New Year New You (Part 4)

TOT 85 | Manifesting Our Dreams

In the New Year New You series, Dr. Siohvaughn Funches reminds listeners that receiving all they need and desire from God is accomplished by doing the one thing that’s needful this year and in the years to come. When believers do the one thing that’s needful, they will see their desires go from dreams they hope for to manifested realities! Get ready to see lasting results breakthrough in your life as you do things God’s way!

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New Year New You (Part 4)

Welcome back. Thank you so much for joining me here again. We’re going to be finishing up our series title New Year, New You. Before we do that and recap, let’s take a moment and do what we always do and let’s acknowledge God. I, thank you, Heavenly Father, that you, the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, are giving to every one of us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him. The eyes of our understanding are being enlightened, that we may know what is the hope of His calling. What are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe according to the working of His mighty power? I thank you, Jesus, for expounding on the Scriptures to us, about the things concerning yourself. Bless us by causing us to know your heart of love and blessing us by having a see in this land of the living, just as it is in heaven, your mighty, all-mighty hand move in our lives. Transforming us and everything that concerns us from the inside out, perfecting all God that concerns us.

As you promised, in Jesus’ name, we come in agreement, there’s power in agreement, people. Jesus said where two or more are gathered together in His name, He would be in the midst and whatever they come in agreement about. They can have what they’re asking for. Let us have a confident expectation of good in Christ and especially in doing things His way. That’s us coming together. That body coming together is a very powerful thing. We’re doing that right now. There’s no distance in the spirit. I thank God for that, but when the time comes and we don’t have to forsake the assembling of ourselves and God utterly uproots this pandemic from the world, all the better. God says not to forsake the assembling of yourselves as the day draws near.

I thank God for that time, but I thank God for being innovative and causing everybody to operate outside of that so-called box for now and still getting the gospel preached, still getting souls saved. I’m grateful that we’re still able to come in agreement with each other and stay connected. That’s wonderful. If you’ve been with us on this journey so far in 2021, you know that we started out with God just reminding us of the power of getting at the feet of Jesus and hearing His word. This show, after all, is called by God The One Thing That’s Needful. God is reminding us for the new covenant believer, those who have put their trust in Christ, there is only one thing that’s needful because the works are finished. Although this is a timeless word, this timing for God to remind us is perfect because we know at the onset of New Year’s, you start to hear a lot about New Year’s resolutions.

The world tends to have this emphasis on man’s ability to change him or herself, whether that’s breaking a bad habit or losing 25 pounds. The common denominator is that it’s centered around man’s ability, man’s strength, man’s wheel power. Man is striving and struggling to make something happen instead of relying on the power and the grace of God and His willingness to work in us, both to will and to do. That means God is at work. When God is working in us, both to will and to do, it’s God laboring through us. God is the one at work. When this happens, we don’t get man’s results, which is a lot of striving little return or no return at all or return that if something good comes, then negative things come with it.

A Powerful, Everlasting Result

That’s not God’s best for us. If we allow God to work in us, both to will and to do, and it’s God doing it through speaking through us, then it will yield a powerful everlasting result. The Bible says, “Whatever God does cannot be undone and whatever is not planted by the very own hand of God will be uprooted.” We want God to do the work for us. We want to take our minds off of ourselves. If you even look back maybe at your own life or other lives, people who you know who’ve set out to do this New Year’s resolution, having a real deep desire, having motivation. They are even going out and buying equipment and meaning well. Sincere people make a change in their life.

The change is a positive one that they desire, still we’ve seen it fail and this is not a doomsday discussion. Our story doesn’t end there. There just needs to be some correction there in how to get there. There’s a way to get there. Jesus is the way. If you’re hungry, He’s the bread of life. If you’re in darkness, you don’t know which way to go, He’s the light of this world. He is the answer for everything. That’s so simple that sometimes reasoning and logic comes antagonistic to God and the simplicity of the gospel will try to doubt you, the reason, have you logically deduce things and say, “If it doesn’t make sense, then I’m not believing it.” God does the impossible and God does the miraculous miracles that don’t make sense.

TOT 85 | Manifesting Our Dreams
Manifesting Our Dreams: God wants to prove to you this year that as you do the one thing that’s needful, He will make all things new for you, including you!

That’s why doctors say things like it defies science, like Peter walking on water. That doesn’t make sense. We don’t need it to make sense. Do you need a breakthrough? I tell God this, if it never makes sense to me, just make the miracle. I don’t need any more sense. God has blessed me with a lot of good sense, praise be to God. There are some things I feel like I need God to do and it’s not at sense to me, just make a miracle happen. I’ll take my miracle. You keep all that, whatever man logic that is. I don’t need any more of that. I got plenty of that trying to get me to doubt God. I’m good at that. I’m in overstock of that. They’re like Sam’s Club version of supply of that.

I need a miracle. Miracles don’t make sense. I’m fine with the fact that it doesn’t make sense as long as it makes miracles. I’m good with the hand of God doing that. I tell God, “I’m not picky and neither am I proud. I take it how I can get it, God. Thank you for the miracle. If it’s absent, the understanding, that’s cool too. I’m just glad I got to breakthrough.” That’s what I’m saying. Desperate times, desperate measures. Land down what I don’t understand. Land down if I don’t like how it happened. I’m laying it all down so I can receive from God what I need. That’s the real way to go about that. We want God’s results. This series of God’s key scripture for us comes out of Isaiah 43:19 when God said, “Behold.” Notice he said behold. That’s standing in all, that’s being amazed, fixing our eyes on Him.

God Will Do A New Thing

“I will do a new thing.” God’s emphasis for us was not just that He was going to do a new thing, although He is and He’s emphasizing that. He highlighted to us that God will be doing the doing. He says, “Behold, I will do a new thing.” Sometimes we want a new thing. It’s a new year. You want a new you. It’s a new year, we want a new resolution. God has to be the one to do the doing. Right after that, He said in the same breath, “Now it shall spring forth.” God was showing us that when he does it, it springs forth speedily. For those people who struggle a bit with patience, I’ll be the first to raise my hand. God is saying that He does it.

When He does it, it springs forth. It springs forth speedily. I love that. God was showing us how He says, “Should you not know it, I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” We saw from this, God was saying, remember it doesn’t matter the size of the problem, the size of the giant. what matters is the size of our almighty God, who’s the highest God. Besides Him, there’s no other. He’s the one who made the promise. God is always bigger. God is always greater. God is not just mighty. He’s all mighty God. He possesses heaven and earth and all power. Besides Him, there is no other. It’s as simple as that. The only one who occupies the throne, Yahweh. That would be Him. Elohim, just Him.

God sits above it all. Jesus’ name is above every name. We’re not disregarding or pretending like the other name doesn’t exist, whether that name is debt, whether the name is divorce, whatever that name is, we’re not denying that it doesn’t exist. We are just simply saying the name that’s above every name, Jesus, He saves me. When He saved me from my sins there comes this blood covenant guarantee, the blood of God, the blood of the son of God Himself guarantee He will save me from my problems, even if they’re of my own making. He will save me from Satan and even from myself. Keep it real. This is Keep It Real Thursday. God will save me from me. I’m always the one being transparent. Somebody be transparent with me, please.

In Matthew, 19:26, God was showing me how He promised because we’re talking about these New Year’s resolutions and whether we should go the world’s way and focus on us doing it and us stopping a bad habit. “I want to give up smoking,” someone says. “I want to give up the curse and I want to give up telling people off.” It’s like, “You can’t do none of this on your own.” You notice that the more you try that, the more you’re like, “I told them that time. I didn’t even mean to say that twice in a row.” That’s keeping it real. Where there’s realness like that, God can go to work and deliver and set free.

TOT 85 | Manifesting Our Dreams
Manifesting Our Dreams: The world tends to place emphasis on man’s ability to change him or herself, whether that’s breaking a bad habit or losing 25 pounds.

God doesn’t set free who we pretend to be. He sets free what’s going on in our life. That transparency is where God does amazing things. In Matthew 19:26, God was reminding me that with men, this is impossible. We can say that with these resolutions, even when they are good godly resolutions. We know it’s something God desires of us. Righteousness is a gift from God. To see righteousness show up in your life in a tangible way, not indulging in certain bad behaviors and things like that, if it’s a gift, then that tangible manifestation is going to be the fruit of the gift of righteousness. All of our access to God is through believing. We must first believe that Jesus has justified us in His own blood and made us righteous and out of the power of that truth.

Manifesting The Fruit Of Righteousness

God goes to work in us. He bears this fruit of righteousness that shows up as tangible holiness, whether it’s the breaking of bad habits, the overcoming of addictions. The severing of soul ties that we shouldn’t be dealing with them. God comes in and goes to work in us and it’s a lasting work. God says, “Even though with men, by themselves, this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.” There’s nothing you desire. There’s nothing you thought of. There’s no resolution you have, there’s no habit you want to break. There’s nothing too big. I don’t even want to say there’s nothing too hard. There’s nothing hard at all for God. Let’s be real. God’s not struggling or straining.

We’ll be like, “What am I going to do? Think.” God’s not doing any of that. God is so good. I think God made us in His image. We’re going to be a reflection of Him. I think sometimes we see ourselves, we see one another, got our eyes focused on that so much so that we started to try to put God in our box and be like, “He’s made in our image.” No. He came first and He’s the creator and we’re the creation. Definitely we’re made in His image and not the other way around. If you want to see yourself, don’t look at the man in the mirror. You got to look at Jesus because as He is, so are we in this world. That’s how you get to know yourself. That’s the way that God sees you and God sees the truth. God sees honesty. He sees perfectly.

Looking Through The Lens Of God

Let’s look at ourselves and our lives and our loved ones through the lens of God’s love and grace and truth. We can’t do that without the word of God. In places like here, this show and other New Covenant gospel of Jesus Christ and His grace preaching. When we do that, we’re able to allow God to even expound all the more on Himself and who we are and what He has for us. That’s a life worth living. We see that with God is all things are possible. Nothing you can think of is impossible for God. Nothing you have faced or facing or ever will face will be a problem or hard for God. It’s just simply not.

Man’s ways, we want to steer clear of this, no matter how much the world shouts at us, do something, make it happen, be a go-getter, all this self-made and not for long. That’s pretty bad. You built your house on sand. ask any realtor. That’s foolishness. That’s nothing for you to boast about. Be quiet. You sound bad. If I start sounding bad, somebody telling me like, “Not out loud.” Love me enough to whisper in my ear, “Not out loud.” This is what I’m saying. That’s the world’s way. God has a better, higher way that works and that lasts. Man’s ways and man trusting in his flesh, man making flesh his strength, the Bible says that is a curse.

Remember, God cannot lie. I would not suggest that we rely on us or anyone else in that matter. God wants to use somebody, move through somebody. That’s one thing because that’s still God working in both the will and to do, which means is the hand and heart of God. That’s a good thing. If it’s just man and trusting himself, “I can do this and I got to make it happen. I got to provide and I got to do this and I got to figure this out.” Steer clear of the curse. Learn how to duck. I’m from Chicago. It’ll save your life to learn how to duck, so learn how to duck spiritually. That’s not good if the devil throws it at you. Don’t catch that. Don’t let that penetrate. Learn how to play spiritual dodge ball at that point. Lift up the shield of faith, quench that because that’s all-firing dart. Know that it’s from hell. Don’t receive that. That’s from hell trying to put it on you.

TOT 85 | Manifesting Our Dreams
Manifesting Our Dreams: When God is the one at work, we don’t get man’s results, which is a lot of striving with little return or no return at all. God’s work yields a powerful, everlasting result.

It’s not on you to even change yourself. It’s on God. God is the father. We’re the children. Even if we’re 95 years old, God sees us as His children. God sees the truth. He sees perfectly and correctly. We got way too many things that could cloud and blurred our vision. Let’s take Him and His sight and see the truth through His eyes. I like it. God showed me too and Psalm 1. This was not originally in my notes when I was preparing with the Lord for this teaching. That’s why I say it is God. You know it’s Him because I learn sometimes in real-time, just like you do. The moment I say it is the moment I realized that because it’s not me. It’s God working in me, both the will and to do, and He’s working it in and then through me. God took me to Psalm 1, what I considered the 11th hour. He showed me that it says, “Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly.” That would be those people trying to tell you to make it happen. Don’t fall for the flattery from hell. They’re sincere people, but they’re sincerely wrong. Obviously, the devil is not sincere. He lays a trap and a snare.

The Good News

To discourage somebody, get them to try to trust in themselves, realize that’s a curse. It didn’t bear any fruit. If it did, it’s not good. It didn’t last. He wants to come and point out to him and say, “Stop, you’re a failure. You can’t do anything. You haven’t accomplished anything.” He should be further ahead by now. That’s what I mean. It’s a trap. He sets people up to have that conversation with them, and then they’re so discouraged, they don’t even want to go to God. He’s disgusting, to say the least. I love how God is leading us and showing us the way. It’s not to walk in that ungodly counsel. Even if people are sincere, if they’re sincerely wrong, you don’t want to walk in that counsel if it’s ungodly. You can love them but you don’t have to take heat to them because it’s ungodly counsel.

How do you know it’s the godly counsel? It aligns with the word of God. How do you notice the true gospel? The gospel is good news. If it’s good news you’re hearing, God has given you the way. He’s showing you how to have effortless lasting results without all that striving, struggling. If it has taken you 50 years to get it done, just want it to be undone, that’s good news. Good news is the gospel. I love it how God tells us not to do that, nor stand in the path of sinners, nor sit in the seat of the scornful. His delight, this blessed man. He starts off, “Blessed is the man.” His delight, a blessed man and woman, his or her delight is in the law of the Lord.

Now we know we’re under the new covenant. Jesus tells us we abide by the law of faith now that we’re in the new covenant. Our delight is in God’s word. It’s through the lands of all Jesus Christ has done for us because God tells us. You have to divide the word rightly. It’s not just about looking at the Bible. We got to let God rightly to back that word to us. What’s supposed to be a shield to you will feel like a sword that cuts you. The devil was interested in seeing that happen. We want to do what God said. God is saying rightly the bad, that word. Holy Spirit blesses us and continue to bless us to rightly divide the word of God in Jesus’ name we pray that’s necessary.

It says on His law, He meditates day and night. This is such a blessing to me. We’ll go back to this day and night. It says, “He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth its fruit in its season.” No trees in order to produce fruit are sweating. They’re not striving. They’re not trying and be failing and trying again. That’s not how it works. The root is producing the fruit. The root is doing the work and the fruit is getting all the glory. We’re like, “What a beautiful lemon tree. Look at that mango tree. That’s gorgeous.” The mangoes are getting all the glory. The truth is the root, not the fruit that did the work. It says and whose leaf which represents our health shall not wither and whatever we do shall prosper.

I love it when God gives a blank check. This is a blank check from God. Whatever this blessed man or woman does prosper. What did they do? All it says is they delight themselves in the law of the Lord. They delight themselves on the word of God. On the word of God, they meditate day and night. They’re abiding in God. They’re allowing because God is His word and they’re allowing His word to abide in them. That’s why Jesus said, I believe it’s in John 15, “If you abide in me and my words abide in you, you will ask what you desire and it shall be done for you, not by you.” That’s what a devil keeps trying to trip us up at. The flesh and the ways of the world nagging at us.

TOT 85 | Manifesting Our Dreams
Manifesting Our Dreams: Whatever God does cannot be undone, and whatever is not planted by the very own hand of God will be uprooted.

We got to make it happen. That’s quite contrary to the ways of God, the word of God and the kingdom of God. God goes before us and does the work innocent through us and to God be all the glory, not us. I love it. We see that God’s ways, high above our ways, quite contrary to the ways of the man in the world. God’s way is that Jesus already made it happen. Our only resolution in 2021 and all the years to come for people who are born again, we have one resolution and it’s the resolve to rest in the truth of God and His word. His word declares it is finished concerning whatever it is you need of. I love Hebrews 4:1 through 3. It says, “Therefore, a promise remains of entering His rest. Let us fear lest any of you seem to have come short of it. For indeed. The gospel was preached to us as well as to them.” This is the children of Israel, “But the word which they heard did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in those who heard it. For who have believed do enter the rest.”

This is so good. This is why God has this show. God is using me to be a continual reminder to you and me. Trust me, I’m in the audience and on the stage. I can’t explain it, but it’s the truth. I’m telling you. God is using this show, other anointed preachers and teachers of the covenant of God’s grace. In Jesus Christ, His new covenant. Not the old one of the letters that kills, the Ten Commandments, but the new one, which is the grace of God and justification by faith and the forgiveness of every one of your sins already is put away already.

It’s done. Where you are an heir of God’s and a joint heir with Christ and whatever you ask for believe in and you receive. This is not a lazy life, but it’s like I’m chilling. This is a life of rest for sure. That’s why God keeps reminding us all you got to do, the flesh begs to know what I must do. When it comes to even the biggest blessing, salvation, when I asked them, the Bible, thank God for that question. What must I do to be saved? I believe it was Apostle Peter that said, “Believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ. What must I do?” Screams the flesh. Here’s the God and all His grace because it’s done already, sweetheart. No glory for you and me, all glory to Jesus. It’s finished and He did it and we had nothing to do with it.

Only Believe

We only believe. Can you believe that? Let’s start there. Do you even believe that? Only believe. One thing is needful. There’s one thing left for you to “do” so to speak and get at the feet of Jesus and hear His word. Why does God tell us that? It’s because it’s finished. The works are finished. The way that we receive is by believing. Romans 10:17, a real foundational scripture. This show and our faith walk with God, and this is the new living translation. It says, “Faith comes from hearing.” That is hearing the good news about Christ. Glory to God. Why again? As we, new covenant believers, do the one thing that’s needful and it’s going to yield us all these results. It’s going to supply everything that we need on this earth, just as already supplied in heaven.

I tell you again, what God told me, because it is finished. All that we need and all the desires of our heart, the dreams, God gave us the solutions we long for, the wisdom we feel like we just so desperately need, all the breakthroughs we’re believing God for are finished. God gave me several scriptures to expound on this. Before I do, I want to remind you that back in Hebrews 4, it talked about they heard the word like we did, like the gospel was preached to them, but they didn’t believe it. It’s mixed with faith. They lacked the faith because that was being preached to them the way to receive it, the way to receive the promised land, the way to receive the manifestations of what you look for is by faith.

Theirs wasn’t mixed with faith. They heard, but there was no faith there. You need to believe, and thank God, faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. The Bible talks about in Hebrews 4 how when they heard the word and it wasn’t mixed with faith that even God talks about also. I love it because He goes on further and expounds on their sin of unbelief. That was the mother of them all at that time. They were doing all sorts of stuff. They were making Sodom and Gomorrah seem like a cute Catholic church or charities or something, compared to what they were doing. The thing that caused them not to enter in was unbelief.

We see that is super important. God told them they didn’t believe, although the works were finished before the foundations of the world. This is a picture for us because the promised land they were entering into then, the physical land, ours is whatever we need of and desire. It clearly is the rest of God. The house God said you’re going to enter in where you going to abide in houses you didn’t build filled with good things that you didn’t fill. You’re going to drink from wells you didn’t dig. You’re going to eat from vineyards you didn’t plant. It was a place where it was already finished for them and that good news, they heard, they went about it the world’s way. That’s too good to be true.

I guess maybe just too much time in Egypt. Egypt represents the world. Not too much time in Egypt, maybe too much Egypt in them because they weren’t even in Egypt anymore. Apparently, even coming out of Egypt, Egypt was still in them. That’s why it’s so important that we let the washing of the water of the word renew our mind. In places where we’re not believing correctly, we’re not thinking correctly. We get under the washing of the water of God’s word through preaches like this, this show of a new covenant preaching, spending time in God’s word. Anointed books, God has written two of them thus far through me. They’ve been published and released now and is writing a third. Through those things that God is doing, God renews our mind.

He cast out the old, puts in the right thoughts, the truth instead of the facts, the truth instead of what’s logically acceptable, the truth instead of what culture says, the truth instead of what religion says. He replaces it and supplants it with the truth. When we believe and when we believe, we receive. This includes any New Year’s resolution you have and everything else in your life and in my life. God did say that it’s finished. They had an issue not believing that the works were finished. Let’s not have that issue. Let’s let God renew our mind through the washing of the water of His word. We’ll start with Isaiah 46:10. God says, “Declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times, things that are not yet done saying my counsel shall stand and I will do all my pleasure.”

Listen to the sovereignty of your God. “My counsel shall stand.” What about what everybody else has had to say? What about what the doctor said? What about what the news says? What about what the law says? What, God? I’m just telling you, here’s the answer. God is saying His word is eternal. He is His word. He’s eternal. From everlasting to everlasting, no one will make Him a lie. No one will put His words to shame. Saying, “My counsel shall stand. I don’t know about the counsel of man. I will do all my pleasure.” We know darn well without God, man can do nothing. Good news. The God you choose, He certainly is sovereign. He certainly is most high, but He declares the end in the beginning. It is finished. He is the end and the beginning.

Look at Revelations 22:13. God said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” the beginning and the end, the first and the last. Do you understand what I’m saying? It is finished. God’s already won before us. God was showing me too just another scripture. It’s specifically about Jesus. This is Jesus. This is our gift of salvation. Before Adam and Eve partook of the Tree of Life, the only tree, they were able to eat freely from the Garden of Eden from many other trees, but the one right that they weren’t supposed to eat from, they did. It’s amazing how before they even did that. In Revelation is 13:8. This is how God goes before us people. It says, “All who dwell on the earth will worship Him whose names have not been written in the book of the life of the lamb slain from the foundation of the world.”

Look at that, God goes before Jesus is the greatest provision. We had a sin problem. You’re born again, you can say past tense. You had a sin problem. Sin is a noun for the most part of the Bible. You had a sand problem. That’s a state of being. It was a place you were at and it’s cut off from God, spiritually dead. We all had that sin problem and praise be to God, the solution, Jesus Christ, proceeded the problem. God told us that earlier on in this show, God’s provision always precedes your problem. Always God is the God who goes before us.

TOT 85 | Manifesting Our Dreams
Manifesting Our Dreams: God doesn’t set free who we pretend to be. He sets free what’s going on in our life.

Look at Deuteronomy 31:6 and 8. It says, “Be strong and of good courage. Do not fear nor be afraid of them, for the Lord, your God, He is the one who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.” Verse 8 says, “The Lord, He is the one who goes before you. He will be with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you. Do not fear nor be dismayed. Don’t be discouraged, beloved.” We see an Isaiah 65:24 how this even manifest in plays out in our life is so amazing. God says, “It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer them. While they are still speaking, I will hear.” Before you open your mouth to speak, God knows what you need.

That’s why Jesus said we don’t have to make pretentious long prayers because God knows what you need. I ask why is it that we, as new covenant believers, are able to get all we need and desire from God by doing the one thing that is needful? Getting at the feet of Jesus and hearing His word. It’s because the work is finished. We know that without God, we can do nothing. With Christ, we can do all things. We must remember in Psalms 127:1, “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.” Even if you’re trying to build up your body, losing weight and toning up, I’m trying to fix your relationships. I’m trying to get your child on the right path. Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it. Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.

Let God do what He said. Behold, that’s His instruction for us. That’s what we do. Behold. We behold Jesus by getting at His feet and hearing His word. We say, “God, what are you going to do?” “I will do a new thing.” Here we go, God. Be it on to us according to your word. bless us by calling us to enter your rest, for your rest to be planted in us, calls to us daily to believe. Lead us and guide us and feed us. He calls us to meditate and abide in your word all day and all night, God. Let us be that blessed man and woman planted by the rivers of water whose leaves don’t wither. We do it, prosperous God, because it’s not us doing it. You are doing the new thing. New year, new you. In Jesus name, we pray.

We come in agreement and believe it was finished before we even made this prayer. That’s how good God is, in Jesus’ name. If there’s anyone who has not had the opportunity to give their life to Christ, I’m encouraging you to do so. You got to get in on this. This is good news. If you hear somebody having a sale, you’re beating down the door because it’s good news. I’m telling you even better news is good for this life and the next. Get on this good news. God wants you to. Your sins are already forgiven. You are here now to receive the gift of salvation and the gift of righteousness.

No one else can judge you. They can’t call unclean what God has cleansed. Let Him cleanse you right now. Believe in your heart and declare with your mouth. God, I believe that your son, Jesus, is your son, God. I believe that He is Lord and savior. Both of them. I invite Him to be my Lord and savior. I believe, God, He died on the cross for my sins. You raised Him from the dead and you have justified me in His blood, God. I’m righteous is you are righteous. I thank you that you, God, and your justice, God, your holiness, your love, all that you are all, your resources. All your power is on my side. It is my portion. I believe and declare your word that if I believe on the Lord, Jesus Christ, I’m saved, me and my household. Be it unto me according to your word, in Jesus’ name.

I love you guys very much. Thank you again for being with me on this journey. Let’s just keep on receiving what it is God has for us. As we do that, that one thing that’s needful, let us just keep on having this confident expectation of good knowing God has already over answered all of our prayers. We will see the goodness of God over answered, oversupplied in every area of our life, not by might or power, but by His spirit and to Him be all the glory. Amen. I love you.

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