Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 7)

Both the Bible and everyday life are chock full of stories of people who did not wait to celebrate God while they waited for His promises to manifest. And every one of them received all God promised them and so much more!  Today, Dr. Siohvaughn Funches invites us to take a deeper look into the heart of God where we find wisdom that launches us into our promises in an effortless manner! We can be like these blessed people who found God’s limitless grace in celebration of His name. Let’s join them, worship God while we wait, and like them, see the surpassing greatness of our God who loves us!

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Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 7)

In this episode, we’re going to be continuing on with our series titled Waiting Room Wisdom. Before we recap just a bit and dive into whatever else God has for us, let’s take a moment and do what we always do and let’s acknowledge God. I thank you, Heavenly Father, for the opportunity to get at your feet of your son, Jesus, and hear His word. I pray God that you will bless everyone under the sound of my voice with the spirit of wisdom and revelation and the knowledge of Jesus. I thank you that the eyes of our understanding are being enlightened and you are causing us to know what is the hope of His calling. What are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in us the saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of your power, God, towards us, who believe according to the working of your mighty power.

I thank you, Yeshua that you’re expounding the scriptures to us about the things concerning yourself and you are blessing us by giving us the wisdom and the understanding to comprehend the scriptures. I thank you that as we see Jesus, your Holy Spirit is going to work inside of us. As your Bible promise, the spirit of God will transform you into Jesus the same image as you simply behold Him. I ask you, Daddy, fix our gaze, fix our eyes on Yeshua. As we behold Him, I bless you and I praise you and I thank you not only for what you’re doing inside of me but what you’re doing inside of every man, woman, and child, Heavenly Father that’s reading this. As you cause us to gaze upon the beauty of our Lord Jesus Christ in Jesus’ name, we pray.

If you’ve been with us on this journey for this particular series, you know that the key scripture for this series comes from Proverbs 4:7. This is not just a scripture for this particular series in and of itself. It tells you that, but it is the one that God gave us for this series. Hence the title Waiting Room Wisdom, because it comes from the book of Proverbs, which is a book that’s chock-full of wisdom. God wrote this particular book. A lot of it, at least, who pinned it was Solomon who God had called, even himself said He gave Solomon wisdom and Solomon was one of the wisest men to walk this earth. Obviously, that’s in subjection to Jesus Christ Himself. He was a man gifted by God with the spirit of wisdom. He was very wise and God used him to pin many of these Proverbs. Just because of the very nature, the very wording, the very essence of this scripture, I say it’s a key scripture, not only in every one of these episodes but in every day of our entire life.

The Bible says that in Proverbs 4:7, I’m reading from the New King James Version, “Wisdom is the principal thing. Therefore, get wisdom and in all your getting get understanding.” Wisdom is a very primary thing on someone who believes that when you’re faced with trouble and even when you’re faced with a blessing from God. One of the first things you should do aside from thanking God, you don’t thank God necessarily for the trouble, but you thank God because He’s the God who promised to work everything together for your good, including the most heinous thing that could ever be levied against you. We praise God initially, but one of the other things that we should all do and I try to make a habit, I try to be habitual in this is even when God gives me a blessing, I try to thank God.

I also ask God for wisdom. I do that same thing in times of trouble or whenever there’s some sort of adversarial circumstance that’s trying to come against me. I try to make it my habit. I try to make it my first response to trouble and triumph. To valleys and victories, I try to, first of all, thank God. I try to remember to ask God for His wisdom, for that particular thing, for that particular blessing. Think about it. It makes sense. You need wisdom for the blessings of God. God putting two people together in marriage and holy matrimony is a blessing. Let’s be honest. If you’re someone who’s ever been married before, perhaps engaged, maybe even in a long-term relationship, it could even be in high school and you will bear witness that the words coming out of my mouth next are the truth.

Relationships can be tough. With that being said, even relationships, covenant marriages that are a blessing from God, and even dating relationships and engagements that are a blessing from God can be presented with challenges. Even though it’s a blessing, it’s wise to ask God for wisdom for that blessing. His wisdom, His favor, and clearly His divine protection. We want to do that, not just in times of trouble, but in times of triumph. Not just walking through the valley season, but also in the seasons of victory. I did use that singular and plural thing on purpose. I decree over us. We might’ve had a season of valley, but we have many countless seasons victory, innumerable seasons victory in Jesus’ name.

Strength In Faith

Who is going to decree it for us? God gave us the power and we’re going to decree it. I love the fact that I get to be in agreement with you all. It’s power in agreement. Last episode, if you were here, you know that we were talking about one of the things that God told us that we don’t do while we are in the waiting room. We know that the waiting room is that place. After God makes the promise to us but before the manifestation in the earth, as it is in heaven, it’s that middle ground. God is in the middle. God told us we don’t wait to celebrate. That’s a no-no in the waiting room. God specifically let us look at the life of Abraham.

We know that Abraham was faced with an impossible situation, multiple odds against him. Abraham was very old. His wife was very old. They both were in an age past the time of childbearing. Not only that but his wife, Sarah was also barren. It was like triple barrenness and God promised them a child. Isn’t it like God to promise a child where triple barrenness exists, where his glory can be manifested, even the unbeliever with the hardest of hearts melt like butter under a hot sun giving glory to God because this has to be God?

The fact that these two would conceive and have the promised son just like God promised. God allows them to be in the waiting room until a time where not only could Sarah not have children because she was barren, but she’d reached the age where even if she was once fruitful in her womb, that time has come and gone. By that time also, God had allowed Abraham not to be able to bear children. Abraham was someone who was fruitful. We know that because he had a previous son Ishmael under some special circumstances. You’ve got to read that. If you like novellas, like Spanish soap operas. They’re like chock-full of drama. I love them.

I pray I can understand them more. It’s good but the Bible was the King of it. When you read that about Abraham and Sarah’s life and how he got that first child while he was married to Sarah, but with someone else, it’s like, “Scoot over TMZ, you’ve got nothing on the Bible.” That was crazy. If you get an opportunity, I would encourage you to read that not just for purposes of drama, but the Bible is entertaining as well. It’s a good book. It’s not just a place and it’s first and foremost, where you go in communion with God. You get to know God, that’s obvious. God speaks to you. He does do that through that word. He instructs you, as a matter of fact. He gives you wisdom and life.

Celebrate God: We need to be strengthened in our faith in the waiting room.

God is His word. You get nothing less than God Himself when you dive into the Bible. Also, God made us spirit and He also made us human beings. God tends to both our spiritual needs and our natural needs. I think we have a natural need to be somewhat entertained. It’s interesting that the Bible is also amongst many things and many more important things. That’s like, God, not to just give us a need to eat, but also give us taste buds so we can say like, “That macaroni is good. This is God.” God is very good to us like that. The Bible was not just the place where you go in His humdrum dry going and spending time with God. It’s actually entertaining.

It’s like, “Scoot over novella. You haven’t read Genesis yet.” If you get a chance, trust me, when I tell you that’s a great one. We can learn from Abraham, the father of faith. He didn’t wait to celebrate. The Bible says Abraham did two things, essentially. He didn’t consider the impossible odds against him. Now is the moment to pause and pray. God help me, whatever anointing, whatever grace was upon Abraham to not consider the negative things, the symptoms, the opposition, the voice of the media, the voice of the naysayers. Whatever anointing that was, whatever grace that was, be it onto me greater than you did Abraham in Jesus’ name. Abraham considered not his own body being dead or even the deadness of Sarah’s womb.

Anything that was against them, Abraham didn’t pay it any mind. The Bible says Abraham was strengthened in faith and we know this is so good. It’s applicable. It’s relevant to us because the covenant that God had with Abraham was an example, a showing, a demonstration, a prelude to what was to come with the covenant that God has blessed us with, the covenant he cut with him and Jesus on our behalf that we’re beneficiaries of. That’s a covenant, this new covenant of grace and faith. This is everything God gives by grace, we receive by faith. That’s the new covenant. It’s wonderful. This passage of scripture about Abraham being strengthened in faith, and not giving attention to the negative things, the things that would oppose that promise God made him is relevant for us because we are taking this same stance.

It’s not that we can’t learn from other people are the points in the Bible. We obviously can. All of it is a shadow of the substance of Jesus in the Old Testament. We can learn from that. You get Jesus’ ministry here on the earth and then you get the new covenant instituted thereafter. It’s all relevant. It’s all necessary and God can speak to you. We can all get to know God through every page. We see Jesus on all pages of the Bible, no question. That clearly is going to take the Holy Spirit helping us, but He’s there. This particular one is relevant for us new covenant believers. We are strengthened in our faith. This is important because the way that we receive is not by earning God’s promises.

We don’t have to do anything to make God bless us or to get God to bless us as if He’s grudging and having something good but refused to give it to us. That’s not our covenant. That’s not our God first and foremost. It’s never been. The Bible says that Jesus was slain before the foundations of the world. That’s before the law was given through Moses. We know that it was God’s heart always to have this new covenant of grace. This has always been God’s perfect will. I think Moses was God’s permissible will, but Jesus, the son of God always has been God’s perfect will. Everything before that was preparation and announcement of the son of God and this everlasting covenant with this high priest who sympathizes with our weaknesses, sits at God’s right hand and makes intercession for us and has finished everything you could ever want and need.

Even the things you don’t know, you need. Even the things you shouldn’t be wanting, but perhaps don’t He’s finished it all. This is great news. The gospel is good news. Abraham was strengthened in his faith. How was he strengthened in his faith? We need to be strengthened in our faith in the waiting room because we’re not better than Abraham. There were things opposing the promise. If you’ve got some things opposing the promise, if you’ve got some things, like Jesus said some persecution, that arose in your life for the word’s sake. It seems like as soon as God got the words out His mouth, as soon as the promise was made, as soon as you latched on to a particular scripture and said, “God, I believe you for this, all your promises are yes and amen. I receive this.” It seems to be, as soon as you said that, and soon as you thought that it seems like hell came against you.

That’s not a coincidence. No one is singling you out. Think it not strange. We’re all going through that. If you believe God, persecution has arisen, no question. Don’t think that being doubtful and not believe in God will save you from persecution. I think it makes you an easier target for hell in fact. You want to be strengthened in your faith. You want to be strong. You want to be strong in faith. You want to receive effortlessly. You want it to be that while you think something and words haven’t even got out of your mouth, God has already answered you and the manifestation is proof of it. That’s what you want. You get that being chock-full of faith because that’s the wide open arms. That’s the capacity. It’s the way to receive, and it’s the capacity to receive as you grow in faith.

Abraham was strengthened in faith and we can be strengthened in faith, giving glory to God. Abraham was celebrating God. He had a womb that was past the age of childbearing himself. His loins were done. They retired and there was dust on them. Then he had a wife. She was nearly as old as him. She’d retired. Every female organ in her was done and laying low for the duration of her life. That’s crystal clear. Not only that she already was barren. Just one of those things would have been enough to say, “I need faith and I’m going to grow in faith. I persevere in faith through this,” either one of those things would have been a sufficient test or trial to go through.

God allowed all three of those things. Abraham was able to possess the promise, grab hold of his son, Isaac. Not only that be the father of many nations. He’s the father of faith. God calls Abraham, you and I, new covenant believers, our father of faith. We have an inheritance, not only from God with Jesus, but also from God with Abraham. God kept His entire promise to this man against all odds. This is why you don’t need to consider the odds because if you go through your Bible from beginning to end, it’s always a sure word from God. The devil hates it and his opposition from him. God wins, the devil loses. Every single time. It works out like this. This is not about the particular people in the Bible.

God is revealing to us himself. That’s what He’s doing. This is why it’s not irresponsible to do what Abraham did and just consider not the problems. That’s not irresponsible at all. Why would you consider it? It’s a hoax anyway. The devil’s full of it anyway. He’s a liar anyway. Do you want to sit down and interview or research or try to obtain information from a liar? No, because all the information you receive is going to be tainted with falsity and deception and confusion. Just forget, I’m not taking your question, Satan, because I already know what you’re going to say, whatever isn’t true. It’s okay to go over that. It could be something serious, like symptoms in your body. That’s your physical body, your health that’s tied directly to your life.

Celebrate God: Continue to take counsel from the Lord, especially in trying times.

God’s Counsel

I’m simply telling you from the beginning to the end of the Bible, there would at least be one example where it didn’t work out how I just described, but there’s not. I went from the beginning to the end of it. I don’t know how many times, but trust me, I haven’t found it. If you found it, right me, but I doubt you found it. What do we see the result with Abraham? He gets everything God promised him. We started to look at a King Jehoshaphat, the 2 Chronicles 20. I specifically mentioned verse 20:17. That’s because it’s one of my favorites in the Bible. It’s also something that you can hold of. I believe it’s a rhema word for the new covenant believer any time any challenge arises in their life.

It’s a rhema word from God. Sometimes we’re like, “I need to hear from you, God.” I’m telling you as a new covenant believer, this is my conviction. You can go to that particular passage in the Bible, 2 Chronicles 20:17. That is like a rhema word, no matter what the challenge is. If you’re born-again, God is saying that to you, no matter what trials come against you, that’s a sure word, a sure continual counsel from the Lord, especially in trying times. I love it. Cling to it, hold dear to life to it. It’s done me well through very serious things. Any parent will tell you probably the only thing more serious than their own life being in jeopardy is something that’s touching the life of their children.

There’s the mama bear. She’s growling. I can hear her from here wherever you are in your homes, just like I can hear the mama bear coming out. People probably are rolling their eyes. It’s like we don’t play with our children. That’s usually how that goes. That’s God-ordained. I do believe that God put that in us to protect them. It’s also to demonstrate to the world and us and our house that’s the character of God. If you think you’re not playing with yours, imagine how God feels about you and that child. You belong to God. That child belongs to God. He’s lent to you. The children are lent to me that God blessed me with, but we all belong to God. Just contemplate that if you ever are faced with a challenge, specifically an area of your child’s life, you meditate a little bit on your love for them.

The length you would go, the height you would climb, your life you would gladly give to save your children. Imagine if you feel like that being clothed in human flesh, how much greater is God whose love is perfect and power has no limit. I would tell the devil to duck, but it won’t do him any good. He’s just not going to help him any, that’s the truth. We’re going to continue on and we left off at verse 12. We saw how King Jehoshaphat got news already that a multitude of people was coming against him and the children of Israel at that time. Let’s look at their response. Remember, we’re keeping in line with what God told us, “Don’t wait to celebrate.” It says in verse 12, and I’m reading from the New King James Version, “Our God, will you not judge them for we have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us, nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon you.” All Judah with their little ones, their wives and their children stood before the Lord.

The spirit of the Lord came upon a prophet and the prophet said this, “Listen all you of Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem and you King Jehoshaphat. Thus, says the Lord to you.” This will be a quote because this is the word that God is resounding to us. This thing is rhema, this part and verse 17. “Do not be afraid nor dismayed because of this great multitude for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” God is so good. He doesn’t even just tell us not to fear. That would be enough when you consider the source who told you. If God tells you don’t be afraid, then you shouldn’t be afraid. If the source, truth itself, Jesus is not just someone who always tells the truth. That would be eternally noteworthy.

That’s notable. It’s noteworthy. It’s praise-worthy, but Jesus can’t lie. Not only that, but He is the truth. The truth said, “Do not be afraid nor dismayed because of this great multitude because the battle is not yours.” He goes on further to tell us, but it’s God’s. You probably have the same copy of the Bible that I have. Have you ever seen God engaged in a battle directly or on anyone’s behalf and lost even one time? The answer is absolutely not. This is how come the Lord can tell us don’t be afraid, even though there’s a great multitude, no question. God acknowledges it, but He’s not going to stay there because that’s irrelevant compared to your God. The perspective that God has is the devil and his cohorts are like one grain of sand.

Then you get God, who’s bigger than the expansion of the heavens that you can see if you look all the way from the east to the west. That’s a joke and we all know that. If we looked at it like that and we saw it the way God saw it, we would not have a response of fear. We will have a response of laughter. Many men making plots and plans, evil men of the last days, God knows all of that. The battle isn’t ours, it’s God’s. That coworker or that treacherous boss or abusive spouse, that battle isn’t yours, that’s God’s battle. What shall we say to the grain of sand that’s picked a fight with God Himself whose expansion is bigger, wider, and deeper than all the heavens we can see from the east and the west? The one who possesses and has all might, all power and all authority to the one who can think something. It happens to the one whom demons bare. Jesus came on the scene. He wasn’t coming on the scene, “I banned this. I banned that.” He just showed up and the demons are freaking out. This is the Jesus who was in you, this is the Jesus who is for you. This is the Jesus who is with you.

The devil wasn’t lying to you if he’s acting like he’s tough and trying to tell you what my mother always says, “It’s just like Satan.” He comes and says, “Boo.” It’s not even Halloween, but here he is. Don’t worry about him. Don’t be afraid of him. This defeated dog is a grain of sand. Your God is wider, greater, and has more depth than the heavens. All power is His. God’s a giver but He said that battle is His. That fight is fixed. That’s crystal clear. If the battle is ours, let’s reinvent Elvis right now. Let’s shake, rattle, and roll with fear at this point. I’m with you. I’m biting all my nails off not even one by one, a few at a time, I’m going to figure that out.

The battle is the Lord’s and the Lord cannot lose. I know if I was, God, I wouldn’t lose a fight. You would never shame me losing a fight if I was God, that would never happen. We even have that wisdom. We have that sense to say, “If I had it like that, I would never lose. I would save face every time.” God is not going to lose any battles. If you skip down to verse 17, here’s this rhema eternal, continual, everlasting counsel from the King of Kings, from our Father who loves us, who is love and can’t lie. You will not need to fight in this battle. Position yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord who is with you Judah and Jerusalem. He tells us again do not fear. He says why for the Lord is with you. It’s beautiful. I’m not going to expound on that as tempting as that is. I’m going to try my best to skip over that but there’s so much revelation in there. There’s so much light in there from God. I’m going to do the hard thing and skip right over that. That word is for us. Let’s look at their response. They got that promise from God. There was some trouble. They’re in the waiting room now.

God said it, but those enemies are charging. You probably can hear them. There are so many of them. God can’t lie. It was a great multitude. That wasn’t them lacking faith. King Jehoshaphat wasn’t freaking out or he didn’t see it correctly. He saw correctly and the natural God Himself who can’t lie said there’s a lot of them. God is not worried about it neither should we be. You don’t worry unless God worries. You don’t panic unless God panics and God will never panic or worry. If you see me and you catch me bite my nails, remember to preach this same sermon to me. I’m telling you I’m on stage and I’m in the audience. Don’t be afraid to remind me what God is saying. I need Jesus, just like everyone else. Let’s look at King Jehoshaphat and all the children of Israel and their response.

In verse 18 it says, “Jehoshaphat bowed his head with his face to the ground and all Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem bowed before the Lord worshiping the Lord. Then the Levites of the children of the Kohathites and the children of the Korahites stood up to praise the Lord, the God of Israel with voices loud and high.” This is the answer. It says they went out. King Jehoshaphat told the people, this is the same guy who was in fear of one word from the Lord, transformed him. That’s why I said it didn’t take going to a seminary school. I’m not saying something’s wrong with seminary school. I’m saying that it didn’t take sometimes what the spirit of religion will try to make us think it takes, trying to present God as a grudging giver or somebody you have to talk into or convince. The Bible was written and Jesus is the solution to every problem.

Celebrate God: Reasoning can be antagonistic to faith.

We didn’t make Jesus. Jesus wasn’t our idea. It was God’s idea. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.” If you will give your only begotten son your best, what’s it to give the less. Religion tries to present God as someone who doesn’t want to give, or you’ve got to jump through all these hoops and acrobatic things religious rhetoric in order to get God to do something. It’s almost that you’ve got to manipulate God into being a giver when God is a giver. Love gives, and God is love. It’s a waste of time doing that when the God-ordained way and the only way for the new covenant believer to receive his faith in God. When you get to know God, you’re so full of faith, it doesn’t even take us sometimes to be like, “God, I pray for this.” You can have the thought and your faith is on swole that you have the thought and God does it.

I’ve had conversations with people and I’m like, “God must have considered that conversation a prayer.” I know that I never asked God to do that. I was just talking to somebody saying, “It would sure be nice if such and such.” That’s right there. That’s being at the feet of Jesus. That’s doing what you’re doing right now. You are surely setting yourself up by adhering to God and letting Him lead you to this show. Other anointed teachings, other anointed preachings, things like that. First and foremost, your time alone with God, your devotional time with God, your communion time with God, your intimate fellowship with God. It’s all a setup. It would be so effortless.

Jesus would be thinking things and it was happening. It wasn’t this whole thing that religion tries to present that we have to accomplish this and do this or God won’t do that. He tells the people, “Hear me, O Judah and you inhabitants of Jerusalem. Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be established. Believe his prophets and you shall prosper.” When He had consulted with the people, He appointed those who should sing to the Lord and who should praise the beauty of holiness as they went out before the army and were saying, “Praise the Lord for His mercy, grace endures forever.” This right here helps us. This is why God calls this series Waiting Room Wisdom.

God is the possessor of wisdom. The Bible says Christ has been made unto us wisdom. Jesus is made unto us of salvation, redemption, and sanctification. As important as those are the Holy Spirit, who’s the author of the Bible put wisdom first. We saw on Proverbs 4:7 that wisdom is a principle thing. There, God goes again, making that point. Wisdom is a principle thing. This is the wisdom of God for the waiting room. These people, although faced against an army, it would seem as though wisdom would see why and maybe people in the world would say, you need to train troops but there was no time to train them. You can hear the stampede coming right now.

Reason And Faith

You could say like, get out your best weapons, but if people aren’t trained, don’t even know how to use them. Even if they do have the best weapons. Since they didn’t see this coming, they probably didn’t. This is what I’m saying. There’s no time for that. What do you do? All those things that seem right and seem like the way would have availed these people nothing. They would have died, their wives and their children on horrible deaths. These were heathen people hell-bent on doing nothing less than destroying them and killing them in front of one another, the pain of watching their family member pass away. God’s ways even if they seem contrary to logic, so what?

It’s not logical for Abraham and Sarah being that old and her having been barren to have a son, yet it happened. I don’t know about you, but I go with God. God told me, reasoning can be antagonistic to faith. It’s reasoning versus faith. If people want to go with reasoning, they’re going to be very limited in reasoning, logic, and what seems intellectual and intelligent. I’m doing away with all of that mess. I counted as dung. I want God to lead me. There was a man in the Bible that was a king that had leprosy. There was no cure for leprosy. A prophet told him, “Go dip in the Jordan seven times, dirty river.” Leprosy already is a skin condition, so you already appeared dirty, contagious, and gross.

At the side of it, it looked like that. Now he’s being told dip yourself in more dirty, filthy. Couldn’t he have at least dipped in a clean river? He’s like, “What is this?” Sure enough, he dipped and if he had to dip five times, it wasn’t going to work. For some reason, God said dip seven. It doesn’t have to make sense to me. When you need God to move in your life it doesn’t need to make sense. God never has to make sense as long as he makes the miracle for me, I’m fine. I have peace and everlasting joy, all glory and praise to God ahead of time for not coming and doing the things that make sense but making miracles.

You can have an empty baby carriage. That’s what Sarah and Abraham would have had. These people would have had 55,000 caskets all lined up because they would have died or you can have life. You can have that baby shower you’ve been looking forward to because you chose the God that might not have made sense, but he made the miracle. Do you want the people, the limited power of man that makes sense or you want the unlimited power of God that makes miracles? I’m rolling with God. I want my miracles. A lot of things in my life and the life of my children that have happened didn’t make any sense. I’m done away with it needing to make sense. I’m over it. As long as God makes the miracle He promises, prior to the manifestation, I publicly give glory to God.

Look at what happened when these people did singing in a war. You equipped yourself. Your life is being threatened. Death staring you in the face. How are you responding? These people didn’t have a weapon or armory. They didn’t have a weapon of swords, shields, torches and bow and arrows. This was their weapon. Giving glory to God, praising God, worshiping God, and celebrating God. They didn’t wait to celebrate. Let’s see the results. What happened when they didn’t wait to celebrate? Later on, it talks about how they began to sing and to praise. This is verse 22. When they did, “The Lord set ambushes against the people of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir who had come against Judah.” Remember Judy is praise. Perhaps the whole attack of the enemy against the body of Christ is to come against our praise.

It seems to me that praise is a key. You can’t praise without faith. Even if you say, “I’m scared still.” If you praise God, if you worship God, if you give glory to God, if you don’t wait to celebrate God, you can do that even while you’re trembling. It’s faith to God. It’s nevertheless worship. I believe God receives it. These people, God had them ambush one another. The Bible says that they got confused. They start killing one another, the enemies of praise, the enemies of Judah. It says, “When Jehoshaphat and his people came to take away their spoil, they found among them an abundance of valuables on the dead bodies and precious jewelry, which they stripped off for themselves more than they could carry away. They were three days gathering the spoil because there was so much.”

This is our God, and this is why God is telling us no matter what you are faced with, impossible situation life-threatening situation, no matter what the devil brings, don’t wait to celebrate God. There is power in your worship. There’s power in your praise. Use your power. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they are never the less mighty in God for the pulling down of every demonic stronghold. God has given us wisdom, but this right here is humility and wisdom. We received the wisdom God has given us. It doesn’t have to make sense. Glory to God if it does. If it doesn’t make sense, glory to God, anyhow. We call to obey. We did not always call to understand everything, but we are called to trust God.

We know that we trust God when we obey him. That’s how we know that that’s the fruit of trust. God is telling us no matter what, don’t wait to celebrate. Thank you for being with me. This is one of my favorite series, and I believe we’ll pick up again next time. We’re going to keep going and take our time and not rush and receive everything God is giving us. This is such an important series because this waiting room is where the enemy tries to get people to dismay. God is coming and dismantling, undoing, and working the evil that the enemy meant together for our good. I love you. God bless you. I’ll talk to you next time.

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