the case with God. God wants to give, but He gives it a certain way and that is freely and we receive it freely.

We’re going to look at Jacob. Here’s the time to reveal it. We’re going to look at the life of Jacob because we’ve got Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We’re going through this generationally. It’s interesting though, that when God gets to the life of Jacob, He doesn’t do this with Abraham. He didn’t do it in the life of Isaac when the Holy Spirit inspired the writer to speak about these people’s life in order to reveal the heart, will, and purpose of God. Even for our life as we see, it’s relevant and that’s in Genesis. The whole Bible is relevant for your life. If you’re Born Again, no question. If you go to Genesis 37, that’s where it begins talking about the life of Jacob and interestingly, but intentionally, the Holy Spirit doesn’t do anything haphazardly or trips and falls and that’s the way it landed.

TOT 52 | Provision Of God
Provision Of God: God’s perfect will for His children is that you be blessed abundantly so that you will be a blessing!

The Story Of Jacob And Joseph

God is an intentional God and He’s a God of purpose. He does things on purpose for a good reason. We look at it and Genesis opens up talking about Jacob. I’m going to start to discuss Jacob, but interestingly, the Holy Spirit moves straight into talking about Joseph, Jacob’s son. God was showing me that was intentional. You learn a lot about the father. I’m going to teach you about the father and that’s the way the Holy Spirit introduces it, and then immediately starts talking about the son and onto God and Jesus. Jesus came in the flesh and He was saying, “If you’ve seen me, you have seen the father.” When you learn about Him, you learn about the father. Sometimes we think about Jesus and that’s been something that the enemy has tried to do via the spirit of religion, false teachings, and false doctrines.

It’s making us feel like they’re different in a sense. Jesus is this compassionate guy and if it weren’t for Him, God would be on us, white on rice with judgment. He’d be on us like that, but it’s not true. The Bible says, “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son,” God had to give Him up. It’s not like Jesus and Him arm-wrestled and Jesus won and came here. God gave up His only begotten son for us. The Bible tells us why it was for love. Jesus’ sacrifice of the cross didn’t talk God into love, into loving us. It’s not the reason why God loves us. The Bible says that God demonstrates His own love toward us and that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. That’s before the cross.

Christ died for us because we were sinners. God’s saying, “While we’re still being a sinner.” That’s when God loved you and that’s the demonstration of God’s love. That’s God speaking for himself and revealing his own love himself. Not what the devil taught, not what a preacher who got it wrong or one with some ill motivation. It most probably has been taught wrong and went and repeated it instead of being inspired by God to say something, instead of hearing from God first themselves, “Repeating after me,” type of thing. That happened unfortunately, but fortunately, I do believe the true gospel is being restored. I do believe that it was happening to me privately or at least I’m noticing it more publicly, but I can certainly say that it’s happening because I know what was happening to me for many years in my own private time with God.

In many things, God was correcting, many mindsets He was breaking, many ways of thinking He was removing. Real repentance was taking place in my life and it was out of that then God, after filling me up, allowed me to speak, but it came directly from God. I was not even a member of a church at the time. I’m not telling anyone else to do that. I do attend a service online, but before this in-person and God had me to do that again because I do think that that’s the perfect will of God. Before a season and a reason, God led me out. He was strictly and solely the preacher and the teacher. Revelations like this were born out of it and He continues to build on it and expound on it and reveal more truth that can be shared with the world.

We are blessed to be a blessing in every way. It’s interesting that God does that and that’s what God does when you learn about. Him. When you look at Jesus, when you see His heart, you know He’s compassionate, you feel like he would never lie. You don’t feel he’s mean. You feel comfortable with Him, even though things are seeing as manifesting in your life and you know that it’s there, it’s blaring right at you like flashing lights. You still feel comfortable going to Him. Something makes you feel like, “He’s not going to get me.” You’re supposed to have that same comfort and confidence in God. That’s why God said, “Come boldly to the throne of grace.” It’s not the throne of judgment. Believers don’t go to the throne of judgment. Jesus went there for you and paid the heavy price for you and me.

We go to the throne of grace and grace is God saying, “You didn’t deserve it. You didn’t dot every I and you didn’t cross every T, but I am love. I’m still faithful. I still choose to be good to you. I don’t impute your sin to you. I don’t even remember your sin anymore.” All of this is biblical, what I’m telling you. This is God speaking for himself, not man’s interpretation, but reading line upon line, precept upon precept in context. God is good. Know when you see that, when you feel, when you believe about Jesus, Him and God are one. God first loved and then He sent his son, it’s not He sent His son and like, “Thank goodness for Jesus, now He loves us.” No, He always loved you. He couldn’t wait to remove the sin issue and it’s removed.

What is the devil trying to do? He’s trying to make it an issue. It’s not an issue with God. He’s trying to make it an issue with us. Try to make us feel things like condemnation and guilt. We have no business feeling that as born again because all your sins are completely forgiven and God said, “I’ll be merciful to their unrighteousness, sins, and lawless deeds. I will remember no more.” This is a God who cannot lie. God is done with that. He’s not visiting your sin. He’s not visiting your inequity. No more generational curse for you. In fact, the Bible says, “Jesus became a curse for you.” The Bible says, “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree so that the blessing of God will come upon you.”

God is speaking the truth and he’s doing it in a large and public manner. I’m frankly glad because I was getting things from God in my own private time with God, but it’s refreshing to know that the body of Christ at large is being delivered in unprecedented ways. I’m blessed by that. There is so much power in that. We’re getting to a place where we can speak a thing and it happens. You haven’t even touched and agreed. You haven’t even fasted. You haven’t travailed in prayer and all of that. You realize that your position in Christ, your favor with God, how deeply He loves you. When you move with that knowing and believing, I’m telling you, you can even so much as think it and you’ll see that God does it because it is finished.

I thank God for restoring the truth to the body of Christ, which is going to have an effect on the world. We are the light of the world, the salt of the entire earth, not just the body of Christ. That’s a wonderful thing. God also showed me in the life of Jacob and a lot of you might have read it, I’m going to be paraphrasing, not reading scriptures as I did in previous episodes regarding this series. In His life, God showed me that in a famine did hit his life, like it did his forefathers. This famine was considered severe. We had bad before, looking at his ancestors and we had very bad, and now we’re getting to one that’s the worst. It was interesting that God showed me that prior to the famine though, something happened in the life of Jacob with his son. His son is a clear depiction of Jesus in the life of his son Joseph. I won’t go into that detail, at least not in this episode. His son Joseph was betrayed by his Jewish brothers, similar to Jesus, and sold for some shekels of silver and he was enslaved and sent off to Egypt.

He does the right thing. God gives him a favor. The Bible talks about how the Lord was with Joseph and he was a successful man. I love that God’s definition of success is the Lord being with you. Not all these accolades and who you know and what you’ve accomplished. It is the Lord being with you. I love how Joseph didn’t have anything materially. Literally nothing, not even his freedom and the clothes on his back, that his brothers had stripped the code is that made him off of his back in fact and faked his death. His father thought he was dead. I love how God sent Joseph to Egypt and He did it for a purpose. He allowed this to happen and He did it with the purpose of love. Jacob’s somewhere mourning and he’s thinking he lost his son but what he didn’t know is that one of the most severe famines to hit the earth was coming.

God has sent His son to Egypt and gave him eventually a position of power because the Lord is with you. That makes you a success, not what you can see with your eye, not what you can count on your hand, but the Lord being with you surely makes you a success. That is a promise you receive by faith inwardly, a seed in you that you believe and it bears fruit outwardly. Joseph went from being a slave and then he gets falsely accused of raping his boss’s wife. He did the right thing and then the wrong thing happened to him. It seems to be going from bad to worse. He was already a slave in a foreign nation, stripped from his family, betrayed by his brothers and soul. He’s worth nothing. As a human being, his life in exchange for money is a disgusting feeling.

TOT 52 | Provision Of God
Provision Of God: God wants you to take hold of your inheritance because you’re not just blessed by God for your sake. It brings him joy that you have things that you enjoy, desire, and delight in.

He was already at rock bottom and then he went through it when he got falsely accused of raping Potiphar’s wife, which he didn’t do. He was a man of integrity, a man of God. She lied and it got him put in jail. Thankfully, his life wasn’t lost because I do believe at that time, the penalty should have been execution, no questions. Probably execution by the head being cut off, nothing less. He didn’t die. God was preserving his life because God wants to preserve the life of meaning through Him. Remember, you’re blessed to be a blessing. This is Abraham’s seed. This is his grandson. We are great, a million of those, granddaughters and grandsons of Abraham and heirs according to the promise.

We see this even way further down in his generations in the life of Joseph. God had allowed him to go to jail. Two people who worked for Pharaoh, who was the King of that nation at that time with that whole entire nation, no one above him with God as far as authority is concerned and wealth. These two guys ended up going to jail, a butler and a baker who worked for Pharaoh at the time. Joseph was already in prison. Because the Lord was with him, he ends up in a position of authority there. He ends up taking care of these two guys and they have a dream, disturbs them both, they tell it to Joseph. God gives Joseph gifts. He’s blessed to be a blessing. He has this gift, this blessing on him to interpret dreams. He’s a dreamer himself. God has spoken to him about his destiny long before the trouble hit him and told him, “Because God goes before you.”

God gave him that word that he would be a ruler even over his own family. He was going to be somebody in a high position of authority. God showed him that in two dreams. Here years later, interpreting the dreams of these two men. Spot on, he told one guy, “You’re going to be restored. You’re getting your job back with Pharaoh. You’re going to be pouring the wine in his hand again.” He tells the baker, “You’re not going to be baking for anyone, you’re going to get baked. He’s going to hang you.” Surely, as God gave him that interpretation, he came to passages like that. You get the butler, he’s restored and he’s putting the cup back in Pharaoh’s hand and then you get the chief baker who was hanging by Pharaoh.

It happened as God revealed to Joseph. Joseph begs the guy, “Please don’t forget me when you get out of here.” He gets out, forgets all about them. The Bible says and God gives Pharaoh a dream. God is good. He’s working behind the scenes. He gives him two dreams. In the dreams, God is showing Pharaoh via pictures and descriptions of what’s about to happen. It’s extremely serious, a matter of life and death, this particular famine. It is not getting more serious than this one, at least at that time. The chief butler remembers Joseph. God causes him to remember Joseph and he says, “I remember my faults this day. Pharaoh, I’ve got to tell you, there’s a guy I was in jail with me. Remember, you throw me in jail? He interpreted me and the baker’s dream and surely you came to pass as he sees it, I’m right here restored and you know what happened to that guy because you hung him yourself,”

I’m paraphrasing. He does that. He tells him that. The Bible says, “Suddenly, God delivers Joseph.” Pharaoh’s like, “I want this guy. I need this guy.” No magicians, no witches, no warlocks could help him at all. The gift was in the son of Abraham. Joseph comes out. They get him shaved up. “You got to be presentable. You’re going before the King.” They get them washed up and changed his clothes. Everything’s changed. All these outward fruits of what God promised him with that dream and the Lord being with him. Therefore, Joseph was a successful man. We can see that. He goes, he gets him out of jail and he tells him the two dreams and sure enough, God gives Joseph the ability to interpret it.

Pharaoh’s like, “I heard you can do this. You can interpret a dream.” Even all the trials and tribulations he’s been through still has a heart for God. Joseph knows the Lord is with him and he knows that God is good. He has an understanding that people can mean it for evil. The devil can mean it for evil, but God means it for good because God is good and God is love. He loves me. That knowing God saved his life long before the famine tried to take it because that was enough to make somebody break down mentally and give up. Everything he went through was alone, being stripped suddenly of your family was more than enough, but then having your family who you love, who hates and envies you that they are the cause that is more than enough already.

Joseph Depicts Jesus

We haven’t even gotten to the slave part, the prison part, none of that yet. It is interesting that he had this robust faith in God through all those trials. We can learn something from Joseph and the relationship he had with God. Joseph depicts in The Bible, quite vividly in fact and specifically in fact, maybe more than other people who God uses to reveal Himself to us through The Bible. Joseph depicts Jesus and it’s beautiful. Jesus went through similar and so much more, and he still had that robust faith in God. He goes and he interprets the dreams. He tells Pharaoh, “It’s not me, but it’s in God and God’s going to give you an answer with peace.”

He’s still giving glory to God. He’s acknowledging God. He’s humble. He’s ready for this leadership God called him to. He knows, “It’s not me. It’s in God and to him beyond the glory.” He’s not pointing people to himself. He’s pointing to God. Jesus was doing the same thing, constantly preaching and teaching about God, the kingdom of God, God’s will, God’s purpose. Humble and not pointing to himself, but pointing everybody to the father. That’s real leadership, humility, and a sign you’re ready to have a public platform when you have that mindset and you have that sincere and true heart knowing, “It’s not me, God. Not me, your father. Not me, God is love.” You keep doing that and it’s amazing. It’s a lot for those leaders who are out there to learn from. You see it in Joseph and obviously, we see it in Jesus.

When God gives Joseph the interpretation, he tells Pharaoh. There’s going to be seven years of plenty and then there’s going to be seven years of a severe famine that’s going to make the plenty look like one grain of sand on an entire seashore. It’s going to eat it up, deplete the land, and people are going to perish if we don’t figure something out. God not only gives Joseph the interpretation of the dream, but he gives him the resolution and it saves all of Egypt. Get this, even back in Canaan where he was wrongfully taken from his family and where his family is still at and his father who thinks he’s dead, the famine reaches there and it is severe.

They ended up coming out of Canaan because they hear there’s bread in Egypt. They don’t know that Joseph is even alive. They don’t know that Joseph is this guy who’s reigning in power. By the way, Pharaoh not only did what a governor does, obliterated his sentence, pardoned him completely, and got him out of jail but he gave him a wife. Joseph ended up having two children, Ephraim and Manasseh, and I’m sure he gave him a beautiful wife. He put Joseph in a position higher than Potiphar, higher than that wife who lied on him. He’s their boss and you got to be humble to get like that and where you can rule over your enemies. Speaking to leaders, it was clear that some of these afflictions, trials, and tests work together for good because Joseph was going to be entrusted with authority and power. We know power works both ways.

You can do a whole lot of good or you can do a whole lot of bad with power. Gun is a powerful thing. You can hunt meat. You can feed a neighborhood and smaller children who otherwise didn’t have something to eat. Hunt animals and get the meat where people have used guns. They have killed innocent children with them. It’s the same power. It depends on the hands it’s in. It’s the mercy of God to prepare our hands. Those preparations, a lot of times, include testing of our faith, trials, learning, and humbling when that’s needed and it’s necessary because power can be dangerous if it’s in the wrong hands. God prepared Joseph for this position for that time.

TOT 52 | Provision Of God
Provision Of God: God is so good. He’s always working behind the scenes.

His father and his brothers ended up coming to Egypt and Joseph forgave them. He was reunited with his father and was able to provide food for them that saved their life. His brother’s lives were saved and even their wives, children, and servants all were saved because God sent Joseph ahead of time. Although this famine was worse even than the other ones, God had made provision. God was providing, giving the solution, and orchestrating things long before it was even announced, the Pharaoh, there was going to be a famine. Even then, it wasn’t until there were time and Joseph, God gave the wisdom to prepare for the famine and store up things. This is not to store up things like grain and food like they did then, although that’s wise and we need God to do that too.

God Goes Before Us

Help us to be wise with the material, goods, and money that you give us, but help us to be wise and store up your word. This word, it’s on-time, but it’s timeless. There are things that are being said that God is depositing in your spirit for things that’ll happen much later than now and you’ll already be ready. You may think you’re waiting on the answer. You may feel like, “I need God to do this and do this.” Trust me, as Deuteronomy 31:8 tells us, “God is the God who goes before us.” Like He went before Jacob, long before Jacob knew him, his family, wives, and children would starve to death because Joseph had a younger brother who loved Joseph and had nothing to do with the plot against his life. His name was Benjamin.

Jacob would have lost another son and he was already greatly grieved when he thought Joseph was dead and that wasn’t even true. Can you imagine what would happen if his other son would have starved to death and it was true that he died? God is good. He goes before us and He is, indeed, our rear guard. If this famine has affected you like it has many others in any way, small, large, money, directly, or even in other ways indirectly, know that the way that God went before Jacob, Joseph, and his people then, He went before us.

God is not reacting to something that the enemy did. God doesn’t need a good reflexive or reactive nature. God says, “He determines the end in the beginning.” He is the God who goes before us and He’s our rear guard. We are in good hands. It’s not all state but God is all-powerful, He is all love, and He’s faithful even if we’re faithless. We saw that those people didn’t get everything right in previous episodes. They didn’t dot every I and cross every T. They did things that were blatantly wrong, but God remained faithful to that covenant promise and that’s the same covenant promise over our life. We are the seed of Abraham. If you’re born again, you’re the seed of Abraham. If you’re reading and you’re not born again, I want to encourage you to make Jesus the Lord of your life.

I want to encourage you to receive everything that God has for you and to get to know this God who loves you very much Himself, to allow Him the opportunity to speak for Himself. I know people might’ve spoken harshly about God before and even spoken harshly about you, but please, there’s nothing you’ve done that God hasn’t already forgiven another believer about 55,000 times. Sometimes people pretend that’s not happening or they would not go near that with a 10-foot pole, but they probably have. Don’t let that discourage you from coming to God. He said, “Come boldly to receive grace.” Whether you see us outwardly looking like we have it all together, all of us need it and continue to need the grace of God every day.

That’s what God said, “My mercies are new every day.” I want to encourage you, if you’re not born again, to go ahead. Give that opportunity for God to transform your life for the better, from the inside out. He is loving, tender-hearted, and He doesn’t hold faults against you. How do I know that? I’ve done things tantamount to cursing God to His face. As far as my rebellious behavior is concerned and God has been nothing but good to me, nothing but faithful to me, and He’s been the one to never put me in remembrance of what I did and it makes perfect sense. Because he said, “I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, sins, and lawless deeds. I will remember no more.” I’m telling you the unadulterated truth. I was a rich undone and God loved me as if I was an angel. He is that good. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

I want to thank you for joining me on this journey and knowing that you are joint-heirs with Christ and you are heirs of Abraham. You are born again. God puts you in Christ and you are heirs according to the promise. You received that promise simply by believing. It’s all yours and the way God provided for Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and even their children, Ephraim and Manasseh, much greater He’ll provide for you. He’ll provide for me. We are in Christ back then. They were in Goshen. That’s where Joseph set his family up in the land of Egypt. Christ is our Goshen and we are in Him. We are protected, safe, and sound in our minds and our finances. We will see the goodness of God. It’s not about seeing it after the famine. We will see the goodness of God during the famine and after the famine because God is good all the time and all the time, God is good. I love you, beloved. I hope that you are blessed. I am. I’ll talk to you again.

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