Let Go And Let God (Part 5)

In this episode, you’ll have a look at the stories of Jacob and Queen Esther, and how they let go and let God. Jacob underwent difficult challenges to have Rachel as his wife. When he was able to marry her, it took her many years before bearing children. Did Jacob give up? No, he let… Continue reading Let Go And Let God (Part 5)

TOT 81 | Do It

Whatever He Tells You To Do, Do It! (Part 5)

This episode series reminds us of a very simple yet powerful truth: when you follow Jesus' instructions, you experience the miraculous and enjoy the answer to your prayers! It is the Lord who leads us to our promised land and causes us to triumph, but He doesn't always do it in a way we expect… Continue reading Whatever He Tells You To Do, Do It! (Part 5)

TOT 76 | Come As You Are

Come As You Are (Part 5)

God loves us unconditionally, justified us in His own blood, and doesn’t remember our sins anymore. Those truths are the unshakable foundation upon which all believers stand and the heart of this podcast series titled, Come As You Are. In this episode, Dr. Siohvaughn Funches reminds us of God's unconditional love and this unfailing truth;… Continue reading Come As You Are (Part 5)