Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 6)

TOT 63 | Waiting Room Wisdom

In this episode, Dr. Siohvaughn Funches continues with part six of the Waiting Room Wisdom series. She dives into the story of the Virgin Mary and her strong belief in the word of God. She explains why it’s important to not wait for the word of God to come true before celebrating, just as Mary had done. Dr. Siohvaughn further emphasizes the importance of chasing after wisdom in our daily lives, not just spiritually but physically and mentally as well. She also tackles the life of Abraham and his belief in the word of God and explains how people can be righteous in the sight of God. Learn how all things become possible with God, and understand why He is all you need.

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Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 6)

We’re going to be continuing on but certainly not finishing up our series titled Waiting Room Wisdom. This is about part six of this series. If there’s anyone joining us for the first time, welcome, first of all. Also, I want to encourage you to go back and receive everything that the Lord has been giving to us from this particular series and any other episodes you like to read. We have people joining us every week on this journey for the first time, and I want to encourage them to go and receive all that the Lord has for them. Hear the message in context and get all the wisdom, revelation, insight, and enlightenment that the Lord has given us especially on this particular show journey it’s called Waiting Room Wisdom.

Before we get into that and see what God has for us, let’s take a moment and do what we always do and pray. I thank you, heavenly Father, for the opportunity to get at the feet of Jesus and to hear His word. I thank you that you’re giving to each and every one of us, your spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus. I thank you that the eyes of our understanding are being enlightened. You are causing us to know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe according to the working of His mighty power. I thank you, Jesus, that you’re expounding to us on the scriptures about the things concerning yourself. You’re opening up our understanding and causing us to comprehend the scriptures and know you more. I thank you, Daddy, that every blessing, benefit, promise, all the provision, the divine protection, every good thing that comes with knowing you more is our portion now, and even forevermore for us and our whole house in Jesus’ name, we pray.

Coveting Wisdom

We know that in this particular series, the key scripture that God had given us comes from Proverbs 4 and 7. I’m reading that out of the New King James Version and it says that, “Wisdom is a principal thing. Therefore get wisdom and in all of your getting, get understanding.” This is such a vital key to life. I love, I praise, and I go after wisdom almost in a desperate manner because wisdom works wonders if you are in trouble. Wisdom works wonders that prevent trouble. In this life, are we going to have trouble? Of course, Jesus said that we would, but be of good cheer for He has overcome the world. Even if there are many afflictions that the righteous suffer, He’s promised to deliver us from all of them, any of them that come our way. Everything may not be good, but God works everything together for our good. This is for God’s children. These are for those people who are born again and have given their life to Christ, which is the wisest thing you can do, speaking of wisdom. Since wisdom is a principal thing, a primary thing, a most important thing top on the priority list thing, it makes sense to make that a part of our daily prayer, which is why I go after wisdom, the way I do. If there’s anything I’m found to have COVID, it’s wisdom. I love that wisdom has this preventive power in it. This way of causing you to walk right in such a dimension and in such a way that it prevents weapons from prospering against you, weapons even from forming against you.

I love and praise and I thank God for wisdom. The Bible says that Christ has been made unto us wisdom. I praise you, God, for Jesus Christ, who is our wisdom, hence the series Waiting Room Wisdom. God is pouring out his wisdom to us. If you read the book of Proverbs and you learn about wisdom and all the benefits and blessings of wisdom, I’m sure you yourself will either go after it or you’re going to go after it even the more. You don’t need to seek after riches, honor, or glory. We find people seeking after that it becomes a God to them. They exchange God in a sense, and God is no longer God to them, and mammon or money is instead. The thing is that with wisdom, there are riches and honor and there are lasting riches. Not this scratch the lottery ticket rich for a day broke for the rest. There is lasting wisdom. If there is someone who’s done that, and there’s no condemnation in Christ and wisdom can restore you not only to the place where you were but a place that’s much better and blesses you to keep it and invest wisely and cause the money to grow. No condemnation there, but I love that God has given us not any wisdom, but He’s giving us wisdom for the wait because we know God makes us promises. There are manifestations to things instantly, immediately. While the word is still coming out of our mouth, God has manifested it in the earth as it is in heaven.

There are also times in life where God makes us a promise or we make a prayer and we know that all concerning a promise in the Bible. We know that all His promises are yes and in Christ, amen. We grab hold and lay hold of that and we believe God for that. There’s a period where we wait before that actual manifestation in the earth takes place as it is in heaven. God knows that and it’s during these times that sometimes we can become weary. Sometimes this is the place where believers have fainted, given up, despaired, lost hope and faith and God doesn’t want that. God wants us to possess our promises. He’s come again to help us like He’s been doing the entire time and with this particular show, which I can speak for because of knowing what God has spoken through me and what God has allowed for me and blessed me to be able to share with you all. I know that God has been positioning us to possess our promises. He’s been causing us to inherit our inheritance. If He’s doing that, we also know that His heart is, He wants to bless us. He wants us to receive it. He does not want us to give up, lose hope, and faint on the way. He’s giving us the wisdom for those times when we’re waiting and that is where we got the title from God, Waiting Room Wisdom.

TOT 63 | Waiting Room Wisdom
Waiting Room Wisdom: Wisdom is a principle. Therefore, get wisdom, and in all of your getting, get understanding.

The Virgin Mary

God was speaking to us about something that we’re to do while we’re waiting, while we’re in this waiting room or you can say something that we should not do. God was letting us know, wait to celebrate. The way God said it was, “Don’t wait to celebrate.” You don’t wait until the manifestation of the promise God made you to then rejoice, sing, and celebrate. When God makes you the promise, when you lay hold of it, or you realize this is a part of your inheritance, it’s also written that God promises this and that and you lay hold of that, you realize what your inheritance is in Christ and you pray and ask God, “I want to receive this. It causes me to receive this.” You can rejoice right then and there. We began talking about Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, and how she didn’t wait to celebrate. God had made Mary a promise that was in no arguable way, anything less than impossible. At least for man, Mary was a woman who was a virgin and she was engaged to a man, but Mary was waiting to become married in order to have sexual relations with a man in honor for God and in honor for her own body and in the way, honor her soon to be husband.

Joseph was likewise doing the same and God came at that time and promised her that she would conceive a child in her womb. She would give birth to a son and not any son, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, the Messiah and Mary responded to the angel that delivered the word of God. That’s why the Bible calls angels ‘messengers.’ He brought this message to her from God and told her what was to come and she says, “How can it be? I don’t know a man. I’ve got a boyfriend, I’ve got a fiancé but he is not my husband and I’m certainly not about to fornicate with him.” How is that possible? In humility, she asks this and the angel told her, “The Holy Spirit is going to overshadow you. He’s going to empower you to conceive and give birth to the Son of God Himself.” At that moment, Mary could think she’s hearing things and start mad or she can think, “No, it was the angel, but maybe this angel is doing the most.” How is that ever going to come about? Since when has a woman got pregnant without the sperm of a man? That’s the way God had it. How’s that going to happen? It’s like Jesus said, “With man certain things are impossible, but with God all things are possible.” I’m paraphrasing. It was possible.

We know that Mary is the mother of Jesus and we know that Jesus is in fact, the Son of God. It came to pass and Joseph eventually became her husband but, not until after the fact, not until after God manifested his glory. We saw that Mary wrote and sang a song and how she went to Elizabeth’s house and she was glorifying God, praising God, and speaking well of God. Mary believed God. She had no physical evidence that it was going to happen. Everything in the natural said that it’s impossible to happen. It’s one thing to be in a difficult situation. Mary was in an impossible situation. She’s going to get pregnant without not even the man because I know they have these sperm donations and they’re doing all artificial inseminations and planting semen in women nowadays. This is back then. Men and scientists and women hadn’t come up with these things yet. During Mary’s time, that was the way of conceiving. It was simply sexual relations point-blank and got X that off. That’s not happening. We’re not doing that. We’re not using Joseph. We’re not using any other man, in fact. You certainly don’t have the same in Mary. That’s not necessarily looking like that’s going to happen or that’s even possible to happen with man it is not but with God, all things are possible.

Mary was not in a difficult situation. She was by all standards and all meanings of the term in an impossible situation. God had made her a promise that with man, it was completely wholly impossible. Nothing less than that but Mary, even knowing that it was impossible, because remember the question she asks lets you know that. Mary was not ignorant in any way. She knew. She understood biology, sexual relations, and conception to some degree, otherwise, she wouldn’t have posed that intelligent question. She was by far not a dummy. She did that, but Mary was a woman of faith. Faith in God, depending on what you’re believing God for and the circumstances naturally speaking that could be opposing it or making it impossible for man can make you seem illogical. People can possibly look at you like, “Are you crazy? Have you lost it or are you intelligent in any way? Do you not know that you need this for that?” Men and all his knowledge, logic and reasoning. It will reason somebody right out of faith. Mary laid all of what she knew down. She humbled herself, all of what she knows. She knows this, “God knows better than I, God knows more than I.” She took God at His word and we know she believed it because Mary didn’t wait until after she gave birth to Jesus to celebrate.

After she got that word from God, she’s like, “Be it unto me according to your word, God. It’s all now Jesus.” She’s pumped and she goes and talks to her cousin, Elizabeth, and her faith is increased. God prophesies to her again by the Holy Spirit of God, through Elizabeth. Mary writes a song, sings a song, and began to rejoice, praise, and worship God for something that she had not seen. All those impossible odds that were against this happening were still present. Any evidence of God doing what he says it was not present. Right at that moment, Mary rejoices. The question is, how can you do that? Everything seemingly against you, no evidence of anything being for you, and all you have is this word from God. When all you have is a word from God, you will soon realize that’s all you need and Mary believed that. She believed that with God, all things are possible and that was the word given to her. We know that Jesus said that to his disciples and us. It’s in there twice in the Bible. It’s nice God says it twice and God knows that there are going to be times where with man it’s impossible, where things are looking every natural odd is against us, but with God, all things are indeed possible and Mary rejoice by faith. We know Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ, the Son of the only true and living God.

TOT 63 | Waiting Room Wisdom
Waiting Room Wisdom: Wisdom works wonders if you are in trouble, but also works wonders that prevents trouble.

Indeed, as God said, it would take place the Holy Spirit coming upon her is how it happened. Mary didn’t have a man to help her get pregnant. She didn’t need one. What she had was what she needed. All Mary had was a word from God. That’s all she had. If you feel like that’s all you have, you have everything you need. Don’t let the devil make you think like, “That’s all you’ve got. You don’t even have this and that.” If you never have what He’s trying to make you feel like, logic or statistics tell you to need to have, or the news or the doctor even says. Thank God for doctors but let me tell you this, Jesus is the physician of all physicians. He’s the King of all Kings, the Lord of all Lords. He sits high above them all. All of us are beneath Him in that regard, so that’s fine. God uses doctors, experience, logic, and reasoning that man has. Man is flying planes for heaven’s sake and God gave them that wisdom, no doubt. If God gives you a word, it makes no difference that it defies logic. You or the experts can’t figure it out and even your educated, well-meaning doctors say it’s impossible. You are called to believe God, not the doctor. It’s as simple as that. We walk by faith, not by sight. The doctor might have to say something that has caused him to say what he’s saying or pronounce a diagnosis, but you are not called to walk by sight. You’re called to walk by faith. Your doctor is telling you, “Take this and do that or this amount of exercise a day.”

By all means, go right ahead. You never let that displace your faith. Never let that take away from your faith. Sometimes you’ve got to have this nevertheless attitude like the disciples were, the Bible says they were trying to catch fish all night long and they caught nothing. Jesus comes and says, “Let down your nets for a catch.” It’s like, “All your nets, drop them in the water it’s on now.” All their experience being fishermen and all that they know and all that they had gone through they were in that same water. You didn’t even take me to different water. You’re going to say, “In this same water, let down these same nets and I’m going to get a different result.” You will. You’ve got to follow God even what maybe was a closed-door in one season, God speaks and says, “Do it again.” It’s an open door this time. The prophet sent his servant out saying that it’s going to rain. It had been a drought for years and he’s like, “I don’t see anything.” The prophet says, “Go back again.” “I don’t see anything.” Go back again and look. You’ve got to persevere sometimes and persist in faith and trust me, this is not something for me that easily say it as it is done. I’m simply saying this is what we all must do, me included. We receive as Mary did.

The Father of Many Nations

The fullness of the promise of God and much more I’m sure having been the mother of Jesus Christ. What a wonderful and an honor. She is honored amongst women. It’s good. One of the scriptures, God had us look at prior to getting into her story was Isaiah 54, where it says, “Sing, O barren. You who have not borne, break forth into singing and cry aloud, you who have not labored with a child.” This scripture is not talking about a woman who naturally can’t conceive a child or hasn’t given birth to a child yet. Although that could be what you are believing God for and believe God for it. God has opened up wounds that are throughout the entire Bible. You have much scripture to know that God is well able to do that. That’s not hard for God. He’s doing that at the beginning of that Bible to the end. God is not only talking about that. He’s talking about whatever you are believing God to give birth to in your life whatever promise that may be. That could be a material possession, it could be a child, a restored marriage, getting married, whatever it is that you’re believing God for.

You don’t have that in your hands yet, you haven’t laid hold of that yet in the earth, as it is in heaven. What God is saying is, “Barren or the one who hasn’t given birth yet, labored and given birth to this child yet, haven’t given birth to this promise.” The child representing the promise that you’re believing God for all those things that God has spoken and promised you. We see that not only was it Mary, but there also were many others. Abraham was one of them. You can see the account of Abraham. His life is in genesis. However, in Romans, he is spoken of by the Holy Spirit, through Apostle Paul. You look at Romans 4 around verses 17 through 20, I believe it is. It says, “Therefore it is of faith that it might be according to grace so that the promise might be sure to all the seed. Not only to those who are of the law but also to those who are of the faith of Abraham, who is the father of us all. As it is written, I have made you a father of many nations in the presence of Him whom he believed, God who gives life to the dead and calls those things, which do not exist as though they did. Who contrary to hope in hope believe so that he became the father of many nations. According to what was spoken so shall your descendants be and not being weak in faith.” He did not consider his own body already dead since he was about 100 years old.

The deadness of Sarah’s womb, Sarah was his wife. He did not waver at the promise of God through unbelief but was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God and that’s Abraham. God himself calls Abraham, the father of faith. There are many noblemen, many men, God used prophets and otherwise in the Bible, but we are called not only heirs of God and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ, but we’re called as believers, as Christians, heirs of Abraham. We are called the daughters of Sarah, his wife. These are pictures of people under this new covenant that we’re with that we’re in, remember the gospel was preached to Abraham as it is to us. Abraham believed that God counted him righteous and that’s how we become righteous in the sight of God. Not by anything we do or don’t do. Abraham certainly made mistakes. He lied as well as other things and not fully obeying God and I’m not encouraging anyone to do that, but I’m simply saying Abraham was human like we are not. We’re not without fault. God having shown Abraham what’s to come, deals with him like how he deals with us and it’s such a wonderful thing. Abraham was about 100 years old. His wife, Sarah, 99 I don’t know exactly, but she’s up there with him and she also was a woman who was barren in her womb. It’s three times the opposition for these people.

TOT 63 | Waiting Room Wisdom
Waiting Room Wisdom: With man, certain things are impossible, but with God, all things are possible.

God didn’t just promise Abraham that he would be a father. He promised him that he would be the father of many nations. When He promised him that, the Bible says that Abraham didn’t consider his own body, which was dead, to having children since he was about 100 years old. I love God. He’s straight to the point. He didn’t consider the deadness of his wife’s womb because she was almost as old as him and on top of that barren. He will strengthen his faith by giving glory, rejoicing, and celebrating God. Abraham didn’t wait to celebrate. When God gave Abraham the word, he was strengthened in faith, giving glory to God. He celebrated God then. He’s called the father of faith. The Bible says even about Mary, “Blessed is she who believed that the Lord will fulfill what she promised her.” Abraham believed God. You can read about him even in Hebrews 11. He’s in the hall of faith. He’s called not a father of faith, not someone who had faith, amongst many people, but the father of faith. This man with all impossible odds, an impossible situation. Mary couldn’t make herself conceive. There was nothing Mary could do but believe God. There was nothing Abraham could do and his well-meaning wife who loved him much could do nothing to make that promise come to pass.

All they could do was believe and rejoice. That’s what they did being 100 years old, dead in his body, Sarah’s womb, dead and barren. God calls them to conceive Isaac. Not only that, but God has also made Abraham like he promised, the father of many nations. Abraham is not the father to the Jewish people, but he’s also a father to the Christians. He is the father of many nations. God said, “You will have more descendants than the sand on the seashore and the stars in the sky.” That’s an innumerable count of descendants. There are innumerable counts of Jewish descendants and Christians. No question, God brought it to pass. It’s simple as that. He did it in an impossible situation. Sarah was already barren. That would have been enough. Let’s say that they’re 30 something when God did this, for example. Let’s say that that would have been what happened. It already was taking faith and it already would have been a miracle, but God waited until Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 99 and on top of that, she’s barren, and then God did the miracle. God waited when you would know that you know. That wouldn’t unbegotten. I love it that God does that because it gives us hope, “This gives us hope.” It seemed like everything in the natural was contrary to hope.

That’s why the Bible says that Abraham in hope believed even contrary to hope because many odds were against them, many opposites. Their own body was against them, but God was for them and that was more than enough. Come to find out if God is all you have, God is all you need. Don’t let the enemy scare you. Don’t let your own reasoning, logic, intelligence, experience, or even your experience with God, don’t let it dictate to you what God is telling you. God has come to you through me saying, “It is impossible with men, but with God, all things are possible.” Everything, all things means all things. I’ve got no deep Hebrew background story to give you on that word or definition. I’m not pulling out anything unfair. I’m simply telling you all means all. There it is. There’s everything is possible with God. They didn’t wait to celebrate and we see that God brought it to pass. You don’t have to fear being ashamed and fear like if God won’t do it, let me not do that, not look crazy and ashamed. God will not put you to shame. He’s not going to put you to shame. Shame will not cover your face. God will reward your faith in him. He will reward your sacrifice of praise, rejoicing in him, and however you worship Him is how He’s going to manifest Himself. He will not put you to shame. Beloved, you will not be put to shame point-blank.

We can see an account of someone else God showed me. The Bible is full of them, but someone else, God showed me who didn’t wait to celebrate. Jehoshaphat, if you go to 2 Chronicles, my favorite part of it is Chapter 20:17 but we’re going to be looking at Chapter 20. You can see again how this man, this King at the time, Jehoshaphat and the children of Israel at that time did not wait to celebrate. I’m telling you the odds naturally speaking were against them and they were in a situation where with man, with all of them. Mary was just Mary and then with Abraham and Sarah then, they’ve got a husband and wife. That’s two, one put 1,000, a flight, but two, 10,000, but still they were helpless. It took all of God and there was nothing they could do but believe and rejoice. You get King Jehoshaphat. He’s a King and even with his authority and his power given by God, he still could do nothing but believe in God and rejoice in God. Even with him ruling over the nation of Israel at that time and ruling over the people and all those people collectively couldn’t do anything, but do what we’re doing, cry out to God. If God has not forced this thing on successfully be against us, there’s nothing I can do. God, my eyes, I own you. There’s nothing wrong with that. That is the perfect opportunity for God to be glorified.

He will not put you to shame and I’m going to read this on purpose. I love it and I’m going to take the time and read it. It says, “It happened after this, that the people of Moab with the people of Ammon and others with them, besides the Ammonites, came to battle against Jehoshaphat.” Someone came and told Jehoshaphat saying, “A great multitude is coming against you from beyond the sea from Syria.” We’ll skip ahead a little bit and I love this part. Even though we won’t dive too deep into it, but it says, “Jehoshaphat feared.” If you feel concerned and something came against you, somebody didn’t call you with a bad report or the doctor has shown you some bad test results and the first thing that happens is your stomach is not right. Your palm starts sweating. It isn’t too late for you maybe. It isn’t too late for me. That’s happened to me many times. What was your first reaction, “Woman of God, a woman of faith? Vaughn, I know you call that God.” People are saying all this stuff and I was shaking in my boots. I gave a whole new meaning to Elvis Shake, Rattle, and Roll. I was nervous. I was freaking out on the inside. I couldn’t even sleep but thanks be to God that’s not our end. We might have shook our boots, but don’t you worry. With trembling lips, we know to open up our mouth and say, “God help me.” That’s all it takes.

TOT 63 | Waiting Room Wisdom
Waiting Room Wisdom: When all you have is a word from God, you will soon realize that’s all you need.

Sometimes you can’t even get that out. It’s just the tears coming out. It’s deals coming out and that’s in a session before God. Jesus said, “Faith, the size of mustard seeds.” Mustard seeds are small you can barely see it. It will move a mountain. God makes this thing easy for us because he wants us to possess oppositions and He hates hell. He deeply loves us and hates hell so He makes it easy for us. We already have the victory. You are not trying to attain it. You already have it. What you’re doing is keeping what you have. That’s what’s happening here, but the devil wants you to believe otherwise. You lack no good thing. Trust me, and trust God first and foremost. It says then in verse 4, “Judah.” God is intentional. Judah, meaning praise but this is the tribe of Judah. The underlying message by the Holy Spirit is praise. Judah, in other words, praise gather together to ask help from the Lord, and from all the cities of Judah, they came to seek the Lord. They brought praises to the Lord. That’s the hidden message in that right there. Jehoshaphat stood in the assembly of Judah and Jerusalem in the house of the Lord before the new court and said, “Lord God of our Father, are you not God in heaven and do you not rule over the kingdoms of the nations? In your hand, is there not power and might so that no one is able to withstand you?

Are you not God who drove out the inhabitants of this land before your people Israel and gave it to the descendants of Abraham your friend forever? They dwell in it and they have built you a sanctuary.” I love his prayer. We can learn something from the Holy spirit about this prayer that this man made. It was about God. Praying to God has even shown me, it’s so wise to pray in tongues. You’ve got to pray in tongues. That’s a perfect prayer. Not only that, it guards and protects your heart against fear. When praying out loud, you can hear yourself doing that when you’re praying in your native tongue, probably English. When you’re praying in English, you can hear yourself saying, “God, deliver me from these people who are trying to do such and such to me or my children.” You are reminding yourself of the trouble that’s against you. That can even bring back some more fear and apprehension, you’re reminded of what you’re facing is always back to Shake, Rattle and Roll. God giving me wisdom. Let the Holy Spirit fight that thing for you. You rest, you let the Holy spirit fight that battles for you and done. You don’t have to even be thinking about what was being said because you don’t know what the Holy Spirit is uttering to God. What you do know is that the Holy Spirit is making a prayer according to the perfect will of God for you.

He hits a bull’s eye every time, on time, and never misses for you. That is one of the most powerful weapons God has given the New Covenant believers to be felt with the Holy Spirit of God and to pray in those tongues, whether you never understand what God is saying. Whether I never get the interpretation, it doesn’t make me any difference. I want to be honest with you. I’m not picking up proud. I am like, “God, thank you for loving me enough that the spirit of Jesus, the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, resurrection power, is in me praying your perfect will.” The Bible says, “We come to God and we pray.” When you pray God’s will, you know that he hears you. If you know that he hears you, you know that you have what you’re asking for. The Holy Spirit is not a hit or miss prayer. The Holy Spirit is a bullseye and the perfect will of God’s prayer every time, forever in time and on time. I love it and would encourage you the way God encouraged me to make that prayer for that reason and that it guards your heart against the remembrance of whatever hell is doing. It isn’t worth mentioning in your native tongue and the battle isn’t yours or mine anyway, let God deal with it. This all the time we have. I know, I was getting good but we don’t want to rush this thing.

We want to get it, let it digest. We want to chew on it. Get it back out, chew on it, like the cows. That’s what meditation means in the Bible. We want to do that and that takes time to do that. We’re not going to rush. I want to thank you for joining me. Hopefully, you’ll be back with me on this journey. I love you and bless you and decree and declare the blood of Jesus has covered you. I praise God for you, for your destiny, for your purpose. I thank God that you will see His goodness. I prophesied decree over you. You will see the goodness of God in the land of the living and God’s kingdom come and His perfect will be done in your life as it is in heaven on this earth. I love you very much. I’ll talk to you soon.

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