God Is Our Divine Protection (Part 4)

TOT 43 | Divine Protection

Today, listeners delve deeper into the heart of God and the truth of His word regarding His divine protection even in the most perilous times. Dr. Siohvaughn Funches assures us that God is our only divine protection against anything the enemy hurls at us. Believers are reassured that God’s tender words to do the one thing that is needful reign true today and always. Listeners are sure to grow in faith and be positioned to receive what God has for them.

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God Is Our Divine Protection (Part 4)

We’re going to be continuing on and possibly finishing up our series titled, God is Our Divine Protection. In this time that we’re living in, this for sure is relevant and what some people call the reign of word from God. Not only is the word on time though, it is timeless because we as believers know that we need God’s divine protection every day and in every way, regardless of whether there has been an epidemic declared or not. We know that there’s a devil who’s out of his mind and was out of his mind before the Coronavirus. Unless something miraculous happens, he’ll be out of his mind afterward. We know that we need God’s divine protection. I would say in times like this, maybe now more than ever, people are awakening to that truth, but it’s always been the truth, which is why I call this word on time but timeless.

This word will reign true even after the deliverance comes for this particular attack from the enemy, the COVID-19. Before we began to dive deep into the heart of God all the more and see in the scriptures how it is his perfect wheel to protect us, let us take a moment and let’s acknowledge God and let’s pray. I thank you, Heavenly Father, for everyone under the sound of my voice. I thank you for the opportunity to get at the feet of your son Jesus and do the one thing that’s needful and that’s to hear his word. I ask you, Heavenly Father, that you will give to each and every one of us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus. I pray that the eyes of our understanding will be enlightened and we may know what the hope of His calling is, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance and the saints, what is the exceeding greatness of his power toward us who believe according to the working of His mighty power.

Jesus, I pray that you will expound on the scriptures to us about the things concerning yourself that we might comprehend the scriptures, Lord, and know you all the more. I thank you for positioning us. It is a privilege to get at your feet and hear your word. I thank you for leading us, for putting us in place and we are positioned for deliverance, for miracles that are needed, for healing that we may be crying out for. We are positioned for your best. I thank you very much that in the midst of all the voices and all the noise, that still, calm voice is speaking love, eternal hope, faith, prosperity to us and is saying what you say it more than anything else, “Do not be afraid. Fear not.” I thank you, Heavenly Father, for your calm resolve for Jesus you ask to you Lord over the storm. Jesus is still ranged true that the waves and the winds obey you. You are the King of Kings. You are the Lord of Lords.

You are a sovereign God and besides you, there truly is no other. I thank you for that series that went before us and before all the chaos and you reminding, telling and teaching us of the one thing that’s needful no matter what. Teaching us and reminding us that you are sovereign God. You are more than enough. I thank you even for what you expounded on about how you are the God, who goes before us. You are our rear guard. You even save us from ourselves and we praise you and we bless you for all the times you delivered, protected and saved us. We thank you for the times we were unaware of it, Lord. We say thank you very much for the good looking out. We worship you and expect to receive from you and expect to be blessed by you without us having to do anything except for the one thing that’s needful. In Jesus’ name.

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Those who were with us, you know that we had begun to talk about Exodus to get into that particular scripture. We were around Exodus 7 if I remember correctly. Before we jump right back into that, I wanted to take a moment and say something that God put on my heart. I love yielding to the Holy Spirit and always letting God know, no matter what your will be done. This is you, your idea, your words, your wisdom, your show, your people, your will be done. I’m simply standing on the side and amazed and in awe, grateful to be a part of this amazing journey. God was showing and reminding me and having me to remind his people also that there still remains one thing that’s needful. If there’s anything that the enemy has become well verse is distractions.

I don’t want to minimalize the virus outbreak or the things that have happened to people or even the indirect impact that it’s having on people. The fact that there were people who were already in their own storm and then that hit. They’re dealing with both, not just the Coronavirus and the effects they’re from, but they have things that they were already going through. Some people were struggling in their body with their health long before that virus outbreak. Now, they want to be divinely protected because they’re more susceptible to it in a sense. As far as doctors, we know well-meaning doctors are concerned. God wanted me to remind you as He reminded me that there still remains, no matter what noise the devil is making, no matter what he’s trying to use to distract us and take our eyes off Jesus, Jesus who is the truth, who is the same yesterday, today and forever said, “One thing is needful.” Jesus cannot lie.

Remember Jesus, He is the first and the last, the beginning and the end. The word of God declares, “The end and the beginning.” In other words, God goes before us. Nothing catches Him by surprise at all, at any time, for any reason. God sees the end and even determines it in the beginning. That’s why you can declare in the midst of what is like hell itself, nothing less than hell itself. This is why you can truthfully declare not even the declaration of faith. No, I speak in truth and my faith is what has caused me to speak the truth. I’m not speaking in faith to make this the truth. Because I have faith, I am declaring the truth and there is a difference. When I declare over myself and I declare to you that all is well with you, that’s not me hoping that all is well or trying to believe. I believe I received, I’m not doing that. I sincerely know that all is well because to the contrary would be something tantamount to God being a liar. Since that’s an impossibility, I declare in truth because of my faith that all is well with you and me.

God’s Deliverance

Not because of us, not because of anything in and of our self by our self, but because of who we are. If some of you look back over your life, you can see times that God delivered you from something. Honestly, you’re not being funny. You’re not trying to minimize anything, but you know deep down inside, God delivered you from something more deadly than the Coronavirus. You know that. This is not your first dance with death, so to speak. He comes in many different ways, through many different forms. This is not your first go-round. I’m sure that’s the truth for many readers. It’s definitely the truth for my own life. I am not being insensitive in any way when I speak in faith and I am also not releasing encouraging words. I’m not on a wing and prayer like I’m hoping that this happens. No, I’m confident of that because He who began a good work in you will complete it. God is the beginning and the end. God is good. God said it before the Coronavirus, during it and when it dries up and dies, “I know the plans I have for you. They are good. They are not evil. They are to give you hope and a future.”

TOT 43 | Divine Protection
Divine Protection: Regardless of whether there is an epidemic or not, we need God’s divine protection.

So much for death. For the believer, there is no death. My calm resolve has a lot to do with knowing God. As much as he blessed me to know him so far, and I’ve given him the time to do that and knowing the truth about his word. That’s where the confidence comes from. It’s not cocky, it’s confident and is certainly not confident in the arm of the flesh of myself or any other human being. It’s confident in Christ Jesus who reigns as King always. Know I’m not being insensitive. I know that when God who knows all things and His love says that, “One thing is needful,” He knew that this particular time He knew about the Coronavirus, and He did not change what he said, but He left His words perfect, true and timeless. I know that He knows that people are facing matters of life and death concerning this virus. If you were to look over at Luke 7, this is what God showed me, and this is where you have the famous story about the lady who had the issue of blood and was hemorrhaging continually.

God showed me that in the Bible, in Leviticus 17:11 says that, “In the blood is life.” I’m paraphrasing. The first time, God showed me this, this lady that we have concluded in a sense was having a “bleeding problem” was facing a matter of life and death. Any doctor will tell you that, “Too much blood loss is a recipe for death.” God said in Leviticus 17:11 first and foremost, doctors have come to confirm the word of God, but God went first and say it in the blood is life. This lady wasn’t just losing blood. She was losing her life. It was continually coming out of her. It was slowly, but it was surely that this woman was losing her life. She was dying. She was facing a matter of life and death day in and day out for years. Jesus said to her, “Your faith has saved you,” not a cure or antidote or antibiotics fighting against the strains of a particular virus or infection. That’s not what saved her. Jesus said her faith saved her.

If you’ve been with us on this journey or any journey with God, her faith saved her. We know that faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of Christ. Christ doesn’t change people of God and neither do his ways, not even in a crisis. The crisis is the same yesterday, today and forevermore. Whether it’s a great sunny day or the winds are raging and the wind is howling, Christ is still King. Christ is still Sovereign. Christ is still Lord of Lords, King of Kings. He’s still the one that can arise and with a single word shut down. Every contrary win everything the devil’s been concocting and putting together and giving it his best shot, with the single word Jesus is still speaking to storms and shutting the whole thing down.

God has positioned us to receive from him by telling us, “You receive by only believing.” We can see also in Luke 7, in that same particular chapter, the Bible talks about a man named Jairus whose daughter was sick. He was a ruler of the synagogue and he’d fallen down at Jesus’s feet and asked him to come and save his daughter’s life, who was twelve years old. She was dying. There it is again, a matter of life and a matter of death. While on the way to his home to go and save his daughter from dying, the woman with the issue of blood comes along, touches what the Jewish people call the tallit, the hem I believe they call it, of Jesus’ garment. She gets made well but she said before that, “If only I may touch his garment, I’m going to be whole. I’m going to be healed. I’m not going to lose my life. I’m going to live and not die.” That was faith.

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God’s Flowing Peace

There were no doctors involved. There was no vaccination involved. It was faith. Faith has been saving people. Faith is saving people right now. Faith is going to continue to save people. It’s a powerful thing. On the way, the lady she stops Jesus in a sense because she reaches out and takes this healing and He stops and ministers to her letting her know everything’s all right. Telling her, “Your faith has saved you. Go into peace and continue to be healed.” As the original translation states, he wanted her to continue to be well. She’d been made well, but He wanted to continue to be made well. He told her, do that by staying in peace, which tells you how important peace of mind is. Even more of a reason to get at the feet and hear Jesus’ words. When you hear from Jesus the Holy Spirit, whether it’s in me or someone else God has anointed to minister to you. Jesus is the Prince of peace. Out of him is flowing peace.

When you’re at his feet, when you’re receiving from Jesus, you are receiving all that he is. It’s like an impartation is taking place amongst other things. We know again that the faith to believe comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. Jesus speaks to Jairus and someone comes and after Jesus is done ministering to the woman who’s now healed and didn’t lose her life and they come and tell him, “Don’t trouble the teacher Jesus because your daughter died. I know he was on the way, but Jesus, you can go and do whatever else she was going to do today because it’s over with.” That’s it. Death took her. Jesus, His response to him is amazing. We as human beings feel like death is the finality. That’s the top. We say, “A matter of life and death.” We feel like that’s the top. It’s amazing that we got this calm, cool as a cucumber and more savior who responds. It’s one thing to say, “Your daughter is dying.” It hasn’t happened though. It’s another thing to say, “She has gone. That’s it. Life is out of her. That’s sad. Let’s start preparing the bodies, prepare the funeral.” Jesus doesn’t do that.

The Work Was Finished

Jesus’ response to him was, “Do not be afraid. Only believe and she will be made well.” This is powerful. The way to receive from God was then, it is now and it’s always going to be to only believe because of what Christ has done as far as works are concerned, the works of finish. That’s why the children of Israel didn’t enter the Promised Land. The Bible says in Hebrews, “They didn’t believe the works were finished although they were finished before the foundations of the world.” Jesus concluded on that cross it is finished. The only thing trying to keep somebody from the Promised Land now is doubt and unbelief, not sin. It’s that sin, not that sin action. It’s that matter of the heart that not believing God. That still is the most important thing, even though God understands, and I even know as a human that it’s people, the nations, not just our nation, the world is facing a matter of life and death simultaneously. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He doesn’t change.

Just A Prayer Away

We believe that when we do the one needful thing and that’s good at the feet of Jesus and hear His word, we believe Him. When we believe Him, we receive everything we need and more, because remember, God is still the God who does more exceedingly and more abundantly above all you can ask for, think or imagine. People sometimes say you are one prayer away. I beg to differ. I’ve seen God impart faith in me that I don’t even get a chance to open my mouth and pray. I can think it. I can be having a casual conversation with somebody and I’m talking about things that it doesn’t even matter. I’m not even talking about the stuff like what we’re going through now as a country and as the world presses in pass this Coronavirus and overcomes it. I’m talking about things like, “I hope that particular shoe I like goes on sale.”

TOT 43 | Divine Protection
Divine Protection: The enemy is well-versed in distractions, but nothing catches God by surprise at any time for any reason.

I’m talking to Him. I could be talking to a friend of mine, “I sure hope those shoes go on sale so I can be telling my mother. I sure would like some of those rainboots but not unless they come down on net price.” It’s just casual. I’m not praying. There’s nothing in a traditional sense happening. I haven’t even said the name of Jesus. People said, “I get to pray in the name of Jesus.” All these I’s to dot and T’s to cross, I beg to differ. I think it’s what God said, “Only believe,” but is so much faith in me because so much sitting at the feet of Jesus that I didn’t even know that I had the faith to believe that that can happen. God does more exceedingly, more abundantly above all you can ask for. This is a true story with these particular boots, I ended up getting them for free. Not only that, but these are also though designer boots. This is the stuff that you should be like, “I’m not even going to tell anybody how much you paid for those.”

I’m telling you that not only did He do that and give me the boots for free, but I was thinking about the price going down. I’m like, “These people don’t have sales.” Sometimes that God, wanted to touch somebody’s heart, bring the price down someway somehow, I’m with that. God always promises to do more. I wasn’t somebody without shoes so I need rainboots. I live in Denver and was homeless without shoes. I want to tell you that I didn’t need another pair of shoes. I want to be honest. I’m looking at the shoe closet and I’m like, “You’re doing too much. You don’t need any more shoes.” God is so good. He does, he loves to see us happy. He loves the gift to us. Parents who are out there, people who have taken on a parental role in people’s life. Even if you’ve not given birth, you know what I’m talking about. You almost can’t wait to see the look on their face when you surprise them with something or give them something that you know they want it. You know they’ve been hoping that they could go there or hope and they could see that movie. You are more excited than them because of your love for them.

The Bible says if parents being an evil know how to give good gifts, how much greater God. Let’s not spend time like we got to talk God into being good or wanting to do something for us. I’d highly doubt that. If you give the best, you certainly will give the less and the boots and the houses and the cars and even the healing as important as that He is the lesser blessing. Christ is the greatest. God allowed me to get those boots, but not only that, He had the manager of the store validate my parking for free. I was Downtown in Chicago. If you know anything about a major city like Chicago, Downtown parking can feel like a mortgage payment. I’m joking, but I’m saying depending on where you’re at financially, it may hurt to pay that parking ticket to get out of that garage.

There was a time I can remember where it was serious for me. It was no different than having another bill, more than a cell phone bill. The parking gets serious Downtown in Chicago. Not only that, then they had me and a friend of mine who was with me to eat at a restaurant that was connected to this, it was a Nordstrom or something like that, to sit down and eat at the restaurant connected to their store. They said, “You all can have an appetizer, a main entrée, dessert and a drink on us.” I prayed for a discount. I’m saying like, “What?” I’m talking about this was at a time if you read that first book you know, it’s around about that time when I started to tell you that I was like pitching the tent at rock bottom. I started to make my home now. I figured I wasn’t going away anytime soon, financially and in many other ways. That was big for me and it was God doing things like that, still finding a way to get designer things to me.

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Enjoy The Journey

It wasn’t about the boot and it wasn’t about the parking, it was about God. It was about the fact that He was mindful of me. He was about the fact that it was a sign I will restore your losses. It was about the fact that God was telling me, “Men have tried to make you feel like they did something for you or they gave you something.” God uses man, no question but, “Look to the hills from which your help comes and your help comes from me. I gave you everything you had. No man, which is why man, use all their resources and things to destroy you and try to take everything from you. I restored you anyhow, better.” People, this is God. I was no different than you. I was not. Nothing is setting me apart in any way. God desires to do this for us all. God wants one big family reunion, not children scattered over here or somebody scared even to approach Him. God doesn’t want that. He wants us all together in celebration and joy. Enjoy the journey the destination is perfect. That’s heaven because the perfect one is with us and he’s for us. I pray to God to help us to do that. I felt to take the time. I know it took up a lot of time but I did feel from God. I had planned out what God had given me from before, but He has shown me that and I said, “Lord, your will be done,” and only God knows who needs to hear what.

We were in Exodus 2 the last time that we left off here. We talked about how I believe the children of Israel were in bondage in Egypt and how they had cried out to God and their cry had come up to God. That was in verse 2:23 but prior to that, God already had a deliverer born. These people were enslaved in Egypt, mean Pharaoh, harsh, a murderer in his heart, oppressive, you name it. The most horrific things you know and have seen about slavery or bondage. It was for them. They had cried out to God for deliverance. “God deliver us. Get us out of this.” It’s such a blessing to me that God showed me that they were in that bondage, in that situation because of the wrong that they had done. They’d done something themselves that put themselves in that trouble. God has shown me his mercy that even though it was their fault, He still remains who He is and He’s unconditional, unfailing everlasting love. That scriptural what I’m saying. Not all one scripture, but you find that various places throughout the Bible. Even the Bible says, “God is love.” Not only does He love us, but He is love. He helps them get out of the mess that they made. Remember, God is not a respecter of persons and He doesn’t change. If there’s a mess that you’ve made, I encourage you to still go to God. He will help you get out of it. He will do that.

It may be times that you were in a mess and you think it wasn’t your fault. God knows that it was and you think that God answered you because you were innocent but that’s not true. He answers you because the innocent blood of Jesus declares you righteous. That makes you innocent before God, that robe of righteousness, you being clothed in Christ. You being one with Christ as He is. He’s blameless, perfect, sinless so are we in this world. God knows all that Christ he is. He can’t lie. He says, “As he is, so are we in this world.” That’s written. Know that’s the truth and do what God says it and come boldly to his throne and I have to do the same. If you ever see me discouraged, encourage me, remind me of this. Iron sharpens iron and we lift up one another’s arms but then we went on. While I was getting ready to go on to expound a little bit more. God had me skip out of Exodus and go over to Psalm 91, a particular passage that’s you probably know and it says, “A thousand may fall at your side and a myriad at your right hand, like a countless number, but it shall not come near you. Only with your eyes show you look and see the reward of the wicked because you have made the Lord who is my refuge even the most high in your dwelling place, no evil shall befall you nor shall any plague come near your dwelling.”

Looking To Christ Even In Crisis

This is perfect always and especially for right now because we see the enemy has formulated a certain attack in this area. You’ve got to remember children of God as well and I do as well as a child of God that what the enemy means for evil, God will turn that thing into good for us. He works all things together for our good. Look for the good even in this. Look for Christ even in the crisis. A guy was showing me that when he said, “A thousand may fall at your side and a myriad at your right hand,” that means that there will be people that will perish. There will be people that will drop before the children of God. God is saying to you, even if a thousand readers than those who have not given their life to Christ, I want to give you the opportunity to do so at the end of this show. A thousand may fall at your side and tens of thousands, countless numbers may fall at your right hand, but it won’t come near you. That means that people are falling.

TOT 43 | Divine Protection
Divine Protection: God has plans for you. They are good plans. They are to give you hope and a future.

Sometimes people think God, being present, is the absence of evil, but it’s not. The Bible even says that God hides in darkness. It’s not that. God said, “I prepared a table before you in the presence of your enemies, not in the absence of your enemies.” Because you see the enemy of the Coronavirus or recession, you see these things that come like enemies. For other people, maybe. For the 1,000 at your one side and maybe for the 10,000 and the myriad at your right hand, maybe it is an enemy, but for you it’s bread to eat. You must believe that. God is your refuge. He’s your dwelling place. Imagine God as the house that you’re sitting in or the building or apartment or whatever form of shelter you’re sitting in, but afford a fat fortress-like steel castle. You can’t burn, plow, crush and kick it down. He’s a fortress. If you are inside of a fortress, it says, “You have made the Lord, who is my refuge, even the most high, El Elyon, which sits far above principalities,” the Coronavirus is not on your back, it’s not close to you. The Bible says, “No evil shall befall you. That’s good on you and neither shall it even come near your dwelling.” It would have to come in to get on you.

God said it won’t even come near the outside, the dwelling parts that you in. God is your dwelling because you have made the Lord who was your refuge. Even the most high your dwelling, God is your shelter. If God is your roof, your foundation, your walls and your windows, do you believe all the devils in hell can lift weights, curl their biceps, free fasting, click themself. They’re not getting past and they’re not penetrating God most high. God sits high and we are seated with Christ in heavenly places and God didn’t just say that. I love God. He’s intentional and every word he speaks is relevant. If not, you don’t feel as for right now, He is coming. It’ll be relevant is coming. That’s why I like to get as much in me as possible. When something hits that word says, “I’ve got an answer for that in me.” I don’t have to answer the word God put in me maybe even years before is I answering this now.

Water Into Wine

I’m not trying to get prepared for this crisis. I’m not trying to light my lamp. My lamp is lit but if you haven’t, God is never too late. He’s the God of time. He demonstrated that with the first miracle on the scene at the wedding turning the water into wine. I know that for most people, that’s a big miracle. He turned the water into wine and people like mine. Have you ever had good wine? You would know why I’m still shouting about that. That’s fine. I’m simply saying that the time he did it in, if you ask people who have vineyards or have you ever been to a wine tasting, they try to educate you. If people did not sip so much, fast, they would get these good nuggets of wisdom. I like it because in the Bible God talks about the vine and the vinedresser and wine and grapes. I know all of this stuff is relevant. He uses it to teach you about Him. I like that particular thing.

God does this about this particular Bible verse regarding the wine and God in the flesh turns the water into wine. That usually is a process of time that takes years. I’m talking about decent wine. It can take a long time, 25 years. People let the wine age. The older they let it get, the more expensive the wine bottle becomes. Quite to the contrary with many other things, the older it gets, it loses its value but not with wine. I love how Jesus didn’t turn water into a fifth of Hennessy, but he turned it into wine. Everything is intentional with God and I love him. It’s crazy. He turns the water into wine and the Bible says that they declare the master of the feasts, like the wedding planners, so to speak. He says, “This is the best wine.” After they ran out and drank up everything else, Jesus’ mom asked him to turn that water into wine and so he did. They declare that it’s the best wine or you’ve got to imagine that the master of the feast has done plenty of these wins. He’s probably tasted a lot of free wine. He probably loved his job.

He goes and says that it’s the best wine and I love it. What would take 30, 40, 50, 60 years even, Jesus does in 60 seconds. If you’re feeling like, “Siohvaughn, that’s good for you and other people, but I’m getting on board with Jesus or I’m right at the threshold right now and deciding whether I want to do this.” I don’t have any worries about you because Jesus is Lord over time. He can redeem the time, make up for the time. There’s nothing that you’ve lost or feel like you’ve lost or feel was stolen from you that he can’t payback. The Bible says that Jesus pays back that which he didn’t take away. Although he didn’t take it away from you, he can redeem the time and redeem the years and he wants to if you simply give him a chance.

If there’s anyone who’s reading who has not made Christ the head of their life, who has not made Jesus Lord and savior of their life, I do want to take this time to do that and pray with you. Repeat after me because it is quite simple. The Bible says, “You declare with your mouth and believe in your heart, Jesus is Lord.” You’ll be saved. Not only that but when you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, you’re saved, you and your household. There’s a promise of salvation for you and your house. I thank you, Lord Jesus. I thank you for dying on the cross for every one of my sins. I admit, Lord, that I am a sinner in need of a savior. You are that wonderful savior. I give my life to you. I confess that you are Lord, you are a savior and I believe in you. I thank you for saving me, restoring me and causing me to reap all the blessings and benefits of being your bride, of being your child, of being the one whom your soul delights and loves and was willing to die for.

Thank you, God, for raising Jesus from the dead and declaring me the fat and righteous. I receive my robe of righteousness. I receive your abundance of grace, this gift of righteousness, and I thank you that you are causing me in my whole house to reign in life through the one Jesus Christ. Continue to feel me with your wisdom and revelation and protect me from darkness and all manners of doctrines of evil, every wolf in sheep’s clothing, every way that seems right believes to death. In Jesus’ name I pray. I praise you, lead me and guide me and feel me with your Holy Spirit. Let your Holy Spirit speak in unknown tongues through me and teach me all things. Instruct and teach me in the way that I should go and calls me to follow you all the days of my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen. I love you all. We’ll pick up and probably conclude this particular series.

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