God Will Provide For You (Part 1)

TOT 45 | Provision In Uncertain Times

Although we are facing what even experts call “uncertain times,” we as children of God can have stability, knowing that God provides for His people. God’s promise to provide doesn’t depend on the presence or absence of trouble. God is, and always will be, faithful to provide, regardless of what is going on in the world or what well-meaning experts are saying. God’s part to provide still is, and our part to do the one thing that is needful – get at the feet of Jesus and hear His word – also remains. The powerful results of doing so will still manifest and swallow up evil, and the believer will triumph and come out better than when the trouble arose!

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God Will Provide For You (Part 1)

A Timeless Word

In this episode, gratefully and thankfully, we have what I call a rhema word from God. It’s an on-time word but also a timeless word. It’s what rings true and is relevant for right now. This is relevant always, this part of God. This understanding, this enlightenment of our understanding that we will receive is definitely from the throne and heart of God, both for now and for forevermore. It is on the mind and heart of God because it’s on the mind and heart of his people and even so many others in the world. I welcome you back. I welcome you if it’s your first time joining us. We’re going to start like we always do and just acknowledge God and pray because in all our ways we are to acknowledge Him and know that we need Him for every single thing.

I thank you, Heavenly Father, for the opportunity to again get at the feet of Jesus. I thank You, God that I don’t get at his feet alone. I thank You for every listener, for every believer, Lord, under the sound of my voice. I thank You for their loved ones. I thank You for the friends and family that they invite to listen in God. I thank You that we’re not alone. You’re with us. You are for us and we are with each other, God. In spirit and even in the truth of Your word. I pray Heavenly Father, that You will continue to give to each and every one of us, especially right now, the spirit of Your wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Christ Jesus.

I pray that the eyes of our understanding will be enlightened, that we may know what is the hope of his calling, what are the riches of the glory of his inheritance in us, the saints of God, and what is the exceeding greatness of his power towards us who believe according to the working of His mighty power. Jesus, I pray that you will expound. I thank You for expounding on the scriptures to us about the things concerning yourself and just opening up our understanding so they will comprehend the scriptures and know You and our Heavenly Father all the more. I thank You for every promise, every blessing, every benefit, God that You know, that You’ve revealed to us and that You will reveal to us that are found at the feet of Jesus that are found and obtained through just knowing You more. Be it on to us, God according to Your word, and according to Your heart and will for our lives and our family and friends. In Jesus’ name, we pray.

The title of this series that I’m excited about is called God Will Provide for You. This is surely on time. It’s also timeless because God doesn’t just provide for us during challenging times. God also provides for us doing celebratory times and more certain times as well as times that feel unstable. I wanted to start by letting people know that I am not oblivious at all. From a public standpoint or from a personal standpoint about what’s going on in the world right now regarding the virus that was unleashed and the effects that it has had.

Not everyone has gotten physically ill from the virus and not everyone obviously has died or even had someone close to them pass away because of this virus, but many people are experiencing what could be considered a financial downturn or financial shaking because of the virus. The virus is having more effects than just one on the physical body. As tragic as those have been, it is become a very serious problem for some people and families and had a substantial effect on many people’s lives.

It’s affected my own life. The negative infestations that this virus has caused or found a way to penetrate people’s lives aside from touching their physical body. Those are nonetheless important to God. They’re not unimportant to him because other things are happening and God forbid any of that happen to us, as far as the physical ailment, especially death, prematurely, before the believer, you don’t die but any loved ones of ours or anything like that. We don’t want that coming near our dwelling, but we also don’t want to believe God for divine protection as far as our physical body and our health is concerned and our life.

We want to believe God for divine protection in everything that concerns us. That would include our finances. I’m not oblivious to the fact that there’s been a financial shaking. There’s been a financial downturn. Many stocks have plummeted, not even fallen. The housing market is in trouble. It’s just all sorts of things that are in disarray financially. People are not that they don’t want to work. They’re forced out of work, laid off suddenly and unexpectedly. They’re going from a certain amount of income that was maybe more than enough to no income at all. I wanted to be upfront and let people know that the worst that God is releasing through me in this particular podcast and this series, these are words that don’t ignore the facts. These are words in light of the facts, despite the facts.

I understand about the negative financial effect that the world, not even just our nation, is feeling. I understand it very much so but I want to remind those who are Born Again, those who are sons and daughters of God that those are facts. As a Born-Again believer, we are called not to walk by facts, but by faith. The scripture says, we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. Since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. We fix our eyes on that.

I’ve heard many people say that these are like unstable times, but if you fix your eyes on what is unseen, what is eternal, then that is what is for sure. That is what is certain. It can be instability around you, but instability doesn’t have to get in you. We also want to remember that although these are facts and people are putting out certain statistics in the news. They could have calculated those numbers very accurately and it could find no fault in them, naturally speaking, but we have to remember this about facts. Facts are always subject to change, but God and His unfailing word will never change.

God and His word are one. They are the stability that we need in unstable times such as these and even in celebratory times, we need God. We need His word. I want to share with you what God shared with me, which is to put a lot of us in remembrance of the truth, to build on and expound on the truth of His word, that foundation that He’s laid in our life. For some people to introduce new truths to them are right on time. I want to start with what God showed me in Matthew. This is the new King James version. It’s Matthew 7 verses 24 through 27.

The Bible says, “Therefore, whoever hears these sayings of mine,” this is Jesus talking, “and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain descended, the floods came, the winds blew and beat on that house. It did not fall for it was founded on the rock. Everyone who hears these sayings of Mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. The rain descended, the floods came and the winds blew and beat on that house. It failed and great was its fall.”

What the Lord showed me here is when Jesus says, “Whoever hears these sayings of mine,” that’s what you’re doing in this show and when you read other anointed teachings and when you get along with God. You pick up your Bible or maybe a daily devotional that God has led you to read or to hear. You are hearing the sayings of Jesus. You always want to do that doing what God said. You don’t just read the Bible. You don’t just hear the word of God being preached.

TOT 45 | Provision In Uncertain Times
Provision In Uncertain Times: We are called not to walk by facts, but by faith. The Scripture says we must fix our eyes on what is unseen.

A Shadow Of The Substance

As you hear, as you read, you do so, rightly dividing the word. You do so, knowing you are no longer under the law, you are under the grace of God. You do so, knowing that you are not under the old covenant like the Jews were before Christ died and was ascended to God. You do so under the new covenant where the Jews and the Gentiles were all can be saved. That short covenant, that shortens lane, it’s where you excel and receive it. The other thing was a shadow of the substance that you are now living in. That Christ brought to us in his birth, death, burial, resurrection and ascension to the right hand of God.

We want to first make sure we’re on the right mountain because we want to be where God is at. God is not on Mount Sinai. God is on Mount Zion. We want to first do that. We want to read, learn and know about God in light of what He has absolutely done. The whole big picture is Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ on the cross. What that unveils about the heart of God and Jesus’ heart towards us and what it means for us in relationship with him first of all and as recipients of all that he has for us based on what Jesus did. It’s vital. It is the big picture.

It’s like having on glasses. I’m someone who wore glasses for years. If you’ve worn glasses, especially people who have needed them. I’m not talking about fashion, I’m talking about people have worn glasses, but you can also think about it with sunglasses as well. Before you put on sunglasses, it’s bright in the sun. You can barely even look in that direction. You put on the sunglasses and it’s now doable. I hope you don’t look directly into the sun, but you can look towards wherever it’s shining from whether that’s East, West, wherever it’s coming in. It’s not blinding. It’s not painful to your eyes. It changes your perspective. It changes your vision. Using natural glasses, before I put them on, I would have very blurred vision. I could barely see what was only so many feet in front of me. It was blurry. When I put my glasses on, everything came into focus.

God wants us to dive into the word. That’s both the old covenant and the new covenant, the Old Testament and the New Testament before Christ was crucified and after because all of it is God. God is His word. We’re getting to know Him. We’re getting to know Jesus. We look into the word, but we’re to do it with the glasses, the glasses on of Christ crucified and resurrected. We have to look through that lens. Otherwise, things are blurry. They’re cloudy, uncertain and unsure. You don’t know if you see what you think you see and the devil can run amuck with somebody like that.

You want to have 20/20 vision when looking at the word of God. It’s very vital. It’s very important. It’s more important than anything else you would ever understand in your life. It matters the most in this life and it matters the most in the next life. It’s super important that we all do that. When Jesus is saying these sayings of mine, remember it is with those glasses on of what he did, Christ born, crucified and risen from the dead. All that means with our relationship with God and all that God has for us. It’s important that we do that.

God was showing me how for both of these particular houses that he described, it is so interesting to me when he showed me this. That the same storm, the same affliction rose against them both. What makes the difference? It was the same thing that rose against them both. That’s what I’m saying. This Coronavirus was released and it’s causing the same effects. In this nation in France, people have the same cry, black or white, rich or poor, young or old, you’re hearing the same thing. What’s going to make the difference? What’s the deal-breaker?

Why would it be that I’m one house falls and one house stands? I love it how Jesus said, “Whoever hears the sayings of Mine and does them.” There is God not just hearing us but then there is a fruit that comes out of hearing the word of God. You are in a position for God to place you at the right place at the right time, lead you and guide you. The Bible says, “My paths drip the abundance.” That’s what it says. In God’s path, which represents his will, there is an abundance, not just provision for our needs, whatever they may be, financial, emotional, relational rights, social or whatever needs God created us. He knows all the needs we have, even if we’ve yet to discover them. He knows that.

His promise is to supply all of our needs and meet all of our needs but he says that in His path, that’s where that abundance is found. That’s not just the supplying of your need, that you’re blessed to be a blessing. That means you have more than enough. That’s the will of God for your life. That provision is found in a place and it’s found in his will. How important is it to hear these sayings, to hear from Jesus, to get at the feet of Jesus and hear His word? It’s very important because the Bible says that God’s word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. Meaning it directs and orders our steps. It’s vital.

How many times have we heard someone say, they were at the wrong place at the wrong time? I’m not saying this to be afraid. It’s as simple as, what you’re doing right now, continue to do it. This is something that should be done on a daily basis. How can I say that with absolute conviction? It is because Jesus talked about it. When He made the prayer, give us this day our daily bread. What was manna in the wilderness under in the Old Testament was representative or a shadow of Jesus, who’s the substance. He’s the true bread, He said that comes from heaven. The Bread of Life, the Bible calls Him.

We want to get this bread, this nourishment. You were created mind, body, spirit and soul. All these things have needs. All these things have continual needs that must be met. The way your natural body needs to be fed even more than once a day. We should be feeding our spirit even more than once a day. Now, I’m not saying at all that it takes hours or anything like that. If you have that time, God has given you that and He’s leading you in that, so be it. It’s probably a blessing, not just for you but for many others. If it’s even, “I was able to get a couple of nuggets of truth or I was able to read. I was reading one scripture and I was meditating on that during my lunch break,” or what have you. That’s still very vital.

When the children of Israel receiving men in the wilderness, it was interesting that God was saying, it was whether people gathered a lot or they gathered a little, it was sufficient. There may be some days where you feel like I gathered just a little. I only expounded on one scripture. I’ll meditate on that. I read that. I had to close the book and I was gone. There are other days where you’re feeling like, “I got lost and I didn’t realize what time it was. I was reading and this was good. I felt like I was watching some drama on TV. Netflix has nothing on God. This thing was interesting. Can you believe he killed him? It can get good that you get lost in it or it’s stuff you see. You read it so many times and then you’re like for the first time that jumped out and you like, “The word is so deep.” There was so much more even than what He had given me before in this same particular passage of scripture.

Fresh Revelation

It is good for us to do that. It’s us positioning ourselves. It’s nothing complicated. It’s nothing hard. It’s us getting at the feet of Jesus and whether it’s a day that we’re getting a little or it’s a day that we’re gathering much, the point is we’re getting our daily bread. We’re not relying on last week because even the children of Israel when they try to pick up manna from just one day before it was maggots. It was that you get for this day, the bread you need. Eat it all up because it’s all for now and tomorrow you need fresh bread. You need a fresh revelation. You have to partake of Christ in a fresh, new way because this is a new day. We have to do that. It is what it is. We don’t complain about eating naturally speaking. Nobody ever says like, “Breakfast again.” We’re like, “Give me extra pancakes. I like heavy syrup.” We are excited to eat.

TOT 45 | Provision In Uncertain Times
Provision In Uncertain Times: The Bible says that God’s word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path, meaning it directs and orders every step we take.

I pray, God, give us all the more if someone doesn’t have that. If someone does, I pray He gives us all the more. If someone doesn’t, and I pray He gives them a hunger, a thirst and a joy in eating from Him. Make manifest in the way that they know God because you’re always at work. I pray you to bring it before our eyes that we’ve will see the fruit of getting at your feet. I pray, God, that even if we got there because of something we wanted or needed, we’ll stay there because we got to know who you are and you’re very good. Let us be attracted to that. Greater than two magnets can attract, in Jesus’ name.

It was interesting to me that both these houses suffered the same affliction. This shows that even a house built on the rock, even those who hear Christ and do his will can go through challenges. It’s good to know that because the enemy tries to make people feel like once you get saved, it’s like flowers, sunshine and singing birds from there. When the devil himself knows the truth is like in the world, you’re going to have trouble. Being saved can bring about an ultimate good out of the trouble, but it doesn’t exempt you from trouble. Joe was a man who walked upright before God. He was afflicted severely, but God blessed him so much so that he was better off being afflicted than he was even before it happened to him. God knows how to turn your weeping into dancing.

It’s not that God sends it at all. We’re in a world where sin is in the world and sin in and of itself, you don’t have to add anything to that beast. It has serious consequences to the point that God said, “The wage is the payment that sin gives you back for engaging in it is death.” That’s pretty severe. It’s not God punishing you as believers. It’s not God having to do any of that. It’s God who is turning it around for your good. It’s God who is bringing beauty out of those ashes whether we did the sinning or the sin that exists in the world. The way God showed it to me was like second-hand smoke.

There are people who will smoke cigarettes and as a result, they’ve had cancer from the nicotine and the harmful effects of cigarettes. There are some people who have been diagnosed with it. They’ve never put a cigarette to their lips or even desire to do so. In the world we’re in, that cigarette smoke goes in the air. It’s like sin is in the air. Even if you don’t necessarily do it, it could still have an effect on you. Be of good cheer, Christ has overcome the world. God is the one who, if the enemy, tries to do this, giving you the lemons, God’s the one who not just give you lemonade, but He gives you like the lemonade factory and you’re a billionaire afterward.

God always knows how to make the devil pay for afflicting or trying to distract, detour or destroy His children. God’s going before you and He definitely went before that serpent. God’s got you and He’s got me in his hands. Our focus on these houses was not only that Jesus said, “The people who are getting it in My feet,” and that’s in a way where you rightly divide the word and hearing it, but they’re not just hearing it. They’re doing it. When you are at the feet of Jesus hearing His word, the Bible says that you are transformed by the spirit of God into His very same image.

You are not trying to transform yourself. That’s not you trying to transform your behavior. It’s God changing your heart. It’s God taking that heart of stone and supplanting it with the heart of flesh. It’s something born out of that. It’s not something you have to do or practice or try to get in the habit of, “Let me watch it. Let me stop it.” It’s not that. These things are supernatural transformations that God promised you would take place when you get at the feet of Jesus and you hear his word, which is what you’re doing right now. You are being transformed into the very same image of the son of God by God’s spirit, not by your efforts.

Your part is to get at the feet of Jesus and hear his word. God’s part is that His Holy Spirit would transform you from the inside out. That’s God’s part. Everybody sticks to their part. In the movie, it would be a crazy movie of somebody, one actress snatches the script of another one and started reading her lines. It’s like, “You’re messing up this whole thing. Get your script in your hand and you stick to that. That’s your part. That’s your role. You stay in your lane and let this other one stay in theirs,” and then everything flows smoothly and you’ve got this beautiful movie with these great ratings.

Even more so in life, we want to let God be God and we are his people. On top of that, I love the fact that God showed that the same storm that came against the house of the one that did the right thing was the same storm that came against the house of the one who did the wrong thing. That doesn’t differentiate us. Born Again, there’s going to be trouble in the world. Not Born Again, there’s going to be trouble in the world. What distinguishes us from those we’re in the world, those who have not given their life to Christ is not the absence or presence of trouble. It is that after, like after the rain, the descends, the floods come, the winds blow and beat on the house.

You’ve got the people who gave their lives to Christ, who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and put their trust in Him. Their house is founded on the rock and it’s still standing. It’s even stronger than before the storm came. That’s the God we serve. You’ve got other people who felt like, if there was some other way other than Jesus, even though he said I am the way, definite article, the way meaning one and only. For some reason, it’s like trying to figure out another way, find another way, create another way. It’s crazy. It’s literal vain labor. There is no other way. You don’t get to the Father unless you go through the Son. Let’s deal with the truth and operate in that so we can get blessed faster. That’s what I think. That would be my strong advice. I love it. The Coronavirus has come against houses, whether you’re Born Again or not. If your house is founded on the rock, and if it’s not right now, you say, “Vaughn, I’m just listening.” It’s as simple as this brother or sister, get in on it. Come on give your life to Christ like yesterday. Hurry up right now.

Get underneath this divine protection. It’s needed now more so than possibly many other times before. We need God’s divine protection every day and in every way. People have been perishing, even unnecessarily from things aside from the Coronavirus day in and day out for hundreds and thousands of years. We always needed God’s divine protection but I thank God that even though this evil virus lurks, I thank God for already working things together for good. That is awakening us. It’s one thing for something to be present. It’s another thing for you to be aware that it’s present.

God’s willingness and ability to perfectly and divinely protect us in every way and everything that concerns us, our family, finances, possessions, God wants to protect all of that. God is not crazy. He knows when we go to the grocery store, we pay with a debit card or cash and not like by faith. We don’t get to the register and say, “In Jesus’ name.” God knows that. He understands that and He can provide for you, practically speaking. Jesus was multiplying fish and loaves so that you could eat. The people didn’t just say, “By faith, I believe I’m not hungry anymore in Jesus’ name.” No, He fed them. When he raised the girl from the dead saying, “Talitha cumi, young girl arise.” He told the parents, “Get this girl some meat. Flip her a burger or something.” People are hungry after dying.

I’m saying, that’s our Lord Jesus. When he was resurrected from the dead, He went and cooked the disciples’ breakfast. Let’s break bread. He gets the practical side of that. He said, “My Father knows what you have need of, but seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and then all of those things you have need of that I know you have need of and practically speaking, I know you need, they will be added to you.” It’s not you going after them. You’re to go after. Your seeking part is to seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and then all those other things seek after you.

TOT 45 | Provision In Uncertain Times
Provision In Uncertain Times: God’s part was to send His Holy Spirit to transform you from the inside out. Your part is to get at the feet of Jesus and hear his word.

That’s the perfect will of God. That’s the divine order of God. That’s that path that he said in His paths drip with abundance. That’s where that abundance is. It’s in that order because that order is his will and that path that’s full of that abundance represents the will of God. You cannot get at the feet of Jesus, especially on any sort of continual basis and not be in the will of God. He promised His word as a lamp for your feet and a light for your path. If you were outside of it, you won’t be outside of it for long. That word will get you to where you need to be.

I’m just telling you that this is God’s way of doing things. When we do this, he does all these other things. All we got to do to receive is believe. The faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of Christ. We’re saying, “Hear him,” God is still saying the same thing. He said to Peter and them before, “Hear Him.” It doesn’t matter. Moses is around. The prophets are around. We know that and God uses them. He speaks through them and that’s a wonderful thing. Moses, you’ve got the law or whatever like, “Great,” but God said all of that, hear Him, hear Jesus.

That’s why we get at the feet of Jesus. We don’t just hear the word of God. The correct translation says we hear the word of Christ. That’s very important. God is saying to hear Him. The scripture is going to be our key scripture for this series and I wanted to take the opportunity and lay that foundation. The key scripture, I want to give you this before we go, it says, “for you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes, he became poor. That you through His poverty might become rich.” You find that in 2 Corinthians, Chapter 8 Verse 9 and that was definitely from the new King James Version.

I love it that it starts off telling you for you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is so important. Not just that we are aware that God is gracious and what Jesus did was gracious. We need to know that. We need to let that sink deep down inside of us and take a real deep root. Much is vital and important that stems from that revelation, that knowing, that I know, that I know, that I know. The kind of knowing where you won’t be moved when condemnation comes or shame comes or guilt comes. You will not be moved. I know the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ.

You did this. I know the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ. You can’t expect that after you did that again, that God will not. I’m not trying to hit any of that. I’m hearing Him. I know the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ and I know that I know in a way that I will not be moved come condemnation, hail or high water, guilt or religion. I will not be moved from this, that I know the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ. That grace is sufficient. I know what I did. I know what I did again and again. I know what I promised I wouldn’t do and did it ten more times.

I know all of that, but I also know that I know that I know the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ. Because of that condemnation, you’re not moving me. The day is over. That time has come and gone. Shame, you’re not moving me. Guilt, you have no place here. It’s not in my own confidence I stand. I stand in the confidence of Christ, Himself knowing that as Holy as He is, as clean as He is, so am I in the eyes of God, and God is the only judge. My case is closed. It’s good news. That’s why I got gospel, good news. That’s what makes it good news. It’s not good news because we won’t make a mistake after we get born again.

If that’s the case, then Christ died in vain. You don’t need to go into the cross if we can dot every i and cross every t. He died and God had to go that far to save us because our flesh is bad. Seeing the consequences of it, sinning against God, breaking His law is that bad. You can tell how bad it is by what it took to redeem us from it. God himself got it bad. That’s strong. It doesn’t get stronger than that, which tells you a bit about the strength of sin. When God says as the judge, Holy, perfect, true and definitely just God, God is still not to be mocked.

When He says I’m satisfied and it is finished and He can’t lie, when Jesus said, “Don’t call unclean what I have cleaned. I may far be it from me then to call it unclean what you have cleaned. Even if I do an unclean thing, who cares? I’m not calling unclean what you have cleansed. I’m going to agree with God. That’s your biggest amen is to agree with God about your sins being forgiven and you being in right standing with God. All blessings stemmed from that. That’s why that’s so important.

Next, I’m going to expound by the spirit of God about those scriptures and what God showed me there because He’s still laying that foundation. By doing so and you keeping up with this, especially this particular series in this, letting God do this is what will cause you to receive in an effortless way. Not in the striving way, not I believe, I believe, I receive, I believe. Doing all of it, cut all of that out. You’ll be in a position where you don’t even have to say it. I know confession is important and I believe that even confession is made unto salvation. It’s big. I believe in it. I believe you should get in the mirror and prophesied it yourself. What are you waiting on a prophet for? Jesus is a prophet and He’s living on the inside of you. I believe in that big time. Words have the power of life and death. I’m telling you God can take you to a place in faith just by you hearing him that even when you think something, it could be something simple just walking past her, “Hair looks good. I sure wish I had some hair like that. That is good quality and the texture didn’t change with that color. Usually, blondes would just jack up a weave.”

It could be just something simple like that. You ask God anything and the next thing you know it’s like, “We didn’t know if you need this is the so-and-so.” I wasn’t going to use it. It came brand new, but I said, “When I put it on, it didn’t look right on me. You want it.” It’s like that, that good hair and that blonde color and you saying, “I didn’t even ask God.” I’m talking about effortless receiving and I’ve seen that on things that are seemingly to us, smaller scales, but God is not just into supplying our needs. He’s also into giving us our heart’s desire. Stick with him, hear him even through me in this series, and continue to be blessed. See you next time. I love you so much and thank you again for joining me.

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