TOT 70 | Waiting Room Wisdom

Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 13)

In His love for us, God continues to give the wisdom needed to go from pending petitions before Him to possessing every promise! Not only that, but God, in His infinite love for us, reminds us why we have absolutely nothing to fear! In this thirteenth Waiting Room Wisdom episode, Dr. Siohvaughn Funches tells us… Continue reading Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 13)

TOT 65 | Waiting Room

Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 8)

This episode is full of the wisdom of God for those times we are waiting on Him to manifest the miracle we long for. God's ways, which are higher than our own, are sure and restful ways that lead to victory beyond what we can ask, pray, or imagine! In this episode, Dr. Siohvaughn Funches… Continue reading Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 8)