Let Go And Let God (Part 8)

In this podcast series, God is strengthening us in His unfailing love for us and in the gift of His righteousness, which He has given us as a free gift. As a result, God is producing in us the fruit of letting go and letting God take over everything that concerns us, and we are receiving all God has for us with joy, peace and rest! Join Dr. Siohvaughn Funches as together, we continue to explore what God has in store for us when we let go and let God.

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Let Go And Let God (Part 8) 

We’re going to be continuing on, but definitely not finishing up with our series titled Let Go and Let God. Before we do that, we’re going to do what we always do and that’s to take a moment and acknowledge God. I thank you, Heavenly Father, for this opportunity to get at the feet of your son, Jesus. I pray that you will give to each and every one of us your spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. Let the eyes of our understanding be enlightened all the more that we may know what is the hope of His calling, the riches of the glory of His inheritance in us, the saints and the exceeding greatness of His power towards us who believe according to the working of His mighty power. 

I thank you, Lord Jesus, that you were expounding on the scriptures to us about all the things concerning yourself. I thank you, Holy Spirit, that you are revealing our Lord and Savior to us in new and amazing ways. I thank you that as we behold you, Jesus, we’re being transformed not by our power or might but by your spirit into your same image. I thank you, Lord Jesus, for the fruit of your spirit that is being born through us effortlessly and that it remains. I thank you, God, that from the inside out you are transforming our lives as we sit still and know you as being God. In Jesus’ name. Amen.  

Letting Go: God is wholly trustworthy and is faithful to over-answer our prayers! Because of this truth, we can let go and let God bring us the lasting blessings we ask and hope for.

God’s Unconditional Love

I’ll recap a little bit. We began this series getting to know God. For some of us, it’s for the first time maybe. Others are just getting to know Him more or even being reminded of some of those foundational yet all-powerful truths about God, that God is unconditional, perfect, everlasting love. You cannot undo this love. God is love. Because God is love and His love is unconditional, it’s perfect love. We don’t have to fear failing God and Him turning his back on us, or that we let God down or somehow send ourselves out of His grace or out of His love. There’s no such thing because His love is unconditional.  

Not only that. We looked at scriptures to determine that God’s love is everlasting. This is an unquenchable love. It’s an everlasting love and it’s a love that never fails. With something that secure and sure, you can rest. This is how you’re able to let go because letting go is a posture of trust. It’s a matter of trust. It’s putting your trust in God and not in yourself, not in others. Not that God doesn’t use you or others, but your reliance, dependence and hope are not in man, including yourself. When I say man, I mean mankind.  

It is in God and His unfailing love and His unfailing ability to do whatever it takes to do what He promised. You have to first know someone for the most part before you trust them. God was reminding us and for some of us, He’s telling us for the first time who He is. He is perfect love that cannot and will not ever fail you, no matter what. We began to look at specific people in the Bible who have done what God is calling us to do now and always. That’s to let go and let God with each fresh adversity or challenge that arises or that comes against us. We have to all over again minister to ourselves, it’s time once again to let go and let God afresh. 

Sometimes, you may let something go and pick it back up again, start worrying about it all over again and start trying to save yourself in this panic all over again. You have to say, “Let me step back and let go and let love because God is love.” In other words, take over perfect love who possesses all power and for whom nothing is impossible. That’s who I’m letting the reins go to. As the song says, “Jesus takes the wheel.” That’s who’s taking the wheel. It’s perfect love that possesses all power and with whom nothing is impossible. That helps us to let go because it’s human nature to hold on for dear life as well, especially when the threat is real and serious.  

God Versus Mountain

People who assess threats even in the military is like, “What’s the level of the threat?” Depending on the level of the threat is the level of the response to it. God wants us if we have any response that’s at a certain level, it would not be us trying to save ourselves, change ourselves, change the situation, the circumstance or even other people. Our level of response would be our level of faith. How do we get this level of faith that we need if this is a larger problem? It doesn’t mean the problem is larger for God. All of it is minuscule for God because He’s God Almighty. It’s never a big deal for Him but for us, it can be because the challenges can appear big. They can appear mountain size.  

We have to remember that our God spoke the mountains into existence. What happens is we look at the mountain and we look at ourselves. We start to think that it depends on us, and then we have to figure it out. We’ve got to get it out. We’ve got to deal with it. We’ve got to fix it. Compared to that mountain, we’re looking small but it’s not man versus mountain. It’s God versus mountain. When you know that the God you serve created the mountains and He didn’t even fashion it with His hands. He spoke a word and it is so, and it remains to this day. That’s powerful. He’s got it. He can handle the mountains and anything else at that point.  

With each challenge especially those challenges that appear larger to us, remember that our God is larger. It’s not large to Him at all. There’s no such thing as it being hard for God or harder or easier. It’s all easy for God. He’s God. The resolution of the problem is not our responsibility and we’re not our responsibility. God created us. We are His people and He’s our God, Father and deity. We’re His children so we’re His responsibility, and He is more than in love with being responsible for us. He’s more than in love with us and He’s more than in love with taking care of us, so we can rest in that.  

Hearing And Believing 

If a challenge is seemingly large or more difficult, if a disease is considered incurable, let’s level up or have our response at that level. Let’s commensurate to that mountain-looking problem with our faith. We know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. The way you receive from God is that you just believe God is that good. He wants to help you. All His promises are yes and in Christ, they’re amen. One of those promises is, “If you abide in me and my words abide in you, you ask what you desire and it shall be done for you.” That’s our part, believing.  

If there’s anything big we have to do or a big response that’s needed, it’d be big hearing and hearing the Word of God. The bigger the challenge appears to you, the more you want to hear. You level up on your hearing, not on what you’re doing because in leveling up on your hearing, you are increasing your faith. You’re letting God increase your capacity to receive. Faith is arising in you, and you have more room to receive more from God. Giving from God is never the problem. It’s on the receiving end. The more you see God, the more that is effortless. You don’t even think about faith. You don’t even think, “Am I believing God for this?” 

Letting Go: You have to first know someone for the most part before you trust them. 

You don’t think about it because you do believe in God. That seamless, effortless, almost natural reaction comes from hearing and hearing the Word of Christ. That’s what you’re doing now and that’s what you’ve been doing on this journey. It’s what I want to encourage you to do because that’s the way to your breakthrough. You’re going to hear through your breakthrough. That’s it. Praise God that it’s easy that some people can miss it because they’re like, “There has to be more to the story,” but it is. The more to the story is Jesus and His life here, His purpose here, His work at the cross and His work at the scourging post, Him dying, going to hell and being resurrected by God. That is the more to the story.

God was bringing that out and highlighting that because it can be a challenge enough to let go and let God. When someone has experienced a substantial amount of significant loss or even what’s significant to them as loss, it can be even more of a challenge to let go and let God and trust God because these people become deathly afraid of losing something else. It’s like, “I’ve lost enough already. For God’s sake, anything and everything that I’m left with after that loss, I’m holding on to for dear life with these little small feeble hands.” 

That happens. That has happened to me and it has happened to me more than once so I can sympathize. I have empathy for Jacob maybe more so than other people in the Bible who had to let go and let God, depending on their particular background because, in some ways, mine is similar to his as far as a real significant loss. People you deeply and dearly love, and they’re gone. A lot of you know that that happened to my only sibling. My sister was killed in a car accident several years ago. That was a significant loss and it makes you want to hold on to dear life or whatever you have left.  

It has an impact. It can have an effect. For those people, that grip on worry, fear and care can be tight. To peel back one finger at a time is like a mountain move and accomplishments at that point. It’s certainly not to judge these people at all but God wanted us to get this background about them so we can know they’re human like us. They’re facing real challenges like us. Although we are reading their testimony in hindsight, let’s slow it down a bit, let’s rewind it a bit and let’s take it all in. These people are not much different from you and me in the difficulty sometimes, in letting go of the worries, cares and casting them on Jesus like we are called to do because He indeed does care for us.  

Joseph Tests His Brothers

We were in Genesis 42. The famine had kicked in and Jacob has sent His sons to Egypt. Joseph is their brother who’s in charge by now. We saw that Joseph had begun to test his brothers because of the circumstances that led Joseph to Egypt, although God is behind it. God used the evil behavior of his brothers. The Bible says they even hated Joseph without cause. Joseph is a picture of Jesus and his brothers is a picture of us, the Jews who at some point rejected Jesus. In large regard, we’re against Him instead of for Him. 

The brothers are going to Egypt to buy food because God had warned Joseph of the famine that was to come via a dream that He’d given the Pharaoh of that time. Egypt has bread. They have food. Everywhere else, people are on the brink of starving to death including in the land of Canaan, which is where Joseph was from. His brothers and his dad were still there with their families, wives and children and all their possessions. Canaan was suffering. They hear that there’s bread in Egypt. Jacob sends his sons to Egypt but he keeps his youngest son with him, Benjamin who is the full brother and not the half-brothers of Joseph like the rest who betrayed him because he’s afraid.  

He thought Joseph was dead all these years. He thought he was killed by a wild animal. He has a fear of losing this other son who was with the wife that he loved the most more than he loved any other woman. He has this deep fear and he has this large care that he refuses to cast onto God and he’s holding onto his son for dear life. He sent the other ones. He could stomach or stand to lose them but he refused to send Benjamin. If we get back to Genesis 42 and we left off on verse 29, let’s start there for context purposes and I’m going to read it a bit. I’m going to read from the New Living Translation. You know I always read from the New King James Version at least for the most part.  

Letting Go: It’s human nature to hold on for dear life, especially when the threat is very real. 

I’m going to be reading from the New Living Translation. It says, “When the brothers came to their father, Jacob, in the land of Canaan, they told him everything that had happened to them, ‘The man who was governor of the land spoke harshly to us,’ they told him. ‘He accused us of being spies scouting the land but we say we are honest men, not spies. We are twelve brothers sons of one father. One brother is no longer with us. The youngest is at home with our father in the land of Canaan.’” That man is Joseph but they don’t know he’s Joseph, and Jacob certainly doesn’t know he’s Joseph. Jacob thinks that his son, Joseph, is dead.  

“The man who is the governor of the land told us, ‘This is how I will find out if you’re honest men. Leave one of the brothers here with me and take grain for your starving families and go on home, but you must bring your youngest brother back to me.’” That’s Benjamin that Jacob holds and clings to dear life. “I will know you are honest men and not spies, then I will give you back your brother and you may trade freely in the land.” They emptied out their sacks because they went to go buy grain and their sacks instead of being empty because they gave the people the money for the grain is still full, so now they’re freaking out. 

It says in verse 35, I’m skipping up down a little bit, “The brothers and their fathers were terrified when they saw the bags of money. Jacob exclaimed, ‘You are robbing me of my children. Joseph is gone, Simeon is gone and now you want to take Benjamin too? Everything is going against me.’” Reuben says to his father, “You may kill my two sons if I don’t bring Benjamin back to you. I’ll be responsible for him and I promise you that I’ll bring him back.” Jacob reply, “My son will not go down with you. His brother Joseph is dead and he is all I have left. If anything should happen to him on your journey, you would send this grieving white-haired man to his grave.”  

This is so real. We got fear on the sand here big time. He’s not letting go of the past and what happened. We also have Jacob and this is what we contend to do as humans. He is looking at this from his limited perspective. He’s looking at it through what he can see, what he can understand and what he knows. This is human knowledge. It’s not that it’s bad. It’s just that it’s limited. It’s not the full picture. It’s like somebody putting together a puzzle and they’re like, “That’s for sure a giraffe.” It’s like, “No, it wasn’t.” It was the colors of that but he comes to find out it was desert sand. When you put the puzzle together, you were all the way wrong.  

It’s not even an animal. Let alone a giraffe. It’s sand. It’s not even a living thing. That’s what I mean by, “He is just relying on that.” We know in hindsight because we were able to see God working behind the scenes that Joseph is alive, well and in power, second-in-command to Pharaoh. Jacob doesn’t know that. Based on his limited knowledge, instead of him doing what God wants us to do because God says repeatedly, “Fear not. Take courage. Be strong and courageous. Do not fear. Do not be afraid.” Instead of him doing that and trusting God, he’s all the way freaking out. He’s coming up with all these worst-case scenarios, and he’s doing so with his limited knowledge.  

A lot of times, we don’t see the whole picture. We certainly never know everything, but God does. The more we get to know God, the less we need to know everything, the less we need to see everything in order to do what God says we should do. We walk by faith and not by sight so we’re not even called to see and know everything. We’re called to believe and trust God in all things. That can be easier said than done. I can say this, it gets easier the more you see God. The more you see God in His Word, the more you see His heart, His hand moving consistently in His Word, faith arises and is imparted in you and the more you can trust Him.  

Letting Go: The more we get to know, God, the less we need to know or see everything to do what God says we should do. 

Without doing that, I don’t know how you could trust Him because even with doing that, that can be a process. That can be something that God has to build upon. Sometimes, the grip is so tight on what we don’t want to let go of. He has to bend one finger at a time literally. He thinks that his son is dead and the youngest son is going to die. This is why it’s not good to let fear lead you but to let God lead you because the Lord showed me that there was a severe famine. It has just begun and it was going to be in effect for seven years total as you all know who have read the story. It was severe to the point where you could starve to death.  

By him not allowing his youngest son to go as the governor in charge who we come to find out is Joseph commanded him to, what he was doing was guaranteeing Benjamin’s death. He was so afraid and his fear is so irrational that he couldn’t even see the fact that he was killing his son. He’s like, “I’m not letting him go with you. What if he dies?” The thing is if you don’t let him go with them and the only place to get food from is Egypt and this Egyptian ruler or governor who we come to find out is Joseph is saying, “There’s only one way for you to buy grain and it won’t be silver and gold. It’ll be you bringing your youngest brother Benjamin back here and proving to me that you’re not spies.”  

Irrational Fear

If that’s the way to buy bread and without bread, you die. You can’t say, “What if Benjamin dies?” You might as well go ahead and say, “For sure he’s going to die.” Unless you prefer him to only die a certain way, your fear is irrational. This tells us that we cannot be led by fear or our flesh. We have to be led by God. On the surface, that’s easier said than done. The only way I know that it gets easier is the more you see God, the more you trust God because the more you know Him, the more you love Him. Most importantly, the more you know Him, the more you know He loves you. When you know that, you know He’s got you.  

He didn’t want to let him go to prevent his death. That’s him trying to save his own son, save himself for more grief and save himself for more loss. It’s imperfect when a man does it. He was guaranteeing his death as well as his own death because he was going to starve too. He has to eat or he dies. The rest of his sons, his wives, their wives and all of his grandchildren and his animals, he was going to kill them all if they went about his way of saving Benjamin. It’s better to let go and let God. We can have wisdom from God but it’ll never compare to the fact that Jesus Christ is our wisdom. He is wisdom. 

It’s one thing to have some wisdom, even a lot of wisdom. It is always a whole other thing to be wisdom itself. Let’s rely on Him. When you do that, that’s how you know that you are wise because you rely on Him. We’re going to skip down a little bit and go to Genesis 43. We’re going to start in verse 11. If you want to and you should, go back and read it and get the full context. I want to give you what God gave me. It says, “Their father, Jacob, finally say to them. If it can’t be avoided,” because eventually, they’ll run low on bread again.  

Letting Go: We cannot be led by fear or our flesh. We have to be led by God. 

Their dad went back to them and said, “You got to go back to Egypt.” They said, “We told you once. Here we are telling you twice. That man told us in Egypt in no uncertain terms, ‘If you don’t bring back your little brother, there will be no bread for you and your house.’ Unless you let us bring Benjamin back, we will not go back to Egypt because he said we won’t even see his face if we don’t have Benjamin. In other words, Benjamin is the key to the door. We’re not getting in the door. We’re not even turning the handle if we don’t have the key to the door.”  

God didn’t do this to freak Jacob out. He did this to deliver Jacob. He did this to reveal Himself to Jacob and to reveal Himself to us because God knew we will be talking about this. We will be reading about this. We will begin understanding from this and most of all, we will be seeing God’s heart by looking at this. He knew that all the way back then. That is why this particular part of Jacob’s life is written. Clearly, not all of it is, but this part is. It’s for our admonition, understanding, enlightenment and advantage.  

It says, “Their father, Jacob, finally said to them, ‘If it can’t be avoided then at least do this. Pack your bags with the best products of the land. Take them down to the man as gifts. Balm, honey, gum, aromatic, raisin, pistachio nuts, almonds. Also, take double the money that was put back in your sacks as it was probably someone’s mistake then take your brother and go back to the man. May God Almighty give you mercy as you go before the man so that he will release Simeon and let Benjamin return. If I must lose my children so be it.'” 

There is the let go and there’s the let God. You can even see the struggle. It’s not even a perfect let go and let God because he still tries to do something to save himself and save his son. He’s like, “Take back the best pistachios, almonds, this and that. Double the money.” He’s still like, “In case God doesn’t come through, maybe these balms, honey and some nuts will win this man over.” You know he’s not thinking it through. I told you fear was irrational. This man is the governor of Egypt. He sits second-in-command to Pharaoh. What does he want with your pistachios? I’m wondering what’s he going to do with your balm and your honey. 

Faith The Size Of A Mustard Seed 

Fear is irrational. He’s letting go and letting God but it’s imperfect. The reason why God wanted to point this out was not to finger point at Jacob. God wants to point this out to us because God is letting us know our faith doesn’t have to be perfect. Even Jesus said, “Faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain.” A mustard seed is the smallest seed so it’s not about having perfect faith. It’s about knowing that God is perfect love and that He loves you perfectly. The more you see that, focus on that, feast and feed on that, meditate on that, think about that, and talk about that. You understand, the more you worship God because of that, the more you thank Him because of that, the more you even speak to other people about that, the more you’re hearing that, singing songs about that, delighting yourself in that, and letting that bring joy and peace to your heart and your mind. The more I’m telling you, faith won’t even be a subject matter for you anymore. You will believe and you won’t even know you’re believing.  

It all becomes the effortless way God wants us to do and live this Christian life and walk out this walk. It becomes this fruit-bearing life, not this struggling life. May God help take us all there. The sooner, the better. In Jesus’ name, I pray. This man didn’t have perfect faith. He’s letting go not all the way imperfectly. “I’m trying. I’m falling. I’m getting back up. I’m letting go. It’s a failure. It’s a success. It will have to do, God.” He let go in his own imperfect way. God does a perfect miracle of restoration for him, even though he had imperfect faith. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. God is not a respecter of persons and that is wonderful to me because what He did for him, He’ll do for us.  

Do Not Fear, Trust Instead

I’m going to skip down a little bit more. I want to read verse 23. We’ll stay in chapter 42. The brothers are back and they got Benjamin with them. Now they’re at Joseph’s house. I love how they go back and they’re ready to try to save themselves like, “We brought back and double the money. We don’t know how it happened but there was money still on our sack. We brought you back double. We don’t want any trouble. Have mercy on us, please.” I love how the household manager responds in verse 23, “Relax. Don’t be afraid.” The household manager told them, “Your God, the God of your father must have put this treasure into your sacks. I know I received your payment.” This is a good place to pause right here because they were sincerely and even for good natural reasons, worked up. That was a reason to worry, but Jesus told us, “Don’t be afraid.”  

He’s told us that multiple times in no uncertain terms, in different ways, all meaning the same thing, “Don’t fear. Trust me instead. Don’t be worried. Be carefree instead. Don’t be stressed, cast your cares on me instead.” All of that stress, all of that back and forth, all of that bumping heads with their dad was for nothing. Joseph was orchestrating that. He was testing his brothers. He was never going to do anything harmful to them and this household manager was in on it. Joseph had him in on it. What they thought was the end of the world, doomsday, Armageddon. What they thought was the end for them was just a test.  

This happens to us. That’s why God is having us dissect this and go line upon line, precept upon precept and take our time because it’s so relevant for us now. It’ll be relevant for us in one of our tomorrows. Even the enemy left Jesus alone but until another opportune time to bother Him. Jesus said, “The student is not greater than the teacher.” Jesus is the teacher and He was harassed at different times by the devil. We’re the student and we’re not greater than Him. He said, “In this world, you have trouble but be of good cheer because I have overcome the world.” You could put a comma there. I’m not adding anything to it.  

The spirit of it is, “My victory is your victory. You are in me. I am in you and we are one. I’m an overcomer. That makes you an overcomer. I’m victorious, that makes you victorious. I finished my race. In the end, I win. In the end, you win because we are one. As I am so are you in this world.” He was telling us a lot right there. He wasn’t just telling us about his victory. His victory is our victory. His victory guarantees our victory. We’re in Him and He’s in us and we are one. As he is so are we in this world. That’s what God says. That’s what God sees and that is what is so. You can’t undo that. I can’t undo that. It doesn’t matter how challenging a problem is, it can never undo that.  

The devil already knows. That’s part of his theory that he could never undo it. With that being said, it’s good to know that even with some of the direst seeming circumstances, matters of life and death can be just a test. Remember, Joseph in here represents our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It can be just a test. That’s it. A trying of the faith. We want to remember things like this. We want to read the Bible. This is why we ask the Holy Spirit, “Unveil Christ to me. Unveil the heart of my Heavenly Father to me. Teach me about Him. Bless me to know God.”  

Not in this an arrogant way, a familiar way but to know Him in an intimate way. In a way that I don’t have to try to conjure up peace and tell myself, “Be calm. Trust God.” In a way that it comes over me where everything else is rocking and moving outside but inside, I have perfect peace because I know that I’m perfectly loved by perfect love. We’re going to pick up where we left off because I do not want to rush this. Every little bit of wisdom and revelation that God was pulling out for me, I want to extract it and present it to you the way that He did for me with the time that we have as much as I possibly can because this is such a relevant topic.  

It’s something that we have to do continually. We’re in the world. This is a fallen world. This is a broken world. We’re going to have challenges and because of that, it’s not a matter of us escaping challenges and living challenge-free. There’s a time for that and most of our time will be spent like that. We have eternal life and we’ll be challenged-free. For now and on this side of heaven, we’re not. That’s not changing. What will change, let God change us. God changes the situation. He will change the circumstance. God is also interested in changing us and transforming us. 

God can transform you. I know this, personally, that He can transform you in such a way. Even while the other stuff hasn’t changed yet, it’s as if it already changed for you because you are wholly and completely unaffected by it. You have sincerely let go and let God. It’s a great place to be. We want to get there and we want to be there in every area of our life fully trusting God in that place where we can do what Jesus says and walk like Him. Meek, lowly, humble in heart, and carefree. God’s got it. God’s got you. God goes before you. All His provision always precedes the problem.  

God never is like, “What happened? What are we going to do, Jesus?” We can even rest in that. He’s the God who loves us perfectly and He goes before us. Knowing and determining the end and the beginning and God will get you where you need to be. It’s never on you. It’s not your responsibility to figure it out. For God, you are a child. You’re a child in His eyes. Let’s take our humble places. As David said, “May the Lord think of me always as poor and needy.” I get why he said that. May God always see my need for Him. May God never see me as somebody like, “She’s got it now.”  

Letting Go: Admonition is for our understanding; enlightenment is for our advantage. 

Please never, God. I’m like, “Always see me as somebody who needs you to do absolutely everything for me. Please consider me disable when it comes to the ability to do anything.” That works. That way, you’ll do it all for me and I’m just the beneficiary. Because when God does it, he does it right. The Word of God says, “Unless the Lord builds the house, the laborers labor in vain. Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman watches in vain.” We want God to guard our city and we want God to build our houses and our families. We want God to build marriages, communities, ministries, everything, and build us because He loves us perfectly and He does a perfect job.  

Whatever God does, no one, no demon, no devil, no human, no mistake, no sand, no nothing, no no one, not a created thing is able to even take one brick of it down. Let alone tear it down. Jesus said, “You don’t take my life. I lay it down.” I have to lay it down because you can’t take it. God gave it. You can’t take it. It’s an impossibility. May we get to know Him more, His love for us more, His ways more. May we rest more letting go and letting God or as it was said earlier by the Holy Spirit, letting go and letting love. Until then, I love you and may God bless you, keep you and continue to protect you, continue to reveal His son and His self to you. In ways that cause you to look up and see breakthroughs breaking out in every area of your life. No matter which way you turn, you are blessed and you’re blessed to be a blessing. In Jesus’ name, I pray. I love you so much. Talk to you soon. 

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