Let Go And Let God! (Part 3)

TOT 88 | Letting Go

When we feel worried or sad, we need to remember to let go and let God. In this podcast series, God is strengthening us in His unfailing love for us and in the gift of His righteousness, which He has given us as a free gift. As a result, God is producing in us the fruit of letting go and letting God take over everything that concerns us, and we are receiving all God has for us with joy, peace, and rest!

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Let Go And Let God! (Part 3)

We’re going to be continuing on with our series title, Let Go and Let God. Before we do that, we’re going to recap a bit for those joining us for the first time, and for those who’ve had a busy week and might need a little bit of a refresher. We’re going to take the time and do what we always do, and that’s acknowledged God in prayer. I thank you, Heavenly Father, for the opportunity to get at the feet of your Son, Jesus, and to hear Him. I thank you, God, that the faith to believe comes by hearing and hearing the word of Christ. I believe and declare, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

I thank you, God, that we’ll leave this place not the same but well fed. Faith needs to be fed and I thank you that you are faith feeding us, God, with the bread of life. We are feasting on the bread of life. We are feasting on you, Christ. We are partaking of you in all that you are. I thank you that your power is being released in our life. I thank you, God, that you’ve given to each and every one of us, even more, the spirit of wisdom, revelation, and the knowledge of your son, Jesus.

I thank you that the eyes of our understanding are being supernaturally enlightened, that we may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in us, the saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe according to the working of His mighty power. I thank you, God, that as you bless us to be whole, your beautiful son, Jesus, your Holy Spirit is at work in us and for us and through us, transforming us into His very same image. I thank you God and I believe in declare over our life that is not by might nor is it by power, but it’s by your spirit, God, that everything will manifest and take place.

I thank you, God, that even our prayers will be answered more exceedingly and more abundantly above all we could have ever asked you for, dreamed of or imagined. I thank you, God, that we are taking delight in you and you are giving us as a gift the desires of our heart. I thank you for this sweatless walk with you, God. I thank you, Jesus, that it is finished. I thank you, Lord, for your finished work at the cross. I thank you, God, that you are causing us to bear much fruit that remains as we are abiding in the vine and He’s abiding in us. I thank you that we’re asking you what we desire and it shall be done for us. I thank you, Jesus, that you, the son of man didn’t come to be served, but to serve and give your life a ransom. If you will give you a life a ransom, what is it for you to give us the desires of our heart? We count it as nothing compared to what you’ve already given us. I thank you that we received these things and we even receive things speedily, God, in Jesus name, Lord come. Amen.

Let’s recap a little bit like we tend to do especially for those who are joining us. People are joining in every week. We thank God for that. We want to take the time and catch them up to speed, but I always encourage them to go back and get everything that God was giving us in the previous series, and also in the series that we’re in. We want to get everything we can from God. We want to glean and harvest everything that God has for us. We want to leave nothing behind. We want to be God gluttons. There’s nothing wrong with gluttony when it comes to God. Eat, intake, and receive as much as you can from God and ask him to enlarge your capacity to receive. We don’t receive until it overflows and then say, “God has been good. That’s enough.” No, that’s the time to pray, “God enlarge my coast. Give me spread out. Lengthen my stakes. Spread out from the East and the West. Enlarge my tent because I want to receive all the more.”

Remember, we’re blessed to be a blessing. It’s not just for us and our family. It’s first of all for the glory of God. It is for the advancement of His kingdom. God uses spiritual, practical and natural things to advance His kingdom like money. It takes money to do this so He does do that. We want to ask God to continue and let His provision in every way flow, continue to make us wealthy in every way imaginable for His glory. We want to be wealthy in our health. We want to be wealthy and rich in the goodness of God in our relationships, in our finances as well, in our talents, our gifts and wisdom. We want to be fat with wisdom. Let’s ask God to bless us all the more. He likes it. He takes delight in it. We’re not depending on our self, but we’re depending on God. We’re not looking to man. We’re looking to God and that delights the heart of our father.

Let’s recap a little bit. We began this series with an eternal truth, an everlasting one. It was about God’s heart concerning us. God’s heart concerning us is a heart of perfect, unconditional, unfailing and never changing love. There’s nothing you can do or not do that will change God’s love for you because God is love and you can’t change God. The Bible says, “God is the same yesterday, today and forevermore.” It says, “Jesus is the same who is God in the flesh.” Jesus said, “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father. I and the Father are one.” God is God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

He is that perfect love that cast out fear. I thank God for His unconditional and unfailing love. The Bible says, “Love never fails.” God will never fail you. Even if you’re unfaithful, God says, “He remains faithful.” He sent the answer before any problem, anything you can think of. That answer is in Him. He is His word. We thank God for that. It’s knowing that God loves us perfectly. It’s knowing that His love for us is unconditional, that nothing we do or don’t do is right or wrong. You’re right can increase His love. Your wrong can’t decrease His love. That’s good. There can be no boasting and no pride in the fact that we did this and then it made God do that.

God Is Good

You can’t make God be good. God is good before you even knew who God was. God sent Christ to die for us and that’s doing the most for us before we were able to give our life to Christ, before we were touching and agreeing, before we were praying and fasting, before we were attending church, before we were reading our Bible, before we could read, before we knew what a Bible was, before we knew who God was. While we were still in sin, Christ died for us in fact. God is good and He’s unchanging.

While that removes all boasting and pride from us, we have no right to do so or glory in ourselves or glory in our self-efforts. It’s also good because you can rest in what doesn’t change. You can rest in what doesn’t fail. Knowing you can’t do anything to improve it, but that’s okay because you know you can’t do anything to unimproved it also. You can’t do anything to usher it in, but you can’t do anything either to cast it out. God is love and He will leave the 99 to go after you, the one, every single time. His love is tireless. He won’t get tired. He doesn’t sleep or slumber. He will be on you to save you, deliver you and help you every time, no matter who. If it’s a mess of your own making, that makes God no difference. He’ll still be God. He will still be love. He’ll still be a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

He won’t be there to condemn you. In fact, He’ll be there to condemn any tongue that rises against you in judgment. God is faithful. If we could just have a glimpse of this faithfulness, of this perfect love, no matter which way you turn it, it’s beautiful. It’s perfect. It’s unbending. It’s unchanging. Nothing and no one can change who God is. God is good. He’s not going to let anybody change that. No set of circumstances is going to change that. That’s good news for the children of God, that’s you and I. We’ve given our life to Christ. We can rest in our father’s love for us. We can rest in our daddy’s arms.

TOT 88 | Letting Go
Letting Go: God has a way of you effortlessly letting go and letting God take all your burdens upon Himself, and allowing Him in return to exchange it all for His blessings and the over-answer of your prayers!

Abide In God’s Love

He loves us. It’s like a crazy love. You got nothing on Him. Beyoncé is singing, “You got me looking so crazy right now.” God crazy all the way to the cross. You hadn’t seen crazy, Beyoncé, that you’ve seen the love of God. God’s love is in certain ways nuts. He’s crazy about you and He’s crazy about me. That’s good. For us, we can rest in that. That’s how we’re able to let go and let God. It’s having this revelation and this lifestyle, this walk where we are reflecting on, conscious of, talking about, meditating on, declaring it, thinking it, speaking it, embracing it, saying it, singing it. The love of God, “Abide in my love,” He says. That’s the way you will abide in His love. This is a conscious effort. If you go live in a place, abide in a house, you’re doing that on purpose. You’re packing up and moving your stuff in there. You’re moving your family in there. You’re moving yourself in there. That is something you’re doing. It’s a conscious thing that we’re doing.

We got to stay on that because the battlefield is the mind. You’ve heard that said a lot. I believe that’s absolutely true. Keep those thoughts active, exercise those thoughts is how the Lord taught me this particular life-saving, life-giving principle. We know that God’s love is unconditional. God was telling us to remember, not only that He loves us and meditate on that, but also remember when He did what He did for us.

God’s demonstration of how deeply and perfectly He loves us was by sending His only begotten son. The Bible says, “For God so loved the world that He gave,” He gave as a gift, nobody had to earn it. Nobody had to dot I’s and cross T’s. Nobody had to walk upright before Him. That’s a religious lie. The truth is God gave Jesus. Let’s not do that. God didn’t make us a debtor to Him. He gave a gift. They said, “Go big or go home.” He went the biggest. He gave the most He could by giving himself essentially, His only begotten son and who He loves. He did this as a free gift that whoever would believe in Him would not perish, but have everlasting life.

God Doesn’t Condemn You

God himself has let us know He didn’t send Jesus into the world to condemn the world. If you read the gospels yourself, you’ll see that He didn’t send them in the world to condemn the world but through Him, the world might be saved. That’s all He did. He just went about doing good continuously, teaching, loving, restoring, giving hope, raising the dead, wiping the tears and cleaning the leper. Constantly working tirelessly. This one who said, “I didn’t come to be served, but to serve.” Let’s the real Jesus please stand up and speak for himself. He is very good. Not this religious figure, this religious picture that the devil has tried to paint in the mind of believers, and even in the mind of those who are yet to be saved.

God told us to remember when, and the Bible says that God demonstrated his own love toward us. This is when the real God stands up and He speaks for himself. He demonstrated his own love toward us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. God did the best for us when we were doing the worst against Him. That is not an accident. That’s not happenstance. That’s not a coincidence. That’s something to be reflected on every single day. If God gave me His best and this obviously isn’t for condemnation, your sins are forgiven. There’s therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ ever.

Keep Your Faith Strong

If God will give us His best, if He would do the best for me, we can reflect on this. You would be me in your own life. If God can be His best and give His best while I’m at my worst, and I’m doing my worst against Him, what more will He do now when he’s washed me clean in His very own blood? I was loved perfectly before I even gave my life to Christ. This is a free for all now. There’s nothing He would withhold for me. That should be our meditation. That should be what we know. You can even look at that logically or reasonably. He can lead you to the same conclusion. I never try to introduce reasoning or logic.

People will reason their way right out of faith. In this particular instance, it makes sense spiritually and naturally that God loves us perfectly. We also saw that God made us righteous. He cleansed us in His very own blood and we know that whatever God does, the Bible says, “It cannot be undone.” If God plants something, it can never be uprooted by the hands of a man. That’s a crazy thought. Let’s not be nuts. We know that whatever God does cannot be undone. We know that whatever plan God has, it comes to fruition. No one and nothing can stop it. That’s futile. That’s a mess to try to get in the way of God. “Since God made us righteous, we receive an abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness,” the Bible says. I believe that’s in Romans. Righteousness is a gift. His son is a gift. Salvation is a gift. God is a giver, “For God so loved the world that He gave.” This is His love language, people.

He’s giving free things and these free things, and Jesus is not a thing, but He is the lamb of God slain before the foundations of the world. He was the sacrifice. He is the bread of life. He is everything good. You got to love Him. God gave us the gift of righteousness. He made us righteous with His very own righteousness. God justified you. God justified me. Those who are born again and given their life to Christ and whatever God does cannot be undone.

This is important because the Bible is filled with promises from God that are for the righteous. Feel with them. You can hone in on that and bring that before God. Know that God will not let His word come back void and empty. These things I don’t like to think and pray inwardly. I like to declare them out loud to God because the word of God goes forth and it doesn’t come back void or empty. I like to remind God, for example, “Lord, you said the prayers of the righteous availeth much.” I’m the righteousness of God and Christ Jesus, be it unto me, according to your word in Jesus name. That word is not coming back void and empty. That’s not going to happen. I didn’t speak my own word.

Let Go Of Pride

I didn’t fly off the handle. I didn’t say anything a theologian said. I went ahead and reminded God of what He said. God is faithful to watch over His word and perform it every time. God said, “Let every man be alive, but not Him.” This is good news. The gospel is good news. Now that we remember that and we’ve gotten to know the one who is love much better, I want to tell you some of the other things that God showed me in relation to what He’s teaching us in this series. It will empower us. God was showing me to take this gift of risks that allows us to let go and let God, and see how God is going to amaze us with the way He over answers our prayers.

Let’s take a look at scripture from Matthew and look at the very own words of Jesus Christ himself in Matthew 11:28-30. It says, “Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and lowly in heart. You will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Glory to God for these words. Seriously, if you’ve ever dealt with heaviness, whether it comes in the form of oppression, depression, demands, religious yokes, do’s and don’ts, my God is good news what Jesus is saying.

TOT 88 | Letting Go
Letting Go: There’s nothing you can do or not do that will change God’s love for you because God is love, and you can’t change God.

I don’t know why as a people, we haven’t fully taken advantage of this. I’m saying, “Me first.” I’ll be the first to step up and say, “God help me.” Take full advantage of this gift. Jesus says come to Him and He will give us rest. The part that God was highlighting to me was that He says, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me.” He says, “For I am gentle and lowly in heart.” It’s this part about this lowly at heart that God was showing me. When we let go and let God, it is true humility. We often don’t associate the two. Sometimes we can think of pride in a manner of manifesting as arrogance.

That is true. Pride manifests that way in a very arrogant manner. Not me, someone higher and mightier than thou, holier than thou attitude. “I’m up here and they’re down there. Don’t come near me. Don’t touch me. Do you know who I am?” It manifests like that. We more so recognized that and that’s readily recognizable to us, whether it’s in our self trying to flare up or it’s in others. This particular manifestation of pride is more prevalent, the one I’m going to describe that God showed me because it doesn’t necessarily seem like pride. The devil is crafty. He’s cunning. He does not come with flashing lights, blaring horns and this red tail and large horns, with flames all around him, engulfed in flames. It’s not how He does it. He comes like God said, “Like the father of lights.” He comes as a wolf, but in sheep’s clothing, He doesn’t like to manifest himself as a wolf. He likes to dress in a sheep costume and say things right and try to do things right.

Someone doesn’t even realize their heads being cut off and it’s rolling across their kitchen floor. They realize it and their pupils are dilated with that decapitated head rolling because they didn’t realize Satan was in their midst. It’s a crafty sneaky one. God is here to expose him for our deliverance, for more of our freedom. This particular form of pride manifests in worry. There’s no condemnation. We’ve all dealt with worry. God is not condemning us regardless of what it is. He’s here to deliver us. Remember, God didn’t send His son into the world to condemn the world, but that through Him, the world might be saved.

That’s not only are we saved from our sins and save from hellfire, God wants to save us and everything in our life and family that needs saving. Sometimes let’s be honest. It’s like save me from myself. It wasn’t the devil. It was me when we’re honest. We get transparent with God like that. We can be honest, “I’m not blaming this on Satan. I’m not banding any devils. It was me.” You are well on your way to freedom and deliverance being honest like that. God had told me once, He can’t help when people deny. I think about the gospels and Jesus going around and asking people like, “What did you want me to do for you?” If the blind man would have said, for example, “Nothing like what you think this is? I can see fine. Do you think I need your help? I got my cane. I can fumble around here. If I do fall, so I would. I’m strong. Bleeding and busted knees don’t hurt me. Keep on going, Jesus. Do I look like I need you?”

You haven’t looked at anything your whole life. You’ve been blind from birth. It’s ridiculous. Humble yourself and tell God, “I need your help.” Blind sucks. Get real and roll with God. Don’t hold any punches. God know what we think in anyway, what we need anyway. Pride is a prison, to say the least. It keeps the person bound by the pride in the prison and from getting the very thing they need, which is outside of that cell and in the will of God. God has come to set the captives free. You know that where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. God don’t want obvious pride or subtle pride, big pride or little pride.

God resists the proud, but He gives grace to the humble. We don’t want to be resisted by God himself. That’s a New Testament scripture, by the way, James. God was showing me that pride can manifest as worry. It’s pride to be full of worry and to be full of cares. It is in a sense saying, “I am responsible for this. I can’t figure this out, because no matter what I tried to do didn’t help, because I can’t think this through.” It’s like the world had to start rotating. It’s over. It’s clear that “No one can if I can’t.” Humility is to get to a place where you say, “In and of myself, I can do nothing. God help me or I am not helped. If you don’t save me, I will never be saved. If you don’t deliver me, if you don’t deliver my children, they will never be delivered. God help me.” Throw your hands up and surrender, “Help me, God. I cannot, but you can. Help me or I’m not helped.” It’s just that simple.

When we get to that place, it is a release. It is a letting go as opposed to the pride that says, “I’m not letting this go because I’m going to work on this. I’m going to try to fix this because I can. That’s crystal clear. I’m smart enough. I’m strong enough. I’ll figure it out. I got it.” It’s sneaky pride. Jesus said, “Apart from me, you can do nothing.” The Bible says, “Unless the Lord builds that house, the laborers labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman watch in vain.” God can’t lie. That’s the truth. Even when God says we can do all things, it says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, never in my own strength.” We shouldn’t be doing anything or trying to produce anything ourselves. The truth is it’ll come from the flesh and in the flesh dwells no good thing. If you don’t have any good thing in it, there’s no good thing you can withdraw from it.

You can only get from something that it has. You can’t get water out of the desert, squeezing it out of the sand. It’s just dry there. If you want to draw water, you need to get it from a well. That’s where we get the water from. We want to get it from the vastness of the ocean, from streams that aren’t dried up. We’re not getting it from the desert. Our flesh is a desert place. It’s barren. Nothing good can come from it. Nothing good is in it. Even if you do something and you feel like, “See, I did this,” but it came from the flesh and the flesh has no good thing in it. What did you extract from it? What did you produce? What did you give birth to? It is something evil, so God have mercy on us.

I’ll be the first to tell you if you don’t pipe up and tell God, “Yes, Lord, it’s me and I need a prayer,” I’m like scoot over. Are you still thinking about it? I thought this one through. “God, it’s me and I need prayer. Help me. I renounced the pride in Jesus’ name.” It doesn’t seem proud. It seems responsible. It sounds like you’re being responsible. It sounds like a go-getter. Somebody’s handling their business. These kinds of things people can be pried without God. Now I’m not saying that God would not call us to do things, but it’s is the Lord leading us as many as are the sons and daughters of God are led by the spirit of God, not their flesh. God is not doing this to condemn us. He’s come to set the captives free. We know that we need freedom first, and we’ll be grateful and thankful. We can know when the enemy tries to come in and plant pride in our life, knowing God resists the proud to try to keep us in that prison and problems unresolved.

Needs not met, that’s a sneaky dog. God is here to get us out of that prison called pride, no matter what form it manifests in, arrogance, bragging and boasting, or whether they manifest in worry, threat and anxiety, full of fear. Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m telling you I’m simply just the messenger. I don’t have these profound revelations from anyone, except they are given forth by God. I promise you. I’m not that smart. I’m on stage and I’m in the audience. I’m learning right there with you. Let’s look at 1 Peter, and God show me this in 1 Peter 5:6-7. I’m going to read to you the context that God showed me this in, with the pride going with worry and being full of cares, fears and anxiety.

The Bible says, “Therefore, humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him for He cares for you.” God is not just telling the things that you are concerned about. For the most part, it’s usually serious things that keep people up at night, that will have them pace the floor back and forth. People are not usually doing that over, “They stop making my favorite coffee.” It’s usually not that. I’m not saying that’s not a big deal. I’m a coffee lover, by the way.

TOT 88 | Letting Go
Letting Go: God will never fail you. Even if you’re unfaithful, God says He remains faithful.

God Doesn’t Sleep

I’m saying it’s usually things like people’s marriage is on the rocks. Somebody’s child has left the path that God put them on. It’s things like that that have people are usually threatened. People don’t know how they’re going to pay their bills. They don’t know how they’re going to feed their children. The devil doesn’t come with anything small for the most part when he wants somebody full of worries and cares. He comes doing what we often say in relationships. You know each other’s buttons, you press them. You’re supposed to. It’s like the devil, being a familiar spirit, wants to get to know somebody so he can know those buttons and he cannot press them. He can bang on them. He’s going at it like you don’t need a nap. You’re not tired. This is nuts. Thank God that God doesn’t sleep. He doesn’t get weary because that’s the one who needs to deal with Satan.

We need naps. We got to hit the hay. Let’s let God fight the one that seemed to not get tired. Let Him meet his overmatch at that point. It’s certainly not us. We need to rest. We need to sleep. That’s our position in this. Notice how God speaks about all in the same breath. This is all even in the same sentence right here that God says, “Humble yourselves and cast all your cares on Him.” He cares for us. God knows it’s important. He tells us not to just cast it. This isn’t to trash it. This isn’t an act like whatever with it. When something is very important to you, you usually do something, you get something and you get the best involved.

If you’ve got a problem that is important, naturally speaking, you get the best involved. If somebody’s child is sick, God forbid, they were diagnosed with something like cancer, the parents are researching the best cancer treatment facilities. They’re not taking them to Uncle Joe’s and having them do their family remedy. If a loved one was shot, God forbid, they are not like, “Get the Neosporin and grab me a Band-Aid. Somebody get the sewing kit.” They are in the nearest emergency room. They want it in the hands of an expert that knows how to stop bleeding, remove bullets, deal with the infection. This bullet has caused it. They want them in the best hands and they are running red lights to get them there. It’s no hesitation.

We’re not sitting around thinking about this and there’s no need to cast a vote. We already in our mind and heart at the minute we heard the gunshot go off at the hospital. That’s just honest. We’re pulling up in our mind right now as soon as the gun went off. Nobody does that naturally speaking. How much greater because doctors, unfortunately, sometimes commit malpractice. I’m not trying to take a shot at any doctors. Thank God for doctors. I’m saying sometimes they make mistakes. Sometimes they drop the ball, but God who cares for us will never drop the ball. He will never make a mistake. He cannot fail. He cannot fumble.

If this was football, He’s the one who catches it all the time. He crosses the line is what I’m telling you. He can’t fumble. That’s an impossibility. Even when it looked like Jesus might have not known what He was doing. We say that Lazarus was really sick. He died. This is not a fever and a cough. He is dying. Jesus is like, “I’m going to chill out over here and I’m going to get over there with Lazarus and Martha and Mary in a few days.” I’ll be the first one to keep it real, “Jesus, you don’t look like you know what you’re doing.” I swallow hard saying that, but look at it from our perspective, it’s like somebody makes sure Jesus got the message. “Did you tell Him that I said Lazarus was very sick? Maybe you didn’t emphasize. I’m going to myself because you didn’t say it right.” It’s got to be what Mary and Martha thinking. I’m so serious.

He knows what he’s doing. When Jesus was in that boat and He was sleeping. It looked like that boat was going to be capsized like a hurricane on the water and we’re in it. We don’t just have a beachfront house next to it. We’ve got a little rowboat out here and the waves are crashing and the boat’s filling with water. Jesus is somewhere in the stern. He had on a pillow sleeping. You don’t want to say it, but you probably thought it, “You don’t look like you know what you’re doing. Why is it that this boat is about to be turned upside down in the water, and you decided that this was the time to take a nap.” 

I’m saying He gets up from His nap not because He needs to. Jesus is on that boat. Nobody can take Jesus’s life. He lays it down. As long as He was on that boat, everybody and everything in it was safe. The enemy comes pressing all kinds of buttons that he feels will do it. The disciples freak out and not God. He doesn’t freak out because for what? He sits high and everything is beneath Him anyway, whether He was asleep, come four days later or four minutes early, the point is every knee will bow, every tongue will confess.

Jesus is Lord, bow and submit to His authority. He is Supreme. He reigns above everything. His calmness, His coolness, the time He takes, the sleep He got, the things He does, His unorthodox ways of choosing to do things. It’s all because He’s God anyway. Who can undo it? If He gets ready to move, who’s going to get in the way and survive it. I would be cool too if I had it like that. If I knew it was going my way anyway like I’m in no rush. It’s funny to me whatever we did. We got to remember that God is who He is. He takes our eyes off the storm and put them on God. This is the God who said, “You can cast all your cares upon me because I care for you.”

Before we close and we’re going to continue on with this series and continue to take our time and get from God everything He has for us, I want to share with you what God gave me. Those are some scriptures that show us the benefits of humility. Why not encourage us? That’s who He is. He encourages us to be humble and to trust Him. He’s in control and He’s all-powerful. He’s all-knowing. He is wisdom. Somebody does something wrong to you. They think they’re smart. That’s why they say, “Why are they doing this?” You’re afraid they trying to get you. They’re using some kind of craftiness, evil intelligence, but God is wisdom. He is wisdom. He is on your side.

You might as well kick up your feet, get your Bible out, read it and laugh out loud because the joke is on whoever tried to come against you because they’re not coming against you. They are coming against God. By the time they figure it out, it may be too late. I’m simply saying, kick up your feet, beloved, get your Bible out. Listen to your anointed preaching or read this. Everything is good. All is well with you and your house. Some of the scriptures quickly before we close is James 4:6. It says, “But He gives more grace. Therefore, He says, ‘God resists the proud, but He gives grace to the humble.’” That’s God’s abundant favor. That doesn’t have to be earned. That doesn’t have to be deserved.

You could be standing in the wrong right now. He surrounds you as a shield with His very own favor. You are the righteousness of God in Christ. That favor will take you places that fear, worrying about it, threatened about, and getting sick over, it can never take you. It’s powerless to take you there. If you want to get there, you want to get delivered, you want to get here, you want to get free, this is the key to the door. Luke 14:11 says, “For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, but he who humbles himself will be exalted.” This ought to make you want to run and say, “God me first. I humble myself. I can do nothing, God. Help me.”

The one who humbles himself, God himself exalts them. If God exalts you, who in the world could tamper with that? Who could bring you down if God lifts you up? It’s an impossibility. The New Living Translation version of Proverbs 18:12 says, “Haughtiness goes before destruction.” Before there’s destruction, pride proceeds it, but humility proceeds honor. Who doesn’t want to be honored? Wives, husbands, children, at the workplace, who doesn’t want to be honored? That’s a wonderful thing. If God honors you, you are honored. Remember whatever God does can’t ever be undone. This is good news. In The New Living Translation of Proverbs 3:34, I’m paraphrasing this one. It says, “God gives grace to the humble.”

There’s nothing that God’s grace is not sufficient for. Remember God said, “My grace is sufficient for you. My power, my strength is made perfect in your weakness.” It’s the humility to acknowledge, “I’m weak in this. I am not able to do this. I cannot figure this out. God, I need you to do this for me. I need you to carry this. It’s too heavy for me.” It’s humility. There are all sorts of benefits as we’ve seen of humbling ourselves under the mighty hand of God and letting Him exalt us, and casting our cares upon Him is how we do that. We’re going to continue on with this series and let God give us everything that He wants to pour into us so that we are enabled to let go and let God. Even if it’s not happening all at once, we’re letting more go and letting God. We let some more of it go and let God as long as it is happening beloved.

That’s happening by us doing this one thing that is needful, and that’s just hearing Him. The word is going forth. It’s delivering you. It loosened your grip on the thing you hold so tightly. Keep on hearing the word of Christ. I love you very much. God bless you all and keep you. Make His face continue to shine upon you and favor you, surrounding you as a shield with His own favor and causing you, working in you both to will and to do this. Cast all your cares upon Him, knowing, meditating on, believing, talking and singing all day long about how much He loves you and cares for you, in Jesus name, I pray. God bless you. I’ll talk to you soon.

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