Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 13)

TOT 70 | Waiting Room Wisdom

In His love for us, God continues to give the wisdom needed to go from pending petitions before Him to possessing every promise! Not only that, but God, in His infinite love for us, reminds us why we have absolutely nothing to fear! In this thirteenth Waiting Room Wisdom episode, Dr. Siohvaughn Funches tells us that God is for us, so no created thing can be against us successfully. It is Jesus Christ Himself who fights our battles and has already won the war!

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Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 13)

We’re going to be continuing on and possibly finishing up our series titled Waiting Room Wisdom. If you’ve been with me on this journey, you know why I’m laughing a bit about that. This is the longest series to date that we’ve had on this show. If you’ve been with me, I’ve discussed as to why I believe the Lord allows for this particular series to be the longest one. It is a series where God is imparting to us much needed wisdom. If you had the wisdom or the revelation, a reminder because we’re called under the new covenant to fight the good fight of faith. Faith is something like fuel. Fuel in a tank needs to be refueled and refilled up.

You use it. You expend it. It’s like the currency of heaven. You spend money on Earth. Eventually, you’ve got to put more back in your pocket so you can spend some more. It’s the same thing with faith. We’ll utilize our faith. We’ll expend our faith. We expend our faith even with other people believing with them and things like that. We’re constantly to be fed because the enemy is for certain after our faith. All we’re called to do under this new covenant is believe. It makes sense. Wisdom is clearly a principle thing as God has been telling us. We are here on what I believe is episode thirteen of this series. As I said, I still can’t promise you we’re going to finish. I want God to simply have His way.

If God is saying it, we need it. I’m not arguing with that. Before we dive in deeper and recap a bit for those who are joining us, we get new people joining us every single week. We want to take a moment and do what we always do and that’s pray. I thank you, Heavenly Father, and I praise you for the opportunity to get at the feet of Jesus and for us to hear His word. I thank you that you are given to each and every one of us, all the more, the spirit of wisdom and revelation and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. I thank you that the eyes of our understanding are being enlightened and you are causing us to know what is the hope of His calling.

What are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in us, the saints, and what is that exceeding greatness of His power towards us who believe according to the working of His mighty power? I thank you, Jesus, that you’re in our midst. I thank you, Lord, that you’re expounding on the scriptures to us about the things concerning yourself. I thank you for your Holy Spirit, which is leading and guiding us into all truth, teaching us all things, and opening our understanding that will comprehend the scriptures and know you more. I thank you, Lord, that as we obey you, as we are doing the one thing that you said is needful.

I thank you that you have taken care of the rest of the things even before we open our mouth to speak. I thank you, God, even those things we are unaware of that we even need to pray. I thank you that your mercy, your favor and your great love for us, God, is covering those things. You’re doing what’s needed that we even yet to realize is needed. We praise you. We worship you. We bless you and thank you for your love, your goodness, and your faithfulness to do everything you promise and to continue to remain the same, no matter what, in Jesus’ name.

Proverbs 4:7

If you’ve been with us, you know that we’ve had two key scriptures, but our main one comes from Proverbs 4:7. I say this for those getting in on this good stuff. It’s, “Wisdom is a principal thing. Therefore, get wisdom and in all your getting get understanding.” Now, we say it and can’t stress it enough. If God himself takes the time to speak, we know God doesn’t speak an idle word. If God takes the time to call out something as principal, primary, of most importance, God can’t lie. He is wisdom. If he’s saying wisdom is a principal thing, it definitely is. He doesn’t end it there. He tells us to get wisdom. In this series, God is not only imparting to us faith but primarily I believe God has given us wisdom. God told me before, wisdom wins wars, not brute strength.

Sometimes people think they’ve got to be stronger, more clever, or have this certain favor with the boss and things like that. It’s none of that. It’s the favor of God. It’s the wisdom of God that’ll take you where you need to be. God spoke to me some years ago and told me wisdom wins wars. A lot of us are in warfare now. I feel like we’re in a real love battlefield at this point. Wisdom is the one that wins. It causes us to succeed without unnecessary processes or loss. I’m all for the wisdom of God. Praying for the wisdom of God is a daily prayer. Asking God to give us our daily bread. What is needed today? What instruction do you have for me leading with those daily prayers, protection for today?

Those are usually things we are praying for daily, but I believe wisdom is something we ought to ask God for as well. The Bible talks about asking God for wisdom and He gives it freely without finding fault. Wisdom is something that can bring to you true riches and even monetary riches and, yet, God gives it freely. He’s made this easy for us and He gives it to us without finding fault, without reproach. God is very good. In all things in the word of God and every promise of God, we are a faith-filled prayer away. Glory be to God for that.

To recap a bit, God was speaking to us about what we should do while we’re in this waiting room. We know that waiting room is that place where it’s like that in-between place, God has already made the promise or you’ve laid claim of a promise in the Bible. You’re waiting on God to manifest it. It’s after the promise has been laid hold of where you believe in God for a promise or promises. It’s before the manifestation. We know that some manifestations are instantaneous.

We know there are times when God answers us and He manifests the answer and we haven’t even formally prayed. We have the desire in our hearts. We’re delighting in Him and He’s doing it. We didn’t pray. We didn’t fast. We didn’t touch and agree. He just did it. We’re glad He did because we wanted that. There are times too, when God will give us a promise, a dream, a prophetic word, or we lay claim of a promise in the Bible because remember all the promises of God are yes. In Christ Jesus, they are amen from Genesis to Revelation. All the conditions of those promises have been fulfilled by Jesus Christ for the new covenant believer, for those of us who are born again and put our trust in Jesus Christ.

TOT 70 | Waiting Room Wisdom
Waiting Room Wisdom: Wisdom will win any warfare you face!

That part is taken care of when God says, “If you do this, then I’ll do that.” If you do this part, it is done. It is finished. Christ finished the work. He’s the only one who could keep God’s law perfectly. He did so on our behalf and on behalf of anyone willing to believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ, and be saved. With that comes an inheritance. That inheritance includes every promise of God, conditions are fulfilled without exception. The way to possess them is to believe. God has given us the wisdom during those times when we have to wait for God to manifest it, that we don’t dismay, we don’t lose hope, and we don’t give up. When the enemy, who Jesus already told us is after that word, he wants to steal the word out of our hearts.

If it takes root is bearing much fruit that remains and God is glorified. Read about it in John 15. Satan doesn’t want that. We got the word of the testimony and the blood of the lamb overcomes the enemy. He doesn’t want you to have a testimony. God forbid, he’s thinking you go and tell other people. It’s like, “Cat’s out the bag. All these people know God is good. All these people know God is gracious. They all believe in God.” The whole Earth is filled with miracle signs and wonders and the glory of God and Satan is losing his lunch. He’s sick to his stomach. He doesn’t want that. He can’t hurt God directly. He knows not to do that. He tries to hurt Him by hurting us and trying to get us to forfeit or give up on a promise or lose faith.

Prepare For Your Blessing

In turn, we realize, “Where was God? Why didn’t God?” We’re even disappointed with ourselves like, “I should have waited. I should have believed.” We were doing all of that. He wants to take us in that cycle of mental defeat. To avoid that, God has given us the wisdom that we need for that period of time. We’re super grateful for that. God already spoke to us earlier on about what not to do. Last time, He talked to us about what to do, this is the fun part. God was telling us to prepare for your blessing. You should be preparing for the manifestation of the promises God made you. God told us in no uncertain terms, faith will have you ready. It’s one thing to say you believe God. It’s another thing that saying bears fruit.

You walk it out. You talk the talk and you walk the walk. You do them both. Faith is fruit. The fruit of faith is that you’re ready. Your preparation is the fruit of your faith. It’s keeping alive that promise. You’re very powerful sons and daughters of God. It’s not just anything. Remember, even Jesus rubbed and made clay and put it on the man’s eyes. He was healed. When He reached out His hand and touched someone, he was healed. When He spoke words, people were set free. The dead man rolls up. Our actions, our movements, our words are filled with power. You’re filled with the Holy Spirit. You’re not just walking through your kitchen. The devil can’t tell. He’s like, “It looks like Jesus to me.” Don’t ever forget that you’re the one with the power.

You’re not the one shaking and trembling. The devil is and he would like nothing more than to get you to mentally take his place so that he can try to steal yours. You’re the one who Jesus gave all power and authority to and He didn’t stop there. He said over the enemy, “You’ll trample upon serpents and scorpions. Nothing shall by any means harm you.” The devil is super nervous. You make him extremely nervous. You know that whole phrase backing a cat up into a corner. That cat looks crazy. He’s backed up into a corner, paws going everywhere. Hair sticking up off of his little fluffy allergic head. The cat is going nuts and he looks tough. That cat is not tough. That cat is scared to death. That’s the enemy. He’s that cat backed up into the corner, looking crazy, looking tough, and praying you don’t call his bluff by simply believing. This idiot is a joke. I literally laugh at him.

God has given us that wisdom. As I said, this is the fun part, the preparation part. God brought us back to Isaiah 54, which is where we began along with the verse from Proverbs. We saw in this Scripture that God tells us to prepare for the promises. He also lovingly told us why. Further, we saw that God, in His foreknowledge, He is wisdom. He knew that the enemy would come against His instruction telling us to prepare by trying to get us the fear, shame. Fear always works on hypotheticals. God told me if you’re having thoughts and they start with what if, that’s the spirit of fear trying to minister to you.

You’ve got to shut that down. I’m from the Chicago area. We had this saying like, “If it was a fifth, we’d all be drunk.” We’re not wasting time with those ifs. I know that may be easier said than done. God gives us the strength and He gives us that practice where our first response is no longer panic. It is praise or things like that. We’re a work in progress. We’re all on the potter’s wheel. We have no shame in that. That’s the will of God. God loves us perfectly. When we’re off the potter’s wheel, He’s not going to love us more. We might as well enjoy the perfect love of God. It’s perfect now. Not for the future only, but it’s perfect for the present. It was perfect for the past, even when we were at our worst.

Praise be to God for His unconditional love. The enemy will try to make us fear shame saying, “What if it doesn’t happen? What if you go out and by faith, you believe in God for a new house and by faith, you fill out an application? By faith, you hire a realtor.” He’s like, “What if it doesn’t happen? They’re going to mock you. this is going to look like this. You’ve wasted your time.” He’s like all this crap, but the enemy doesn’t know anything. He tries to even hang around us sometimes to try and get a whiff of what did God tell you. He has no clue. God is not communicating with this fool.

Do Not Fear

He tries to get it out of us and use certain things to try to provoke us to talk. God is good. He told us, not only in this scripture to prepare for the promise, but He dealt with that tactic of the enemy by telling us not to fear. He doesn’t say that blanket. He could have. That would have been good enough because if He’s saying don’t fear, it means period. Don’t fear. He goes and gets specific about not fearing shame. He wants us to prepare and not to fear because we will not be put to shame. Remember, God can not lie. Not only that, God is the truth. Furthermore, God is good. He loves us very much. God is not spending time lying to us. That’s for certain.

In Isaiah 54, to be specific, I’ll read it. It says, “Do not fear because you will not be ashamed, neither be disgraced. You will for because you will not be put to shame.” This is so nice, He said it twice in a row. God is coming against this thing. For you will forget the shame of your youth and you will not remember the reproach of your widowhood anymore. I look at that as past experience, even before Christ. Before times when things we didn’t understand, the enemy has tried to come to clothe us in shame. That’s not your portion.

There’s no shame in God. He goes on and He tells us all of this, “Not to fear. You won’t be ashamed. You won’t be disgraced. You will not be put to shame.” He’s going on and on about this. He says, “For here’s our because.” Why? It would be good enough if He said that full stop because God can’t lie. Let’s give Him the reverence He’s due. God is tender and loving. He’s like a tender ship not like He is, a tender good shepherd that’s so patient and long-suffering. God works with us. I know. It’s like He loves what He does. You’ve got to love what you do to be this patient. God goes on and says, “For your maker is your husband, the Lord of hosts is His name and your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel. He is called the God of the whole Earth.” We see here, God tells us not to fear, but he’s so loving. He tells us we won’t be ashamed. He goes on further and tells us why.

It’s because of God. For your maker, God is your husband. The Lord of hosts, that’s God. It’s His name and your Redeemer, that’s Jesus, that’s God. He’s the Holy One of Israel, that’s God. The other name of God, He is called God of the whole Earth. This is why, people, He’s reminding us. Not only is He a maker, a creator, but He’s yours in the tenderness of a husband. I know people might not have had the best experience with a husband. I personally can relate, but God is not like a husband clothed in the flesh. He’s the perfect husband. He’s that ideal guy. He’s that romantic movie you watch that time on Hallmark and say, “If only.” He’s greater than that guy because there’s usually some dramatic process even in the Hallmark Channel. Yes, I’m hopelessly romantic. I’ll watch the Hallmark Channel from time to time.

TOT 70 | Waiting Room Wisdom
Waiting Room Wisdom: It gives glory to God when your promise manifests. God is vested in your promise too, and He’s made it where the word of the testimony and the blood of the lamb defeats the enemy.

God is God and being God, He doesn’t necessarily come off. The tender part is the husband. That’s the personal part. When you’re married, that’s your husband. There’s something like, “This is my husband.” It’s not just a husband and it’s like everybody on the block. It’s mine. That one’s yours. You guys stay over there. It’s yours and God is letting you know that. There’s something personal there. God is God. He’s powerful. That’s great. That’s wonderful. What does it avail? You’re like, “Somebody else’s husband is very handy.” If yours is not, it’s like it doesn’t avail you if something breaks. It helps to know that He’s not only God all-powerful but that He’s your husband willing to use His power on your behalf. That’s super important. God makes that connection.

There’s not an idle word in the Bible. God is His word. That’s like a part of God being idle or useless. That’s not going to happen. God’s guarantee to us that we will not be put to shame when I hope and trust is in Him and His word. He is His word. It is because of Him. He’s the one who’s going to make the difference. He’s the one who made the promise. He’s the one who’s going to make sure it comes to pass. He’s the one who’s going to fight any opposition. He’s the one that’s going to put your enemies to shame. He’s the one who’s going to protect you from shame. He’s the one who’s going to reward your faith. He’s the one who’s not going to allow you to be disappointed. Even if they are mocking you and laughing, He’s the one who’s going to turn it around.

He’s the one that comes and says the ditch they dug, I made them fall into it. I called you to escape safely. He’s responsible for that. God neither sleeps nor slumbers. Your enemies already don’t stand a chance. They’ve got to get some shut-eye. That tells you right there. They lost the shut-eye part. I’m saying they’re defeated already. To me, that makes common sense. You’ve got somebody who doesn’t need to sleep so He’s working continuously all night, every night, all day, every day and with the word. His feet are propped up. I’m saying it or thinking it and it’s happening. That’s no match for all the devils and all the hell. It’s not a match. You know everything. You can do anything. All power is yours. It’s like a mockery. I don’t know why Satan wastes his time. He is the real idiot. Will the real idiot please fall flat down, not stand up?

God Is Fighting Our Battles

God cannot fail. We know that. God is the one who’s fighting our battles. You go through and read 2 Chronicles 20 again and read it again because faith comes by hearing the word of Christ. We knew that from the beginning of this journey. We talked about it at length. Faith is our only battle. That’s our only battle. We don’t try to make it happen. We don’t have to squeeze it, struggle with it. Trust me, I know that that’s easier sometimes said than done. Many times, God is like, “Let it go.” I’m like, “I let it go,” and I’m like, “Before noon, I picked it back up. I have not arrived.” It’s me in the need of prayer. I get it. Trust me. I’m human like everyone else. It is important for us to remember this. Even if we’re like, “What happened? I don’t know, God. Please God, remind me, strengthen me. God, restore me in my faith and my hope in you.” You’ve got to sometimes cry out like that. For the most part, you’ve got to do the crying out. You cannot give up. Giving up is not an option. It’s simply not an option for us. Let’s take it off the table, born again sons and daughters of God.

Faith is our only battle. We know that in the new covenant, we’re called to believe. That’s how we access the blessings of God. We’ve got to remember our God is unstoppable. He’s also our father who loves us with unconditional and everlasting love. It’s His delight. God’s love language is to give. How do we know that? When we were at our worst, how did He respond? He responded by giving to us our best and He tells us why. “It’s because I so love you. I’m so in love with you.” I’m saying that’s when you were at your worst. Now, you’re in Christ Jesus. The old man has been crucified with Christ and is no longer you who lives, but Christ who lives in you and through you. I don’t see it going downhill from here. Why would it go downhill? On our worst day, He gave us the best. It’s uphill from here.

All God can do is with it, give us the rest of the stuff because the lesser is included in the greater. No matter how important these things we’re praying for, I know people are praying for things that are important. I know that. I’ve got a couple on my list too that is very important. Don’t dare tell me this doesn’t matter. It will never mean more than what God gave up to demonstrate His love for you and I. God has already proven His love is absolutely perfect. He’s already proven He has no problem giving. God is not a grudging giver. You don’t have to spend time trying to convince and persuade God to do something like give. He gave Himself. The Bible says, “No greater love than the one who would lay down His life or give up His life for His friends.” I’m saying He called us friends. You know how you treated God because I know how I treated God. He calls us friends. I’m simply saying God is so good, maybe more of the struggle is believing that God is that good because who else is? That’s why Jesus said, “There’s nobody else good but God.” That’s real talk, Jesus. That’s straight talk, as we call it from Chicago.

God does love us like that. This is not hard for God, whatever you believe in Him for, not only not hard in power, but it’s not hard in giving and wanting to give. As the leper asked Jesus, it was like, “Lord, I know you can cleanse from leprosy, but are you willing? Do you want to do it?” The answer was then what it is now. “Yes, I do want to.” Jesus even says in John 15 one of the reasons why. He loves us. He also says, “By this, my Father is glorified.” Sometimes we like to give glory to God. That’s not lip service and giving glory to God. I know it involves giving credit where it’s due, but for God, I would not be where I’m at now.

I would not have the blessing of beautiful children and things like that. That’s true. That’s a giving of glory to God, but it gives glory to God when your promise manifest. God is vested in your promise too and He’s made it where the word of the testimony and the blood of the lamb defeats the enemy. He knows it doesn’t just help you, but it helps the rest of the bride of Christ who He equally deeply loves. We’re all in this together. We don’t have to beg God or try to convince God to be gracious or be good. God was good. God was gracious long before we realized it. He will be good and be gracious for all of eternity, forever and ever, amen. He’s going to keep doing that. You didn’t have to talk Him into it. I didn’t have to talk Him into it.

God First Loved Us

When you met God, He was already God in all His attributes, He was already love. That’s true love. He was already a giver. As the Bible said, Jesus was crucified before the foundations of the world. Before you prayed, before your granny took you to church, He was already all those things. It’s a waste of time to try to talk Him into these sorts of attributes. God is already good. I love Him. I cannot help myself because He first loved me. That’s also straight to Him. That’s real. If you’re going to be honest with yourself, the truth is we love Him because He first loved us. That is the truth.

I wanted to go a little bit deeper into some scriptures God gave me to attack this fear. It’s come against this thing. Let the blood of Jesus be against the spirit of fear and the assignment behind it. In Jesus’ name, we come in agreement. Jesus promised us also in Luke 12:32, “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” It’s God’s good pleasure to give. God told me that when it’s your love language and it’s giving. God explained this to me once, teaching me about Himself because I believe it’s my love language. I’ve got two sons and God was telling me. Imagine you cooked. It’s your joy. You’ve been bouncing around the walls. You’re cooking, baking, deep frying donuts, turning over chicken wings, and baking macaroni. It’s the second sweet potato pie you pulled out the oven. You’re on a roll. You are like, “I know they’re going to love this.”

You’re bouncing around. You’re singing, you’re joyful, you’re dancing and twirling in the kitchen because you can’t wait to see the joy on their face and you want to see them eat. “Do you like it? I made you such and such. I knew it was your favorite.” You’re excited. You’re a cheerful giver. You delight to do this. It pleases you to do this for them because that’s how God built me. This is it. God was letting me know and God was telling me even greater for Himself. God asked me, “Siohvaughn, which one would be pleasing to you, and which one would displease you?” You’ve got the two there. They eat and one of them is like, “Yes. It’s good. Thank you. Can I have another plate?”

They’re on the 3rd or 4th round. They’re back standing up again in the kitchen. You are happy. You’re thrilled. You’re like, “They love it. I’m so glad.” Imagine one being like, “Not good. I’m not even hungry.” That’s a gut punch. You’re like, “Seriously? You’re not even going to taste that? I made that for you. It’s not for me. I haven’t even tasted it.” Other than when you cook it. “I haven’t even had a plate. It was for you. Please like it.”

God taught me something with that and said it like we’re human. The Bible talks about it. I know we’re not evil anymore, but if parents being evil ones, Pharaoh was evil, but not to his son. It broke him when his son died. Parents being evil can give good gifts to their children. Jesus said, “How much more not God?” If evil parents can figure that out when it comes to something that came from their own loins, a child that they have adopted. It’s their own child given from God in that special and unique way. I’m saying, once that happens, the mama bear is in there, you can’t help yourself at that point. You’ll love them. You want to do for them and you want to give to them and it blesses you more than it blesses them. If things are not right, it hurts you more than it hurts them. You’ve got to sometimes think about even yourself as a parent to know anything you’ve ever felt good.

TOT 70 | Waiting Room Wisdom
Waiting Room Wisdom: God is very good. There is far to no greater love than the one that would lay down His life for you.

Anything you’ve ever done good, even any desire you ever had or still have, that’s good. That far surpasses you and I collectively. That’s the truth about God. That helps bring us into a place of rest. When we slow down and realize this, I wouldn’t even do my own children like that. God is not going to do me like that. Let’s be real. We’ve got to remember that this is who God is. God is love and He is also a cheerful giver. They were more promises also that God hit me. One of them comes from Psalm 34. You’re going to hear me say it again. It’s one of my favorite Bible. I wouldn’t even say verse at this point.

I love Psalms 34 in its entirety. We’re going to specifically look at verses 5 and 6. It says, “They looked to Him and were radiant and their faces were not ashamed. This poor man cried out and the Lord heard him and saved him out of all his troubles.” Not the ones that we’re like, “Probably God can handle that, but there’s other stuff I don’t know.” No, all of it. None of this stuff is bigger than God. God made the world we’re living in and we’re battling with stuff in this place. God is above and bigger than all of this. It didn’t make God. God made it. Trying to keep things in perspective as we go through this journey and remind hell that it’s defeated.

I love it. It says they look to Him. Looking to Him, God showed me like He did in another passage of scripture. It was also from 2 Chronicles 20. Looking to Him is seeking Him. It’s asking God for help. It’s in treating His favor. It’s asking Him for direction. It’s asking for deliverance. It’s saying, “God help me.” It’s even going before I’m silently crying the tear, there is intercession. Sometimes a word doesn’t come out. Certainly, praying in tongues. That should be your number one go-to probably because the Holy Spirit makes perfect intercession for us and prays perfect prayers. The Lord knows we can use more of that. The Bible also talks about in Hebrews 12:2 in looking unto Jesus, the author, and finisher of our faith. We’re looking onto Him and God says in doing this, like in Psalm 34, these people who looked onto Him, and remember, God cannot respect that person.

He says that twice in the Bible as well. I know in one place as an ax. I believe ten somewhere. It says, “They looked at Him and were radiant, and their faces were not ashamed.” Looking to Him, seeking the Lord, asking Him for help, you won’t be put to shame. We see again in Numbers 21, this is verses 8 and 9. It says, “Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘Make a fiery serpent and set it on a pole. It shall be that everyone who is bitten when he looks at it shall live.’” Moses made a bronze serpent and put it on a pole and so it was. If a serpent had bitten anyone, when he looked at the bronze serpent, he lived. There’s something about this look. I don’t have the Hebrew word in front of me, but this look is not just the looking. If you say, “Look at that car. Isn’t that nice?” It’s not that looking. It’s something deeper.

It’s not a glance, let’s say it like that. Looking onto the author and finisher of our faith is not glancing at Jesus. It’s going after Him in prayer. It’s going after Him and making a concentrated effort and intentional effort to look at Him, to stay focused on Him. When Peter had His eyes on Jesus walking on that water, everything was going good. He’s looking exactly like Jesus, as he’s looking at Jesus. He kept his eyes on Him. He became like Him. He could do what He was doing. The Bible tells us that as we behold Jesus, there you go, Holy Spirit. God is so good.

There’s a word, not looking as in glancing, but beholding. That’s different. That’s deeper. As you behold him, the spirit of God transforms us into His very same image. That’s scripture. I didn’t write that one down. This is inspired at the moment. I don’t have it written down. I’ll try to remember to get it for your next time because we’re not finished yet. Looking onto Him and what Moses did here is a picture of Jesus. We saw it even brought healing to these people who were bitten by a serpent and that serpent representing Satan. The pole that He put the serpent on symbolic of Jesus being placed on the cross during the crucifixion. We can look at Jesus and not just any aspect of him, but looking upon Him and His finished work at that cross. His body was broken that ours would be made whole and well.

That even happened prior to Him dying the death He did. The wages of sin is death. Instead of us dying because we have sinned. Jesus who knew no sin became sin for us and died the death in our place. What about His place? Place in glory and eternal life. That’s why we have eternal life. We don’t see death. The believer won’t see death, won’t taste death because Jesus tasted death and He saw death. Jesus even went to hell. None of this stuff is something that happened. It’s all that was going to happen to us, but for Jesus, but for God saying, “I love my children so much,” even though we’re dead in the wrong. “I can’t. My love for you cannot bear to watch you do that, better me than you. I can’t bear to see you like that.”

God is very good. If you go that far, that’s far to go. No greater love than the one that would lay down His life for you. That’s the furthest you can go. That’s the furthest distance that God could go in loving us. He’s run the full race. He went the furthest distance. To think will God do this other stuff for me? Let’s take that question mark off and put an exclamation mark in His place. He most definitely will. We see what He’s willing to do. If you’re willing to go a billion miles for somebody, what’s it to walk around the block for Him? That was easy. Am I right, people of God? I love you all so much. I promise you, it’s the Holy Spirit because I am on the stage and simultaneously in the audience.

My mother is somewhere, saying amen. She told you the truth about herself transparently, wholeheartedly. She didn’t hold anything back. No punches held. That’s the truth. My baby is on the stage. She’s definitely in the audience. God speaks through me, but I’m on the potter’s wheel. I’m going around the potter’s wheel with a microphone in my hand, if that makes anybody feel any better. I love you guys so much. I cannot thank you enough for being with me on this journey.

Thank you, everybody, who writes and has sent in letters, emails or post comments and likes different episodes on the show. I’m super grateful. I don’t get a chance to respond to everyone, but I am aware. I know you’re there. Trust me, my prayers almost on a daily basis are going out for you. I love you so much. Stay with me on this journey. I know God has so much more to give us. God bless you and keep you and protect you. I love you. I’ll see you next time.

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