Let Go And Let God (Part 7)

In this podcast series, God is strengthening us in His unfailing love for us and in the gift of His righteousness, which He has given us as a free gift. As a result, God is producing in us the fruit of letting go and letting God take over everything that concerns us, and we are receiving all God has for us with joy, peace and rest!

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Let Go And Let God (Part 7)

Thank you again for joining me here. We’re going to be continuing with our series titled, Let Go and Let God. We are doing just that Letting Go and Let God, and take over this series and give us everything He wants to give us for this particular time. This is a timeless word. Before we do that, we’re going to recap a bit, there are people joining us continually, and we’re also going to refresh those who were with us on the journey. Take a moment and acknowledge God. I thank you, heavenly father, for the opportunity to get at the feet of Jesus and to hear Him. I thank you, God, that you are given to each and every one of us, the spirit of wisdom, revelation and the knowledge of Yeshua. I thank you that the eyes of our understanding are being enlightened. All the more that we may know, what is the hope of His calling. What are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in us, the saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of His power towards us who believe according to the working of His mighty power? I thank you, Lord Jesus, for expounding on the scriptures to us about the things concerning yourself.

I thank you for opening up our understanding in a way that we comprehend the scriptures. We see you, Lord, and we know you more. To know you, Lord, is to love you, to live the life that you promise that more abundant life, to increase in growing in faith and bear fruit, God. Bearing fruit is effortless. I thank you, God, for real transformation, true repentance, breaking forth in us in every area of our life. God, you’re changing things that need to be changed. You’re creating things that need to be created. You’re undoing things that should be undone. You’re restoring, God. You’re releasing your power, your grace, and your favor in our lives in tangible manifested ways, God. As we do the one thing that is needful and behold your son, His glory, His love for us, His power, God, His tender heart, His tender mercies, His compassion itself, God, and we praise you and we worship you. We thank you ahead of time, God, for the explosive blessings breaking forth and breaking through in every area of our life. We thank you for the older amps of operators in Jesus’ name, we praise you.

God’s Unconditional, Never-Changing, And Everlasting Love

If you guys have been with me on this journey, you know that God has already begun to give us examples of men and women of God who trusted God enough, knew Him enough to trust Him enough, and to let go and let Him do what needed to be done. God began this series by telling us about himself and reminding some of us that He is unconditional love and His love never fails and never changes. We may change. There are some times when we’re up and when we feel down. It’s like the song that Emotional Rollercoaster song if you remembered it from the ‘90s. Sometimes we’re up and down, but God is a steady goddess constant. He’s an anchor. He even keeps us steady. I thank Him for that, but God was letting us know His love is unconditional and you can trust perfect unconditional, never changing everlasting love. It will never fail you. It can’t ever fail you because it’s not based on you or me or what we do and what we don’t do.

This isn’t about dotting i’s and crossing t’s. God is not petty like that. This is about Him and God is love. He loves us. If He loved us enough and He did to send His only begotten son who He’s madly in love with to suffer a horrible death by crucifixion. One of the most torturous ways of dying of that time and even this one. They will call that a violation of the Eighth Amendment nowadays. That’s cruel and unusual punishment. Jesus was crucified even before that, beaten with a cat o’ nine tails, flesh ripped from his body. That wasn’t a regular whip, that was a whip with metal claws that clung to His skin and ripped it off when they pulled it back. He went through hell. I’m not saying that figuratively like when times get bad. I’m saying, He went to hell for us.

When you’ll go that far, Jesus said, there’s no greater love than the one who would lay down their life for their friends. Jesus said, “I no longer call you servants, I call you friends. Everything God made known to me, I made known to you.” He’s talking to us. We are His disciples. Those of us who are born again, we’re His children and beloved bride. He’s held back nothing, not only to save us from damnation in hell but to give us and restore to us what was lost through the sin of Adam. All of that fruitfulness in the garden, that more abundant life that He came to give us. We have an inheritance with God. We’re heirs with God and joint-heirs with Christ. He didn’t come to save us, redeem us from the curse, heal us.

That’s why He went to the scorch and posts. Everything He’s done and says was for a purpose, and it glorifies God because Jesus loves the Father but He also loves us. It is a blessing and a benefit for us. When you went through all of that, literally through hell, the only thing you want is the person to receive your gift, know that it exists and receive it because look what they went through to give it to us. That’s what Jesus has done. He’s gone as far as you could go and beyond to do everything that we could need and even desire in the Earth as it is in heaven. That’s the way He prayed even before getting on that cross, so how much greater now that it is finished.

Letting God: God is wholly trustworthy and is faithful to over-answer our prayers! Because of this truth, we can let go and let God bring us the lasting blessings we ask and hope for!

This isn’t about having it wonderfully made in heaven, although that’s great. It’s like our permanent home. That’s good news. It’s the best news, but He wants to bring heaven to the Earth. Even as people see your father’s goodness, intangible, manifested ways, they too will want who you have and what you have. It’ll provoke them to want the God that you have. We see in the Bible when the Bible refers many times to children of Israel being provoked to jealousy. The goodness of God will do that to people but lead them to want who and what you have and you have Jesus. If you have Jesus, you truly have everything, He is everything and everything good comes forth from Him. If you have Him, you already have what you need. I thank God for that.

God Is Working Behind The Scenes

In the episode about Jacob’s specifically, we looked at Esther. You guys can go back and read to that if you haven’t read it already. We began talking about Jacob and we left off, just pointing out how God was working behind the scenes. Jacob was in a position where his sons came back and told him, “Your favorite son you had in your old age with the wife who you were madly in love with is dead.” He’s been torn to pieces, an animal devoured him. All we have left was this fancy coat. You bought him and not us. It’s full of animal blood. What does that tell you? Jacob concluded what his son said. Joseph has been torn to pieces, it’s over.

He was mourning for a long time and deeply. He refused to be comforted. He had more children, so what? He had other wives, who cares? He refused to be comforted for he loved to the very depth of his heart and soul, his son, Joseph, which is a picture of God and His love for His son, Jesus Christ, very deeply with all His heart, soul, mind and strength. He gave Him up for us. What does that tell you? How much does that tell you God loves you if He gave up Jesus for you? We may not understand it. We know in ourselves, we don’t deserve it, but that is not about us. It’s about who God is. That’s who He is. God is good.

That’s not some saying or not an encouraging word, although you should be encouraged. It’s the absolute truth. It’s not even facts change. It’s the unbending everlasting truth that will never be banned or kowtow to anyone. You can lie on it, lie around it. Dig a tunnel of lies underneath. It will still be standing. It’s the truth. “Thy word is truth,” Jesus said. The Bible says that, “Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.” There’s no taking Him down. He’ll still be standing. Even after the crucifixions and the sufferings before its death in hell, Jesus lives. Sitting at the right hand of the father while God makes His enemies His footstool. Much for trying to take the truth down. We thank God for that, but we saw that God was working behind the scenes.

Joseph is not dead. God allow for His brothers to do what they did. We’ll see that God works all things together for good. The reason why God was pointing that out to us is not because of the life of Jacob and Joseph and their family, but because God is not a respecter of person. The Bible tells us that even in Acts. It tells us that twice, but God also never changes. The Bible says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” Jesus Himself said, “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father. I am the father is one.” He never changes. This is good news. This for our personal life or for us right here.

This isn’t just something for Jacob and Joseph. This is God revealing Himself for us. This is what God is eagerly wanting to do and is doing in our lives. We see that God was with Joseph and He was causing Him to succeed no matter what was coming against Him. We can see the devil did not want the plan of God to come to pass in Joseph’s life. God was abusing the devil. He allowed things to happen. God was the master of the orchestra and He was directing the choir. Come to find out the Bible says, “God hides in darkness.” It was a dark time. Like when Jesus was born, they were massacring babies.

Letting God: There’s no greater love than the one who would lay down their life for their friends.

The light of the world had stepped down from heaven and bankrupted it and came into the world. It truly was a time of rejoicing. The devil tried to paint a picture that it was the darkest time, like a woman getting ready to give birth. It seems like a dark time. She’s sweating, bleeding and crying. If you’re pregnant, don’t freak out. I had my second son. It was gracefully easy with this curse-of-child pains and labor. Jesus has redeemed you if you’re born again. Before you give birth to that child, you want to get born again. Otherwise, it can be painful and laborious. It seems like a time of hardships and struggles and there are tears. The woman is yelling and the nurses holding her hand, and she’s almost breaking her fingers. She squeezing it so tight, but it’s a day that new life is born. This is a celebratory time, but it seems to be a mask with cheers, contractions, pain and blood. It’s like, “Thank God for the fact that we walk by faith and not by sight.”

Have you ever been on the other side of a woman giving birth? What a sight to see. I’ve done it. I had the birth of my children recorded and I’ve watched the date. It freaked me out, even though I watched it after they were born and healthy and whole and all of that. I watch TV shows or they show up a husband watching his wife give birth and he passes out, and I’m thinking, “Come on, get it together.” Until I watched the tape of me giving birth to my firstborn son, I can understand sometimes why they just straight away fall out and why they dismaying things. It’s a sight to see. The truth is it is a celebratory and great time. It’s a time of life. Even though all signs seem to be pointing to death, pain, struggle, blood, tears, and anguish. Isn’t that death? No, it’s leading to life. God is so good, that’s why we walk by faith and not by sight because the devil works in the sight realm.

He always wants to put something in front of you. He’s loud and he’s neon colors, “Pay attention to me,” he’s screaming. God wants you to close your eyes, shut your ears on him. Get at the feet of Jesus and let Jesus show you even what God is doing behind the scenes. God hasn’t revealed all of our secrets. That’s what He did in the life of Joseph. He gave dreams to people. He gave dreams to Joseph as well, but to people around Him and gave Joseph the ability and the wisdom to interpret those dreams, which was to see behind the scenes. God had given Pharaoh dreams of that day and showed them a famine was coming on the heels of seven years of plenty. God gave Joseph the understanding of what that meant.

All Pharaoh knew was what he saw in the dream. It was not a clear sign of what was happening. He just saw some animals thin and skinny and some fat animals. He saw some stalks and they were fat and plentiful, and they got ate up by some skinny, ugly ones. That doesn’t tell you much, that requires interpretation. I do believe in all prophetic words and dreams from God. You should ask Him for interpretation, even if it seems obvious what it is. It’s wise and humble to ask God, “What does this mean?” Let your Holy Spirit give me the wisdom greater than He did Joseph to understand God what it is you are saying. Never assume. That’s my sincere belief. That’s the instruction I’ve gotten from God. I believe it’s good for your life.

We see that Joseph gets promoted to power. He correctly interpreted Pharaoh’s dream. Pharaoh is like undone. He’s like, “I’ve never met anybody like this who the spirit of God is in.” Pharaoh thought he didn’t worship the God of Israel, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He started to bow. He said, “This is the real guy. Egyptians say that god are all over the place.” They got the god of toenails. It was great. I don’t know how you remember all of that. He’s not the god of toenails, but I mean many false deities. It was ridiculous. Pharaoh was through all of that to recognize the God of Israel. The God of Joseph is the true and living God because He had called all His magicians and all these people in Egypt who worship 100,000 false gods.

They couldn’t even come up with a fraction of what either one of his dreams meant, but God gave Joseph the wisdom because God gave Pharaoh the dream. God’s the only real God. Let the church say, “Amen,” and so wonderful. God did that and Pharaoh promoted Joseph. He gave him a wife. It’s wonderful. He’s going from my God from the prison to the palace in five minutes flat. God will make it up to you. Like people alive, but this time lost, they spent this much time in a relationship, “What are they going to do?” What you’re going to do is look at this and know that God is not a respecter of persons. You’re going to read this, reread this, and hear about this and meditate on this until it gets deep down on the inside of you and takes roots in you.

Letting God: Even though it seems like you are being pulled or held back, God will get you to where you need to be on time.

God is the God that even though it seems like you were being pulled or held back, even if there’s some mistake of your own, the point is God will get you to where you need to be on time. He’ll even have you show up ahead of time. Time is in God’s hands. The Bible says, and I believe he was spoken through David, “My times are in your hands.” God doesn’t serve time. God created time. Time serves God. God said, “Ask Him for what you need. If you need more time, if you need God to redeem or restore the time. Ask Him for what you need nothing is impossible with God.” We see God redeemed and restored the time for Joseph.

He takes him from the back to the front in a second. Pharaoh made him the second command to himself. He even gave him charge over all of his affairs. He said, “Everybody’s got a bow in Egypt, do what Joseph says and everybody is subject to him.” He’s a Lord in this place. Little ill Lord. The point is, that’s what he did as God did for Jesus. I told you, Joseph is a picture of Jesus, a very clear one. God has done that. He’s made His son Lord over all things. He’s given Him all things that He’s given to Him. That’s what Pharaoh did. He said, “Except for the throne.” We know that God still sits on the throne and Jesus sits at His right hand, but God has given Him all things except for the throne.

It’s a perfect picture of God, the Father with His son. Jesus and Pharaoh representing God in the particular story here. Joseph representing Jesus. He does that in the promotion of honor, glory, restoration and riches. You talk about God, I’ll make you the head and not the tail. He made Him the heaven and not the tail. He highly exalted this brother when it’s payback time and God wants to make the enemy pay for what he did and even restore you for the things you did. God pays back that, which you didn’t take away. He didn’t take away. It doesn’t matter if the devil took it away or your own mistakes took it away. The Bible says, “God pays back that, which He didn’t take away.”

I wouldn’t add anything to that and take anything from that. The only thing I would do in my heart and with my mouth is saying, “Amen. God, be it unto me, according to your word,” believe God is that good because He is. Don’t miss out on it because you doubt the goodness of God. We see that happen and all of that was happening behind the scenes while Jacob was mourning. Like I said, for Jacob, it might not be the death of someone physically in your life or your child, thank God. You might feel like something has died. We’ve been there before where we feel like there’s no hope for that situation. It cannot be, that’s probably like, “Done deal.” Lazarus has been in the tomb for days. This will be saying it may not be a Lazarus or a marriage in the tomb for days.

Genesis 42

By now, he thinks you are talking like Martha. That’s where Jacob was at. He’d given up, he knew it was over and done. The truth is God was behind the scenes all the while working things together for his good, even when he was faithless, God remained faithful. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. What He did for him, He will do for us. Let’s start here at Genesis 42, and we’re going to go verse 1:7 and we’ll skip around. I’ll let you know. I’m reading from the New Living Translation. I am reading from my actual Bible that I take notes in.

“When Jacob heard that grain was available in Egypt, there were the seven years of plenty and the seven years of famine. The plenty came first and the famine came next. God told Joseph gave Him the wisdom that the years of plenty you are to store up and save grain because those years of famine that are coming seven of them on the heels of the years of plenty will be very severe. People in the whole world will nothing less than die. You are a savior representing Jesus once again.” The famine spread. It hit everywhere beyond Egypt. Famine spread throughout the world at that point.

Letting God: God doesn’t serve time. God created time and time is in his hands.

We know something about that now, even coming out of this pandemic, when Jacob heard that grain was available in Egypt, he said to his sons, “Why are you standing around looking at one another? I have heard that there is grain in Egypt, go down there and buy enough grain to keep us alive. Otherwise, we’ll die.” Joseph’s older brothers went down to Egypt to buy grain, but Jacob wouldn’t let Joseph’s younger brother Benjamin go with him for fear. Some harm would come to him. That’s what I wanted to highlight and point out to you. He’s clinging tightly to him. We’re talking about Letting Go and Letting God. Those things, you love them. People you love. You’ll find it’s a bit harder to let go. Why not just the love, but honestly, let’s come on be honest with ourselves is because of that fear. That fear of loss. When someone has already suffered loss, he lost Rachel. He thought he lost Joseph.

It makes people grip, not grip tighter well into what they fear of losing anything else, a fear of experiencing that pain and being in that dark place. They claim more tightly when the real answer and breakthrough comes, what Esther did, Letting go and Letting God. It says, “For fear that harm would come on him.” He didn’t let him go. He let the other brothers go. He could stand and lose them. He said, “Not Benjamin, this is Joseph’s only full brother with the wife who loved Rachel.” Jacob’s sons arrived in Egypt, along with others, to buy food for the famine was in Canaan as well. Joseph was governor of all Egypt and in charge of the selling of the grain to all the people. It was to him that his brothers came. When they arrived, they bow down before him with their faces to the ground.

Didn’t God promise Joseph that would happen? He gave him those two dreams. Joseph went through hell and high water. We read about that being accused of rape, being kidnapped, and betrayed by his brothers. This whole thing is crazy. Separated from his father and from his brothers who he loved. Even though they hated him, he still loved them. That’s devastating. It was like one blow after another. Just when you think like, “Things are smoothing now.” It may not be the best situation, but I can see that God is in the midst. Let’s sit down and rest, some come shake as chill and get up. We got to go to the next place. It was through hardship that God will take them to the next level. We see that God was orchestrating this and ordering his steps. God was using what was meant for harm for good. God is the same and He’s doing the same in your life and in my life, which is why we can approach challenges, demons, hardships, people’s evil against us, their hate and their jealousy. We can own our mistakes and failings.

We can approach it all. Joshua did this with Caleb, this is bread fuss. Bread makes you stronger, you feast on bread. It makes you healthy and grow. It nourishes and gives life. Jesus is the bread of life. It’s an opportunity to sit at the table that God has prepared for us in the presence, not in the absence. In the presence of our enemies, we get some feasts challenges, our bread. We see that all that hardship couldn’t stop. The word that God gave him from coming to pass. The Bible says in Jeremiah, “God is faithful to watch over His word and to perform it.” God is excellent. He’s so good.

Nothing could stop the word of God from coming to pass. Here’s another way of understanding that nothing could stop God from doing what God wanted to do. God is His word. Rest assured, beloved, that if God gave you a promise and the Bible was filled with them and the Bible says, “All the promises of God are yes.” In Christ, Amen to the glory of God, whether it’s through a dream like He did with Joseph on this book, that is life, God Himself and Jesus Himself, the living word alive, powerful, sharper than a double-edged sword. This life we feast off of, this word, we ingest and get deep down on the inside of us will never come back void and empty. It always accomplishes what God sent it to do. God is ultimately in control. He didn’t even give, as you revealed to my mother, Jesus, His throne.

You can know that you know. He didn’t give it to the devil. He didn’t give it to an evil man or woman of the last days. We thank God for that. When they arrived, they bow down to him, that dream has come to pass. Joseph recognized his brothers instantly, but he pretended to be a stranger and spoke harshly to them, “Where are you from?” He demanded, they replied, “From the land of Canaan. We’ve come to buy food.” I want to read verse eight, “Although Joseph recognized his brothers, they didn’t recognize him. He remembered the dream he had about them many years before where they were bowing to him.” He was in a position of authority and a leader. In between that time of that word, manifesting in the Earth, just as it was in heaven, Joseph was brought to the lowest point, it seemed like.

Letting God: Nothing could stop the word of God from coming to pass.

The Bible says, “The Lord was with him, Joseph was a successful man. The Lord makes everything. Joseph did prosper.” Real success and prosperity are the Lord being with us, not what we have. It’s not the absence of certain things either because what was absent of him was money, family and opportunity. I didn’t even speak the language of the Egyptians when he got there. I suppose he’s a Hebrew, just seemingly bankrupt even if they take clothes and strip them off of slaves. He was reduced to a slave from a favorite child. He had hit rock bottom and then went through it. Once the lady accused him of rape and he got put in jail for a crime, he didn’t even commit. It went from seemingly bad to worse.

I’ve been in places like that. I’ve lost count. It’s good to meditate and reflect on, and let things like this. Get on the inside of you because you see that God is faithful to watch over His word to perform it. Circumstances, opposition, hate, betrayal, jealousy, false accusations and prison can’t stop it. Nothing can stop the word of God from coming to pass. God is His word. Our part is to only believe in God. It is the dream that Joseph had manifested in the Earth as it was in heaven.

Let’s go to Genesis 42 and let’s look at verse 29. It says when the brothers came to their father, they’re coming back, I’m not going to assume that anyone knows the story, but Joseph tested his brothers while they were there. He didn’t fully reconcile with them right away. He tested them, trying to figure out what’s in their heart because the last time Joseph laid eyes on them, it was malice in their heart and hate, to say the least. He told them that they can’t come back to Egypt to buy grain unless they bring their younger brother with them, Benjamin. Do you want to read that? I will take the time if I were you. I would read that. I promise you, even if you’ve read it before many times go over it again.

I pray God speaks something new to you in Jesus’ name. It’s good to do that after you’ve heard the word and thought to go back and read it. You’d be amazed at how God brings even more. You can see, and it makes sense to you what you were taught. He’ll bring out even new things that you’re like, “I wish I could call Ms. Siohvaughn and say, ‘God show me such and such.’” In verse 29, when the brothers came to their father, Jacob, in the land of Canaan, they told him everything that had happened to them. They realize that even though they bought grain, all their money was back in their sacks.

The man is already speaking harshly to them, Joseph. They don’t realize he is their brother. Yet, he concealed that matter on purpose. That was wisdom, like God gave Esther the wisdom to conceal the fact that she was a Jew. He sends them back, like keeping her brother with him and telling them they’re going to starve to death. He accused them of being spies. That’s all a part of his plan to test their heart. He’s walking in wisdom, not hate and vengeance. He’s being cautious and wise if God did a work in them yet or not. If he didn’t, who knows what they do next? It was wisdom. It wasn’t unforgiveness or vengeance. I believe it was the wisdom of God Himself. It would even give Joseph peace, knowing the work that God had done in him, because while God was working behind the scenes in the life of Joseph, God was also working behind the scenes in the life of his brother, in their hearts, as we will see.

They get back to their father and they tell him how he spoke harshly to them, how he was rough with them, and how he told them, “I’m keeping one of these brothers because you’re spot on. When you come back down here, you better bring that younger brother you told me about. If not, I’m not selling you any grain.” Egypt was the only place that had grain. It was like God said, the famine was severe and it was going to persist for years. The famine had just started kicking in by then. It might have been like year two, approximately. They’ve got several more years, probably a good five before that famine is over. Where else are you going to get grain from? God ordained it. He would give Joseph the interpretation of the dream, rise him up to power, and will give him the wisdom to save and feel the storehouses of Egypt with grain that were not only saved the Egyptians, but it was saved by the world, including Joseph’s family.

If you want to get the blessing of God, you’ve got to go through the son, that’s what happens in our Christian life. Even when we pray, we pray in the name of Jesus, not even in the name of God. Have you noticed that? It’s because God is honoring His son, and the way for God to honor you is to simply believe in His son. You wanted a son and God keeps honoring you. I don’t mean it as work for God. You believe in the son, it’s a great honor. The more you believe, the more honor you receive and the more blessings you receive. As you believe more about Him, the only way to do that is to get to know Him.

That’s what you’re doing even here on this show. It’s getting so good. It makes you want to get a sleeping bag. We’ve got to do a slumber party with this thing. We’ll pick up again where we left off and continue to get into this. As I said, I don’t want to rush the Holy Spirit. It isn’t my show, it’s His. I like to flow with Him for your benefit and my own. While on the stage, I’m simultaneously in the audience. As you’ve heard me say several times, if you’ve been with me, may God continue to bless you all. May God continue to watch over you and prosper you and keep you even as your soul prospers.

I thank God, for going before us and being our rear guard. I thank you, God, that the seed you planted in our heart won’t return, void and empty, but it will accomplish everything far above what any eye has seen or ear has heard, or the mind and heart of a man have imagined. God, you are able to do exceedingly and abundantly far above anything we could ask, speak or imagine. I thank you for unprecedented manifestation, harvest and blessings. You’re proving that to us indeed. You meant what you said when you went declared. Only one thing is needful. I thank you, God, that we have chosen that good part like Mary. It will never be taken for us in Jesus’ name. God bless you all.

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