Let Go And Let God (Part 2)

TOT 87 | Let God

Let go and let God! In this second part of the series, Dr. Siohvaughn Funches shows us God’s unfailing love for us. Across life’s difficulties and challenges, His is the only constant light that will help us go through them. God is love and with His love, He takes over everything that concerns us. He is righteous, holy, and blameless as we are righteous, holy, and blameless. Join today’s episode to find inspiration and be reminded of how loving and gracious God is. 

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Let Go And Let God (Part 2)

We’re going to be continuing on with our series titled Let Go and Let God. Before we dive into that and recap a bit for those who are joining us for the first time with this particular series or for those of us who need a refresher, we’re going to pray and acknowledge God like we always do. I thank you, heavenly father, that you, the God of our Lord Jesus Christ have given to each and every one of us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus. I pray that the eyes of our understanding are being enlightened, that we may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe according to the working of His mighty power.

I thank you, Lord Jesus, that you are expounding to us on the scriptures about the things concerning yourself. I thank you for opening up our understanding and causing us to comprehend the scriptures. I thank you, God, that the insurance of your word brings light to us. I thank you that your word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. I thank you, God, for your word promises that in your light, we see light. I thank you, Lord, that you are speaking to us individually and corporately as the body of Christ. I thank you, God, that as we behold your son, your Holy Spirit is at work within us, transforming us into His very same image. I thank you, Lord Jesus, for the opportunity to get at your feet and to hear your word. All of you, none of me. In your name, Jesus, I pray.

Let Go And Let God: Part One Recap

If you were with us on our last episode on this journey, you know that we were letting God lay a foundation for us instead of diving right into the particulars of the teaching that the Holy Spirit gave us, which is very important. When we talk about letting go and letting God, we’re talking about trusting God and faith in action. When you trust someone, you like to know who you’re putting your trust in. It can be a blind trust, because we, as believers are called to walk by faith and not by sight.

While it is a blind trust, naturally speaking and you’ve heard the phrase that, “God works behind the scenes,” and that is very true. He has revealed that to me personally that He does. That’s a true statement about God, but we don’t necessarily walk totally blind because we do have eyes of faith. God does show us things that was, that is and that is to come because God knows the end in the beginning. God can put before us whether it’s a dream in our heart, a prophetic vision. Maybe He gives us a prophetic word. Maybe we’re reading the Bible and it says, “If it came alive or jumped out,” and you knew that you were not just reading about something that happened to some woman back then, but you knew at that moment you could discern God was speaking to you.

He was saying that to you now or about your particular situation, or maybe even when you’re reading this show, there are times when things jump out to you. It’s almost like you feel like Elizabeth when she was pregnant with John the Baptist and Mary came in who was already pregnant with the Messiah I believe by that time. Elizabeth said that the babe in her womb leaped even at the sound of Mary’s greeting. It’s like that baby sees that God has impregnated with that dream. That prophetic word He’s given you destiny, that He’s put inside of you as His very own seed, His very own spermer, that He’s put inside of you. It leaps. When you hear or see something it’s like you know that God is speaking to you about your particular life or a challenge you’re facing or things like that.

Don’t ignore that. I would even encourage you to write that down. I say that because the enemy comes almost immediately. The Bible says, “To steal the sea, to steal the word that was sown into our hearts.” You’re reading this show, it’s very good to read it more than once. The Bible says, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing,” because this isn’t like in a continual tense, “The word of Christ.” Meditation is very important. Psalm 1 tells us that, “He meditates on God’s Law. That’s the word of God for us now under the New Covenant day and night. He’s like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bears His fruit in His season, His leaf doesn’t wither and whatever He does it prospers.”

That’s good news. It sounds like the gospel to me. We want to be and the Bible refers to trees as people. You can see that consistently. All the trees of the field shall clap their hands. That’s talking about mankind. God has shown me that the Bible talks about a prophecy or Nebuchadnezzar received in a dream. He was a tree. Trees in the Bible refers to men a lot of times. We want to be like that tree, planted by the river of water but that tree is hearing and not just hearing anything. The Bible even says, “Be careful how you hear, but hearing the word of Christ.” I know it’s not a coincidence that God didn’t say, “Hearing the word of Jesus.”

He said, “Hearing the word of Christ.” We know it’s Jesus. It is the Messiah, the Son of God, but to call Him Christ at that moment, the Holy Spirit is the author of the Bible and certainly has written every word and left out every with divine intent and purpose. There is no question about that. From the beginning to the end, there’s not even punctuation that was not the perfect will of God written. We thank God for that. When you’re reading and meditating on God’s word day and night, and you’re hearing Him, you’re hearing Christ crucified, everything is filtered through the lens of not Jesus because He had many offices, He did many things, Jesus is Lord.

He says, “Jesus is God. Jesus is a servant King. He’s a teacher. He’s so much. He’s everything good to us.” I’m not just saying that, that sums it all up. He’s the bread of life, the way, the truth but when God talks about hearing our whole Christian walk is a life of hearing, but it’s hearing the word of Christ. Jesus that’s Christ is that part that is sacrifice. That’s that part that takes you back to the cross, death, burial, resurrection, scourge, discouraging. With His stripes, we are healed. We are made righteous by faith in Jesus Christ and what He did. It’s that part of Jesus that should be what you’re hearing. That should be illuminated in every message that you’re hearing.

You should be reminded of who Christ is, what He has done, and what that has done for you. When you see it through the lens, when you filter everything, and hear everything through the lens of Christ crucified, of Jesus Christ is His finished work, that is the gospel. That is what God wants you to keep on hearing. It is a lifestyle of hearing. I would go as far as to say like the air you breathe, do you ever say, “How much breathing is enough breathing?” Some people say, “How much hearing is enough hearing? How do you know if you’ve heard enough?” It’s breathing for us under this New Covenant, daily, eating, feeding.

No one says, “How much food should you eat?” Every day, more than once a day, throughout the day, you eat. We have a spirit man and that spirit man is going to live on and His body’s going to drop, your body’s going to drop, praise God, we get new bodies. It will, but the spirit woman, the spirit man will continue to live on. Feed that. If you have a home that you’re renting or owning, you invest more in the home that you’re owning than you would in the home you’re renting. This body is rented. Your body is rented, but what we own what’s coming with us, what’s going to do last us, not only the long haul but for all eternity is our spirit.

We should invest more in that. Even Jesus tells us about storing up treasures in heaven that moth can’t eat and thieves can’t break in and steal. That’s what He’s saying. That’s your real home. You want to sow seeds, financial seeds, sowing seeds in the kingdom with your words, things like that, your deeds. Do it there. Remember you’re going to be there forever. Here is going to be a blink of an eye compared to eternity. I’m not pronouncing short life over anyone. With long life, God satisfies us and shows us His salvation. I believe God for that for you and me. At the same time, we want to walk in wisdom and His wise to invest in what’s yours and what’s in it not only the long haul but what’s going to be with you forever that makes more sense. Amen to that.

God Is Love

We are looking at who is calling us to this place of trust, letting go, and letting God is a place of trust. It is real faith. It’s faith in action. It’s not just talking about it. This is the walking-it-out part of faith. We got to know who we’re putting our trust in. God was ministering to us last episode about God is love. We went over some scriptures and we saw that from Jeremiah and John. A multitude of things God was explaining to us. It’s important for us to know that God loves us. To remember and meditate on, that God loves us unconditionally. It’s not about if you fail. It’s about when. All it takes to do that is to be human.

It doesn’t take much just are who you are. That’s why that happens. You don’t sin necessarily because you want to. You sin because sin is in the blood. What do you want from me? There are certain things in my blood that’s how you can tell my mom is my mom, and my dad is my dad. I was born like that. Don’t pick on me. It’s in the blood. I’m not making any excuse. I’m simply saying, “Give it the credit that it deserves and now that Christ has been crucified, the credit is none to it, all to Christ Jesus who’s forgiven us.” We talked about also what it costs God because God has always loved us.

TOT 87 | Let God
Let God: God has a way of you effortlessly letting go, and letting God take all your burdens upon Himself, and allowing Him in return to exchange it all for His blessings, and the over-answer of your prayers!

God didn’t love us because of what Christ did. God loved us and that’s why He sent Jesus Christ to do what He did. Love came first. Love was what preceded the problem of sin. God is love. The Bible says Jesus was crucified before the foundations of the world. God always had that plan, Jesus has built way, but to make a way so that God can love us fully, how He wants to. God’s love language is love and to love, one of the things that hurts someone whose love languages love is when they don’t have someone to pour the love out on or they can’t fully express that love. Something is holding it up or it’s being rejected or stifled saying, “I’ll take this much, but not that.” That hurts that giver because love is not meant to be contained.

Love is action. It’s a gift that’s meant to be given. What is a gift if it’s not given? It’s not a gift then. What makes it a gift is a fact that it was exchanged from one heart into the hand of another. God needs to give. He is love. God did what it took to make sure that He can love us as fully as He desired, not us but as fully as He desired. It cost God His only begotten son in whom God is very well-pleased to save us and to bring us into intimate, uninterrupted, unbroken fellowship with God at all times. Remember the Bible says, “There’s no greater love than this, than the one who would lay down His life for His friends.”

God has loved us the greatest that He possibly could. God has given the largest demonstration of His love that He can. The lesser, no matter how important it is, it’s always included in the greater. The greater is Jesus’ life. Jesus is God in the flesh. His sufferings, bloodshed for us, His death that He died was at the death we were supposed to. His resurrection making us righteous before our Holy God is amazing. Whatever it is you’re believing God for, you’re asking God for, no matter how important it is, it is lesser than the greater gift God has already given you. It is a lesser blessing than the one that God has already blessed you with when He laid down His own life, when He poured out His blood and the blood is life. He poured out His life.

God’s Righteousness

He spilled His life out to save ours, to bring us close to Him, to love on us, and to freely give us all things. We don’t have to beg or manipulate God into doing anything. God has already shown us His heart is to give and to do whatever it takes for us. He loves us in ways I don’t think we’ve even began to imagine yet. Let’s remember what it costs God to remove that barrier of sin, that man committed so that He could freely love us the way He desires to cleanse us from all our sins once and for all. We see in the book of Hebrews, not again and again but once and for all, “We’ve been cleansed,” and also to make us righteous with His very own righteousness.

This is super important. I know that Christmas in America is a big deal but the bigger deal is the resurrection. We seem to go over that. People are painting eggs if that’s what you want to do between you and God. I’m simply saying, we got eggs and baskets and it’s like, “I don’t know if we’ve yet have realized what it is that Christ has done for us.” That resurrection, Christmas should be looking very small compared to our celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ because He made us righteous. His being raised from the dead declared us and confirmed that we’ve been made righteous in the sight of God.

Who’s the only judge anyway? Not just with any righteousness, but with His very own righteousness. He clothes us in garments of salvation and covered us with the robe of righteousness. Not a robe of righteousness but the robe of righteousness. That’s Jesus Christ Himself. “The Lord is my righteousness.” Jehovah Tsidkenu, that’s where that prophecy comes from. It was prophet Isaiah that we would declare that. It would be a generation that will come and declare that, “The Lord is my righteousness.” That’s us. That’s Christians. That’s people Born Again who’ve given their life to Christ. You can’t be more right with God, than Him saying, “I’m giving you my very own righteousness. I make you right with me how Christ is right with me. I put you in Him. Exactly as He is so are you in this world.”

This is huge news because the Bible is filled with promises that God made to the righteous. We cannot read those promises and skip over and thinking like that would be nice because if only I was that righteous man or woman that God is talking about in the Bible. When God declares things, for example, like the prayers of the righteous availeth much. God is talking to you. If you’re Born Again, He’s talking to you. We got to remember that. It’s huge. This is like everything right here. This brings us days of heaven right here on the Earth. This causes us to receive effortlessly and to more easily let go and let God.

Let’s go over again Romans 8:32, which is one of my favorite Bible verses where it says, “He who did not spare His own son but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things.” There’s so much in there but the Holy Spirit is letting us know, “If God didn’t spare His own son.” Jesus is holy, perfect, blameless. Every way and everything about Him at all times is perfect, lovely, true, noble, excellent, praiseworthy and beautiful. God did not spare Him to save you, to save me. This is strong right here. If we can grasp this, it’d be over for the devil.

He’s defeated, but he would no longer be effective in our life in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Not in our life directly. He may try to use somebody else to try to make an inroad, but it would have no impact or negative effect on us knowing and believing that God loves us this much. We tend not to doubt that God loved Jesus. He loved Him. He was perfect and He did everything right, this and that. That’s what you’re thinking. God loved us while we were yet in the sand. God’s love is perfect and unconditional. God does love Jesus, but He loves you so much that He gave up Jesus in your place to save you and me.

That’s telling us everything. We could stop right here and going at this point. It is telling us everything, but we’ll keep going. I just want point it out that lesser is included in that greater. God said that with Him, He would freely give us all things. This question is rhetorical. It’s meant to answer itself when you slow down and think about what the question is asking. If God didn’t spare His own son whom He loved the greatest thing, if He didn’t spare His own life, there’s no greater love. If He didn’t stop or hesitate from doing the most for you, for paying the highest price He could pay, you got to understand that the highest price paid with that, is lesser prices in it.

He gave you Jesus freely. Salvation is not something we work for. We believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ and we are saved through grace, by the grace of God, through faith. That’s how that happens. That’s not anybody trying to please God, bounce around, do this, and do that. We are saved by grace, through faith, and now the devil wants to come and try to say, “Hold on to it or to retain it, you better get busy doing this and doing that and get burnt out on religion. Instead of walking in intimate fellowship with God and living a life of rest is living a life of like the Israelites did with Pharaoh before God caused him to let His people go and it’s like a taskmaster over you.”

Thinking of God as a taskmaster, instead of a father. The devil was nasty and disgusting and has wanted to pervert who God is and His love for us from the beginning. You see it all the way back in the garden and it’s still happening now. He’s dumb. He can’t do anything different. He’s not the creator so he keeps doing the same thing again and again. The question is whether we’re going to allow his old trick. He’s ancient at this point to work again in our life or are we going to put off foot down and believe God and take Him and His word. He loves us unconditionally. There’s nothing you did to make that happen. There’s nothing you can do to make it continue to happen.

God loves us because He is love. That’s how He is. You can’t make me a woman. I’m already a woman. You can jump up and down all day long, do what you will say, what you will. You’re not changing that. It’s an immutable fact. It was like that before you got here. It was like while you’re here. It will be like that if you leave. Some things are what they are, even greater. God is love. It is what it is. He loves you because of Him. He’s that good. There is no need for us to think about how not good we are, but it’s about God and His love.

Know that the lesser blessings, the things you’re praying for and I don’t mean lesser as in they’re not important or significant. If it matters to you, it does matter to God. I’ve prayed for pimples before. That’s honest. I’ve asked God, “Can you do this with my abs? Can you trim off this? See, God this little thing right here on my hip? Slim that down for me, Lord Jesus.” I’ve seen God do it. Somebody may say, “That’s vanity. That’s shallow.” God hears me and He’s answering. You sit up there with the thing on your hip if you won’t do or you can open your mouth and pray. You can fit back into your old skinny jeans you like.

TOT 87 | Let God
Let God: Love is action. It’s a gift that’s meant to be given.

God is good. If it matters to you, it matters to Him. I’ve seen it in my own life. I thank God for that. He is a friend to us. it’s wonderful to be in fellowship and have a relationship with God. Let’s go to 2 Corinthians 5:21. We’re going to touch on His righteousness. It says, “For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” This is very important because all the promises in the Bible that God has made to the righteous are our portion. Let’s look at Galatians 3:8. It says, “And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, preached the gospel to Abraham beforehand saying, ‘In you, all the nations shall be blessed so then those who are of faith are blessed with believing Abraham.’”

We know that God called Abraham an heir of the cosmos. That’s his inheritance and that matters to us because God said, “If you’re in Christ, then you’re Abraham’s seed.” If you are a seed of Abraham, then this inheritance is also yours. That’s not just father Abraham’s inheritance. It’s passed down to his seed, his lineage, that’s us. We don’t have to be Jewish. It’s fine to have been a Gentile as long as you’re Born Again, now you are a part of Abraham’s seed through Christ because Christ was the seed that the Bible was talking about when speaking to Abraham. Look at Romans 4:21-25 says, “Being fully convinced that what he had promised, he was also able to perform,” this is talking about Abraham as well, “Therefore it was accounted to him for righteousness.”

It’s being fully convinced. In other words, believing and having faith in that what God had promised, he was also able to perform. Therefore, it was accounted to him for righteousness by faith, not by what we do or don’t do, not about dotting I’s crossing T’s, keeping the law, and doing that you do’s and you dont’s. It has nothing to do with that. The Bible says, “No man is justified by the law.” Those are God-breathed words right there. That’s a closed-door right there. I don’t know why we’ve been kicking it down and trying to get in it and no one can be justified bad anyway, thinking that if we can keep it, then we may righteous with God, then we’re justified before God.

God said the exact opposite and God cannot lie. He’s the judge. He would know what’s right and wrong. What’s going to work and what’s not. He knows everything. God said, “No man is justified by the law.” Lay that law down. Jesus fulfilled that for you anyway. You’re an heir so you go ahead and receive that like you did your salvation. It’s a free gift. No one can earn it. It cannot be earned. God himself said that. It says, “It was not written for Abraham’s sake alone, that it was imputed to him.” Righteousness was imputed to him. We know that Abraham lived before the law was given when God gave it through Moses. It says, “But also for us.” This wasn’t written down just for Abraham’s sake to know that righteousness was imputed to him, that he believed, and then God declared him imputed to him God’s very own righteousness, but it was also for our sake.

This is relevant for us. All of this was pointing to Jesus Christ. It shall be imputed to us who believed in Him, who raised up Jesus, our Lord from the dead, who was delivered up because of our offenses, our sins, and was raised because of our justification. God has already justified us and made us righteous. This is super important because the enemy has tried to condemn us as a human race from early on and He’s still trying the same thing now. We cannot walk in condemnation. We have to know that God Himself, the only judge. The devil was not the judge. You, me, your pastor, spouse, parents aren’t the judge and you are not the judge of yourself or others either. Praise be to God. We’re not the judge.

God is the judge and God is the justifier. When I say, God is the judge I’m not saying like God is out to fault find. Your faults have been found at the cross and mine too. That’s done. That’s finished. Like Jesus say, “It finished.” Jesus doesn’t do something and halfway do it. He’s the author and the finisher. If anybody knows how to finish something, it would be the Omega after all. He’s alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. I suppose He knows how to get the end done. He doesn’t start something to not finish it. He finished it. That’s done. You are forgiven completely. It was done way back then. You are justified God Himself.

God is no longer your judge. He judged all your sins already. That case is closed. No defendant has a judge put the gavel down and say, “You are free to go. You are not guilty,” and they filed an appeal saying, “I should be sentenced.” You changed your mind. No defendant does that because they aren’t going to jail, anyway. If they do, the judge is going to declare them insane, have them locked up and they don’t get to go to jail. They’ll go to the nuthouse because they’re going to look crazy if they do that. We have unfortunately been doing that for way too long.

God has said not guilty. We want to say, “But.” No buts. It’s time to say, “Thank you even if I don’t understand everything, even in my own human concept the justice is like, even if the devil was trying to condemn me. Even in my own consciousness is trying to condemn me, thank you anyhow, God. I’m free. I’m not guilty and declared righteous, I’m out here. Let’s go celebrate.” You get out of that courtroom quickly. God is not just a judge. He’s not sitting as a judge for us, Christians anymore. God is sitting as our justifier. He justifies us. God is the one who reminds us and convicts us. Our sins are put away and He doesn’t remember them anymore.

We can forget them. It’s not irreverent for you to forget your sins. It’s godly. It’s Christ-like. After all, that’s what Christian means. God has forgotten. He said, “For my own sake, I don’t remember your sin no more.” That remembrance that I think and do so much damage, God being God said, “For my own sake, I don’t remember no more.” We have to remember to forget. If you’re going to remember something, remember to forget. They remember that God forgets and so it’s all right for you to forget. You following in His footsteps. It says in Acts 10:15 too and this was when Jesus had appeared in a vision and was speaking to Peter in a dream or in a vision, He said, “Again a voice came to him a second time, ‘What God has cleansed is no longer consider unholy.’” That’s the New American Standard Bible version.

I felt from God to touch on that because we are not to condemn ourselves. We’re not supposed to let anyone else judge us. God is not even judging us. God has justified us. He doesn’t sit as a judge. He sits as justifier. We’re not smarter than God. We don’t know better than God. If God says, “What Christ did is sufficient, all your sins are forgiven. They are put away. I remember them no more. You are righteous, holy and blameless as I am righteous, holy, and blameless because I didn’t make you righteous with somebody else’s blood, somebody else’s righteousness. I went myself to the cross for you and did it. I justified you and cleansed you with my own perfect sinless blood. I’m the only one who sits in judge my own work. What I did and what my son did for you, I judge it as perfect, finished and eternal.”

TOT 87 | Let God
Let God: God is good. If it matters to you, it matters to Him.

We got to humble ourselves and go with God. What should we be saying? “Amen and thank you. God be it unto me according to your word.” We’ll know that we have a real Amen and I think this can be a battle sometimes back and forth because the enemy would try to condemn us. Our own conscious sometimes would try to condemn us. Other people unfortunately would try to condemn us, but we got to remember what the Lord Jesus said and He is God.

Beloved Born Again Christians, God has cleansed you. He cleansed me and, “Whatever God has cleansed don’t you let anyone, no one call unclean. Whatever God has done, cannot be undone,” the Bible says. We got to take God at His word. You don’t have sin and I don’t have a sin or an accumulation thereof. That’s more powerful than what God did. That’s a crazy thought. We can be a lot of things, but let’s not be crazy. That is absolutely absurd. It’s absurd to think that. That’s craziness. The case is closed. The judge has judged it and the justifier has justified you in His very own blood, cleansed you from every offense in His very own blood, and clove you with His robe of righteousness, which is His very own righteousness just as Jesus is right now, perfect, blameless, holy so are we in this world because of what Jesus did for us.

There’s nothing after that, but an Amen and praise. There’s a life of thanksgiving and humility because we know in and of ourselves, we could have never done that. We’re humble and grateful. There’s a whole life of thanksgiving and humility. It’s a life where we’ve allowed the grace of God to be imparted to us. We’ve received it. Now that we’ve received it, we can give it. We can be gracious. You can’t give what you don’t first have. It’s important that we receive this. We’re wondering why feeling like it’s hard to walk in love, to forgive, and you can’t let the bitterness go.

I wouldn’t even deal with the bitterness and the unforgiveness. Nobody starts saying like mom was saying, “Don’t even worry about being unforgiven.” That’s not what I’m saying. First of all, don’t worry about anything including that. Your focus shouldn’t be on receiving from God, keep on hearing Him, seeing Him, getting to know Him, getting to know what He did for you. When you realize how loving and gracious He is, when you receive that love, abundance of grace, and the gift of righteousness, you reign in life through the one Jesus Christ. The Bible say is, “Then you’re able to.” That first thing received the abundance of grace. You notice it wasn’t a little grace. it’s an abundance of it because we keep on dropping the ball.

It’s a life of dropping the ball and remembering that God is gracious and for the blood of Jesus, I would have busted it wide open. This is real talk. That’s what Christianity is. It is not a bunch of people perfect in their behavior. That’s why people have called us hypocrites because they don’t know. They don’t understand what this is. They don’t get it. “I’m righteous by faith, not by works. You thought it was about work. That’s your bad, not mine.” This whole thing is walking by faith and not by sight. I receive everything from God by faith, by believing and not by doing. Just because somebody doesn’t understand that, doesn’t mean you allow them in any way directly or indirectly to call you unclean. Don’t do it.

God even said in Proverbs 17, “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the just, both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord.” This is what I mean. Don’t let anybody condemn you. You are just because God called you just, and God can’t lie. God didn’t do that to make you feel good. God’s not going to be a liar to stroke you or to float your boat or make you feel a certain way. He won’t be a liar for any of us. The Bible says, “Let every man be a lamb of God. Be the truth.” God’s not going to lie for you or me. He is not going to be unrighteous for any of us.

He loves us but He is not doing that. This is what I’m telling you. God has called you just, made you just, calls you clean and what He calls clean, let no one dare call unclean. Who He has justified, let nothing you’ve done, let nothing you thought condemn you. There is therefore now, no condemnation. That’s why God tells us to come boldly to His throne. “I’ve justified you in my own blood. I made you righteous. I don’t even remember your sin. Run to the throne, brother.” God is waiting with open arms. If people yet to understand that or made me feel like it should be a different way or they thought Christianity was something different, that’s their bad, not yours.

You better go with what you know and you know, God has justified you in His own blood and has told you, has commanded you. Come boldly to His throne, boldly through the blood of Jesus. That is the God who loves us and that’s what we’re meditating on before we get into the examples. We’ll do that next episode of people who let go and let God. It all went not only well for them, but much better than they hoped, dreamed and desired. God is not a respecter of persons. Thank you all very much. I love for God to minister to you and me because that’s what happens.

A lot of this stuff is not in my notes and in me preparing, I still like to leave all the room for the Holy Spirit to flow and for us to be able to hear Him. Not be confined to whatever revelation He gave me and I put on the pages of my notes. God bless you all. May God cover His word that He’s planted in us even from the beginning of this show with the blood of Jesus, and may God call it to bear much fruit that remains. If people haven’t given their life to Christ, I encourage them to do so.

The Bible says, “If you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, you are saved.” I want to urge you to do that. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Confess with your mouth, “Jesus Christ, you are my Lord. You are my savior. I believe you died for my sins and God raised you for my justification and all that you are and everything you’ve done, I do receive. Be it unto me, according to your word.” It is simple so that all can come. God chooses not to lose one. I love you all very much. I’ll be talking to you soon. God bless you all, keep you and protect you, in Jesus’ name.

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