God Is Our Divine Protection (Part 5)

TOT 44 | Divine Protection

Jesus explained to us that we would have trouble, but for the children of God, we can be of good cheer because He has overcome the world! Dr. Siohvaughn Funches reminds believers that God’s divine protection is not predicated upon the absence of evil, but is firmly found in the truth of His word and His promise that He will protect us. God is still the God who makes a difference between “Egypt and Israel,” and Israel represents the children of God. Listen to these timeless truths and have your heart firmly established in faith that God will protect you from all harm and turn it into good for you!

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God Is Our Divine Protection (Part 5)

The Promises Of God

I’m super excited for us to be continuing on and even possibly finishing up this series entitled, God is Our Divine Protection. Now more than ever, we want to be reminded of the promises of God and that part of God, the desires and promises to protect His people. Before we do that, let’s take a moment and acknowledge God and pray together. I thank You Heavenly Father, for the opportunity again, to get at the feet of Jesus and to hear His word. I thank You for all the promise and all the provision and even all the divine protection that comes with getting at the feet of Jesus and giving Him the time to feed us.

I thank You, Lord, that it will be all of You and none of me, that You’ll give to each and every one of us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus. I thank You that the eyes of our understanding are being enlightened, and You are causing us to know more and more deeply the hope of His calling. What are the riches of the glory of His inheritance, of the saints and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe according to the working of His mighty power? I thank You, Lord Jesus, for expounding on the scriptures to us about the things concerning Yourself.

I thank You that You’re causing us to see You in the word. You are the living word. I thank You that we’ll know You more. Every benefit and every blessing that comes along with knowing You more will be our portion. I thank You for the way You will cause us to receive in a very effortless manner. We are abiding in You and You abide in us. You promised that when that happens, Lord, we can ask You for something and have what we’re asking for. Not only that, but we also bear much fruit and it’s the fruit that remains. We touch and agree with You, Your heart, Your word, Your promise and provision for our life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

This is good news. God is full of good news. I promise you, if You let him finish, He’ll finish it good and strong for you, anything and everything in life you commit to his hands that I know for sure. We’ve been on this series. I believe this is part five. I’m recapping a little bit because people join us sometimes in between these series or might’ve missed an episode, but reading in right when it first made available to them. I always encourage people to go back, but if you don’t have the opportunity to do that, I like to provide the recap for you.

We’ve been letting God minister to us and remind us about all his promises of divine protection. We started and we’re finishing out this series with the firm truth that it is God’s perfect will to protect his people divinely. We must know that. People pray and they feel like, “If it’s not the will of God, he won’t answer.” God says, “If you ask for anything that you know is according to His will, you know that He hears you and you know you have what you’re asking for.” There’s merit in wanting to pray the will of God.

TOT 44 | Divine Protection
Divine Protection: We cannot send away His love. Our sin can’t cause His love for us to diminish in any way because God is love.

I understand that fully, but it’s good for us to know when we’re having a posture of prayer that we’re also having a posture of faith in God. It’s good for us to know that God is not only able to protect us, but He’s willing like the leper that came to Jesus. Lord, I know you’re able. If you’re willing, you can make me clean. God wants to establish He’s not only able firmly, but He is also most willing to protect us divinely, that it is His perfect will for our life. The Bible is full of promises and demonstrations of God protecting His people. We’re going to zone in on and we were doing that, getting started in Exodus.

From the beginning to the end, it’s full of opportunities to see God again protecting His people even when their behavior causes them to need the protection. God’s love is not based on whether you do right or wrong, or whether I do right or wrong. God’s love is true love. It’s unconditional love. That means on a good day, He loves us. On a bad day, He loves us the same. He may enjoy us more when we’re doing the right thing. We cannot send away His love. Our sin can’t even cause his love to be diminished in any way. That’s not possible. God is love. To diminish love is to diminish God. To decrease or put a hole in something and cause a leakage of love is like put a hole in God and cause him to leak His very essence of who He is. No one and nothing is that powerful.

Jesus said, “If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father, the Father and I are one. I am the same yesterday, today and forevermore.” God doesn’t change. God speaking for Himself who cannot lie, say, “God is love.” This is real love. This isn’t that soap opera love. It’s not when it depends on how I’m feeling, on what you look like, on whether you upset me or hurt me. This is real, unfailing, everlasting love. Unfailing and everlasting is how God describes His love. It never fails. Even when we do, He never fails.

We also establish that Jesus told us that in this world we’d have trouble, but be of good cheer, I’ve overcome the world. We look specifically at Psalm 91. It was firmly established that it’s God’s will to protect us in that passage of scripture alone. It also tells us that there will be evil that we need to be protected from. God would not need to be a refuge, a shelter, a strong tower if there were no harmful elements or evil at work in the world.

We wouldn’t need that particular demonstration or that particular part, an essence of who God is if it were not for the evil that exists in the world. God is our Divine Protector and that’s good news. That statement of truth is also telling us what’s underlying is there are things that we need to be protected from. I wanted to make it clear what God had made clear to me that our being safe from harm is not predicated on the absence of harm. It’s found firmly established in the word of God, which holds true where the harm is present or it’s as far from us as the East is from the West.

God promised in Psalm 91, “A thousand may fall at your side and a myriad at your right hand, but it shall not come near you. Only with your eye should you look and see the reward of the wicked.” In verse 9 it says, “Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, even the Most High, your dwelling place, no evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling.” These are things for you. This is very personal. This is for the people of God. This is for people who have put their trust in Christ. If you have not done that, I want to encourage you to do so definitely. God is waiting with open arms, in contrary to what you may have been taught about God. When God speaks for himself, it’s like that phrase, “With the real so-and-so, please stand up.” When the real God stands up and speaks for Himself, not some diluted version of the gospel, not a version of the gospel where people are preaching condemnation, shame, guilt and fear.

God told me that people want to try to get money from people sometimes. When they do that, they want to control them in order to accomplish that objective. In order to control them, they make them afraid. When somebody can make someone fear them, they can control them, which is why God probably says more than anything else in the Bible, “Don’t fear.” In other words, what that translates to and what that also is saying is don’t let anyone control you. Don’t be controlled. You were created to be a free being, free vessel and you have freewill. That’s a gift from God. God doesn’t make mistakes. He gave you that.

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Rooted In Fear

God doesn’t want you controlled by Jezebel or any other demonic thing. He doesn’t want money to control you. Depending on what you have or how much you have, and you feel a certain way about yourself or inadequate. All that’s rooted in fear and all of that is controlling people who are allowing it to do so. God wants us free. When Jesus announced in Isaiah 61, what he came to do, we know that famous passage of scripture that says, “The spirit of the Lord is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to preach glad tidings to the poor.”

Isaiah was prophesying about Jesus, but he goes on to speak about those things Jesus was called to do by God and is still doing. God had me to notice that. He talks about liberation more than once, setting the captives free and the releasing of the captives from prison. It is not an accident that the Holy Spirit, who is the actual author of the Bible, inspired those who penned it and wrote it down. What they wrote down He repeats that basically. That’s not a coincidence. He says, “Do not fear.” I’ve heard that scholars have said it’s done about 365 times God tells us in some way not to fear, “Where there’s fear, do not be afraid. Don’t be afraid as I,” and it’s again and again. That is not because God doesn’t have anything else to say.

It’s most relevant. The entire Bible is relevant. God is His word. He says relevant is God. Imagine Him emphasizing something repeatedly like that. It must be extraordinarily important not to be afraid. It’s extraordinarily important not to be controlled. Not even God being God has you on puppet strings. He gives you a choice. That right there is antichrist all the way being controlled. It’s contrary to God and who he is. Being one who could control everything like that doesn’t. Insecure people feel the need to control. God is secure because He’s the one who can do it. He still gives you the choice and gives you the freedom to choose, which is the only way for you to love God truly.

If you’re forced to do it, it’s not love. If you choose to do it, it’s real love. It may not be perfect love, but it’s real love and no one can take that from you. You’ve chosen to love God. People who aren’t born again yet, if you’re reading this now or you’re reading these down the line, I want to encourage you, or even when I’m gone to give your life to Christ because He loves you. Not because He’s making you do it or what’s going to happen to you if you don’t, but because He loves you. He wants to protect you from the consequences of saying He already died for your sins.

This is a sad example compared to what he did, but He went out and bought the gift, wrapped it up and has it ready for you and has the deepest desire. He can’t wait to give it to you. He’s super excited. He’s stoked to give you this gift. It would be sad to reject it. Not only for your sake and for the people who God wants you to touch. He has lives for you to touch. There are people when they hear that you got saved, they’re going to get saved. They need to hear it. You don’t have to preach the gospel to them. You won’t have to be an evangelist to them.

They know enough about your life before, enough about what it is when God saves you and that’s enough. They are going to serve God and you’ll be responsible for other people being in heaven instead of hell. God is waiting on you. As your brothers and sisters in Christ, we long for you to join us. We want to see you and spend eternity with you. I encourage you to do that because God loves you. You don’t have to be perfect to do that. If that were the case, Christ would not have needed to die for our sins. If we could not sin and none of us have been successful at that except for Jesus. You come on and join us. Don’t feel like a hypocrite. There’s room for one more. We love you.

We started off in Exodus. In Exodus, we looked at how the children of Israel did things to bring themself into captivity and bondage under the Pharaoh, who was a very terrible evil king, an oppressive king, beating and even killing them. The definition, you think you had a bad boss, not until Pharaoh ruled over and you haven’t. He was the epitome of evil. There were many Pharaohs, but this particular one that stood in that position as king over Egypt at this particular time is an absolute picture of Satan.

TOT 44 | Divine Protection
Divine Protection: God’s divine protection is not about the absence of a plague, a virus, or dangerous conditions. It has everything to do with God being God all by Himself.

What we discussed at length was how the children of Israel were to blame for their captivity. Their sin led them into captivity, but God is good. He remains faithful. God says, “I am faithful even if you are faithless, even if you are unfaithful.” God’s love is true love. It’s unconditional love. It’s not dependent upon what we do right or wrong. It’s not about us dotting t’s and crossing every t. When we missed the mark and when we don’t, He loves us.

I want to speed it up and we’ll be going through this because it’s not about doing line upon line this time, but it’s about pulling the truth out, seeing God and comparing it to what the world is facing now. What God wanted me to announce to you, and even for some of you remind you of, is that God is still the God who makes a difference between Israel and Egypt. He doesn’t change. He remains the same. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. If anybody’s thinking, “Siohvaughn, there’s a difference between the old and new covenant. I thought things were new.” Things are new. You always rightly divide the word, but God’s heart even in the old covenant.

You find pictures of Jesus. The Bible says Jesus is the substance of those shadows. The heart of God was in there. It was hidden. It takes God to reveal it. You read the New Testament, it’s on the surface and more plainly made available to you. Even as you read the New Testament, there are times when they refer back to the Old Testament and explain it. It’s like a word and a definition. The Old Testament is like that word. The New Testament is that definition. It’s defining it. It’s explaining what that meant.

When you read the Old Testament in light of the fact that God is love, always was love. Christ was always God’s plan. The Bible says that Jesus was crucified before the foundations of the world. Jesus’ existence was there. That provision, He was the Lamb of God before Adam and Eve ever sinned in the garden. God’s provision always proceeds any problem and it always does. If you’re going through something, you want not necessarily to ask God for the provision, you want to ask him to cause you to discover the provision.  “Lord open my eyes to see,” as that prophet prayed for his servant. He opens his eyes to see that there are more formed than there are against him. When Elijah and his servant were under attack, those angels from God were always there. The provision was there before the problem. The problem was not lack of provision or God isn’t helping me. It was that he couldn’t see the help. If he didn’t realize the help was there, he obviously wouldn’t access it. He was full of fear and panic instead of faith and praise because he couldn’t see it.

The prayer was to open the eyes. The same thing can happen as God told us in a previous episode. Storms, emotional storms and trials in relationships can cause visibility to go down. You want to ask God, “Touch my sight. Bless me to see your heart and your hand in this. The provision you already have for me caused me to see it and access it. Give me your wisdom. Whatever is clouding my judgment, whatever smokescreen the devil put up, deliver me from it, in Jesus’ name.”

God’s Heart

That’s a good prayer that came from the Holy Spirit. I for one am using it for myself. We saw that God’s heart was to help them and how He had Moses born. At the time he was born, there was an order issued by Pharaoh because he was full of fear that the children of Israel were multiplying. He asked his soldiers to go out and kill all these males who were under a certain age, and Moses qualified under that. His mom in good faith in God, he had Moses. God put that in her heart. God protected him. Moses ended up in the house of Pharaoh. He was raised and ate from the Pharaoh’s table. The Pharaoh educated him.

It’s crazy because God must have blinded Pharaoh’s mind in a sense. It’s like, “You just said kill all these Hebrew children.” He was not hidden from Pharaoh that he was a Hebrew child. It’s not that he didn’t know and thought he was Egyptian. I’m sure there were striking differences even in appearance. The Pharaoh knows who’s in his house and he knows no one was probably pregnant at the time. Where did the child come from? God blinded him to that. He raised them, fed him, got him strong and kept him alive long.

He was feeding what later would be like a monster to him. God made Moses as if he was God before Pharaoh. What God wanted to have me to point out is that God told Moses and his brother, Aaron, “Go to the Pharaoh, tell him to let my people go. Enough is enough.” This is a jigs-up deal. “You’ve been doing this to my people long enough. Their cry has come before me. They’ve cried out to me.” We can learn a lot from them. Those people knew that they had sinned and done evil. They knew that had happened generationally.

They knew they were in bondage because of their own self, but they still had a boldness. Back then, they had animal sacrifices to atone for sins. They have to sacrifice an animal, not Jesus’ blood was shed, but the shedding blood of an animal as the picture of Christ. They had enough boldness to go to God and say, “We did it. It’s our fault. It was me. I have no excuse, but deliver me anyway.” I love that boldness. God said, “Come boldly to the throne of grace.” Not the throne of judgment, He doesn’t call it that. He said the throne of grace, which is where you find favor you didn’t deserve. That’s what grace is about.

I thank God for saying, “Come boldly to the throne of grace,” because to be human is to err. Thank God for Jesus. He is the solution to that problem and that ailment called humanity after Adam and Eve had to have a bite. I wanted to get to the place specifically. There were ten of them in total. The first one was blood. I’m not going to elaborate on that with the things God told me. I felt old school in a sense. I usually do this digital thing, but sometimes I like my good old-fashioned Bible in book form in my hand where I can highlight and hear that famous sound of the pages turning.

That’s the old soul in me. We’re going to skip past the first three plagues. It’s not for any reason. God was doing the same thing in the first three plagues, but I want to get to the fourth one when God makes the announcement. The way God wanted me to conclude this particular series when He said that He’s still the God who makes a difference between Israel representing His children and Egypt representing the devil, whatever brag He may have or whatever He may have going on. That’s good for us because there has been a plague released by the devil, this Coronavirus. It’s good for us to know that God will protect us from plagues like He protected His people from these plagues.

This is the fourth plague. This was the flies. If you remember in verse 23, God said, after sending Moses and Aaron back and forth to Pharaoh and telling him, “Let them go,” and the Pharaoh would promise he’s going to let them go, “Relieve me of whatever plague this is.” Moses would pray, God would relieve and Pharaoh’s heart would get hard again. He said, “You’re not going anywhere. I don’t care what God says.” He rose right back up and bragged to his detriment.

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In the fourth plague, which is in Exodus 8:23, God announces for the first time, “I will make a difference between my people and your people.” These words are being spoken to Satan. We see again that God’s divine protection is not about the absence of a plague, a virus or dangerous conditions. It has nothing to do with that. It has everything to do with God being God all by Himself, Almighty God, and having the heart for us to say, “It can be a plague all around. I don’t care what you call it. I don’t care how many it is. I know how to protect my people right in the midst of it.”

You remember the three Hebrew boys were in the midst of the fire. Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den. It’s not about the absence of trouble that makes God a protector. You don’t have to fear, whether there’s a Coronavirus or when there’s a cure for it, which I believe is the Holy Communion. You don’t have to fear either way because God doesn’t change. The devil’s attack may change, but God’s will to protect you doesn’t. His promise to divinely protect you never changes. The same calm temperament you can have on a day when you don’t know like, “The devil didn’t release anything. I feel safe.” No, that’s the wrong answer.

The same calm temperament you have when there’s nothing released, when there is no virus, there is no germ, there is nothing called deadly is the same calm temperament you should have when the devil says, “I shot an arrow.” It’s like, “No one cares that you shot an arrow.” We bind you. The Blood of Jesus is against you again. You’ve shot arrows before and we simply will not be moved. You see that God announces it again with the fifth plague. There was a disease and it was released on the livestock, which is important because they ate from it. They made money in trading and all these sorts of things from it.

It came upon them. The Bible says a severe pestilence fell upon them. The Bible says in verse 4, chapter 9, “The Lord will make a difference between the livestock of Israel and the livestock of Egypt.” Not only did He make a difference between my people and your people, He even made a difference between their possessions. I know that this virus has tried to attack people even financially, including myself, but God said, “I will make a difference between the livestock, the possessions, the wealth, the material things of my people and your people.”

God is the same again, He changes not. You see the boils and that’s the sixth plague. No boils came on the children of Israel. We know that those boils were directly relating to health and wellbeing. It just touched the Egyptians. We saw the hail that was falling and that’s dangerous. We know that’s deadly and it doesn’t kill any of the Israelites. It comes to the eighth plague with the locusts and it was so much locusts. It covered the land. God didn’t allow it to touch His children, which were in Goshen.

Goshen is a picture of Jesus Christ. God has placed us in Jesus Christ, the same way he placed the children of Israel in Goshen. He put them in Goshen. Those generations had been living there for quite some time, all the way going back to Genesis with Joseph having been carried off to Egypt. It’s looking like the devil run amuck in his life. It was God orchestrating his steps and taking what was meant for evil and turning it into a glorious good for Joseph and even for those who had come against him. It’s interesting to see that.

TOT 44 | Divine Protection
Divine Protection: There’s so much power in taking communion. It’s a practical way to receive the healing, divine protection, and all the attributes that come from the blood of Jesus.

A Form Of Darkness

We get to the ninth plague. We know that this Coronavirus is a form of darkness. Darkness is representing evil. I love what God says in verse 21 because he had sent this darkness. The Bible says that the darkness was so thick, it could be felt. That’s not regular darkness. That’s not nighttime. At nighttime, it’s not so dark that you can feel it. As a matter of fact, you can see stars even clearly in the sky, the moonlight. God is tender He gives us moonlight. It’s beautiful. We can still see at nighttime. He’s thoughtful. He’s thought it all through.

This darkness we know is supernatural because it was so thick that it could be felt. They couldn’t even see the Egyptians, what even was right in front of them. It’s paralyzing because they cannot move. It’s like blindness has overtaken them. It covers, shades and dirt buried over the blind person. It’s extra blind. You didn’t even have to do all of that type of thing. The Bible says, and God announces in verse 23 of chapter 10, “All the children of Israel had light in their dwellings.”

If someone thinks, “Maybe that’s for her because she seems to have a good relationship with God.” The children of Israel, the Bible ends up telling you that there were over two million of them that eventually God would bring out of Egypt and out from under the hand of Satan and deliver them. The Pharaoh represents Satan. I’m thinking out of two million people, somebody was doing some wrong. Let’s be real.

The Bible says that God gave light to all of the children of Israel because it was not about what they have done, it was about whose they were and they belonged to God. It’s the same thing for us as believers. It’s not about what we’ve done right or wrong, and I don’t encourage you to do wrong because there are consequences for things. What comes up goes down. As far as God is concerned, he loves you and you are the righteousness of God in Christ. That’s an absolute truth. It’s written. That’s not me having wishful thinking or giving you an encouraging word.

If you go down to verse 25, Moses said, “You must also give us sacrifices and burnt offerings that we may sacrifice to the Lord our God.” He’s talking to Pharaoh. I love how God does this transference of wealth at this time that this plague was released. I said, “I know that God led us here because of a plague.” There were things that were diseased. We got this Coronavirus and disease. There were things that were deadly. Death comes in this particular passage of scripture here when God delivers His children, but it doesn’t come over his children.

This doesn’t happen because they dotted every i and crossed every t. It happened because God loves them. There He is. God loves us and where He is. He announces to him what they’re going to need and that they’ve got to go sacrifice to God and serve the Lord. Not only do they get that, that was what they were asking for, but then God delivers them and sends them out. He does so with that last plague, that tenth plague, the death of the firstborn. Whoever had the firstborn, death took them down. None of the children of Israel’s firstborn children died.

Not only that, when God delivered them and God kill or struck Pharaoh, this oppressive man who was killing on his children like crazy. Even killing their spirit and their faith, God struck the devil down, took him down, and defeated him once and for all, which Christ has done. He delivers His children. It’s interesting to see that all they asked for was that they wanted to take their belongings, their people and some animals to sacrifice to the Lord. When God brought them out, He brought them out and made the Egyptians pay them back for all that free labor that they call slavery. They gave them gold, silver, possessions and whatever the Bible says, “Whatever the children of Israel asked for, they received it.” This deliverance came when the tenth plague came.

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The tenth plague is interesting and relevant. It’s a picture of Jesus Christ. The children of Israel had sacrificed the lamb. When the blood of the lamb was slain, it was applied to their doorposts. The Bible tells us that it was John the Baptist who used to release that revelation to us. Jesus is the Lamb of God, slain before the foundations of the world. He’s the true Lamb of God. These other animal lambs were pictures of Jesus Christ who is the actual substance, which was what God was referring to, talking about, referencing to and pointing to the entire time that they had those animal sacrifices in the Old Testament.

Even some when the New Testament begins, they were still under the law for a period of time in the New Testament. It’s interesting because our breakthrough and our deliverance come because of the blood of the lamb. These people apply the blood of the lamb under the instruction of God. We know that God wants us to apply the blood of the lamb. Jesus said, as far as communion is concerned, “Do this often in remembrance of me.” Part of communion is acknowledging, remembering and applying the blood of Jesus to your life.

I’m big on taking communion. I know that it’s God. There’s so much power in it. There’s a way to practically receive the healing that you already have and divine protection, all the attributes that come from the blood of Jesus. The Bible says that in the blood is life and Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly. How do I access that life? I believe one of the big ways is taking communion and faith. It’s the way that Jesus said to do it often.

I want to encourage you in that as well. That’s something that God has thankfully shown me. I love it when they apply this blood to them and their whole house was protected. The reason for the divine protection, it was not because of their perfect behavior. Moses himself, who God used to go to Pharaoh, had killed a man previously. If you’ve read that in the earlier chapters of Exodus, he’s what I call a fleeing felon. God protected them for two reasons. It’s the reason why God is protecting you and me during this time and in times to come, whether it’s called the Coronavirus, AIDS, HIV or whatever that it’s called.

Whatever weapon the devil was forming, God is protecting us and He does so for two main reasons. That’s because he loves us unconditionally and the blood of the lamb. If the blood of the lamb caused the children of Israel before Jesus was crucified, at that time to be perfectly protected and delivered without even having to fight, they didn’t even have to lift a hand. God sent Moses and Moses is a type of Jesus Christ in this particular scripture. These people didn’t have to do anything. Moses kept them updated on their deliverance.

God totally fought for them completely, perfectly and divinely protected them, destroyed the enemy for them and told them the way out was through the blood, and provided the sacrifice for them. He told them how to apply it and deliver them. The Bible says that there was non-feeble or weak among them. You’ve got a couple of million people. I’m sure there were people who were elderly, but nobody had an ailment. I believe that God is showing us this. I want you to spread this word and please encourage people to read this because faith to believe comes by hearing and hearing the word of God.

God has shown me that one of the things that have taken people is not so much the Coronavirus. It’s been the fear. The antidote for fear is the perfect love of God. I know you hear that. They need to hear that. Point them in the direction of hearing the actual gospel and hearing about the love of God. The way that God told me to conclude is to remind you and everybody else. As times come of Luke 10:19, Jesus said, “Behold, I give you authority to trample on serpents, scorpions and over all the power of the enemy. Nothing shall by any means hurt you.” I believe and declare this word and put God in remembrance of this word.

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I simply say by faith with Thanksgiving, God, be it unto us according to your word. Thank you for perfectly protecting us. Thank you for the transference of wealth that’s taking place. Thank you that what the enemy meant for evil, You already turned it for good. Thank you that this is a period that You are causing us to discover even while we sleep, that You’re the God who perfectly protects us. Let none of us be feeble, weak or sick. You fight our enemy for us. You are delivering us. You are transferring wealth like never before, God. We’re coming out healthier, stronger, richer and better because You don’t change and we don’t even have the animal, lamb blood. We have the blood of Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ name. Amen. I love you. Talk to you soon.

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