Let Go And Let God (Part 9)


We can let go and let God because of His unfailing love for us. In this episode, we’ll continue with Genesis chapter 45. This chapter talks about Joseph breaking down and telling his brothers his true identity. We know that Joseph represents Jesus in the Bible. Jesus was betrayed by his brothers and sold off for some shekels of silver. Despite the betrayal, both Joseph and Jesus never lost their trust and gratitude towards God our Father.

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Let Go And Let God (Part 9)

In this episode, we’re going to be continuing on with our series titled Let Go and Let God. Before we do that, we’re going to take a moment and do what we always do and that’s to acknowledge God. I thank you, heavenly father, that you, the God of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the father of glory gifts to each and every one of us, the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. I pray that the eyes of our understanding will continue to be enlightened. That we may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in us, the saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of His power towards us who believe according to the working of His mighty power.

I thank you, Lord Jesus, that you are going to expound on the scriptures to us about the things concerning yourself. I thank you, Holy Spirit, that you’re opening up the scriptures to us and causing us to comprehend them. I thank you, God, that you are showing us Jesus in new and living ways. I thank you, Deity, that you’re causing us to know you more, to grow in your knowledge, God. I thank you that as we do multiply shalom and favor is our portion and our breakthroughs are coming through effortlessly, God, and to over-answer of all of our prayers in Jesus’ name. We touch and agree. Amen.

We’re continuing on with this series titled Let Go and Let God. I’ll try to remember what to do, I’m going to recap a little bit. We began this series with an eternal truth about God’s heart concerning us because the series Letting Go and Letting God is about trusting God, but it’s like before you trust, you want to know who you’re trusting. God was reminding us who He is and His perfect love. Perfect love is perfect. It’s unconditional, unwavering, unchanging, unbending and unstoppable. You can’t do anything to stop it. You can’t make a mistake that will cause God to cease in His love for you. God doesn’t just love us. He is love. To change that would be to change Him. The Bible says, “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.” His love for us is unchanging.

This is great news, so we can rest in the fact that God loves us perfectly. It’s not that God will be there for us and love on us and provide what we need and even bless us with the desires of our heart because we’re doing right or we didn’t make any mistakes. God is there for us and He is with us when we do right and when we do wrong. It’s good to know that. I don’t say that to entice anyone or encourage anyone to do wrong. I say that because to do wrong is to be human. Even if you were someone who tried your best not to do wrong, the inevitable is inevitable. A human making an error is inevitable. With that being said, what do we do? We have to know and believe that God loves us perfectly. That means God loves us on our good day if you dot the I and you cross the T or you scribble on the whole paper or anger, tear it apart and never write any I’s or T’s. He still loves you perfectly.

It’s not that He loves you more. He may enjoy it more that you’re doing things the way He called you to where He is leading you to because He sees those things are blessing your life, as opposed to when we do things wrong, it harms us. No parent likes to see their child wound themselves. Think about that. Your lack of liking it as a parent and I’m not saying that our love is perfect like God’s, it’s not. It doesn’t need to be. I know that probably sliced religion in half, but it doesn’t need to be because God’s love is perfect. That’s more than enough. It’s always been God carrying the weight of this relationship with Him and it always will be. He even designed it so because He does things right. He does things perfectly. He does things good. We can do things good, but from time to time, even when wanting to do right, we mess up. That is to be human. Thanks be to God and praise be to Jesus all our sins are forgiven. God doesn’t even remember them anymore. It’s okay for us to forget and move forward because God, the only judge has.

When we saw how in the Book of Esther, she was faced with a very serious problem, challenge, trial, trouble, life-threatening, in fact. She had to get to a place where she could let go and let God and trust Him and His love, even though everything looked bad at all like it was against her and came to find out God was working behind the scenes. We saw that. We began to look at the life of Jacob. We took our time doing so because the Holy Spirit led us not to rush but to take time and get from Him every truth and nugget He is pulling out when every revelation He has given to us as we go through the scriptures. I’m reading again from my Bible. I’m going to be reading from the New Living Translation. You all know that I usually read from the New King James, but I’m going to be reading out of the New Living Translation.

I wanted to share that with people just in case some people follow along in their Bibles. I’ll let you know I’m actually reading from my Bible again. Every now and then, those who have been with us on this journey know that I go old school. I’m not looking at a digital screen with the notes that God has given me. I’m going straight from my Bible, highlighters, crinkled pages and all. We’re going to pick it up in Genesis 45. We’re going to start with verse 1. I’m going to try to read up into verse 11 and take some of this stuff line upon line and precept upon precept.

We had already seen Jacob is being put in a position where he had to learn to trust God and how he finally let go and let God. We’re going to be looking at now like, “What’s that benefit we saw with Esther? What does it profit you to do something like trust God, especially in a dire circumstance? Who is this God? What is He capable of doing? How has He handled other people’s lives and knowing that He is not a respecter of persons?” He loves you. He wants to help you. He desires to bless you and use His power on your behalf. We want to see what He did in these people’s lives because God is not a respecter of person and He doesn’t change. This is all great news.

We don’t read this to look into these other people’s lives. We’re not the paparazzi following them around, so to speak, and prying into their lives. We’re reading this Bible and looking at God through the lens of their life. We’re seeing into the heart of God. We’re getting to know our father, the son of God. That’s everything. That’s what we were put here for amongst some other things. The primary thing is to know Him. From the New Living Translation, verse 1, we’re going to start with. We’re in chapter 45 of Genesis. It says, “Joseph couldn’t stand it any longer.” You remember we left off and he didn’t reveal himself to his brothers who came to see him. Those are the brothers who had betrayed him earlier on.

There were many people in the room and he said to his attendance, “Out, all of you.” He was alone with his brothers when he told them who he was. He was finally revealing to them, “It’s me. It’s Joseph.” He broke down and wept. He wept so loudly the Egyptians could hear him and the word of it quickly carried to Pharaoh’s palace. We’re reading this for a reason. He was like, “I thought it was let go and let God.” It is, but God wants to show us Him. We want to get to know the one. We’re putting our lives in His hands and picking our children in His hands. People are putting their marriages in His hand. Let’s get to know Him. We know that Joseph represents Jesus in the Bible. Jesus was betrayed by his brothers and sold off for some shekels of silver.

Does it sound familiar? It definitely does if you’ve read about the rest of the crucifixion of Jesus. His brothers had betrayed him like Jesus’ Jewish brothers had betrayed him. Interestingly, God was showing me, “Do you see Joseph’s reaction with them?” All this time has passed. It was heinous what was done to Joseph. It was like the ultimate betrayal. He grieved his father. It hurt God to even see Jesus on that cross like that, to see His only begotten son, whom He is well pleased and who He loves with every fiber of His being. He is being butchered basically. That’s more than enough. That’s more than too much. That tells us too how much God loves us because He gave up Jesus for us. It is amazing how much God loves us.

TOT 94 | Let God
Let God: God is wholly trustworthy and is faithful to over-answer our prayers! Because of this truth, we can let go and let God bring us the lasting blessings we ask and hope for!

I pray we all get to know, understand and believe that more and more with every passing moment of every passing day in Jesus’ name. Look at Joseph, he is not there to remind them of what they did to him. He is not there to be like, “You didn’t see this coming that I would be running the show and I would have the power to harm you or the power to say, ‘You hit me, I’m hitting you back.'” The whole tit for tat thing. He didn’t do that and neither did Jesus to us. He had the power to judge us like He told the lady caught in adultery, “Woman, where are those accusers of yours? Does anyone condemn you?” “No Lord,” she said. He told her, “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.” Jesus has said that to all of us. We’ve all committed spiritual adultery sin. We’ve all been called in it like nothing is hidden from the sight of God.

I think things that are under the blood of Jesus, He is not looking at, but other than that, He is before His sight and He saw all of our sins, even future ones and gave our life to Christ. The blood of Jesus has not just covered them, but washed them away. They are blotted out, period, point blank. It’s good news this gospel. It’s so interesting to see that although He had the power to condemn her and the power to condemn us, He doesn’t. He does not condemn us. Romans 8:1 opens up saying, “There is therefore now no condemnation.”

God told me the word now is there intentionally because the Holy Spirit, who is the author of the Bible and inspired every word in and every word, that was kept out is a God-ordained undertaking. The Holy Spirit put the word now in there so that if you read that Bible verse now and you’ve fallen or done something that you know is wrong, it’s like this, “There is therefore now for those who have given their life to Christ.” Of course, not just everybody, but people who are born again, this is for you. People who are going to get born again, this is for you when you get born again. Come on. Let’s do that now sooner rather than later.

He doesn’t condemn us, even though He has the power to do it. Even though He is God and He is a righteous judge, He could do it, but He doesn’t. He doesn’t use his power for that. He used his power to protect her from other people condemning her to make sure she didn’t condemn herself and to give her the strength and the grace that’s needed to go and not keep making the same mistake, which is destructive to her life and marriage or maybe even somebody else’s marriage. Who knew if that guy I was even married to? God is very good and He does not condemn us at all. It’s wonderful. I said He broke it down and He wept. He wept so loudly. He was weeping.

It’s wonderful that it shows His heart and this is a picture of Jesus. God talks about it. I think it’s in Luke 15 where the prodigal son comes home and the father who represents God in that passage of scripture, Jesus tells us that He spoke of this parable to us and His disciples at that time, walking with Him in His earthly ministry. He was saying how the father, when His son came home after squandering all his wealth and betraying and hurting His father, breaking His heart, He comes back and the dad, who represents God, said, “Let’s bring out the fatted calf and kill it.” That’s a representation of Jesus laying down His life and blood being shed for the forgiveness of sins. That fatted calf is a picture of our Lord Jesus Christ in that particular passage of scripture. That calf was sacrificed. Jesus gave up His life a sacrifice so that we wouldn’t have to die because the punishment for something like sin is death.

God is so good. He always provides the sacrifice. Eventually, He provided the ultimate sacrifice, which is Jesus. I need to get that once for all. He also says, “Let’s celebrate. Let’s have a party. Come on. Let’s sing and dance.” He restored him and brought out the best robe. Probably before he left, He didn’t even have the best robe, but God, to bring His heart to ease, didn’t just give him the robe he wore before he left. He said, “I’ll bring out the very best one.” That represents the robe of righteousness. We know Jesus has forgiven our sins. When you accept Him as your Lord and Savior, all your sins are forgiven, even your future ones. He gives you His very own righteousness. Now, we’re going somewhere people, heaven-high, not even sky-high. Thanks be to God and praise be to Jesus once again for the perfect work He has done out of His perfect love.

He said in verse 3, “I am Joseph. He said to his brothers, ‘Is my father still alive?’ but the brothers were speechless. They were stunned to realize that Joseph was standing there in front of them.” Listen to what Joseph said, who represents Jesus, “Please come closer,” he said to them. They came closer and he said, again, “I am Joseph, your brother, whom you sold into slavery in Egypt, but don’t be upset and don’t be angry with yourselves for selling me to this place. It was God who sent me here ahead of you to preserve your lives.” Our sin caused the crucifixion of Jesus, but Jesus was saying, “Don’t be upset. Don’t be angry at yourself. This was all the plan of God. God said He had the lamb of God slain before the foundations of the world to preserve your lives.” God sent Jesus to do just that for us, preserve our lives and even save ourselves.

God is very good, people. When you go to that length for someone, who at that very time that you go to that length is your enemy, they’re at enmity with you. With everything in them, they detest you. They have no heart for you whatsoever. You go far as you can possibly go. “There is no greater love than this,” Jesus said, than the one who would lay down his life for his friend. No one took Jesus’s life. He laid it down. He did it at the time that we were all hell-bent on going to hell and saying the hell with Him. That’s honest. That’s called real talk. That was when He did it. If He did what He did while we were doing what we were doing, we were at our worst, He gave us His best. He won’t withhold anything else for most people. There is no prayer you have that’s too big. There’s nothing you’ve done that the blood of Jesus hasn’t washed away. That’s it right there. It is perfect work. It is finished. It is done. I love it that He tells them that He doesn’t let them condemn themselves. It certainly is a picture of Jesus.

He said in verse 6, “This famine that has ravaged the land for two years will last five more and there will neither be plowing nor harvesting. God has sent me ahead of you to keep you and your families alive and preserve many survivors. It was God who sent me here, not you. He was the one who made me an advisor to Pharaoh, the manager of the entire palace and the governor of all of Egypt. Now, hurry back to my father and tell Him, ‘This is what your son, Joseph, says, ‘God has made me master over all the land of Egypt. Come down to meet immediately. You can live in the region of Goshen, where you can be near to me with all your children, grandchildren, flocks, herds and everything you own. I will take care of you there.’’”

He is good. We sometimes think, “What I’ve done or because of the sin I committed, let me stay away from God.” We shun him. We run from him like Adam and Eve did when they first sinned. That’s another reason why God hates sin. He doesn’t hate the sinner. He hates sin. Look at what it does. It gives people the tendency to run from God. That’s why he hates condemnation because it manifests like this and it has plenty of destructive ways. One of the most destructive is it has people to run from God. Being in sin is equated to a sickness. Jesus is the master physician. It is counterproductive if someone is sick that they run from a great physician. Jesus is the greatest perfect physician.

People who are sinning need to run to Him, but who’s going to run to someone who they think is scary and out to get them? No one in their right mind. When you know who God is and His perfect love and He is grace personified, then you run to Him with all your heart and soul. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is no respecter of persons, no matter what you’ve done. Even though you stand there right in front of Him, He is still saying, “Come closer.” Have you said, “God, I’m ushering in. I’m getting closer to God?” Do you know what He is saying? “Come closer.” We manifest this truth that when you gave your life to Christ, we became one. Jesus said, “I and the Father are one.” Let that be manifested. Keep coming closer. Keep drawing near. God is not going to bite you. God is not out to fault-find and finger-point. God is not petty. That I know for myself. Nobody has to preach that to me. I know that God is not petty because if he was, He’d have no dealings with me. I promise you that.

TOT 94 | Let God
The True Story for God’s Glory: The Life of Siohvaughn Funches

Let’s skip to chapter 45. We’re going to go to verses 24 through 28. I want to show you what God gave me there to share. It says, “Joseph sent his brothers off. As they left, he called after them, ‘Don’t quarrel about all this along the way. You can see the heart of God in that, too.'” He has forgiven them. He is showing them He loves them. He is restoring them, all this has happened. It’s God for us when we give our lives to Christ. For the rest of our life, this is what He is doing, making sure we don’t condemn ourselves and letting us know that He doesn’t condemn us.

Also, He is doing that. You know this is a picture of Jesus. He is saying, “Don’t quarrel about this. Don’t do that. Don’t fault-find with each other. Don’t point fingers at each other. Come on. Do it for each other what I’m doing for you.” That’s loving and forgiving. That’s giving grace instead of what the person would deserve if it would just be purely from a justice standpoint, “Give them what they don’t deserve and say it. That’s what I’ve done for you.” God is so good. He is a family. He sees us as a family. He sees us as one in Christ. We are the body of Christ. Nobody is like, “I love my left shoulder. I hate the right one. I want to cut it off.” No, I thank you. I like T-shirts and cap sleeves especially. I’ll be keeping both of my shoulders. Thank you so much.

We’re His body. We’re one and God loves us. He pleases Him that we love each other. Mama and papa bears, you probably know this. You don’t like it when your children are not getting along. It hurts you. You can even feel torn. It’s like, “Please come together.” It’s not just enough that they have a good relationship with you. You ultimately want them to have a good relationship with you and one another because you love them. You love all of them. Look at the heart of Jesus. He is love. He is beautiful and wonderful. They left Egypt and returned to their father Jacob in the land of Canaan. They said this, “Joseph is still alive,” they told Him. “He is the governor of all the land of Egypt.” Jacob was stunned at the news. He couldn’t believe it. When they repeated to Jacob everything Joseph had told them and when he saw the wagons Joseph sent to carry him, their father’s spirits revived. Jacob exclaimed, “It must be true. My son, Joseph, is alive. I must go and see him before I die.”

God is so good. This is why we can trust him. This is why we can let go and ultimately just let God take over. He is trustworthy. That’s what it shows me. I want to show you two things God showed me here. One of them was that they were telling Jacob, they were even repeating to him like, “Joseph is alive. No, we’re not playing. We would never play about something like this. He is alive and not well. He is doing very well.” He gave a whole new definition to, “This guy is well off,” so to speak. They’re trying to convince him of that, but the Bible said when he saw the wagons, when he saw the riches, when he saw like, “Why, I know those aren’t your wagons. We’re blessed, but that’s not your Bentley.” That’s what’s happening there. “That’s not your fleet of Bentleys out there.”

What God ministered to me and I felt to share is God wants us blessed spiritually. We’re blessed with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. This is true. God has blessed us to be a blessing. That’s not just spiritual. That’s also natural. We are the seeds, heirs and descendants of Abraham. God made him very rich. Am I saying that you chase after the riches? No, but I am saying that God wants you to be blessed enough, you have all your needs met. God has granted to you the desires of your heart as you delight in Him. You can bless others. That means more than enough. God knows not just more than enough but beautiful things. When God said to the children of Israel about the Promised Land and Jesus is our rest, He is our promised land. Rest is our promised land now.

God also is showing us who He is and how He blesses us. It’s out of that rest. He says, “I’m going to give you houses you didn’t build, wells you didn’t dig and scriptures that you didn’t plant.” God didn’t just say the houses that you didn’t build, he said, “Filled with good things and a land flowing with milk and honey.” Think about it. In heaven, the streets are made of gold. God is like, “Go big or go home,” in everything. The earth is the Lord and the fullness thereof. Everything belongs to your Father. The Bible talks about the days of heaven on the earth. In heaven, Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you.” He said like, “In my Father’s house, there are many mansions.” Everybody got a crib that’s a mansion. Apparently, God goes big or He goes home is what I’m saying.

When God blesses us like this materially in a way that people can see it, people who may not understand or believe things spiritually right away do understand materially. God will use the material blessing on your life because He knows if you sat them down and said, “Turn the verse book, so-and-so, chapter here, verse there,” they’re like, “I don’t even know what you’re saying.” It’s because they don’t speak that language yet, but they’re on their way. In the meantime, you meet people where they are. That’s why the Bible says, “The one who wins souls is wise.” It takes wisdom to know that. You don’t try to get the people to come to your level. That probably took years for God to get you there. What you do is you speak their language and you meet them where they’re at. That’s what Jesus did.

Jesus could have preached in the synagogue, but He didn’t. He was outside and having a drink with tax collectors and sinners. He met them where they were at because if He was saying, “I’ll deal with you when you get up here,” I can’t get up there without your help, for apart from you, I can do nothing. Without you, I can do nothing. I need you to save me. I need you to do this. All of this, there is no part I can play in this. You got to do all of this. Jesus is our servant king and He lives to serve us. Praise be to God because if he didn’t, we’ll all be undone, especially me, I feel like. I didn’t get to know me. That’s what I’m saying. Praise be to God for who He is.

Let me take you to verse 28 when it’s still in Genesis 45. I love it. We’re talking about why you can trust God and let go and let God. It says, “As they neared their destination, Jacob sent Judah ahead to meet Joseph and get directions to the region of Goshen. When they finally arrived there, Joseph repaired his chariot and traveled to Goshen to meet his father. When Joseph arrived, he embraced his father and wept, holding him a long time.” Don’t you love it, a long time? I want to show you something in chapter 47, verse 11. It says, “So Joseph assigned the best land of Egypt, the region of Rameses, to his father and his brothers. He settled them there, just as Pharaoh had commanded. Joseph provided food for his father and his brothers in amounts appropriate to the number of their dependents, including the smallest children.”

I look at verse 27, “Meanwhile, the people of Israel settled in the region of Goshen in Egypt. There they acquired property and they were fruitful. Their population grew rapidly. Jacob lived for seventeen years after his arrival in Egypt. He lived 147 years in all.” We can truly let go and let God. The story wasn’t over. It simply did not end in that bad paragraph of that chapter in his life. God is no respecter of persons. God is a restore. He won’t leave it bad. If it’s bad, God won’t leave it like that. Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. The Lord has used me. He has moved through me to author books. I know that, like writing them and even writing my own life story. There was a part in the book where The True Story for God’s Glory: The Life of Siohvaughn Funches.

It was a part where I was talking about some pretty difficult things, even to remember in order to write and God was saying, “I’m going to use your life.” Before, I had no idea how, but He did. He had me dissect some things. There were things I didn’t even fully understand until I was writing that. Maybe we’ll have some more to learn. I can admit that. When God was doing it, there were very hard parts. There were difficult parts and seasons, but I knew how that story ended, at least for that part of my life so far that had passed. Even though sometimes I wept as I remembered, I literally wept. I still was anchored so firmly in Jesus, my hope, joy and peace. I cried around it. I cried in the presence of it, but none of it left me because I knew all is well. I knew what was coming in the next chapter.

TOT 94 | Let God
Let God: Jesus is our rest. He is our promised land.

God will give us prophetic words. We got to hold on to them because that’s God telling you what’s coming in another chapter. That means if it’s starting to look bad and one, you know you can keep that peace. You might cry. You might hurt. There is no question about that. Storms are not fun. I’ve been in a few. I’m in one right now, but I’m telling you this. God is so wonderful and beautiful. He’ll give you this picture and show you what has to come in another chapter. Even though we don’t know everything that’s going to happen in our life, what we do know is enough because God promised to supply all of our needs. What you do have is what you do need. This is what you have. It’s one thing to have a prophecy. You’re like, “I prayed it was God. That word is from God. God, give me a confirmation.” This written word right here, sweetheart, you can bank your life on this one. This is for sure God. Literally, God is His word. I don’t just mean that God is good and that came forth from God. It did, but I mean it is also literally God. God is His word and the word is God.

It doesn’t get any better than that. I hanker after that more than a prophecy. In the Bible, what we saw in Esther, we’re seeing now in Jacob. It didn’t just end good. It wasn’t like God was like, “You dodged the bullet. Next time try to duck or next time don’t get yourself in too much trouble.” No, it’s not barely there. That’s not it. I liked the song that they had written, Destiny Child’s Survivor. As I’ve grown spiritually, I feel like there’s more. I’m not saying things are wrong with it. I feel like there’s more. Surviving to me denotes like, “You just made it.” I survived that.

God to me does so much more than have you make it. It’s like, “You made it.” You make it, but it’s not, “I’m a survivor.” It’s, “I’m a thriver.” God, He calls you an overcomer more than a conqueror and He restores more. Quality, quantity, God is restoring more. You’re better off and no matter how difficult it was, it’s like, “It worked for good that happened.” Otherwise, if it wasn’t for this war that the enemy brought against your life, you wouldn’t have collected these spoils. You’re richer now, in some sense of the way or in many senses of the way with God. As I said, He goes big or He goes home.

This man didn’t just end his life. Not only did God calls him to survive and then end his life in that tragic chapter of it, but he thrived. He is an overcomer more than a conqueror. God blessed him so much. He spent the rest of his life eating. You don’t have to toil. You don’t have to do anything like, “What?” They are living large. It’s so wonderful not just his son, but when God gave him his son back, his son is now running a country like this and mega-wealthy. He didn’t need that. You know it would have more than enough mama and papa bear to get his son back. You probably tell God, “You don’t even need to add anything to that. That’s more than enough. I’ll leave here grateful. I’ll be in heaven still talking about how grateful I am that God did that.”

God goes big or He goes home. He doesn’t just give him the son back. Far be it from God. God paid him back way more than what he lost, even though God didn’t take it away. It wasn’t God that put it in their heart to do evil, but God did allow it because He already knew what they were going to do before they did it. He knew how it will work together for good. If it wouldn’t have, He wouldn’t have allowed it. Let’s continue on and keep on seeing what God has for us and who is going to have us go through their life next so that we can see Him, know Him better, rest more and trust Him more. As we let go and let God, I prophesy, decree and declare, we’re going to get way better results than these people we’re looking at. In Jesus’ name, we pray.

I love you, guys. God bless you all. Thank you so much again for staying with me on this journey. Until next time, God bless you, guys, and protect and cover you with the blood of His son, Jesus, and lead, guide and give you the wisdom that He knows you need to make your way prosperous. Surround you as a shield with His favor and His very own presence, given His angels in charge over you to keep you in all your ways. Even if a thousand fall at your side and a myriad at your right hand, I prophesy, decree and declare not by my might or power but by the spirit of the living God, that God Himself will not let it come near your dwelling in Jesus’ name. I love you, guys.

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  1. I really enjoy and love your podcast. It’s filled with much transparent honesty and wisdom upon life lessons learned and that of which is still yet to learn and come along the way. Thank you Ms. Finches! Much of a pleasure and joy to hear.


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