God Is Our Divine Protection (Part 3)

TOT 42 | Divine Protection

It’s important for every believer to know that it is God’s perfect will to protect His children. This series shows us that no matter the peril, God is able to perfectly protect His people from all danger, deliver them and turn what was meant for their harm into their utmost good! On today’s show, Dr. Siohvaughn Funches helps us build the strength to withstand all the misfortunes going on in the world today. Have some faith and listen to her as she highlights how God is truly our light and divine protection.

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God Is Our Divine Protection (Part 3)

We’re going to be continuing with our series entitled, God is Our Divine Protection. With what’s happening in the world, it was seen that particular thing has made this word timely or relevant, but the truth is, before there were any viral outbreaks of this particular one, there was danger and there was a devil in the world. Divine protection is important for every day and every season. This world is timely, but it’s also time lists that we know this and that we meditate on it. Even when God completely delivers us from this attack that the enemy launched with this Coronavirus, we have to keep in mind that God is not only the one who did that but will protect us going forward. He’ll do that.

Let’s take a moment and acknowledge our divine protector. The one who loves us, the one who it is his pleasure to give us the kingdom. He doesn’t give grudgingly. We thank you, Heavenly Father, for your beautiful heart towards us, your heart of love. I thank you for your language of love is giving because God, we are truly receivers God and we are truly in need of your grace, your love, your guidance, wisdom, divine protection and all of that you are. I thank you for that it’s a good pleasure to give us divine protection. It’s your good pleasure to protect us, God is our father. I thank you that you want to do that and we come willingly under the shadow of you Almighty God. We say and declare, you are our refuge and our strength.

You are our ever-present help in time of trouble. We thank you and we praise you. I ask you, daddy, like always that you will give to every one of us, the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus. I pray that the eyes of our understanding will be enlightened, that we may know what is the hope of his calling, what are the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints? What is the exceeding greatness of his power toward us who believe according to the working of his mighty power? I ask you, Jesus, to expound on these scriptures to us about things concerning yourself and open up our understanding that we might comprehend the scriptures and know you more. I thank you, God, that every blessing and every benefit of knowing you more is both our portion and our whole house now and forevermore. In Jesus’ name, we pray Amen.

I’m going to pick up where I left off and recap a little bit. As always, if you’re joining us and we’re in the middle of a series, I want to encourage you to go back and read so that everything is perspective. You can get every bit of wisdom and revelation from God. Not only pertaining to this series but remember God promised in his word that in his light we see light. Sometimes there are things that we are going through. It may not have anything to do with what God is speaking through the speaker that he chooses. You’d be amazed at after you get at the feet of Jesus, hear his word, focus on him and know him more.

TOT 42 | Divine Protection
Divine Protection: Sometimes we magnify the mountain that the devil has put in front of us, but God is the one who created every mountain and sustains it. With his word, they would melt like wax.

Be in his light for your particular situation. Even though it’s not about the teaching or the preaching, you will get light. You will all of a sudden have the answer. It can be in the middle of it. You’re not even thinking about it. You’re listening to the teaching. You’re listening to preaching. You’re going reading along with the Bible verse and all of a sudden, you get the answer, the wisdom. God will even show you ahead of time how a matter is going to turn out in the middle of you being at the feet of Jesus and hearing his word. God cannot lie in his light you see lights. I continue to press you and press myself, remain in this light.

We are in his light as far as in him, but in the sense of remaining at the feet of Jesus and hearing his word. Hear him in the way that God explained to us at the beginning of this show. If you’re someone who’s joining us again for the first time, more than any other episode, I would encourage you to read the first series, the first one because that’s when God talks about rightly dividing the world. It’s not about getting at the feet of Jesus and hearing, you want to hear him. You want to hear the word of God, even if it’s in the Old Testament, in a way where the word is rightly divided and in a way that it’s enlightened of Jesus Christ and what he has done.

Remember when some of the disciples were there with Jesus, Moses, Elijah and the prophets appeared, Moses representing the law, Elijah representing the prophets. You have Jesus, the grace of God. This New Covenant making a savior of ours, who gives freely, that gives salvation freely. You’ve got these people who represent the old way, the Old Covenant and the way things were done then being under the law where things were done by merit as opposed to the favor of God and simply the gift of God. Remember, God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. You have the work and then you have the gift and Moses and Elijah, you have the law and then you have Jesus there and you have grace.

When God came and spoke after Peter was talking probably what we would consider talking crazy, God came and spoke and he said, “This is my beloved Son.” I know for sure he said, “Hear him.” He didn’t say hear the law and hear the prophet of the Old Testament. It’s not that you don’t read the Old Testament because it’s a shadow of Jesus, the substance, which was to come. You do it and you read it and you hear it with praying and asking God to reveal to you his son because Jesus is in that place. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the beginning and the end. He’s there throughout every page of the entire book of the Bible.

We don’t read it to hear Moses or to hear the prophet Elijah or any other prophet without it being in light of Jesus Christ. I’m on purpose by the spirit of God saying, “Jesus Christ.” I want to add that part, that sacrificial part of Jesus, that part that died to remit every sin and was risen from the dead because we are justified by God himself. God’s the only judge. The only judge has said, “You are not guilty and you are declared righteous.” The devil can’t retry the case. There are no appeals because God is the Supreme Court. When you get to the Supreme Court and I make a decision, you’ve exhausted your appeals at that point and if somebody is in that particular situation, I don’t want to discourage you at all.

You can pray because with God, all things are possible and that’s no different than any other miracle. Nothing is hard for God. It may be for you. You feel like, “This is big and I’m going to need God.” Sometimes we talk like that magnifying the mountain that the devil has put in front of us, but God is the one who created every mountain and sustains it and had a word it would melt like wax. Don’t ever forget that just because God is gentler and more of the quiet type in a sense. The Bible describes God as a small voice. The devil acting like a roaring lion doesn’t mean that God is the lion of Judah. He’s also the Lamb of God and doesn’t let the Lamb of God part fool you. God has never been in a fight that he hasn’t won.

Don’t be afraid to pray to God and never limit your prayer or your faith by what you can figure out. God said that Abraham even called by God himself, the father of faith. He considered not his own body. For us, it may be something in our body, but it might not be. It’s considering not your limitation, considering not your circumstances. The Bible said Abraham was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God. We know that’s how we receive by faith and his giving glory to God. You can’t give glory to God without your mind first being on God and why he is glorified. He’s glorified because he’s all-powerful for one. That’s one thing amongst trillions, if not zillions of things. Things that have even yet to be revealed to us yet.

God’s Perfect Will

I want to encourage you in that and I’m sure, it blessed me. Somebody else probably needed to hear it too. Back to our series. God is free to reign and rule in this place and says what he wants regardless of the agenda I set up with him prior to it. This particular series is full of reminders and proves that it’s God’s perfect will to protect his people from evil. God reigns on the justice well as the unjust that’s why I encourage people to get saved. When you’re in covenant with God, there are certain promises, blood promises. God went to the point of dying. Sending his only son to die in our state for this covenant to come about. God takes the covenant seriously. He keeps covenant.

TOT 42 | Divine Protection
Divine Protection: In the world we live in, there’s a consequence. If you throw something up in the air, it comes crashing down.

When the man was cutting covenant with God, with the blood of the animal lamb, God would keep his part. Man is constantly failing on a daily basis, having to have some atonement for his sins. His daily hiccups, sins, shortcomings, evil and transgressions. God always kept his part. How much greater that we are the righteousness of God and Christ Jesus, will he keep covenant and keep his part? That’s for those who he’s in covenant with. You don’t want to be somebody on the outside hoping that God will have mercy on you. God is loving. There’s a better way. There’s a higher way. Everyone reading is wise enough to take the higher way, the better way.

You would do that in any circumstance. If somebody said, “You can have more houses for less money.” You do that. If they say, “You can have a better car, I’m going to upgrade you to this type of Mercedes, but the price is lower.” You would do that. You would take the better deal. You would take the better way. That’s even for a material thing. How much more are you worth that you take the better way for your eternity? I encourage people to do it because I don’t assume that everybody who reads this is born again yet. My prayer though is that if you come in contact with God through this show, you for certain will be saved in Jesus’ name.

This whole diving deeper we’re going to be looking at Exodus, where God was showing me this and why he wanted me to speak to you a bit about why it’s important to be his people, to be in covenant with him and his son. There are certain promises of divine protection that God has for his children, for those who have given their life to Christ. It’s that simple. You give your life to Christ, you come under that covering. More than ever the world is realizing how important that he is. It’s always been important. The world has been a place with different dangers and a devil in it. It’s always been wise to get under the shadow of Almighty God, to have God to protect you.

The devil is not something you can handle on your own. It’s not supposed to be that way. You get in covenant with God and he gives you authority and puts you in a position where when it comes to Satan and anything evil you can think of, you’re the head and not the tail. You’re above only and not beneath. You can open your mouth and say a word. I’m talking about you can say and everything the devil did it falls to pieces. You want to get in that position, not just for your sake, but even for your family, your possessions and your finances. Most importantly, that you will know that God is your father. He loves you and longs to not just protect you, but to bless you in ways you have yet to even imagine.

God’s Unconditional Love

I know everybody that’s reading this who is in covenant with God can say, “Amen.” That is for sure the truth that this woman spoke. I know that for a fact. We’re going to look at Exodus again. We’re going to start an Exodus two. I’m going to give it to you the way that God gave it to me, which is, out of sequential order. It is the divine order of the Holy Spirit. Starting in Exodus 2:23. It happened in the process of time that the King of Egypt died. The children of Israel grown because of the bondage. They cried out and their cry came up to God because of the bondage. This right here was preaching in and of itself, but I didn’t feel to go too deep into that.

If you know the backdrop of this story, you know that the children of Israel, who are in bondage at that time and are crying out to God, are in bondage because of their own doing. I love how God is faithful, constant, steady, and unchanging. I love that about God. That to me is our salvation. That God is love and he’s unchanging. That he’s true love is unconditional love. He doesn’t love you because of what you do and doesn’t do. He loves you because it is love. He wants to love. That’s who I am. It has nothing to do with you. I’m like this before you. I’m like this with you. I’ll be like this after you, I cannot change and I love it. They have gotten themselves in trouble. They’d send greatly against God. They ended up in bondage. Sin has consequences and theirs was in bondage.

In slavery under an oppressive king, a murderous king at that time, he had executed an order before this, and this is when God showed me this. Not only is God gracious, but he also heard their cry and you’re going to see that he announces to answer them more than what they cried out for. They cried out for deliverance but because God is good and promises to do more exceedingly and more abundantly above all we can act and thinking, it brings God joy to answer our prayers. I don’t know if anybody reading is that giving type, but if you have that giving love language, you know that you feel joy when you’re giving. Somebody come over you like, “Can I make you a sandwich? Can I do this?”

It is your joy. It looks like from the outside they gave them the sandwich. The person with the sandwich is blessed. If you knew the heart of that giver, you would know they have more joy than the eater of that sandwich. It is that simple because that is who they are. They’re not even themselves unless they are giving and blessing. If we can even do that as the children of God, even having a flesh that we battle with and wrestle with, let say this, “Let the Holy Spirit wrestle with, because that’s not a fight we can win.” The Bible says that “By the Spirit, you put to death the deeds of the body.” Trust me, after I have to put it, the death myself is always by the spirit that it dies. Whenever I try that joke, it could get stronger like Popeye after he ate spinach.

TOT 42 | Divine Protection
Divine Protection: Every bully is insecure and fearful. They can’t do anything to you, but they can control you if they make you afraid.

You don’t want to give your flesh spinach. It’s beautiful that they messed up but God still had heard their cry. He came to deliver them. I want to encourage anybody and we all need this. If it isn’t for now, it was for before and you live long enough, it’s probably going to be for again. Every time that we need God to deliver us or help us, it’s not because we were the victim. It’s not because we feel victim to somebody else’s sin. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it is purely on the attack from the devil. Sometimes it has been that we did something or didn’t do something that we knew we should have or we said something.

To Err Is Human

This is not for condemnation, this is to say, “Welcome to humanity.” “Thank you for joining us. We’ve been looking for you. We knew you’d eventually show up. Welcome to reality for humanity.” As they say, “To err is human.” All you’ve got to do is be human to make a mistake. Thank God for the blood of Jesus. I love how God heard their cries still. Sometimes people religiously like, “You get yourself together and then God will hear you.” That makes no sense. If you could get yourself together, then why would God have to go to the extreme measure of having Jesus bleed and die? I would not have put my son on the cross and I have some wisdom. God is wisdom. I’m sure he wouldn’t have made a dumb move like that. That would have been a dumb move. God didn’t do that. God is not crazy.

There’s no way he would’ve taken that drastic measure unless it was necessary. That tells you how terrible sin is that it took the blood of the son of God to cleanse us from it. God knew what it took and he did exactly what it took. All this other religious stuff that people say you’ve got to do, “Dot this i and cross this t,” I’m saying we should live right. You live by the spirit. The spirit will lead you right. The whole truth is that’s not what makes you right. What makes you right before God is the blood of Jesus and the blood of Jesus alone. Is it important to do things right? Of course, it is because in the world we live in, there’s a consequence. You throw something up in the air, it comes crashing down.

That part also remains true but you are righteous because of the blood of the son of God, Jesus Christ. No one is better than anyone. We are all the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus as children of God, only because of the blood of Jesus. My son says, “Stop it right there.” That’s the end of that story. Although they sinned against him and although they had done wrong, God heard their cry and he over answered their prayer. They cried out because of the bondage. You’ll see before this series is over that God hook them up and delivered them from the consequences that were of their making. It’s important to know that God will still help you.

The Throne Of Grace

Don’t disobey God further because God said, “Come boldly to the throne of grace.” He could’ve said, “Come boldly to the throne.” God is wise. Every word, every detail of the Bible purposefully put there by God, full of purpose who created you for a purpose on purpose. That kills that lie that you’re a mistake regardless of what people’s parents have said like, “You’re acting nuts.” God gives life. There’s no accidental life. Do you know what it takes to give life? God breathes his breath into you. That’s not the act of sex. God breathes his breath into you. It has nothing to do with either parent. No breath, no life. That has nothing to do with intercourse.

You can have intercourse, but if there’s no breath from God, there’s no life. You got God who breathed on you, you are not a mistake. God did not make his first mistake with you. He’s still God. He’s still perfect in all his ways. God was showing me this also, not just that he’s gracious and unchanging and his love never fails even when we do. God also showed me that his provision always precedes any problem. Moses, who’s a type of Jesus had already been provided by God as delivery for his people. The people are crying out for deliverance from that bondage but note that when they cried out, they had cried out for God to deliver them.

God prior in Exodus hadn’t Moses’ mom and dad conceive, and he gave life to Moses. He was born and God had already ordained and appointed Moses to be the deliverer of his people. This is what God means when he says, “Before you open your mouth to speak, I have already answered you.” Although the Bible doesn’t unveil this every time, there are times when God does unveil this, but it is where to walk by faith, not by sight. We may not see it in every scriptural story like that, but it’s true. God can’t lie. Before we open our mouth to speak, he’s already answered us. God’s provision of the cure, the deliverance for the Coronavirus preceded the Coronavirus.

The Alpha And The Omega

The devil does not strike and God says, “Call a meeting right now. Get every angel on the phone. We got to figure something out.” It’s crazy sometimes the thought that we can have about God and put him on this little minuscule level. He’s human. We for sure got to get free from that because God is God all by himself. We had that whole series and I’d encourage you to read that. It was one of my favorites. We got to know that God is not on our level. That may be how we respond to problems before in times past and things like that. “What happened? What am I going to do?” You’ve got all of this, but that’s not how God is doing this. God already determined the end in the beginning. That’s not my opinion. That’s written right there. God is the Alpha and the Omega. God is the beginning and the end. He is the first and the last.

How much more confirmation do we need? God has gone before us and he’s our rear guard. God told me he is a provision. Jesus is the bread of life. Bread is provision ad symbolic of provision. People even refer to money as bread, “I got to get this bread.” They’re talking about getting money. They’re not going to eat those dollars. Don’t eat your dollars. Take the coin out of your mouth. You could choke. God said that the bread of life provision goes before us. He precedes any problem. None of this has gotten shocked. God is not surprised. God already had the parents of Moses to have him bring them about God, breathed life into him and had them delivered safely by his mom. He’s healthy and in good spirits and God already anointed and called this baby before probably he was in his mother’s womb to deliver these people. They come praying. Sometimes the enemy and religion, probably more than anything, wants to make us feel like we got to talk God into something like, “God, please.” We sound like a temptation song or Keith Sweat begging. That’s why he was Sweat. He would be sweating. He was nervous. There’s a lady going, “Please forgive me.” Sometimes we come in God like that with this, “Baby, please,” type of thing.

Everything good and perfect comes from God and when you pray things to be delivered from a crisis, to have a family member safe, to have a marriage restored, to have health in your body. You got to remember all this stuff was written. All these promises God made concerning every issue you’ve ever had or ever have been already written by a good God. This is not our idea. I tell my mother this all the time. We are Johnny-come-lately. We think and we’re talking God in something and saying like, “What needs to be done?” If you have any good idea, and this is for me too, it came from God first. We’re not talking God into being good. You don’t have to convince God to be a healer.

If somebody is saying, “Mom, what should I do then if I have to talk them into what is a prayer about?” A prayer mostly is about thanksgiving and knowing who you are in Christ. First of all, knowing who he is, he is love. He wants the best for you. He is for you but, what if I get myself into the trouble? We read that. No one cares. You got yourself into trouble except for the spirit of condemnation. Don’t let it condemn you because therefore now no more condemnation for you because you’re in Christ Jesus. God says that. The devil can lie to you, but he can’t undo what God did and he knows that. That’s how come he got a lot. If he could rely on something other than less, he would do it. He would condemn you.

No Longer A Servant

If he could, he would. He cannot. You’ve got to know that God is not someone you have to talk into being good, talk and convince into deliverance. You want to praise God and after you know who he is and that he’s for you and then you know who you are in him. You are a rightful joint heir with Christ. Jesus would not beg God. He opened up his mouth and by faith decreed a thing and it was every time. That show preposition, it’s not begging. You’re no longer a servant, you’re a son. Moses under the law people were servants. Now, we are sons. Adoption has taken place. Stop acting like a servant.

You don’t even do that probably with your natural parents. Don’t do that with God. Don’t let the devil make you feel like that’s your position because of something you did. “No. It was never my position because of something I did and it can’t be my position because of something I did.” It was done because God ordained it so. I can’t even undo that. Far being from me to think that I have the power to undo something that God did because that’s what the devil was trying to tell us. When he says, “You send yourself outside the grace of God or outside of salvation or outside of God’s favor.” How can I do that? How in the world is that possible? It’s not possible.

The Bible says, “Whatever God does cannot be undone.” That would be me included. I can’t undo what God did. The devil is a liar. I don’t want to think too highly of myself. The Bible says, “Don’t think more highly of yourself than you ought to.” I don’t want to fall into that hole of pride and arrogance, feeling like I can do something or undo something that God almighty did. I’m not going to choose the crazy route. I’m going to stay right here in the center of sanity where I know that what God does can’t be undone because he’s God and then he’s God all by himself. God also told me that he’s the same yesterday, today and forever.

The same way that before these people cried out and ask God to deliver them. He had already had a deliver and place Moses and there was an evil King. Some of you may know the backstory of this King of Egypt that had said he wanted to kill because he was full of fear of the children of Israel, which is a whole another message in that. The enemy is afraid of you. He’s terrified of you. The attack he’s launching on you is coming from fear. In a natural, if it was somebody trying to fight you, but you saw them shaking and voice from, “I will slap you.” It’s no way you will be afraid of them. You would be like, “Get out of here with that. You are talking crazy. You’re nervous.” You could see them urinating on themselves. You would not be afraid. You probably would deal with it, but one thing you wouldn’t do is fear.

You wouldn’t fear the fearful. That’s for sure. You may see the devil in the natural, but he’s urinating on himself. He’s scared because it’s not you that he sees. You got to understand something, god puts you in Christ. You are cloth in Jesus Christ. That’s what he sees. When you are praying and you speak the word, “Jesus is the word.” That’s what he hears. He’s terrified, not because of you. You say, “I’m just.” It’s not you, it’s you in Christ. It’s you as God’s beloved. It’s you as the apple of God’s eye. That terrifies the devil. Technically, he’s not afraid of you. He’s afraid of the fact that you are in Christ. He can’t tell the difference. You are walking in the light. Jesus is everywhere.

What do you do when you’ve been rendered powerless and are terrified? You got nothing at that point except for try to scare them. That’s the tactic of every bully. Every bully is insecure and fearful. We know that. Most people reading this probably know that and they saying, “Yes, that’s true.” The devil is a bully and what do they do? Try to make somebody fearful because they can’t do anything to you, but they can control you if they make you afraid. Whatever’s made afraid can be controlled. That’s how come God says, “More than anything, do not fear. Do not be afraid.” In other words, do not allow anyone in anything to control you. That’s what God is saying, and then with fear also comes torment and God doesn’t want your torment.

He died. He sent Jesus to die for your peace. Jesus said before leaving, “My Shalom, I bequeath you.” A man upon his death would distribute his inheritance and all of the things. Everything good he paid for us to have, but he getting ready to die. People pitch chooses their words wisely before they go. Your conversation gets real to the point. Your words become fewer and they become most important at that time and out all the things he could have said. He said, “I’ll give you my Shalom.” How important then is the peace of God? I would love to expound on that word. Shalom certainly means more than what peace means in the English language. Our Bible was translated into English but it wasn’t originally written in English. That New Testament was written in Greek.

It is good at some point, God willing that we expound on that word Shalom because it means much more than your peace like you are at a spa. This is not a lit candle massage and aromatherapy. That’s not what Jesus is talking about. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be talking about it’s a pass and all understanding because I’ve laid on a massage table before myself trying to relax and my trying took much strength and energy that relaxing went out the door. I couldn’t because my mind was racing. My body was laid out the whole environment around me was peaceful and serene, but it was unrest on the inside so I couldn’t enjoy it. The piece works from the inside out, not from the outside in.

I don’t have anything against people who set that type of thing up. It’s great, it can enhance certain things and be a blessing to you. I love the spa. I’m the first one to jump on the table. I’m like, “Please, grab the oil.” It’s some properties in it. Even for your health-wise, loosening joints, blood circulation. Removing toxins because things get moved around in the body. They tell you to drink a lot of water afterward and you’re flushing even that out. There’s a lot of wisdom in it, a lot of doctoral properties in it, healing properties in it that God has put here, many other things on the Earth for us. Peace in and out of itself, it does not come from the outside. It comes from the inside out and the only one can give you that is the prince of peace and he dwells on the inside. When you get that piece on the inside, you can speak that Shalom to the outside, which is what he did when Jesus calm that storm.

I’m going to stop here and we’re going to pick up here. We’re going to go a little bit deeper into Exodus and read some, but mostly skim through and pull out the point God wants to make to his children and why he started this message with specifically saying is his perfect wheel to protect, “His people.” We’re going to point out a little bit about how it pertains to not just that Coronavirus that’s defeated and the blood of Jesus is against it in Jesus’ name. Any danger that the enemy tries to come against us with. This one happens to be named Coronavirus. He stride it before, it was HIV. He’s been there. He’s done that. It got a new name, the same dumb devil behind the defeated foe and for the children of God. God is working it all together for your good. I love you. God bless you. Talk to you next time.

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