Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 11)

TOT 68 | Waiting Room Wisdom

The Lord provides believers both wisdom and insight from His word, illustrating what they should do while they wait for the Lord to manifest the promises they are waiting for. God goes on to show us in the word why we don’t have to fear disappointment or shame when our hope (a confident expectation of good) is in Jesus! In this episode of the Waiting Room Wisdom series, Dr. Siohvaughn Funches reminds us that He is faithful and it is His good pleasure to bless us beyond what we expect!

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Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 11)

Wisdom Is The Principal Thing

We’re going to be continuing on and possibly finishing up our series titled Waiting Room Wisdom. If you’ve been with me on this journey, you know that this is the longest show series to date. It makes sense to me because God did say wisdom is a principal thing and giving us His wisdom. It makes sense to me that He would expound on this particular series and the revelations that He’s given therein. Before we dive into that and recap the bit, let’s take a moment, let’s do what we always do, and acknowledge God. I thank you heavenly father that you, the father of glory, has given to each and every one of us and will continue to give to us your spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus.

I thank you that the eyes of our understanding are being enlightened even now that we may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe. I thank you, Jesus, that you’re expounding on the scriptures to us about the things concerning yourself. You’re opening up our understanding in a way, Lord, that we will know you more, see your heart of love, God, we will believe your heart of love, we will enter into rest like never before. I speak deep rest over us, God, from anxiety, from fret, God, from what-ifs, from the war within, from the war without. I speak rests over your people, God, and I thank you that we’ll comprehend the scriptures more in such a way, God, that we can expound on them even to our family, God, and our friends, heavenly father.

I thank you that these revelations, God, are ones that can be built upon. I thank you that even in knowing you more God, that miracle signs and wonders are breaking out in our life everywhere that is needed, God. I thank you for even the needs being supplied of those things we haven’t even realized we need. For you all the God that goes before us and you will our rear guard. We thank you, we praise you, and bless you ahead of time for everything you’re going to do, God, through this series, in Jesus’ name. If you’ve been with me on this journey, our primary scripture has come from Proverbs 4 and 7 where it says, “Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom.” In all your getting, get understanding.

Notice God didn’t say get wealth. There’s nothing wrong with that. God said in Deuteronomy, “I give you the power to get wealth.” In fact, God said, “The blessing of the Lord makes you rich and no sorrow is added to it.” God said you’re the head and not the tail. You will lend and not borrow. However, God is stressing something to us when He says wisdom is a principal thing. That’s not something you can argue with. Therefore, get wisdom. If He’d said wisdom is a principal, thing full stop and left it there, we know he’s emphasizing it. It is of primary first importance. However, He didn’t stop there. He said, “Therefore, get wisdom.” God told me a long time ago, me instructing you, teaching you, leading you, and directing you in the way you should go does not have to start with thou shall.

Those are not the only directives or imperative truths that God wants us to govern our life with. I’m not placing anyone back under the law. I’m saying it does be who of was not the lie. It is good for us not to steal. We’re not under the law but we are under the covenant of grace and in it Jesus says, “Love one another as I have loved you.” When you do that, you fulfill the whole law like love wouldn’t steal from you. That’s what I’m saying, love would not pick your pocket. We’re loving one another thus that fulfills the law without even contemplating it or thinking about it but God is telling us to get wisdom for a reason. If you read through the Book of Proverbs, it’s obvious that it’s first importance and why the blessings are laid out regarding those who get wisdom.

Those who will allow God to reprove them, correct them, give them understanding, and enlightenment. It also lays out in the Bible clearly the consequences of being hard-headed, not listening, stubborn-hearted, can’t be taught anything or told anything, proud in essence, and foolish also. There are serious consequences for such a thing. God has also given us this wisdom because wisdom is like a key that a lot of us in the body of Christ it goes to a door that we desperately want to unlock. That’s to unlock the breakthrough, to unlock yourself from going from pending prayer requests to praising God because your petition, you hold it in your hands, you see it with your eyes, and the land of the living. There is a difference. If you go from hoping which is great to have a confident expectation of good in Jesus, will not be disappointed, will get to now hopefully but it’s also good to have it.

Seek and you will find, knock and it will be open. You don’t knock to keep knocking that you have blood coming out your knuckles. God is here to not only hear your cry but to over answer it. That’s what our loving father is for. God has given us wisdom in this series for the waiting room because we know some miracles God has done before we even open our mouth to speak. Some things are generational prayers in the making, you walk into it this vineyard student plant, houses you didn’t build, wells you didn’t dig. God is blessing us like that all day. There are things that we didn’t even know to pray. God saved us from people. He saved us from wolves in sheep’s clothing.

We didn’t even realize it after God delivered us. It was later that person might’ve married somebody else and we saw what they did to her. We were like, “God, I didn’t dodge a bullet. I dodged a missile.” God is good but there are other times that we pray and we wait. We get a promise from God or we lay hold of a promise from God in the Bible and believe Him for it. The manifestation is not necessarily in the earth instantaneously like it is in heaven. We got to remember that we serve the God of the Bible. There was some in the Bible. I can’t think of the name right now who was praying then the angel came. I think it was Daniel and told them that the moment He prayed, God answered, but He did send others.

The angel had to do some warfare against the spirit of Prince of Persia. What I believe was a spirit of delay. That drought to come against Him getting the answer to His prayer. Sometimes, there is a waiting period and God has been given us wisdom that the whit doesn’t become a heavyweight because those heavyweights sometimes hinder or can slow down a person or even cause them to dismay and let go of the promise which God doesn’t want us to do. God is glorified when our prayers are answered. Jesus talked about that in John 15. I won’t go through that but if you have a chance, I would encourage you to read John 15 and its entirety. It’s very beautiful.

We Should Not Wait To Celebrate

It’s like Jesus’s last words. Even He lays out His will and testament so to speak, you get to read Jesus’ will. If you Google Whitney Houston’s will after she passed, you want to get into Jesus’ final words before He was crucified and went through to say the sufferings at that scourging post. We’ve seen in this series that God was speaking to us about what we should not do while we’re waiting. In that waiting room is that place from when you get the promise until the manifestation happens. It’s in-between place and God has shown us countless examples so far why we should not wait to celebrate. That’s the one thing you don’t do in the waiting room.

You do not wait to celebrate. It’s okay to celebrate God, break out and praise, worship Him, and thank Him specifically for what your heart longs for and even thank Him for the surprises because He promised to over answer our prayers. He is the God of exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask for and thank. We saw this in the life of Abraham. The Bible says He was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God, and God coming and did then did the impossible for Him and the impossible for His wife.

We saw with King Jehoshaphat and the entire tribe of Israel at that time, the entire tribe of Judah and the children of Israel at that time. We also saw the children of Israel and we were in the Book of Exodus. We’re around Exodus 14, somewhere around there and we saw that the children of Israel did not wait to celebrate. God instituted the Passover. Their celebration continued but they first celebrate it by faith. God has been speaking to us a lot about what not to do and expounding on that, taking us through different scriptures, and having us look into the lives of people and end it.

Prepare For The Good

We’ve seen light, Christ, God, His wheel, and hoping in Him never disappoints. We have reason to celebrate not only when we possess our possessions, but we have reason to celebrate even in the waiting room because the God that we’re waiting for, this God is faithful. He’s our father and He loves us. I don’t know if I will finish up, I’m certainly not going to risk the Holy Spirit but we’re going to look at what we should do. We’ve been talking a lot about what we should not do. God was speaking about what it is that we should do to me. I obviously want to share that all with you and allow God to take His time and take us through the scriptures.

I found it interesting that God said what you should do in this waiting room place is prepare. You should prepare for the good that God certainly has for you. Prepare for the miracle that you need, prepare for the desires of your heart to be fulfilled, prepare for the breakthrough you’ve been praying for and longing for, fasting for, believing God for, prepare for this, your hope in God will never be disappointed. I love this because God showed me in this series and we’re concluding it now. We’re coming to the end of it. I don’t know if we’ll finish it all but we’re certainly coming to the end of it, near it, and God showed me how He took us full circle. How wise is our God? Remember when we started this series, one of the scriptures God commenced the series with came from Isaiah 54.

That’s where we started. That’s where God was telling us what we do while we’re waiting on Him. Now here we are concluding the series and God has got us back to Isaiah 54. Specifically this part, I believe it’s from Isaiah 54:2-3. I’m reading this from the new King James Version. Later on, through this series, I’m going to give you some scriptures and they won’t be from the new King James Version. If you’re taking notes, by all means, pray for me that I don’t forget to tell you the difference because you look in your new King James Bible and you’ll say it never said that but it did. I was reading it from a different version but this particular scripture, Isaiah 54:2-3, it does come from the new King James Version.

This is what I mean by God has taken us full circle. If you’re with us at the beginning of the journey, you know that we started with Isaiah 54 and it says, “Enlarge the place of your tent and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings. Do not spare. Lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes for you shall expand to the right and to the left. Your descendants will inherit the nations and make the desolate cities inhabited.” In other words, people of God, I feel excited even reading that, even hearing those words of life out loud. God is telling us to prepare for the promises that He made us. Prepare for whatever it is you are believing God for. This is a preparation period. God also let me know that if you truly have faith in God, the fruit of that faith is you will be ready when that manifestation comes.


God told me specifically, faith will have you ready. People of God, we must know this waiting time is not idle time. This is the time that we rejoice and we prepare. We celebrate and we get ready. We make sure we’re ready. Not by our might or power but by the spirit of the living God. The Lord told me in no uncertain terms of untrue faith in me, we’ll have you ready for what I promised you. This is the time and we’ll take this time together because I love the fact that God has given us a mighty weapon and it’s called agreement. It’s called one another. It’s called two or more gathered together. I love using everything God gave me. That’s for the people who know that hail has given everything that it could against you. You learn to use everything God gave you and not set one single thing to the side.

You use every tool, all your wisdom, all your power, you use all the word, everything God gave you. Fast and praying, praying in tongues, touch it in agreement, whatever it is God gave you to walk out this life successfully, for Him to be glorified, and your destiny to be fulfilled. You use it. I know that I do so let’s ask God. You said in your word, ask you for wisdom and you give it freely without finding fault. I take a moment to ask that you will give to each and every woman, man, and child under the sound of my voice including myself and our whole house and family. Give us your wisdom. That prepares us, God, for the promise, Lord.

Let us be ready. Bless us to be ready. Call us to be ready, equip us to be ready. Lead us to be ready. Guide us to be ready. Bless us that every single one of us in our whole house will be ready for every move of yours, God, in our life for every manifestation, miracle, sign, wonderful, and breakthrough. In Jesus’ name, we pray. God would have never said take the time to pray savant to my people that I see at faith will have you ready. Tell my people to prepare for the promise if He wasn’t going to do it. He’s saying this because the Lord will surely fulfill everything He’s promised you. God always not only answers our prayers, He over answers them. That’s the God that we serve.

It’s funny we were talking about the children of Israel and how they didn’t wait to celebrate. Now we see that there’s more than celebrating in the waiting room. There’s preparation in the waiting room for the promise. While the children of Israel didn’t drop the ball on the celebration, they certainly dropped the ball on the preparations since and we’ll get to that. I’m picking up where we live left off if you were with us. We’re in around verse 37. I’m going to skim through it because a lot of you or most of you, if not all of you know the story. If you want to get the context, I’d say start around verse 37.

It says that, “And they baked unleavened cakes of the dough which they had brought out of Egypt for it was not leavened because they were driven out of Egypt and could not wait nor had they prepared provisions for themselves.” You keep on reading down. It’s funny because we saw that the children of Israel and when the Passover was instituted partook of the Lord’s Supper or a picture of it, we should say for the first time and the lamb was slain, the innocent lamb and their place is blood was shed.

We saw this that God told them, eat it in haste. We saw there is something there, people, something powerful because this took place under the shadow. Jesus is the true Passover lamb. Jesus is the Lamb of God. They were taking a shadow or a picture of the Lord’s supper. When they did right there breakthrough came. They went from all that time waiting to expectantly taking the Lord’s Supper and immediately a breakthrough came through. I’m saying, there’s something there, people of God. I told you, I’m doing everything. All the wisdom God gives me, I am taking it without question. That’s so simple to me. I don’t even wait to understand. I’m not going to lie. I’m the sheep God called me back and I’m following.

TOT 68 | Waiting Room Wisdom
Waiting Room Wisdom: We must know this waiting time is not idle time. This is the time that we rejoice and prepare.

Period point-blank. God hasn’t sent me off yet. Even if I don’t understand it at first, he always gives me some understanding. As they say, hindsight is 2020 and I’m like, “I’m glad I listened.” I didn’t understand. Sometimes I didn’t even like it. I went kicking and screaming but I went because of something stronger in me. He is like, “Come on Siohvaughn, this is the same Jesus that never sends you off. He’s always got your back.” Even when you don’t get it, eventually you’re like, “I’m glad I did that. I’m glad I stopped that. I’m glad I left there.” Trust Him. The Lord is definitely trustworthy. I love it. It says in verse 51 that it came to pass on that same day.

The Lord brought the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt according to their armies. They’re intaking that Passover and applying the blood which represents the blood of Jesus. They applied the blood of Jesus over them and their household. They were protected and delivered immediately but God told them this is going to be a quick deliverance. I told you, God is still the God of suddenly. We have to be ready. As God said faith will have you ready. You won’t be so to speak caught with your pants down. We’ve heard that phrase before. We saw the children of Israel and they weren’t in some regard already. They had some faith but something in them was like all that time they’d been waiting.

Now God is saying it’s going to be a flick of a switch, suddenly sure, maybe, I don’t know how much. Some of them were like that or the spirits you had got used to accustomed to the waiting room. They got comfortable even complacent in a sense that when God was saying, “Get ready. We’re going now. Be ready.” They’re like, “Let me grab my makeup bag.” I didn’t know you mean now. It’s ridiculous and they didn’t have a makeup bag. People in Egypt wore makeup so probably they did. They were in Egypt.

Anyway, you know what I mean? You get my drift, you get my point. In contrast to that, God shows me Noah. If you can look in Genesis 6 and I’m also going to be skimming through this too. A lot of you know the life of Noah as far as those details are concerned and the chronology of it. I won’t go too deep into that part, but God did speak to Noah as you all know. He spoke to Him like He’s speaking to us through this series and God was telling Noah about a serious problem that had corrupted the flesh of mankind which could also corrupt the seed of Jesus because we know Jesus came through Mary as the son of man. He had to be born a man.

Jesus is not just our Lord, savior, and God, He’s also our redeemer. That required that He be a human being. Adam was a human being representing us before, Jesus, the Bible calls, the second Adam also had to be a human being which means that there was no supernatural God, power protecting Him from the scorch of the cross, or the judgment of God that was due us. He felt every bit of that. The Bible said He was marred beyond any man. As your own mother couldn’t recognize that marring and the closed casket marring where they’re saying, “We’re not opening that casket. We have to close it.” That thing is what He went through for you and I so think about it. It’s not hard to believe God for lesser blessings.

What we’re praying for is important. Trust me. I have requested before God and they mean a lot to me. That time where you’re like, “It’s not a laughing matter.” I get that but none of it is more important than the son of God. None of it is more important than God saving our souls. What does it profit us to gain the whole world before fitting our souls? The answer is nothing like that song says. Worse, forever is way too long to be inhaled. I’m saying we ought to thank God and if He did something that big when we were at our worst, we’re born again and God himself declared us righteous as nothing for God to answer these prayers beloved. He answered you before you open your mouth to speak. You can start celebrating, preparing, and be ready so you don’t have to run out without your makeup bag like the children of Israel did and I’m preaching to the choir.

Trust me, I hear the Holy Spirit saying, “You too inside of me.” I got it. In Genesis 6, God explained that to Noah. He showed him what he was going to do as far as releasing the floods, we can get rid of that corrupted flesh. They were people sleeping with demons and the giants of that land at that time. The seed was corrupted and God needed Jesus to come through as the son of man but his blood be sinless. It wouldn’t have been sinless if his dad was a demon. That wouldn’t have worked for us. Only the blood of Jesus, that pure, perfect blood was enough to wash away our most filthy sins.

We thank God for that and there’s no condemnation or we’d all be condemned but Jesus. Trust me, the blood of Jesus is more than enough to have overly cleansed us. We are utterly clean without blemish at this point, we are as he is in this world. We’re that clean. If you don’t find Jesus with a spot or wrinkled. The Lamb of God didn’t have a spot or wrinkle, the lambs that man picked out didn’t have a spot or wrinkle, the one that God picked out was perfect. Jesus is saying as I am, so are you in this. That’s perfect. You can’t add to perfect work. You can’t finish a finished work and that part is finished. Praise be to God.

He wrote that in verse 13, God is leading Noah to prepare. Similar to how he was leading the entire nation of Israel to be ready on the night of the Passover. When he delivered them from the hand of their enemies in Egypt. This is a good thing for us. God is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. We know that from Hebrews 13 and 8. The same God, the ways of God are to prepare us. God is not just looking at the problem, He knows that there’s a problem. We’ve spoken to Him about it. We are supposed to, we’ve made the prayer request, and your prayer doesn’t have to be perfect. It was a guy that prayed and said, “Lord, I believe, but help my unbelief.” God steals that and Jesus answered him.

He got a perfect answer with an imperfect prayer because Jesus is our sufficiency. He is more than enough. When you lean on Him, when Jesus is your Lord and savior, your prayers don’t even have to be perfect, He’s got you in every way, shape, form, or fashion. That also is good news. It’s good news for us because the same way that God gave them instructions and how to get ready for their breakthroughs and miracles is the same God. He’s the same loving father. He wants to give us instructions, help us prepare, get ready for our breakthroughs, and our miracles as well which is why we made that prayer even moments ago. I don’t want anyone to think and God showed me this. Tell them, don’t think that what God did was for them.

Remind my people, I am the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. I am not a respecter of persons. God said, “If anyone asks for wisdom, God will give the wisdom freely and without finding fault.” That’s a real blank check. Let’s fill it in. God give us all the wisdom we need. Somebody is saying, “This a blank check. I’d like to fill it in with some numbers.” God got you covered. Trust me, God has all wisdom. When you get wisdom, there’s riches and honor in our hands. I don’t know if it’s left or right. Would you find that in Proverbs as well? Riches is in the hand of wisdom. When you get wisdom, you get rich. Check that out. God has covered all the bases. He’s amazingly awesome.

TOT 68 | Waiting Room Wisdom
Waiting Room Wisdom: God answered you before you open your mouth to speak so you can start celebrating now and preparing now and be ready.

God also told me there would be people and He wants to minister to you as well. That may be feeling like, “I want to get ready.” However, there’s a fear of hoping in a sense because there’s a fear of being disappointed or shame. Disappointment hurts. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. God knows that. He said that. Who is your hope in? God did not have that scripture written hope deferred makes your heart sick. It’s for people that hope in Jesus. No way, no how. Don’t have that fear and God wanted me to take a moment and He gave me these passages of scriptures to expound on because the enemy is continually trying to use fear to come against us. God wants us to have hope in Him. A competent expectation of a good outcome from Him.

The enemy is after that. He goes after that by trying to make you feel the exact opposite. Fear is the opposite of faith and hope. It’s antagonistic of the two. You shouldn’t have any fear of disappointment. You shouldn’t have any fear of shame. Specifically, Lord pulled out those two things to me and wanted to minister to us concerning those things so that we hope confidently in God, not be disappointed at all and see that there’s no need to be afraid of hoping in Him. In fact, God has shown me that same passage of scripture that He gave us at the beginning of the series. It came full circle towards the end stating this truth. God showed me. I was amazed at my time with God with this.

I’m like, “Many times I read this and I didn’t see this. You’re amazingly on time.” In Isaiah 54:4-5, this was the verse like the preceding verses were the ones that we talked about where God was saying, “Prepare, enlarge your tent. Stretch forth and all of that. Lengthen your stake, strengthen your cord.” Prepare In other words. Right after that preparation, God knowing how the enemy would attack us. The word is, rame up. This is not ancient. It is ancient yet present. It’s history yet relevant. It’s amazing. God is His word and He is the beginning but He’s also the end. He’s the first but He’s also the last. It’s mind-blowing.

I love Him. I want to pinch his cheeks. The Bible says, “Do not fear for you will not be ashamed. Neither be disgraced for, you will not be put to shame.” You will forget the shame of your youth and will not remember the reproach of your widowhood anymore for or because your maker is your husband. The Lord of hosts is His name. Your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel. He is called the God of this whole earth. Somebody I feel like I know He goes and does it. I noticed, nobody can stop. I love how God showed me in that same passage. Him with His four knowledge, infinite and wisdom, wisdom itself knew that there would be some apprehension in this flesh.

Know that the enemy will come and try to make us feel afraid to hope in God, don’t prepare. What if that doesn’t happen? What if this? You’re going to be looking crazy? He tried to tell people and stuff like that. Somebody is still living at home with their mother. They believe in God for a house. They’re like, “What are you doing creating a Realtor.com account, you’re checking out realtors, you drive, pass the house, and scheduling for showings. You want to do a walk through and look at this house.” You don’t have to understand my faith. You don’t have to be there yet but I’m not dumbing down for any of you. I’m possessing my possessions. Faith will have you ready. You want to start looking at this property and taxes. You want to start looking at schools.

People are like, “I believe God will give me children.” We’ll start looking at these school districts, schools scorns, and tutoring facilities around the way and things like that. Hoping God never do some points. I love it. This is not done because of us. You see in verse 5 that God talks about don’t be afraid. You will not be ashamed. You will not be disgraced. You will not be put to shame. God is not repeating Himself because He doesn’t have anything else to do. He’s doing this. He’s going at it. He’s a nihilist and killing any doubt, fear, apprehension. He has a temptation to put our full trust in Him. He doesn’t say this because of you, me, the economy, where you work, how you were raised, whose family you are, who you know, none of that matters.

God gives us the why this happened. He gives us the for because you’re a maker. You make God Elohim, Yahuwah, Jesus, Yeshua, the Son of God. He is your husband. He is the God of the whole earth. If your husband is the one that owns everything, He got you. This is not any husband I know. People have had terrible experiences with their husband. I’ll spare you my details, at least for now. I’m telling you, God is a perfect, flawless, loving husband. Loves at all times, love tirelessly, and he will never disappoint us or let us down. We can trust him. I’m running out of time but I feel like that’s a great note to end on. That should be the last thing that you hear. Let it resound in play over and over again in your mind, your spirit, and mine. In Jesus’ name, I love you so much. We’ll pick up where we left off. Until then, God bless you and keep you. God divinely protect. Before you excuse me, be your rear guard, cover you and your family with the blood of His son, Jesus. May salvation, deliverance, and the goodness of God that leads to repentance breakout in your entire house. In Jesus’ name. I pray.

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  1. Thank you so much for your obedience with this podcast. It has blessed me sooooo much! And a lot of things you said are confirmation of a lot of things the Lord has been saying to me. I’m so excited to see God’s promises manifest in all of the lives of His children! Grace, peace, blessings and WISDOM!❤️

    Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. (Hebrews 10:23)


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