TOT 75 | Come As You Are

Come As You Are (Part 4)

God loves us unconditionally, justified us in His own blood, and doesn’t remember our sins anymore.  That's the unshakable foundation upon which all believers stand, and the heart of this podcast series. It reminds of us of this unfailing truth; we, as children of God, can always come to our Father just as we are! Join Dr.… Continue reading Come As You Are (Part 4)

TOT 73 | Unconditional Love

Come As You Are – Part 2

God loves us unconditionally, and we can come to God just as we are.  We don't need formulas, perfection or faultlessness to come to God, make our request known and have God over answer our prayers.  God is that good and it is His delight to bless us!  So just come to God...come just as… Continue reading Come As You Are – Part 2


Come As You Are

God reminds us in this podcast series that His love for us in unconditional. When it comes to our sins, He doesn't remember them anymore.  Because of these truths, we can always come to God as we are and He will love us into wholeness! Join Dr. Siohvaughn as she speaks with God’s voice reminding… Continue reading Come As You Are