God Will Provide For You (Part Six)

TOT 51 | God Will Provide


Are you someone struggling with the question of whether God wants to provide for you during these times of famine? Struggle no more. God’s perfect will is to supply all of your needs and to bless you beyond any famine or its effects. Through this podcast, Dr. Siohvaughn Funches reminds you to look into the heart of God and discover how He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God is not a respecter of persons; meaning what He did for His other children (Abraham and Isaac), He is willing and able to do for you! Get ready to have your faith ignited in a way that causes explosive blessings to manifest in your life in ways that far exceed anything you ever dreamed of in this great episode!

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God Will Provide For You (Part Six)

We’re going to be continuing with our series titled, God Will Provide for you. Not that He may provide for you, not that it’s a likely chance that He will or that the odds are in your favor, but God absolutely will provide for you. That’s not my opinion. That’s a sound Biblically-based truth. God is truth, His word is truth and He can’t lie. This is a sheer foundation for us to stand on and base our faith in during times like the ones we’re living in now and at all times. We’ll recap a bit for those who are joining us for the first time and those who want to catch up on and be refreshed on what God gave us the last time. Before we dive into that and then get deeper into our message, we’re going to take a moment and do what we all do. If you’ve been on this journey with us, we always take time to acknowledge God and ask Him to direct our steps even in our listening, giving, and our outpouring during this show.

I thank you, Heavenly Father, for the opportunity again to get at the feet of Jesus and do this one thing that’s needful and that’s to hear His word. I thank you, God, that faith in you is coming to us now as we hear and hear the word of Christ. I thank you, God, that you are enlarging our capacity to receive from you. I thank you that your hand is generous, gracious, and you are a giver in your nature and it is your true language of love. We are receivers. We’re here on the receiving end saying, “Bless us indeed. Enlarge our coast. Let your hand be with us and keep us from all the power of darkness that it doesn’t grieve us or cause us pain. In Jesus’ name.” Continue to give to each and every one of us and those who are joining us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus.

Let the eyes of our understanding be enlightened that we may know what the hope of His calling is. What are the riches of the glory of His inheritance and the saints? What is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe according to the working of His mighty power? I ask you, Jesus, to continue to expound on the scriptures to us about the things concerning yourself. I thank you for giving us a road to amass experience and much greater. I thank you for your word declares that the spirit of truth will lead and guide us into all truth and teach us all things and we say is it unto us according to your word in Jesus’ mighty name. I thank you for opening up our understanding that we will comprehend the scriptures deity and we will know you more. As we know you more, let all the blessings and benefits of knowing God reign heavily and rest always upon us and our whole house. In Jesus’ name, we pray.

Recap: God’s Promises

Let’s pick up on where we left off from the last episode. Take a moment and let the Spirit of God continue to lead us and speak through me and recap a bit, especially for those who are joining us for the first time. I want to encourage them like I always do to go back and reread. You want to get every bit of truth. You want to get every bit of revelation. Remember, that’s what God said. This is the one thing that’s needful for us to do because Jesus has done it all. All we do in order to receive it is belief. The faith to believe comes by hearing and hearing the word of Christ. That’s what we’re doing here on this show in other people through anointed preaching and teachings. God has given us the opportunity to get at the feet of Jesus and hear the word of Christ and faith, as a result, is coming. Our capacity to receive is enlarging and we possess every possession that Christ bled and died and suffered to give us.

That’s what we’re doing here on this show and that’s for those who are joining us and for those who need to be reminded, why am I on this journey? This is an idle time. This isn’t something to fill up the gap in time. You may have some extra time on your hands, especially during the quarantine but that’s not what this is about. This is about taking time for a divine purpose and expecting the promises of God to manifest in your life when he says, “These are the blessings and benefits that come with knowing me more, spending intimate time with me, abiding in me and allowing my word to abide in you.” You are claiming hold and not taking anything less than every one of those promises coming to pass in your life. This is a purposeful gathering, a purposeful and intentional reading. It has a divine purpose because God has a divine purpose and plan for you even via this show.

I want to encourage you to keep doing that. Tell your family and your friends about it. Obviously, love gives so you want to give to them that. Sometimes we think as giving, we need something monetary or something like flowers. The best thing you can give somebody is God. When you give them that, they have everything. They have access to everything good because all good things come from God and the Bible tells us that. you want to give them your best. There’s no gift that’s greater than that and it’s a gift that continues to give, not only to them but to everyone in their house and family, their friends, and whomever that they bless or come in contact with. Give that gift that keeps on giving. Make sure you sow that seed. Let them know if you believe that it’s God, you tell other people about it as many as you can. Let them also be in a position to possess their promises and inherit the fullness of the inheritance that God has for them.

Our key scripture with this series came from 2 Corinthians 8:9. We want to establish early on that it is the will of God. Sometimes religion and the devil himself have made people feel like having plenty, being rich. It’s like a curse word and that’s not God. Somehow being poor is humble and the will of God, but it’s not. God will tell you what His will is because His will is His word not someone’s interpretation of it. It’s not the devil’s religious rhetoric and his misconception and his illusions he wants people to follow after about God. Let’s let God speak for himself in a real sense and let’s do that in no uncertain terms by going to the Word of God. It’s true. It’s lasting. Heaven and earth will pass away. It will by no means pass away. We can expect the truth from God’s word and we know that God’s word is His will. God, himself, said in 2 Corinthians 8:9, the Bible says, “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that though He was rich, yet for your sake, He became poor. Through his poverty, you might become rich.”

We know that Jesus bankrupted himself, in a sense. He left heaven as sitting as the king of kings and the lord of lords and coming here and being born in a manger and taking the occupation of a carpenter when He is a king. There’s nothing wrong with a carpenter but if you’re a king and you take the position as a carpenter, you are subjecting yourself to something below what you have to. Jesus did this and this was willful, this was His intention. Everything He did, He did for us. This scripture brings home that point because it says that through His poverty, we might become rich. God even said that our needs would be met and you’d get some of the things you want. He said, “Rich.” Rich speaks of fullness and it speaks of more than enough. God uses the term rich, poor, poverty, and rich again. Nobody can say, “God meant rich spiritually.” It’s like, “No, he didn’t.” He meant what He said. Rich is not a curse word to God. Remember, the streets in heaven are made of gold. I always say, “God goes big or He goes home.” He does it big. Jesus said, “There are many mansions.” I was like, “A nice house would have done.”

God believes in blessing us to be a blessing. We went over that, too, with Abraham and firmly established that the way we receive these blessings from God. First of all, we establish the will of God. We are blessed to be a blessing. We also established that we’re children of Abraham and God has an inheritance for us. We also established how we receive that inheritance and it’s not via keeping the law. In fact, we learned that the law trying to keep it will forfeit the promise and make no void and of no effect, but having faith in God and believing him that he’s that good. We went over the 2 Corinthians 8:9, it says, “Through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.” You know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is not Jesus saying, “Let’s make a deal. If you do this and I’ll do that.” This is grace. This is unearned. It is gifted to you. That is the way that we receive from God. We do that via faith. Faith is the hand that takes hold of what God’s love and grace freely gives. It comes in the form of a gift. Gifts can’t be earned, they must be received.

TOT 51 | God Will Provide
God Will Provide: God wants to bless you beyond this famine and increase you in supernatural ways!


We established that not based on my opinion or some revelation I’m claiming to have gotten from God. We went straight to the Word of God in many scriptures. If you haven’t or if you want to read again, there’s plenty to feed on. We then specifically looked at Abraham because God calls us heirs of God, joint-heirs with Christ. Out of all the people in the Bible, many people did noble things and walked with God and even fulfilled their purpose by the Spirit of God and the grace of God. Abraham is one who got calls out and says that we are heirs of Abraham. We’re blessed with believing Abraham. In fact, we’re in Christ. We are in Christ. The Bible says that when you’re born again, God puts you in Christ. We, for sure, are children of Abraham. We started to look at the children of Abraham, naturally speaking.

We know that God doesn’t just mean Jews. This gift that’s part of the purpose of the cross, too, is that the promise would not come to the Jews but to the Gentiles, which represents the non-Jewish people but all of us being children of God. All of us being sons and daughters of God and sons of Abraham, daughters of Abraham, heirs of Abraham. We looked at what that meant to be an heir of Abraham. What is this inheritance that we have? What is this and then how do we get it? We went over all of that. We started to look at his son, Isaac. This was the promised child to Abraham and Sarah in their old age. God brought that promise to pass like He always brings His promises to pass. We looked at Isaac during his lifetime. Like his father, Abraham, he experienced the famine. We talked about the famine that the world has experienced in this time that we’re in while we’re in but starting to walk out of this quarantine. It had a substantial effect on the entire world in some way, shape, form, or fashion. It definitely had an impact financially.

We want to address it and get God’s will and get what we were promised because God’s promise is not subjected to the stock market, its’ rise or its’ fall. We know that God’s power is not limited by the limited resources of this earth or man. We know that God sits high above all of this. All things are possible with God. It doesn’t matter the season, the reason, the times you’re in, good times, bad times, hard times, prospering times or detrimental times, it makes no difference. The Word of God is true. With God, all things are possible. God is all-powerful. We have a promise and it came from God. It didn’t come from the stock market. It didn’t come from the economy, our job, or our degrees. It didn’t come from what we know. It’s not about what you know. It’s about who you know. It didn’t come from any. It came from the unfailing, everlasting truth. Jesus is the truth. He is the word and that’s our sheer foundation. That’s where we place our faith at and it’s good that we do because that is the only thing that’s not subjective to this fallen world that we are in. That’s good news.

We saw that God blessed Abraham in his time during the famine. God didn’t bless Abraham when the famine was gone or as it was easing up a bit. Smack in the middle of it, there’s a famine going on. The Bible says that God didn’t just make Abraham rich during a time of famine, but the Bible says that Abraham was very rich. Does that sound good to anybody other than me? To be rich was good. It probably would have stopped there. It would probably put a period there until God praised you. “If you haven’t done anything else, you’ve done enough.” I never like to say that. God blesses him in the middle of that because He’s not subjected to the limitations or the trying times of this world. As sons and daughters of God, as heirs of God, joint-heirs with Christ and heirs of Abraham, neither are we. We look directly at Abraham and saw that God blessed him during a famine and made him rich.

We looked at his son, Isaac, and we began looking at that. Isaac represents us because it is the seed, the heir of Abraham. It was a severe famine. His dad was around a severe famine during that time, that life of Isaac. The Bible says that Isaac sowed in the land that he was at. The Bible says that he prospered and he continued prospering and he became exceedingly prosperous during this time. That is the God that we serve. That’s the constant. That’s the stability of our times. That’s what we base our faith in. That’s where we put our trust in and our hope in knowing that God is not a respecter of persons. If He did it for him, He would certainly do it for me. As simple as that.

We’re going to also look at Jacob. We’ve got Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Jacob is also the seed of Abraham and heir of Abraham. This was naturally speaking and we obviously are spiritually speaking as non-Jews, but it’s even more powerful now than it was then because we’ve got Jesus and the cross of Jesus Christ and the sacrifice of his own life and his blood shed for us. This is a more powerful promise, but we’re looking at them because mainly because God is firmly establishing who he is. He’s faithful and just to keep His word even if we’re unfaithful. We looked at how Abraham made mistakes, a huge one. If you’re Abraham’s wife, you were on the couch for quite some time. We saw the mistake that he made and then we saw the life of Isaac. Isaac did the same thing, following in his father’s footsteps in that negative way.

He had given his wife away to someone because he was afraid that if they looked upon her beauty they would say, “Let’s kill this man so we can take his wife.” He rather gives her away than her be taken away and his life be taken also. It was a cowardly thing to do, an inexcusable thing to do, but God still blessed him. He told him where to go. He directed his steps. That’s important because we learned that the promise of God, this provision, the path of God drip with abundance. We looked at that Bible verse and Psalms. We know that this is not about having provision all over the place.

Your inheritance, naturally speaking, would not be scattered abroad. If your parents save up money for you for when you graduate high school or you graduate college and they have a natural inheritance for you, that’s not going to be scattered all over. That’s not going to be all over the streets, blowing out in the wind. That’s absurd, to say the least. That’s going to be in a particular place. It’s going to be in a safe place. Obviously, some parents can do something different. For the most part, this is what we anticipate. This is what we would expect from parents using wisdom. you would be in a certain place.

While there are many banks, like in life there are many paths to choose from. That inheritance for you would be in a particular bank. It’s in particular paths. It’s not at every bank. You can go to Bank of America all day long but if they didn’t put your inheritance there, you can’t take hold of it. You’ve got to get to the right bank. You’ve got to get on the right path and then you can possess it because it is not that you have an inheritance and how to get your inheritance but where is your inheritance? All of these matters. How do we know where? As many as sons and daughters of God are led by the Spirit of God, we’re led by God. We get our daily bread from God. This is nourishment from His word and it’s also instruction, the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit. He leads and guides us, sometimes supernaturally and sometimes supernaturally natural.

TOT 51 | God Will Provide
God Will Provide: God will tell you what his will is because his will is his word, not someone’s interpretation of it nor the devil’s religious rhetoric.


He leads us, He guides us and it’s wise. It’s wise to take time every day and say, “Lord, order my steps. Be the Lord of my life. Instruct and teach me in the way I should go. Guide me with your eye. In Jesus’ name. Bless me to be at the right place and at the right time.” Your inheritance is not scattered abroad. It’s in a certain place. You don’t possess everything all at once. You possess this over time because your inheritance is huge. What worked the last time, as far as directions, won’t work this time which is why you’ve got to get with God daily. you get your daily lead and your daily instructions, your daily fill up from God. He fills us daily. He loads us with benefits. This is on a daily basis. One week at a church service won’t do it. You need Him on a daily basis. You need that intimate time with God. I’m not saying it has to be this huge large amount of time. I’m sure times will vary. The point is that every day you take some time. You acknowledge God. You speak with Him and you ask Him, “Humble ourselves.” We ask Him to lead us and guide us, “Show me which way to go. Bless me to follow you, cause me to follow you.”

We go and possess our possessions. Whatever it is He wanted us to get hold of and do that day, we did it, purpose fulfilled. Sometimes we’re looking for this big bang but a lot of these times one brick eventually builds the high-rise. That one brick is important. Sometimes we want to see the high-rise and we think like, “I fulfilled my purpose.” You’re fulfilling your purpose on a daily basis and sometimes it’s like that, brick by brick. Sometimes God comes and drops the whole floor down and sometimes more of an outpouring than other times. Don’t despise the brick. Never despise the small beginnings. Never despise the 5 loaves and the 2 fish, because in the hands of God we know that it’s more than a buffet, twelve baskets leftover and feeding thousands of people. We never despise because nothing is little in God. You’re in God and he’s in you. His plan for you is in Him and it’s in His hands. It’s in his will.

We saw that Abraham was receiving instructions from God and He led him. He gave Isaac instructions and they were the opposite of what he told his dad. We are firmly established by the Spirit of God, this is why we need and have to have our daily bread from God. God said to Abraham to go into Egypt. For Isaac, God was telling him not to. Isaac dwelt in Gerar. We’re going to see with the next son or heir of Abraham, which is Jacob. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, we know that. He was given instruction from God. He was in a place that God had led him to. God was orchestrating events and leading and guiding. We have to trust that even if something bad has happened. Not that God did it, but we must remember that God is constantly working in our life. He’s working the good and He’s even taking what was meant for evil and working it together for our good. He’s constantly at work in your life. He does not sleep or slumber. He has not taken a moment off. Bad times are not times when God goes away, it’s times He draws closer. God is close to the brokenhearted, not far away.

The exact opposite is true to what we sometimes emotionally feel or experience emotionally, which is why we’re called to walk by faith and not by sight and certainly not by an unstable emotion. I’m not saying we’re unstable in any way. Sometimes on the same day, you can feel happy and everything’s going well and maybe you get some news or a phone call. That same thing you asked them not to do for the fifteenth time and you went from happy to horrified. It’s all in the same day. Emotions are not something we want to rely on either, although our emotions are good. God gave us our emotions and it feels good to feel good. That’s a blessing from God as long as they’re submitted under the mighty hand of God. It’s a real blessing to feel joy, elation, and love. Sometimes, you can feel the presence of God. It’s a wonderful thing. It’s a gift from God, no question.

Life Of Jacob And Joseph

As we look at the life of Jacob, we’re in Genesis 37. I love how God starts off talking about Jacob. We’re supposed to be looking at the life of Jacob. The Bible says in verse 2, “This is the history of Jacob.” Let’s get into it. Let’s find out about Jacob. What happened during his time? How did God bless him? Did he experience famine? What was it like for him? The Holy Spirit is amazing. He says, “This is the history of Jacob,” and then immediately after says, “Joseph, being seventeen years old, was feeding the flock with his brothers.” He switches right over to Jacob’s son of Joseph. This is the son of Joseph that he had in his old age with his favorite wife. The Bible talks about how Jacob loved Joseph more than all his children because he was the son of his old age and he had with his wife who was once barren. This is a special child, no question about it. We’re going to find out, if we don’t already know, how life-saving special Joseph was.

It’s amazing to me that in order to learn about the Father, the Holy Spirit leads us to look at the Son and it’s much like that with God. Jesus was saying, “When you see me, you’ve seen the Father. I and the Father are one.” God sent Him. This is the will of the Father. This is what the kingdom of God is like. This is what God is like. you’re looking, talking, experiencing and they were walking, talking with, and hearing Jesus, the Son. You learn about the father by looking at the son. Sometimes the enemy has come to try to separate the two, but you can’t separate the two because they’re one. Sometimes, he tries to paint a picture like, “Jesus may be loving, compassionate, and forgiving, but God is a judge.” Shake, tremble, rattle and roll without even being Elvis. It’s like, “I’m not going to have a nervous condition over your lies.”

We can see the heart of the Father, the ways of the Father, the will of the Father by looking at Jesus. If you’ve looked at Jesus in the gospels, if you looked at Him in the Word of God, even in the Old Testament, and you feel like Jesus is true, I don’t think there’s any flaw on Him. If He says it is the truth, He’s an honest man. He is love. He is compassion. He’s forgiving. You can say the same about God. The two are one. Jesus came representing God and His will, not Himself. He didn’t even say anything unless He first heard the Father say it. Jesus had an ear to hear what God was saying and then Jesus was speaking. you can say, “Jesus said this? That was loving. That was compassionate.” You’ve got to remember that Jesus didn’t send himself. The Bible says that God loved the world that He sent His only begotten son. Through His Son, the world is saved and not condemned. We know that.

Before the world was saved and they were condemning God, judging God, blaming God, middle finger to God, God still loved us that He sent His Son. If you’re a parent, you can maybe slightly even imagine what that would be like to give up one of your children and let alone your only begotten son to save the life of someone who has made themself an enemy against you. I’m talking about real unconditional love. That was God’s idea. That’s the heart of the Father. When you see Jesus in the word, you are looking at him to look at the life of the Father. We see that depicted here in Genesis 37. We’re looking at Jacob and how the Holy Spirit says, “I’m going to talk to you about Jacob.” Let’s look at Joseph, his son.

Joseph is such a great shadow, a great representation of Jesus. We won’t go through that in detail. I certainly wouldn’t mind going through it because I love it. It is more of an obvious picture of Jesus in the Bible, one that’s more easily understood or seen. It’s a good length if you ask me. It’s a beautiful testimony of how God will give you beauty for ashes. It’s on point. If you’re ever somebody who needs to be restored, you can look at the life of Joseph and know that your God is a restorer. He will restore you. You will know that without a shadow of a doubt reading through his life. You will know that God works everything together for your good. Everything may not be good but God will certainly work it together for your good. He does this. I love it. We also see how God goes before us in this particular story.

TOT 51 | God Will Provide
God Will Provide: Faith is the hand that takes hold of what God’s love and grace freely give.


We Are Successful Because The Lord Is With Us

I’ll paraphrase and go through. We won’t go line upon line and precept upon precept. I suspect there may be many people reading who have read it. I’ll highlight the things that God highlighted to me. We saw that not only was God pointing us to the son or telling us about the life of the Father but we see that, unfortunately, Joseph’s brothers knew that their dad favored him more and loved him more. They were jealous of him. God gives Joseph a dream and this dream speaks of Joseph one day leading and him being in such a position of leadership that even his older brothers, who normally would be people who rule over him, he would be ruling over them. God gives him a second dream and even shows him his parents in the dream. He’ll even rule over them. He’ll be in such a position of authority. His brothers hated him more when Joseph told them about the dream.

To make a long and sad story short, they plotted to kill him. One brother came to his defense. They didn’t kill him but they did sell him off for a few shekels of silver to the Ishmaelites and sold him as a slave. He went from his dad’s favorite son to a slave in a matter of no time. We see that he’s sold into slavery. The Ishmaelites take him down to Egypt and sell him to Potiphar. He’s a captain of a guard for a pharaoh. A pharaoh is the king of that country at that time. Egypt was a wealthy and prosperous nation during that time. Joseph is in Potiphar’s house. The Bible says that the Lord was with Joseph. He didn’t have anything. He’s stripped of any dignity, stripped of his family and probably stripped of everything but his faith.

At this point, Joseph is experiencing a personal famine. Maybe he’s in a nation that’s prospering, but he isn’t in a sense. It seems like everything is being taken from him. We see what the true definition of success is by God’s standard. God says that the Lord was with Joseph and Joseph was a successful man. The Bible didn’t say that money was with Joseph and he was a successful man or fame was with Joseph or he knew the who’s who and that made him a successful man or he had seventeen degrees on his wall and that’s what made him a successful man or he went to this Ivy League school and that’s what made him a successful man. That’s not what God said.

If the Lord is with you, as far as God who cannot lie and created everything, including success, God has determined you are a successful man or a successful woman. I would think that the judge of all judges, the one who possesses all wisdom, would know something like what’s considered successful and what’s not. God spoke and that settles it. God said, “The Lord is with you. You’re successful.” Success is not and should not be, especially for the believer, determined by the world’s standard of success. It’s ever-fluctuating, but the Lord is with you constantly. He said, “I will never leave you and I will never forsake you. As a matter of fact, I dwell, I abide in you. I don’t call you a body, a spirit or a soul. You are my temple. You are where I live. Where you go, I go.”

God is good and the Lord is definitely with us and we can’t even send him away. The Holy Spirit is not coming and going. In the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit dwells, lives, abides, and stays in us and us in him. We are successful. Whatever God does on the inside, you give birth to what it bears fruit on the outside. There’s the potential to bear fruit in a seed but it doesn’t look like it. All that potential is on the inside. All that success and prosperity are on the inside. Sure enough, if it’s on the inside and God waters it, he knows how to bring it about. He’s divine. He knows how to call us to bear fruit, but it’s already in us. It’s in us because the Lord is in us. The Lord is with us and therefore we bear fruit of success.

Don’t confuse the fruits or the results of success with success. There is a difference. You’re successful because the Lord is with you. Whatever that produces, the fact that the Lord is with you and it made you successful, those tangible things, those outer things, those fruit-bearing things, those are manifested evidences for the world to see, especially unbelievers and even believers who need to be encouraged in their faith that truly the Lord is with us. God always works from the inside out, which is that whole seed fruit analogy that he gave and even as we’ll see in the life of Joseph because surely the Lord was with him. That’s the inner part. You don’t see that. That’s on the inside. There doesn’t seem to be all this hoopla glory and sparkling shiny things with that one, but it’s more important than the sparkly shiny things. If you don’t have that, you don’t have the rest of it. If you do, the devil might have given it to you and that’s always going to come with the noose attached that goes around the neck. We don’t want that. You keep your strings, Satan, and your noose. We like our necks. We like to walk and jog a bit but definitely not hanging. you’re not hanging us in Jesus’ name.

Potiphar, who in the Bible says, was a non-Jew and probably had about 100 gods and certainly didn’t believe in having one God and having no other God beside him as God has called us to do and not be wrapped up in idolatry. Potiphar was the opposite of that. I’m sure he has idols all over the place. The Bible says that the Lord blessed Potiphar’s house and all that he had on the field for Joseph’s sake. Joseph is blessed to be a blessing. Look at this manifestation right here. Look at how this is happening. It’s happening. The word is manifesting. The promise is coming to pass when he made Abraham his grandfather. It’s happening because he’s the heir of Abraham like us, but us even greater.

Unfortunately, Potiphar’s wife, when it rains it pours meaning like, “When you thought it couldn’t get worse.” He’s already a slave. He’s already away from his family. We talked about that. God is with him and he’s successful because of that and that success starts to bear fruit. The Bible says that God made Joseph fine. When he made Joseph, he was in a good mood. The Bible doesn’t say his face was fine. The Bible says he was beautiful or handsome both in form and appearance. Potiphar’s wife is not satisfied. She got a husband that’s probably second in the nation next to the pharaoh. The Bible doesn’t say he did anything wrong to her or treated her badly or anything like that. He probably loved the woman. In fact, he got angry after this and turned even against Joseph for her sake.

She cast longing eyes on Joseph. Joseph, a man of integrity, a man after God’s own heart, refused to lie with her. He was saying how good Potiphar had been to him, how good God was to him, and how dare him to sin against God by laying down with another man’s wife. Not him, he’s not doing it. He fled from her and that was a wonderful thing. The devil will try to get you even when you’re doing the right thing. This lady lies and said that Joseph tried to rape her and Potiphar believes her. He might have been on the fence because probably the sentence for that would have been death. Instead of killing Joseph, Potiphar put him in jail. I will say he couldn’t kill the purpose. God probably would strain him. God probably ministered to him some truth and let him know his wife is lying or discern to him she’s lying. He probably wanted to say face that upright there. He put him in jail instead of saying, “Let me do away with this woman who is clearly longing to be adulterous.”

TOT 51 | God Will Provide
God Will Provide: God is close to the brokenhearted, not far away.


He’s been a slave. He’s already been through a lot, away from his family, hated by his own brothers, separated from his dad, and even separated from his younger brother, Benjamin. He is not only a slave but he has been sentenced. They don’t even say how long. He put him in jail. They didn’t tell him he’d be out in 6 months or 6 years or 60 years even. He put them in there indefinitely. He gets a life sentence for something he didn’t do. The Bible says, “The Lord was with Joseph.” The Lord showed him mercy and gave him favor even in sight of the prison keeper. Joseph ends up being in this position of authority like he was in Potiphar’s house. In the prison and in the same way, Potiphar entrusts everything over to Joseph’s hand, the keeper of the prison is entrusting everything he has and all the prisoners over into Joseph’s hand.

We can see this dream that God gave him about this authority coming to pass. This is why God says, “Don’t despise small beginnings. Don’t despise that brick that eventually erects that high-rise.” You don’t start loving it when it’s a high-rise. A high-rise is compiled of one brick layered upon another brick at a time pretty much. Never despise your one brick. It has taken you somewhere. We’re going to pick up where we left off the next episode. I don’t want to rush this. I want God to take his time and prove to us more than enough that he is a God who provides and he makes you successful. We see that in Joseph’s personal life. He was experienced in famine but God was giving him success. God made him successful in the midst of it. We see that God made him realize the dream that he had in the middle of that so-called famine. We see that God was giving him a favor. He had favor with God, even favor with man. The Lord was showing him mercy. No matter where he went and no matter what he experienced, we’ll see that God was ordering his steps.

Next episode we’ll look at the famine that hit the land, a severe and serious famine, life and death in fact, and how God was with Joseph because he’s the seed of Abraham like us. What He did for him, He’ll do for us. Until next time, I love you, beloved. God bless you and keep you. Make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you. Lift up His countenance upon you and give to you His shalom peace that surpasses all understanding in Jesus’ name.

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