Let Go And Let God (Part 5)

TOT 90 | Let Go

In this episode, you’ll have a look at the stories of Jacob and Queen Esther, and how they let go and let God. Jacob underwent difficult challenges to have Rachel as his wife. When he was able to marry her, it took her many years before bearing children. Did Jacob give up? No, he let go and let God. What about Queen Esther? The Jews were in mortal danger because of Haman’s evil schemes, yet she let go and let God. Indeed, God did not fail to deliver them and bless them. Neither will He fail you. You just have to let go and let God take the lead.

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Let Go And Let God (Part 5)

We’re going to be continuing on, likely not finishing up, with our series title, Let Go and Let God. Before we do that, we’re going to recap a bit for those joining us for the first time and to refresh those who have been with us on this particular journey. Prior to that, we’re going to do what we always do, and that is to take a moment and acknowledge God, for apart from Him, we can do nothing. I thank you, Heavenly Father, for this opportunity to get at the feet of your Son, Jesus, and to hear Him.

I thank you, God, that is we do the one thing that is needful. You are causing everything to work together for our good. You are over answering our prayers. You are granting to us the desires of our heart, God. Your kingdom has come already. I thank you that you are manifesting the fullness of your will that is being done in us, through us, and for us. I thank you for giving your angels charge over us. I thank you, God, that great is your shalom, wisdom, rest, refreshing, restoration, wholeness, and joy.

I thank you, you’re restoring all good things onto us. I thank you, for we are being blessed effortlessly. You’re causing us to possess all of our possessions. I even thank you, God, that you are granting to us the desires of our heart that we haven’t even so much uttered to you. You’re making it manifest the truth of your word that declares. You know that you’ve answered our prayers, even before we ask them, God. While we’re still speaking, you go ahead and answer us. We thank you, Daddy, that each and every one of us is receiving from you now by your Holy Spirit, the spirit of wisdom, revelation, and the knowledge of Him, Jesus Christ.

I thank you that the eyes of our understanding are continually being enlightened that we may know what the hope of His calling is. What are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in us, the saints, and what is that exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe according to the working of His mighty power? I thank you, Lord Jesus, for expounding on the scriptures to us about the things concerning yourself. I thank you, Lord, that as we follow you and go after you, you’re causing your blessings to hunt us down and overtake us all the days of our life.

Thank you for giving us days of heaven upon the Earth. I thank you for every word, God, that goes forth will never come back void or empty, but it will accomplish everything you sent it to do for you are faithful to watch over your word and to perform it. I thank you for working in us both the willingness and the desire to do your will and I believe in the decree and declare for everyone under the sound of my voice that asked for us and our house, we will serve the Lord. Amen.

A Recap

Let’s take a moment and recap a bit. I want to do that. I love to do that. It’s a refresher for all of us. For those who join us, people are joining every week, thank God. They get an opportunity to get caught up to speed, even though I always recommend that they go back and get the fullness of what God gave to us. Line upon line and precept upon precept. You want to eat every bit of the bread of life. You want to leave no crumb behind. It is God Himself that we’re feasting on, the Son of God, as we get at His feet and hear His Word.

God began this series with a truth that makes all the difference in our life here on the Earth and eternal life in heaven. It just does. It’s everything. It is the core, foundation, crux of our Christianity, the thing upon which it stands, and everything that God builds is built upon it. That’s the love of God. God was reminding us and given us understanding that God’s love for us is unconditional. This is very important and this is not something that was revealed to me personally. It is written, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.”

God loved us so much that He gave His only begotten Son. It’s hard enough. If you have enough children to fill a small village, you’re not willing that one should perish. Let alone if you only have one son and you give them up. For those who are coming at you like an enemy, we can only recall and remember that God’s love for us is unconditional, but God wanted to remind us of when he demonstrated this love for us. That’s important and the Bible speaks on this.

This is not some personal revelation of mine that I’m asking you to believe. It is the written Word of God that never comes back void or empty. Jesus Himself said, “God, your word is truth.” It’s true. God’s love for us was demonstrated while we were still in the sand. Hence, the unconditional love of God. God didn’t only love us so much that He sent His only begotten Son. God did it at a time when we were all saying, “Crucify Him.” All of us. Fist raised to God in full-blown rebellion and middle fingers to heaven.

Hearts turned away from God and false gods in His place where He’s supposed to be. At a time that we were at our worst. I don’t say that for condemnation. God Himself said He didn’t send His Son into the world to condemn us, but that through Jesus, the world would be saved. Jesus is our Lord and our savior. Not our Lord and our condemner. No condemnation for those in Christ. God wants us to remember this because there are times when we will fail. We will not dot every I and we will not cross every T.

It’s not about if we fail. It’s about win and all that takes is being human. The fact that you want to do right won’t save you either. We need a savior. God didn’t send Jesus because there was another option. He sent Jesus because He was the only way for us to God, to be reconciled to our Father who loves us so much. He went to that great length in order to have us reconciled to Him. He did it at a time when we were at our worst. In full-blown rebellion, all of us, in a sense, cried out, “Free Barabbas and crucify Jesus.”

We all did that before given our life to Christ. We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Praise be to God for who He is. God is love. He was and He is the calm. He’s timeless. He’s eternal. He always was, He always is, and He always will be. He’s always been love. On our bad days, He’s love. On our good days, He’s love. When we dot I’s and cross T’s, He’s love. When the only I we lift up is the middle finger that looks like the letter I. All those times, He is unchanging. His love is unfailing and unconditional.

You are perfectly loved because God is perfect and He is love. Do away with your observation of whether or not your behavior is perfect or not. The reason you can rest securely is because you rest securely in something that’s never changing and never failing. That is the unchangeable, unfailing, all-powerful, everlasting, eternal love of God. That, people, is all we have and all we need. Praise be to God. Jesus is God in the flesh but He’s also forever. He’s forever the epitome of God’s love for us.

TOT 90 | Let Go
Let Go: God has a way of you effortlessly letting go and letting God take all your burdens upon Himself, and allowing Him in return to exchange it all for His blessings, and the over-answer of your prayers!

He is that remembrance, knowing, and the manifestation of God’s love for us. As we feed on Jesus, we’re feeding on the manifested, all-powerful love of God. Love conquers all. Eat as much as you can. Feast as much as you can. It’s not about eating like your natural diet. It’s not about eating anything. The body does need food, no question. Our spirit needs spiritual food. That’s the Word of God, no question, but this isn’t about eating anything. You can’t eat cheesecake every day all day. That’s going to go south and it’s going to go south fast.

You want to eat things that nourish your body and things that benefit your body. The true gospel of Jesus Christ is what benefits your spirit and nourishes your spirit. This isn’t about giving your ear to everyone who says God called them because that could be like that daily cheesecake and deep-fried pork chop eaten every day all day. That’s not going to go well. It’s going to go south and it’s going to go south fast. Don’t shoot the messenger.

We want to make sure that we’re hearing the actual gospel of Jesus Christ being preached like God said. We want to rightly divide His Word. We want to hear that and God does that here because I don’t even speak to my family and my friends, even single sentences about God or anything about the Lord that I’m not sure is God. I always will give them that disclaimer first. I’m saying, “I’m not saying it’s God, but what I was thinking was.” When I believe it’s God, I let God flow and I flow in His spirit and let Jesus speak in and through me.

No one needs my opinion. I don’t even look for my opinion. I’m going after God just like you all are. Praise be to God for this particular platform where God has His way and is able to speak. Of course, this is not the only one. I know that you’re getting good food here. I’m getting good food here because I know that it’s coming from God. We went over that and a few other things that God showed us. In the last episode, in particular, we began to look at an actual example in the Bible of someone named Esther, who was a queen.

She became queen at some point in time in her life, thank God, who was faced with a serious challenge. I’m talking about a matter of life and death. Esther was someone who was not unfamiliar with death. Esther was an orphan raised by her uncle Mordecai and both of her parents had died. She knew the pain of death. She knew all the sting of death in a major way. This wasn’t some distant relative or someone she met once before in her life. This was both her mother and her father.

Esther had been made queen after the king had discharged his former wife and queen, Queen Vashti, for in subordinates, for breaking the king’s law. When a king spoke, you were supposed to follow it. There were laws and decrees on the books, so to speak. When a king gave his word, it was so much power in it. You were called to obey it or you could face death. Queen Vashti, at the time that she was queen, disobeyed the command of her husband. When he asked for her to be brought to him, she refused to go.

He discharged her. That was like a divorce back then. Queen Esther becomes queen by the grace and favor of God. The Bible tells us that God gave her favor in the sight of everyone who saw her, including her husband, who was the king at that time and who had the option of choosing several young, beautiful virgins to be queen in place of Vashti. He chose out of all of those options, out of all of those beautiful women, Queen Esther. God clearly favored her. Not just her, but he was favoring His people.

Esther was of Jewish descent. She was faced with a serious challenge. One that was a matter of life and death. The king had promoted someone named Haman. Unbeknownst to him, Haman was someone who hated the Jews. That would include Queen Esther and her uncle Mordecai and any other family they still had existing and friends. He set out because Mordecai wouldn’t worship him, bow to him, and fear him. He was in a rage. Even though everyone else seemed to bow to him, it was not enough.

He needed that one more knee to bow to him or he just simply wasn’t satisfied with his life or any other blessing that he had. He had ten sons and a wife, a house, and promotions, and it did him no good. He was hell-bent on getting Mordecai to bow to him. Mordecai believes he should bow his knee to one, and that is Jehovah, Yahweh, Jesus, and not another. He refused to bow. Haman set out to kill not Mordecai but all the Jews.

That became known to the Jews and they were scared and terrified. They had a human reaction, which is comforting. Trouble came, trembling follow. Trembling was on the heels of trouble. That sounds like me. Sounds like you. I’m sure. I’m glad to know that these people God chose to use do heroic and courageous things through but weren’t always so heroic and courageous and we know that it wasn’t them. It wasn’t about mighty power. That was about God’s sphere because them, in and of themselves, have the same reaction we would have. They were terrified.

Queen Esther was told by her Uncle Mordecai, “You need to go to your husband, the king. He has all this power where this decree has been made by Haman via the king, using the king’s power to kill us all. I had a date set in stone to do so.” Queen Esther was like, “Who needs to go to the king?” At that time, her husband didn’t call for her in 30 days, so he hasn’t seen her. There’s been no romance. There’s been no intimacy.

“You want me to go before this man who cast out his last wife and hasn’t even said good morning to me in 30 days? It’s also against the law.” It’s almost like, “Did you hear what happened to his last wife that broke the law? You want me to do what?” I love that she’s human. Queen Esther is seeking to save herself. That’s human nature. “What about me? God, help me. Me, myself, and I.” That was her reaction. Holy Esther. She went into selfish mode immediately in fear.

Mordecai reminded her, “Perhaps you’ve come into the kingdom for such a time.” He said she has a higher purpose, a higher calling. He reminded her of God. He pointed her to God and she took her eyes off herself. She took her eyes off what happened to the last wife. She took her eyes even off her husband. They began to pray and fast the Jews collectively as a community along with Esther, even those who served her in her quarters.

TOT 90 | Let Go
Let Go: God didn’t send Jesus because there was another option. He sent Jesus because He was the only way to be reconciled to our Father who loves us so much.

When she went to the king, the king had an option to kill her because she came unannounced to him. That was the law, or you can hold out a golden scepter, which is a message in and of itself. He did and he pardoned Queen Esther and come to find out. There’d been a distance between her and her husband for a length of time that greatly concerned her. Who knows? Maybe every other night, she was with her husband, and now all of a sudden, it has been a whole month and counting. He hasn’t even said, “Hello.” “How are you?” “Just wanted to at least say hi.”

That could be a scary thing for a wife, that silence and that separation going on and persisting for that amount of time. God is so good because God put those two together. God did that. God joined them together. Not only for Esther’s benefit and some blessing to Mordecai and her family, but God did it for His own purpose, His own plan, and His own Son, Jesus. It was such a divine purpose in that marriage. It was God. Because God did that, not silence, not separation, not time could tear them asunder.

Somebody is exhaling right now and saying, “Be it unto me, God, according to your Word.” Remember, God’s not a respecter of persons, which means what He did for her, He’ll do for you and He’ll do for me, so that’s a wonderful thing. Esther, although she started out scared, eventually, let go and let God. She says, “I’m going to go before the king. If I perish, I perish.” He held out the golden scepter and she didn’t perish. Her life was saved and spared and all the lives of the Jewish people were saved and spared.

Not only that, but on the same day that their enemies had that court order to destroy, kill, and annihilate them, men, women, and even children. That’s disgusting. The opposite occurred and the Jews and even other people who weren’t Jewish became Jewish in fear of the Jews and they realize the queen, the one who the king’s soul loves, is Jewish. They became Jewish and they say, “Not only are we not going to go after and kill the Jews, but we’re going to become Jews, get on their side, and kill their enemies.”

They issued a decree and allowed the Jews to defend themselves, kill their enemies, and plunder their goods. Hence, the feast of Purim, which Jews celebrate. I wouldn’t mind celebrating myself. It’s good to remember God in that capacity, the God of the turnaround, the God that goes before you. Before they even knew they were in trouble, God had a plan. He put Esther as the queen long before Haman got promoted and hit the power to do the evil that he did. Won’t God go before you? Won’t He do it? I absolutely love it.

We’re going to look at the life of Jacob and we’re doing this to see the heart of God. Why are we doing this? Why is it important for us to be looking at Queen Esther? Wasn’t that then? Wasn’t that her? What’s that have to do with me? Great question if you’re asking it. Why are we looking at Jacob? How old is that man’s life? How old is this testimony? Isn’t that for him? Maybe that’s what God did for him.

First of all, we’re not reading a gossip column in a magazine. The Bible, the Word of God, is God. You’ll find that in the book of John, chapter one. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God, and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” Jesus is the living word, and I’m not quoting it. I’m just stating it to you. But Jesus is the Word of God. This word is not words on the page. It’s God. Every word of the Bible is God-breathed. His spirit poured out on pages. This is not an ordinary book. It’s a best seller. The number one bestseller for a reason. It is God Himself.

When we open this book, we’re not doing it to see Esther and Jacob. That’s a lens or something that we’re looking through to see what we came to see, which is God. You can see the heart of God and why that’s relevant to you and me is because God is not a respecter of persons. The Bible tells us that twice. I know for sure it’s in the book of Acts 10. God tells us that He’s not a respecter of persons. God doesn’t show favoritism. In other words, not only that, the Bible tells us that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore.

What He did for one, He’s willing to do for you like of the story of the leper in Mark and it’s in Matthew. When the leper came to Jesus and he was saying, “Lord, I know you can heal me if you are willing to do so. I’m sure you got power. I’ve heard about you. I’m not sure, would you help me though?” If that’s your question. Jesus reached out His hand, touched him, and said, “I am willing.” Those words are resounding and repeating in the spirit every day of every believer’s life.

All the promises of God are yes and in Christ. They are amen for the believer. Not only can God help, heal, restore, bless, deliver, save, prosper you, anything you need, and give you good success, but He is willing. We are getting to know God. This isn’t about gossip about Esther or Jacob. You heard what happen. No, I hate that for good reason in my life. Houses have walls for a reason. Stop trying to look through the walls of people’s houses. I can’t stand it. That’s me personally.

The word even tells us God hates gossip. That’s got to be somewhere probably repeatedly in Proverbs. God is not doing this for gossip’s sake, but God is doing this because He’s affording us the opportunity to see Him. What He did for one, He can do for all and He’s willing. He can and He will. When we feast on Jesus, faith comes because the way that we receive from God under this New Covenant as New Covenant believers of Christ is by faith, by simply believing. That is what we’re doing.

The Life Of Jacob

I want to start in Genesis 37, the life of Jacob. Some of you know this and some of you don’t. Jacob went through a lot in order to marry a woman named Rachel. He deeply loved and desire this woman. He went through obstacles in hoops in order to get Rachel and be able to marry her. Finally, he’s able to marry her, thank God, but Rachel was barren. She’s not going to have children and back then, it was okay. They had multiple wives. I’m not even saying this is okay. I’m just saying that’s what it was. That was the custom of that time.

His other wives were able to have children, but Rachel wasn’t. God blessed Rachel and Jacob and opened up her womb. Jacob and Rachel were probably older at that time. God opened up her womb and she was able to have two sons. Joseph was the name of the firstborn and Benjamin was his younger brother, their second-born son. While Rachel was giving birth to Benjamin, the labor was hard and difficult. She died giving birth to their second son.

You can imagine what this man did to get this woman, how he loved her, even when she couldn’t give them children. Back then, that was a prize to be won for a man and a woman that could have children, especially bearing sons. She wasn’t able to do that, but he loved this woman. Everything in him, he loved this woman. Imagine, if you will, what it was like to lose her. Not only lose her, but finally, she’s able to conceive and give birth not only to one, but here comes a second son, a second blessing, and she dies.

I’m talking about crouched over in the fetal position with pain. You can about imagine. I told you God’s been telling me that. I was sharing this with you all last episode. When you’re reading the Bible, just slow down. Let God speak to you. Let the image of what’s happening come before you. Let God tell you things that aren’t on the pages. Let God unveil things to you and peel back layers and show you even deeper things. Let Him do that.

That happens by giving God the opportunity to do so. We’ve got to take time, sit down, and get at His feet, but even just slowing down. That may mean you don’t get as much read that day. That’s fine. It’s not about getting much read. It’s about getting much revelation, and much revelation can come out of a single sentence from the Bible because it’s not words or a sentence and punctuation, or a combination of those things. It is God Himself and the Word is God-breathed. It’s life. It’s alive. It’s God who’s alive right now on the pages of this book.

He’s coming into us and He’s feeding us. He’s giving us revelation and revealing to us what’s most important, and that’s His Son, Jesus. If you’ve seen the Son, Jesus Himself said it, you’ve seen the Father. “The Father and I are one.” Same people. This is super important. Interestingly, Jacob, raises his sons, Joseph and Benjamin. Some part of him must be healed and restored because the Bible talks about him raising his children with the wives he still had left and how he deeply loved Joseph, even more than all his other sons.

The other sons were filled with jealousy. Not Benjamin. Not his full brother, but his half-brothers. It was absolutely obvious that their dad loved Joseph more. Joseph is a type also of Jesus Christ. He is a shadow of the substance, Jesus Christ, but we won’t get into that, at least not that I’m aware of. Let the Holy Spirit do what He wants to do. I didn’t plan on it, at least when God was giving me this particular message.

Interestingly, he was healed to some degree because he was able to love like that. Being able to love again is, to me, always a sign that you are being healed by God or have been healed by God. I love how he was able to love again despite that great loss. There’s a reason why God is taking the time to tell us about that great loss before going deeper into what He wants to show us about Himself through the life of Jacob.

Because the brothers were jealous, one day, they plotted to kill Joseph. They were going to murder him. It was Reuben, an older brother, who says it like, “That’s too far. I don’t like this little irritating brother either that the father is head over heels about, but killing him? I’m not going to be able to sleep good at night with that.” I’m paraphrasing. For those of you who haven’t read it, you probably looking for the phrase, “Where does it say he couldn’t sleep good at night?” It doesn’t say that. I’m skimming through. I’m giving you the way I received it.

You can definitely go back and read it. I would encourage you to do so. It’s one of the best in the entire Bible. To me, depictions of Jesus, especially in the Old Testament, so I absolutely love it. They went and they said, “Fine. We got another idea. Why don’t we make some money off of him? Why don’t we sell our own brother into slavery and make some money off of him?” The brothers betrayed him. They sold him off into the Midianites who were heading to Egypt out of Atlanta Canaan where they were with Jacob before. They sold him off for twenty pieces of silver.

How do they explain this to the father? This is not just one of his sons. This is his favorite son. He is, of course, going to be looking for him. This is what takes us to around about verse 33 where they come back and they tell the dad, “Look at this coat you bought, not for every son but for Joseph because remember, he’s your favorite.” That’s what they’re thinking probably. They killed an animal, dip the coat in the animal’s blood, brought it back to Jacob, their father, and told him, “Is this your son’s coat dripping in blood?”

The Bible says in verse 33, “Their father recognized it immediately. He said, ‘Yes, it is my son’s a robe.’” I’m reading from the New Living Translation. “‘A wild animal must have eaten him.’ Joseph has clearly been torn to pieces, then Jacob tore his clothes and dressed himself in burlap.” That’s mourning. “He mourned deeply for his son for a long time.” Don’t forget about Benjamin. It says, “The entire family all tried to comfort him, but Jacob refused to be comforted. He said, ‘I will go to my grave mourning for my son.’” That’s what he was saying to them, and he would weep all the more.

Imagine this woman who he loved and he went through some hail and some high waters to be able to marry her couldn’t have children. Finally, they’re able to in their old age. He treasures this. This is not just a wife. Jacob knows God gave him the deepest desire of his heart. He’s not just a child. This isn’t just a son. This is when all odds were against them. Her barren won’t, her older age, his old age. All these things are pointing and seemingly against them and God breaks through like the powerful Almighty God that He is and does what no human being can possibly, even halfway, do. Let alone bring that to pass. It’s not possible. Not even now.

All these years later, it’s still not possible for humans to do that. As much smart says God has given us, as much medical science has advanced, it’s still not possible by might power or human flesh. It’s only by the spirit and the grace of God. You can imagine how much this man loves Rachel, Joseph, and Benjamin. First, Rachel, he can live with that maybe. Eventually, he was able to get past that hard pill to swallow, but then, Joseph, he was probably like, “Lord, take him. He’s ready to go. Forget it.”

At that point, he hit that low, hit rock bottom, and then crash right through it. That’s crystal-clear right there. The deeper somebody loves, the more of an ability to be hurt. He loved that woman and he loved their son deeply, which is why he mourned, grieved deeply, and continually for a long time. That’s why he couldn’t be confident. The depth of that love was reflected in the depth of his grief. It’s not a joke.

God wants us to slow down and think about that because then, we can see what it was for Jacob to be faced with a challenge like Esther and have to let go and let God. We can see that was no small task. Given the background, the circumstances, what he been through, what he already lost, and what this man had to overcome, and now this? Have we not all been there when we say that? “Given what I’ve been through, what had happened, what I overcame, what God delivered me from, and now this?” That’s where he was at.

We’re going to certainly pick up where we left off next episode and continue on with this series because I do not want to rush the Holy Spirit. Let’s let Him lead us and let us feast and feed off of everything He wants to give us. I thank you, God, for this opportunity. I pray that you continue to bless and surround as a shield with your own presence, power, and favor. Your people who are reading this and their loved ones, God. I thank you that you lead and guide us into all truth and you teach us all things by your spirit.

I thank you, God, that as we seek first your kingdom and your righteousness, all the things we need and even those things we desire are seeking after us. They are manifesting. Breakthroughs are coming in. A decree lasting breakthrough has manifested in our life. If we go back to the problem and the place that once was in a certain condition, God, and we find those enemies that were once there, they’re there no more. In Jesus’ name, I pray. I love you, guys. God bless you.

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