God Goes Before You (Part 8)

God is love, and He loves you unconditionally. He has good plans for your life, and because He is sovereign, His plans will prevail in your life. No matter what difficulty you are challenged with, God’s provision proceeds the problem and He will make sure it works together for your good!

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God Goes Before You (Part 8)

Welcome back, everyone, and thank you so much for joining me here again, on The One Thing That’s Needful Podcast. My name is Dr. Siohvaughn Funches. Today, we’re going to be continuing up and yes, drum roll please, finishing up our series titled God Goes Before You. But before we do that, we’re going to take time and acknowledge God. 

There is no greater knowledge than the knowledge of Jesus christ. Everything hinges upon it. Everything good comes from it. Problems you haven’t had yet, the answer i in it.

I thank you, Heavenly Father, for this opportunity to get at the feet of Your Son Jesus and to hear him, I thank you that you are given to each and every one of us and our whole household, the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him, the eyes of our understanding being enlightened that we may know what is the hope of his calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe according to the working of his mighty power.

 I thank You, Lord Jesus Christ, that you are expounding to us on the scriptures today about the things concerning yourself. And I thank you Holy Spirit, that you’re opening up the scriptures causing us to comprehend them. Thank you, God, that your kingdom has come and your perfect will is being done in our life. I thank you for ordering our steps. God, I thank you that Your word is a lamp to our feet and a light our path I thank You that You are the God that goes before us. And you have made the cricket places straight, and the rough place is smooth. Thank you, Heavenly Father, that not one word you promised us will fall to the ground but every bit of it will come to pass. For you are the God that answers prayers. And you do more exceedingly far exceedingly above and beyond all that we ask, pray for, hope, and think. 

I thank you, Daddy, that you are making manifest your word and our life, your faithfulness in our life. I thank you that is not our faith when depending on what we’re depending on your faithfulness, God and Your Word declares that you are faithful, even if we’re faithless, and we are saying to you Dady, in all your promises, all your provision, all your word, everything that Jesus bled and died every sacrifice he made God, all his works here on the earth and in the heavens, God, be it unto us according to your word, and be it unto us according to the work and the faith of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and our Savior God. 

Thank You that You will manifest your glory in each and every person’s life. God that can hear my voice and their whole house God, thank You that You will leave no stone unturned. No heart untouched God by your light, your revelation, your wisdom, intimacy with you, knowledge of you, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I thank you, Daddy, for not only making the crooked places straight, but I thank you that you are softening hard hearts. I thank you, God, that where there was bitterness, there is forgiveness where there was hate. It has been supplanted with love everywhere, there’s darkness God, I thank you that the light of this world God has taken over and dispelled every bit of darkness. 

I thank you, God, for favoring us that we are delivered from even going into any unnecessary process where the need is. I thank you that Your provision of divine protection is there. And I thank you God for even protecting us from unnecessary processes. I thank you that you set a guard over our mouth and you are keeping watch over the doors of our lips God and I thank you for your rest, your refreshing your rejuvenation, God I thank you that hope is springing up in the hearts of every man and woman under the sound of my voice. I thank you, God, that you are the going forward in them. prophesy and decree over us not by mighty power by your Holy Spirit God that we are fearless we are free from all fear, and we receive your perfect love that casts out fear God.

I thank you for your deliverance. I thank you that it’s raining deliverance. I say send prosperity now. I say send help now. I say send deliverance now God to the bride of Christ for the glory of Your Son Jesus and the good of his church. In Jesus name, we pray.

The word of God is great, better than good

We touch and agree, there is indeed power in agreement. One can put 1000s of light, but to 10,000, can you imagine the men and women of God that are listening to this podcast and coming in agreement with it now, and in the days to come, there’ll be people who have heard it later on. But God is always on time. He’s never late, and they will be coming in agreement with us. So the Bible says, you know, even as the day draws nears, for us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves, and because God has moved through technology, we can assemble even like this, you know what I mean? We are together we are one body, one flesh, one mind, and that’s the mind of Christ Jesus. So, I count in honor, I counted a privilege always, not just to let God feed through me, but to be amongst you, because the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is in you. 

So, I want to be connected to you. I’m thanking God for you. I know plenty of you are praying for me. There are people who’ve spelled out the prayer and what they prayed and even say the things that God has shown them that have been a confirmation. So thank you for encouraging me. Thank you for praying for me, thank you for doing, like what they do for Moses and lifting up his arms. I really do appreciate you all and take time to pray for you all very, very often, if not daily. So we thank God for this series because throughout this whole podcast journey, and on this series, God is continuing to reveal His heart to us. We are getting to know our father, there’s no greater knowledge than the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Everything hinges upon it. Everything good comes from it. Problems you haven’t ever had, yet. The answer is in it. It’s everything. God has ordained it so that Jesus is everything you will ever need and desire and all blessings from God come through the man that his right-hand period, point-blank, as my oldest son likes to say, that’s just the end of that, that settles that God has decided to honor his son in such a way that if it doesn’t get done through him, it will not get done. 

This is what the Bible says about laboring without the Lord is to labor in vain. It’s literally for it all to be for nothing. So we don’t want to do that. Who wants to waste time and resources? Am I right? Can I get an amen? Like two times over? We do not want to do that. And we’re not going to do that in Jesus’ name, I pray, and where we have done that we thank God that Jesus is our Redeemer. The only one that can take something mad and redeem it and turn into something good. He lives. He lives forevermore. So praise you again, Jesus, you’re the answer, even for that past failure, thank God. 

So let’s recap just a little bit. We were finishing up with Esther. We were getting into the book of Esther, and we were seeing how God wouldn’t be for them. And we know that God is not a respecter of persons, what he did for one he’s able and willing to do for the other child. And we love God for that too. We saw how, in the book of Esther, you could see. We’re looking at Esther, obviously, in hindsight, and we’re able to kind of get God’s viewpoint of the unfolding of her life. We got this heavenly viewpoint as we get in the Bible, right, and we’re reading it. But Esther and people like Mordecai didn’t have that viewpoint, unless they ask God, give me your perspective, cause me to see it, how you see it, God, other than that, they were only seeing with his limited earthly view. Now the Bible has been written, and we can see people’s life basically, from the beginning to the end. That’s God’s perspective. So we’re getting to know God, even though the lives of people, and we’re doing it with God’s perspective, his viewpoint, which is why you can get the story of Abraham with his life from the beginning to the end. 

That’s how God’s seen it, and obviously, so much more. Because if God was to put everything in there, like they said, about Jesus, and just the miracles he did, all the books and all the world wouldn’t be able to contain it. So, with that being said, or it even says that the world wouldn’t be able to contain it, that how many miracles he’s done, but what he has written, what he has decided to have the Holy Spirit pin down for us through these faithful men and women of God, that God is allowed to be secretaries and pin down what he wanted in the Bible for us. Thank God for the Jewish people. Okay. So those things are what we needed, you know, that’s what we need it before. That’s what we need now. And that’s what will need to come. It is what we need. If it was something else, we needed God it would have pinned it down. 

Then we know as we read the Bible, the Bible is not just the word, Jesus is the word right and he’s God made flesh he is God. So we’re getting to know God through the Word and there’s so much more to him. So when you are reading, it’s not just what’s on the surface, there’s always something deeper and it can just go deeper and deeper and deeper. Because you’re getting to know God, the depths and the height of God who could ever search out and finally fathom, you know what I mean? So it doesn’t just have to be what’s on the surface, continue to read your bible never feel like well, I read that already. That’s about that’s what meditation is all about. It’s about going over it musing over it, muttering it again, and again, and again. This is a lifestyle. It’s not an event, this is not something we do, like reading the Bible, because reading the Bible was about getting to know God. As you have a relationship with someone, especially an intimate relationship, the entire time you’re in that relationship, it is to get to know the person intimately more and more and more and more, right. 

So it’s not an event, it is literally a lifestyle, it’s not something that we do, it is the actual relationship. Religion gets into what you do, relationship just gets into what it is. So it’s a privilege in getting to know somebody in the most deepest way, in every way possible. And that’s a privilege, no doubt even to get to know one another like that. It’s even more privilege much more to get to know God like that. So we spend our life doing that. And even afterward in heaven, we’re still getting to know God, I believe. So it’s just a wonderful journey. And all of eternity wasn’t enough time for it to happen. So like I said, it’s not an event. I want to encourage people to meditate to go over and never feel like I’ve been there. And I’ve done that. This is our spiritual food.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a really good steak. Like you can get a good one from Longhorn fed a good one from places like Ruth’s, Chris and other places and things like that. It’s not really something I’m tired of, you know, I’d never say like, oh, that roof Chris steak before. I’m just like, I have another one of those. If it was not like for health reasons, I just keep consuming those. They’re very good. So the word of God is great, better than good. It’s feeding on God Himself. And greater than we even need natural food to keep eating it, even if it is that you eat something often because it’s your favorite. Or some people say like, I have coffee every day. They never get tired of that. They may change the flavor. But the point is that coffee beans, they’re consuming every day. There’s no such thing as I’ve been there. And I’ve done that. So I’m not doing it anymore. They never say that, they never do that. 

There is no such thing as too late because God always goes before you and His provision always proceeds the problem.

There are things I have daily, just on routine, I pretty much eat some of that daily, and if not definitely weekly. So how much greater to feed on the Word of God, we can’t go without food. We can’t go without God. He is this nourishment, Jesus, He is the bread of life. That’s why Jesus said a man can’t live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. And that’s what you’re doing weekly on this podcast. And hopefully, you have a pastor like in a church service and reading your Bible, you have like a daily devotional that you’re feeding on daily. And then even throughout the day, even grabbing you a word from God, getting something from him that you can meditate on which means to monitor, you know, on a daily basis, just like you eat food several times a day natural foods, the same thing. But this right here is even more of a need. 

The bread of life, you need more even though you need regular bread, you can fast for a while, what you can’t do, and it’ll benefit you, right, for some of us is like a real benefit to fast from natural food, but to fast from Jesus is like, it’s like a death sentence. Doing that, like tantamount to suicide in a sense, something’s going to die. So like, we don’t want to do that. So that’s what we’re doing here feeding on the bread of life. And we go over things, sometimes more than once. Just like we eat something more than once. Sometimes people have a salad twice in a day. They like that was really good. What are you going to eat, I can go for another one of those, you know what I mean? And it’s not really a big deal. So it’s okay to meditate on a muse over and really just draw from and drink from Jesus and keep feeding on even that same part of him. If you notice that that is nourishing you don’t worry about the fact that, you’ve been feeling to just meditate on this same scripture and days are going by. Don’t be concerned with that, and that you need something out of that. And God has given you just what you need, if not for right now, probably for what’s to come. So you want to go ahead and consume that until you feel that release from God to go on and consume something else. 

But now, back to the podcast. God was showing us last week how he went before Esther and Mordecai. And you know, his provision proceeded the problem in their life and they had a serious problem a matter of life and death, and not just their life or a small family or small group of people’s lives. But everyone who was Jewish man, woman, and child this is going to be the biggest massacre in history. Pretty much. So that’s a pretty big problem. That’s a world size problem, and that’s what they were facing. There was really no way out of it other than God. But when they began to pray, and they began to fast, God showed me he’d already gone before them. Even he’d gone before them when they realize they had a problem. See, there came a point in time when they realize that an enemy was amongst them. And then they realize what their enemy had done. He’d asked the king for his authority in order to, you know, execute them. And by the time they realize that in that nation, at that time, whatever a King decreed, it couldn’t be undone not even by the King who decreed it.

So the king had already decreed it. By the time they realized they even had an enemy amongst them, let alone a death problem. It seemed to be too late. So this teaches us a lot because the devil can make it appear like circumstances can appear like it’s too late. But there’s no such thing as too late with God because God always goes before you and His provision always precedes the problem. Come to find out God was orchestrating things and working things out for these Jewish people. Even as far back as having Vashti cast out the castle, you feel me before Esther even knew that there was a problem or there was a Haman who wanted to execute every Jewish person including herself. God allowed for that King to be Indic nated and to cast that woman out so that he could have Esther in her stead. He also gave Esther favor with the King above all other women placed it in the king’s heart to love this woman above all other women and for a divine purpose. 

See how this woman’s marriage wasn’t just something for her and him sure it was romantic. The lady’s like got a king and she’s in a castle and she’s ruling the kingdom and this is like this fairy tale stuff. You know, I’m talking about Hallmark Channel around Christmas time fairy tale, right ladies? Okay, can I get an amen? Will provoke you to pray. You like God do me one and one better. When you watch these shows. So, this lady’s living the dream, so to speak, eventually, once you get past the hard part. And you can kind of see that man, God is in the midst of this. And this is actually a privilege, not a problem. When you get to that place. You just see this is dreamy. In fact, whatever girl wants like a type of thing, and come to find out. He wasn’t just about that. It was dreamy. He was romantic. It was beautiful. What a wonderful thing, how he loved his wife, that’s a wonderful thing.

But come to find out. God was even thinking bigger than that. And that’s big. But God was thinking bigger than that. And this lady’s marriage was a ministry and the purpose was greater than just the two of them loving one another. It was a God-ordained purpose behind it. Not one just for her good or his good, or even their immediate family or close-knit circle of friends, one that would save the nation, and I will do you one better. Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God came through this Jewish line of people. It was that important. So you know, when God does something, he’s always got a big picture in mind, and he has a purpose, even for the marriages that God joined together. So we saw just how far back he went before them, and did what he did. And we absolutely love it. Because we see that God is always on time. And he’s always on time without fail.  And we know that all of the things that they needed were taking place before the enemy was moving in the head and heart of Haman. Before Haman let his flesh just consume them and overtake him before he was ill-advised by his own wife. Yeah, go ahead and kill them all. What a woman Okay, she’s the reason. Well, part of the reason why he hung on the gallows because she did encourage him to be evil and contend with God. And how did that work out for him?

It’s important to have a wife after God’s own heart, it’s important to have a husband after God’s own heart because she sincerely sent that man all the way off, like as far off as you can be sent because I mean, he was killed, and it was no coming back for that, I mean, for him, he had no way to come back from that. So that’s the kind of wife he had and in contrast, she’s the kind of wife that the king had. And it was a wife that was given by God. So huge lessons to learn there. No question. 

Now we’re going to take a brief look at the life of Joseph and when I say brief, I won’t be reading like I do. Sometimes I’m going to be going through it sort of moving through it like as if you know, and even if you don’t know the reason why I’m still gonna move through it like this, not just in the interest of time, although that’s a part of it. But I’m also going to do it because I want to encourage you to really go and read it for yourself. Let God feed you through the life of Joseph If it is like there’s so much nourishment, there’s so much revelation of who God is. I’ve been reading that story for years, and still, new things come up and come out of it in time with God still just focused on the life of Joseph and getting to know God through it. And Joseph, obviously, is a type of Jesus Christ, who went before his family to save them, as Jesus went before all of us, his family, his bride, his children, to save us, and really went through hell and back in order to do it. And we didn’t have to suffer that hell. 

Jesus said, “a man can’t live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

We just eat and receive the fruits of it, just like Joseph his family, his father, and his brothers and their wives and children did. So it’s a really, really good picture of Jesus Christ and His hardness, forgiveness, his grace towards us how Joseph wasn’t bitter and angry at his brothers. And he could be, you know when he was in a position of power to get vengeance but he just refused to. I mean, this is the heart of our Savior. And it’s important for us to know that not just when we’re born again, and receiving forgiveness for our sins, but even when we fail, and the devil wants to try to make us feel or give us the impression that God is angry. He’s not angry, because he wasn’t angry at me before the cross, he actually released that anger on Jesus. So he definitely not angry with me after the cross. And the crucifixion of his son. Not happening Captain. 

So the timeline tells me everything. And the Bible talks about that in Romans, it’s a great place to read about just how you know, God demonstrates His love towards us and isn’t angry with us. It’s a beautiful, beautiful place to just really dive into that and let God feed you on those truths, which are necessary truths because the devil is just like, not come up with anything new. He’s been trying that since he’s been trying anything evil. So same thing, same trick up his sleeve. Make you feel like God’s mad at you. Or disappointed. Total lie, total crap. He’s a liar. He’s definitely lying about that. He’s lying about everything. In fact, He’s incapable of telling the truth. So if there’s something you’re not going to believe, let it be him. And when you are going to believe let that be God who is the truth. So not only does he tell the truth, he is the truth. So believe him, put your trust in Him. 

Now something God showed me about the life of Joseph that we can pull out too and this is just blanketed over his life, is that we see this about God. When it comes to God, you can trust not only God, you can trust God, for sure. But you can trust the journey that God takes you on. This is vital right here. I mean, this thing is critical. It is what literally has the power to take people from making prayer requests to actually possessing the realization of those prayers to experience the manifestations of those prayers. It takes people from that cry out to God in Egypt, crossing the Jordan river and into the promised land. It’s that big of a difference, who’s still in Egypt, crying, who got stranded in the wilderness and got stuck looping around that thing forty years. Then who’s actually in the Promised Land, enjoying the milk in honey, it’s that big of a difference. I think a lot of people don’t get to that place because they fail in this area in their faith, that they don’t trust the God of the journey. God is the God of the journey, because the journey sometimes is so crazy looking. Trust me. I’m not just saying that, like, that’s easy. I’ve been on a few of these journeys. And I’m saying you need to trust God. Because if it looks right, you would need to use trust, you just let it look right and be easy to you. But you got to like strengthen your trust muscle because you’re going to need it.

Sometimes you’re going to need it. Other times, not so much. But in the life of Joseph, we see he needed to trust God. The story opens up basically. And it talks about how Joseph was given these dreams by God. Now you can tell from the dreams he was given that Joseph was going to be in a position of leadership. The dreams came from God. So this is like getting a word from God not like it is it just comes in dream form. Like sometimes God speaks to you envision form. This one is the vision in the night sleep. So it’s still a word from God. So here Joseph gets this prophetic word from God. He tells his brothers, his brothers are already jealous of him because his father loved them so much he is the son of his old age that he had with his wife, who he loved more than any of his other wives. And so he’s got all this special treatment in favor from his father. And then on top of that, he’s called by God. 

Now here’s where the dagger will hit a genderless hard any day of the week. Not only is he called by God, but he’s called by God to be a leader that will even rule over them. That’s probably what they were thinking. And they said, now that’s too much. So they let their evil envy get the better of them. And they set out to murder Joseph. Wow, some people give you the silent treatment, others plus your murder. This is getting serious. So they plotted his murder, long story short, God intervenes. And God has the Ishmaelites coming by, who were doing, trades in the land at that time. And one of Joseph’s brothers who has this bright idea, I believe, for sure, an angel from God whispered it to him, don’t kill him, sell him into slavery instead, look, the Ishmaelites are coming by they’re in the slave trade business. Right. So they sold him into slavery. That’s hard.I mean, that’s hard. This is hard. It would be hard to be sold into slavery, but to be sold into slavery by your brothers. Not one brother, not two brothers, not half the brothers, like every brother he had, except for his younger brother Benjamin, this is strong, man. This is hard. 

Then why? That be the next question. Because we’re human. And the why is just this, jealous. That’s it, you haven’t done anything. It’s not even something you did is just who you are. It’s the blessing of God on your life. Whoa. I mean, it just is gotten pretty strong. But now on this journey. That wasn’t the strangest thing to happen, at least I don’t think. So he gets sold on the slavery. Thank God, the Bible says the Lord was with Joseph and the Lord gave him favor where he was at. So he’s amongst the slaves in a foreign land carried off to Egypt, but God has him bought by someone named Potiphar. Potiphar is a man of clear power in the land of Egypt, like other than the pharaoh of that time, he’s the man you feel me he is that guy. So, he takes a liking to Joseph buys Joseph. And when he realizes, the Bible says this, this Egyptians no ties to this Jewish God, no ties to Jehovah knows nothing about Yahweh or Jesus Christ. But the Bible says, This man that Joseph was so blessed, even this man could see the Lord is with Joseph. And the Lord makes everything Joseph sets his hand to do to prosper. This is crazy. 

When God does something, He got a big picture in mind.

He comes up with this bright idea. I won’t even own that. Since I see that the Lord is with Joseph and the Lord makes everything he does to prosper in his hand. I’m putting everything I have in his hand. Except for my wife. Hard. No. That’s a hard No, that’s where we draw the line. So Potiphar drew the line, can’t blame him there. Not his wife. Joseph is cool with that. He’s a man of integrity. He doesn’t want this man’s wife, he won’t. God deliver him and realize his dreams. Well, the wife wanted Joseph. Remember, the Lord is with Joseph. I mean, and the Bible says that Joseph was beautiful in form and appearance like just fine just like Brickhouse, but the man version, you feel me like God was in a good mood when he made him. So this lady probably used to getting everything she want, want him and she figured it who or what denies me in this land, she has been in a position of power. She’s in a position of power. She takes it way too far. 

He won’t sleep with her. He does the right thing. He honors God, honors Potiphar. He honors even this woman’s body by not taking advantage of her and what is the thing she gave him, she accuses him falsely of trying to rape her. So here we got a foreign slave in this nation that’s been accused of rape. I think people’s heads get cut off for less. So she basically says because you won’t lay down with me. I’m going to plot your murder. Sound familiar? Man. I’m talking about going from bad to worse. But Potiphar doesn’t kill him. That’s God. And we all know that. God intervenes again, haven’t already shown Potiphar before she told this lie, the Lord is with him. See, too late, but Potiphar probably wants to say face not just flat out say, okay, he’s not a raper, which means she may be a whoremonger he doesn’t want that word out on the street. So he just goes with it’s a possibility that he’s a rapper, and he puts him in jail for the crime. He knows he didn’t commit. 

It has gone from bad to worse, then he’s in jail for years people years are going by, oh my God, I feel for Joseph. But the dream that God gave Joseph, that provision, that promise, it proceeded all these problems and low and behold, this is actually the journey to get there. I mean, when I told you it was crazy, I didn’t mean that figuratively speaking. I mean, this is absolutely insane. But it was the journey. So we can trust the God of the journey. If Joseph can trust God on this journey. We can trust God on any journey, period, point-blank because this one was like one of the worst. So think about it, for Christ to fulfill his destiny, he went to the cross. And then he went to Hell, how about that was the actual journey to get there. So we got to trust God, even while we’re on the journey, even if it goes from bad to worse, the promise God gave you He will bring to pass. He goes before you His provision precedes the problem. And the journey is not changed in his mind, period. 

So finally, long story short again, Joseph gets out of jail, praise be to God because the pharaoh of the land has a dream. Nobody around him can interpret it. But God has given Joseph not only the ability to have dreams but also to interpret them. Somebody who Joseph earlier on had interpreted their dream tells, Pharaoh, I know somebody who can interpret this dream and be spot on, he did it for me, and I’m talking about down to the timeframe, he nails it. He did it for another guy, I witnessed it myself. He nailed it. He’s your man. 

So in one moment, in one fell swoop, he goes from double bondage to that guy, Pharaoh says, you interpreted these dreams. You know what to do, not only you know, because interpreting the dreams just telling Pharaoh, there’s a problem coming. But God gave Joseph the wisdom. Remember, the Lord is with Joseph. So he doesn’t just know the problem. He even knows the solution by the grace of God. And the solution saves not only Pharaoh but the whole nation because of the famine that came and it was very severe. And it even reached Canaan where Joseph’s own brothers who betrayed him were at and that famine led them to Egypt because Egypt was only the only one place where you can find bread to eat and they were going to starve to death without it. 

Joseph didn’t have to go to them to be restored. They came to Joseph and when they came to Joseph, Lord behold, they bow their knee before him. They didn’t recognize him, didn’t know who he was. Because Can you imagine from going from the gutter most to the uttermost? I’m sure he was unrecognizable from his head to his toes. You can’t tell that was Joseph. That one JoJo you threw in the pit and sold into slavery. He’s that guy you feel me? He is that guy. So they didn’t even recognize him. He’s been so blessed by God. His own blood relatives are standing in his face and they are like yes, sir. They don’t know who he is. 

When God bless you. When God restores you and God make it up to you. Your kinfolk don’t even recognize you. You are that blessed. Blessings have even transformed your face like that. The same God, I mean, like, is it just me? Or do you want to pray to the God of Joseph, like hook me up? Greater than you did him? Why limited with the same man. We already saying what you can do let that be a floor and take me through the ceiling. So God restored him. And God just showed us how his family was going to starve to death. The famine was severe, people were dropping dead, his family was going to starve to death except for and that’s a big problem. They were all going to die again, just like it was in the days of Esther wasn’t any Haman. But the family was going to kill them. Still an enemy, still an enemy of God. Famines are an enemy of God. But these people had a Joseph, even through evil, God worked it together for good, and allow Joseph to go before them. 

Joseph was the bread of life that fed them. he stored up all this grain that didn’t just feed the people in Egypt. It fed the people in Canaan, where his family was in other parts surrounding that nation. People’s lives were literally saved, because this man, God used as the provision to go before them in those years of famine many years before, train them up and leadership, made sure he was humble, made sure he was healed, made sure he will forgive, made sure he wouldn’t use his power to oppress people, but instead lift them up. Yes, even those who had done him wrong. God had done this long before anybody even got an inkling that he was going to be a fan. 

God is good, and God goes before us. The real good news is God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. It tells us that in Hebrew, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. And God is not a respecter of persons, it tells us that in Acts. It tells us in other places as well. So what he did for one person he’s willing and able to do for you too. Praise be to the God who has gone before you and me. And his provision has indeed proceeded any and every problem so we can rest, trust God, and yes, even trust the journey. I love you guys very much. God bless you and I’ll talk to you soon.

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