TOT 71 | Waiting Room

Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 14)

Preparation is one of the keys to success and provides believers the strength and endurance they need while they wait for God to manifest the promises He made them. This episode is full of the wisdom of God, and Dr. Siohvaughn Funches gives listeners practical wisdom not only to have the key of preparation but… Continue reading Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 14)

TOT 69 | Faith And Readiness

Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 12)

God manifests his blessings in His time and His time alone. Do you have the faith and the readiness to receive them? In this 12th part of the Waiting Room Wisdom series, Dr. Siohvaughn Funches takes us once more into a deep dive into the scriptures to understand what God has been saying to us all… Continue reading Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 12)

TOT 68 | Waiting Room Wisdom

Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 11)

The Lord provides believers both wisdom and insight from His word, illustrating what they should do while they wait for the Lord to manifest the promises they are waiting for. God goes on to show us in the word why we don't have to fear disappointment or shame when our hope (a confident expectation of… Continue reading Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 11)

TOT 49 | God Will Provide

God Will Provide For You (Part Five)

  In a time where we need all the assurance and security that we can get, being reminded that God will provide really helps us face the uncertainty in our midst. It is an affirmative statement that does not make room for any doubt. Dr. Siohvaughn Funches continues with the fifth part of this timely… Continue reading God Will Provide For You (Part Five)