Beauty for Ashes

Beauty For Ashes Isaiah 61v 3 B

One of the things that God called Jesus to do for us was to turn our ashes into beauty (Isaiah 61:3). In other words, Jesus turns evil into good for us (Romans 8:28). There is a picture of the Lord’s heart to do this for us throughout the bible, but let’s focus on it seen in the book of Esther.  In the book of Esther, there was an enemy of the Jewish people named Haman, who used his position as an official of the king at that time, which was Queen Esther’s husband.  Esther was a Jew, but neither Haman nor her husband, the king, knew it.  Haman’s evil plot was uncovered and his intentions made known by the wisdom of God given to Esther.  Haman was hung on the very gallows he had prepared for Esther’s uncle (also a Jew) to be hung on.  Now, although Haman had been killed and the evil intentions of his heart exposed, the decree to kill and destroy every Jew which Haman had issued was still outstanding, because pursuant to the Persian laws of that day, it had to be executed once issued…no matter what. But God in His love and mercy for His people, gave them wisdom, and had them issue a counter-decree, which ultimately delivered them from this so-called set-in-stone death decree. Since God had already strategically placed Esther into the kingdom, she too had authority and power in Persia as the Queen. The king asked Esther what would she like to decree, and Esther, full of wisdom, used her God-given authority to issue a counter-decree that allowed the Jews to defend themselves, Haman’s sons to be hung, and his house to be given to her uncle Mordecai (Esther 7:10; 8:2). We, as children of the Most High God, must do the same, and use our God-given authority. Now, I know that someone may be saying, “but I’m not a queen and I don’t have the authority to issue court decrees like Esther.” But, indeed you are a queen, and for the gentlemen reading, you are a king in the eyes of God, and you have God-given authority to issue decrees in the highest court of heaven too. The Bible says that He made us kings and priests and Jesus has given us His keys to the Kingdom, and we have all power and authority over the enemy. Therefore, your authority is even greater than Esther’s was in that day, and Esther was used to save an entire nation! Therefore, with the wisdom of God, use your God-given authority, because we—like Esther—have authority with the King!

So after the counter-decree was issued, it happened that on the same day that the children of God were supposed to die, their enemies perished instead. During the month that they were supposed to be unjustly slain, God gave them rest from their enemies instead…turned their sorrow to joy, and they went from mourning to a holiday (the Feast of Purim, which commemorates this victory) (Esther 9). And to this day many Jews still celebrate the Feast of Purim with feasting, gladness, and sending one another gifts, because of the greatness of our God, and what He did in Persia. The Lord is willing and able to do the same for you. In fact, the God promises in His word (and God cannot lie), that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forevermore, and He is not a respecter of persons! (Titus 1:2; Hebrews 13:8 & Acts 10:34)

Beloved, whatever was meant for your harm, God works it together for your good. And remember; don’t be afraid of any weapons that form against you because it will never prosper. And know that if God allowed the weapon to form, God can take that very same weapon and wield it against your enemy. The Bible says that the pit that the enemy digs for you, he himself will fall into it (Proverbs 26:27). That is what God did for Mordecai. God allowed his enemy Haman to build the gallows, thinking it was for Mordecai to hang on and die. The truth was, God knew Haman would hang on that very same gallows in his stead! And, God changes not! What He did for them, He will do for you. Therefore, don’t be afraid when you see your enemies digging ditches, because they are digging their own graves, and whatever ashes they threw your way, Jesus will give you beauty in place of them all!

“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me, because the LORD has anointed Me…to give them beauty for ashes…”  (Isaiah 61:1 & 3)

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Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


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