It’s A Family Affair (Part 2)


If there is one thing that is important to almost every human being, it is family. In this series, Dr. Siohvaughn Funches is taking us into the word of God to see the heart and will of God, not just for our lives but also for our families. Continuing from the previous episode, she shares God’s loving idea not only for us but also for the people around us. We discover, without doubt, that it is the perfect will of God for us and our whole house—in other words, family—to be saved. Beloved, it is with this confidence that we pray bold, faith-filled prayers for our families to be saved and that we fulfill our destinies together in Christ together as a family!


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It’s A Family Affair (Part 2)

In this episode, we are going to be starting a new series titled It Is A Family Affair but before we get ready and do that, and dive into what God has for us, receiving his Ramo word, we are going to take the time to do what we always do, that is acknowledged God and pray. I thank you, Heavenly Father, for your presence in our life and during this time, especially. I thank you for every seed you plant in our hearts. You cover with the blood of your son, Jesus and you cause it to not only bear fruit but to bear much fruit that remains. We cover every word, every revelation and your purpose behind it with the blood of your son, Jesus.

May you, the God of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the father of glory, give to us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus. I pray that the eyes of our understanding will be enlightened, that we may know what the hope of His calling is, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in us, the saints and what is the exceeding greatness of His power towards us who believe according to the working of His mighty power.

I thank you, Lord Jesus, that you are going to expound to us on the scriptures about the things concerning yourself. I thank you, Holy Spirit, that you are leading and guiding us into all truth and you are teaching us all things. I thank you for causing us to fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith.

As we behold Him, I thank you, Holy Spirit, that you are at work in us, transforming us into His very same image. I thank you for your promise. In your light, we see light. I thank you, Lord, that you are going to give people direction that they are going to hear you and see your son, Jesus. They are going to hold Him, wisdom and revelation, even for their practical needs and practical things that they are facing.

We will come to them with ease. I thank you that we will return back to situations and circumstances, and they will be no more but your perfect will be in its stead. I thank you, Heavenly Father, for the overcoming power that is in the blood of Jesus being released through your word and the expounding on the scriptures about your son, Jesus, as we do this one needful thing. I thank you that you are adding all things that we need and even desire to us. In Jesus’ name, we pray.

We are going to be starting a new series. This is something, especially for me, heavy on my heart in a good way. When I say heavy, it is about family, obviously. Not just about family in general but discovering what the will of God is. Many people, wives, mothers, even children are praying for their family members, spouses, children to be safe.

It is important for us not just praying prayers but to pray with boldness and confidence. That usually comes when you know what you are praying for. It is the will of God. We are going to start by laying a foundation with God’s word like we do on this show because His word never fails. It never returns back to Him void or empty.

God Wants You And Your Family

We know that the word of God is the will of God. When we know we are praying the will of God, we know we have what we are asking for. We are going to start this series titled It Is A Family Affair and begin with the truth about God. It is heart concerning you and your family, which includes your spouse. God wants you and your whole family saved. That is and always will be the perfect will of God for you and your whole house to be safe.

It is the perfect will of God that both you and your whole family are saved; therefore, declare with confidence, “As for me and my house, we shall be saved and serve the Lord in Jesus name!”

You know how it goes on this show. I do not like to rely on myself. I do not go with my opinion. I do not expect you to do so. I do not even do so. We go with the word of God. It is solid, true, unfailing and unchanging. It is an anchor for our very souls and lives. It is the only thing that is constant, sure and never changes. We are going to start with our key scripture for this series, which comes out of Acts 16:30-31. I am largely going to be reading like I always do from the New King James version.

If I differ from it, I will try to remember and tell you that. For those who go back, I encourage everyone to do that, go back and meditate on it. If God speaks something to you, if it highlights something, if something is a confirmation to you or if there is something that really spoke to your heart, I would encourage you to do what God has led me to do.

That is to focus, chew and meditate on that. Read, think and speak about that, declared that and let that be your nourishment for the day. Even sometimes, in the days to come, things are so rich, you chew and meditate on that same verse for days. It nourishes you and gives you what you need in that time and season in your life and even the times to come. Let us not just allow God to plant the seed in our hearts. Let us meditate on it. Let us let that seed germinate, take root and bear much fruit that remains.

In Acts 16:30-31, it says, “He brought them out and said, ‘Sirs, what must I do to be saved?’” They said, “Believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ and you will be saved. You and your household.” I love it. This is the word of God. The word of God is the will of God. No one questions that but this is also telling us right off the bat when God gave me this verse that it is not His will for you to be saved but God wants your entire household to be saved.

It reminded me of Nicodemus in the gospels when Jesus came to, not just Nicodemus, who was up in the Sycamore tree. He came to see Jesus but Jesus saw him and actually had a divine appointment with him that did not just change his life. It changed him and his family’s lives for the better. Jesus did not have the conversation and pull them over to the side of the road, say, “Come down from the tree and chat with me for a bit or have this encounter alone.” He did it and then Jesus said, “I am going to come to your house.” That is demonstrating of Jesus coming and not just touching Nicodemus but touching his whole household. Remember the Bible says, “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is not a respecter of person.”

It is not like, “Nicodemus must have had favor with Jesus.” He did but so do you and I. God is not a respecter of persons. The Bible says that twice. I like to say it like, “This is nice. God said it twice.” If you had a doubt with the first scripture, you know by the second one, God meant what He said and the Holy Spirit did not use people to pin down something wrong. God is not a respecter of persons, meaning what He does for someone else, He is both able and willing to do for you.

God’s Loving Idea To Save The Entire Family

We are going to lay that foundation with the word of God now with man’s opinion and we are going to look at 2nd Peter 3:9. I believe this is the new King James Version as well. It says, “The Lord is not slack concerning His promise as some count slackness but is long-suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” We have to know that is the will of God. God sent His son into the world. The Bible says, “For God so loved the world.” That is everyone. That includes you, your spouse, children, friends and coworkers. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son.

You can’t lose with God.

God did this for us all because God’s heart is that He is not willing to lose the worst one. I do not want to rank them. I know the Bible discussed some things being worse than others but I just want to bring home the point as people who we think have done the most heinous thing or have the hardest of hearts. Walk-in levels of pride like you have never seen before. It is the will and the heart of God that they would be saved.

God does not want anybody to perish. He did not send His son, Jesus, to go through what He went through, to suffer what He suffered, watching Jesus go through that, hearing His cry, refraining from helping Him to allow Him to die in our place and to bless us with this eternal gift of salvation, the forgiveness of all our sins, many other things and blessings making us heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ.

He did not send Him to do that so that a few could be left behind, let alone a multitude. God’s will is that we would all come to repentance. This way, when you pray for your family and your spouse, you do so with boldness knowing that you agree with God. This is not your idea. It is not my bright idea for my entire family to be saved. That is God’s loving idea.

He is worked that in you, that desire so that you would work it out by praying and believing, decreeing a thing over them, preferably the word of God and it would be established. God did that on purpose for a purpose, for their salvation and for them to fulfill their destiny. Every joint supplies where the whole body of Christ is important.

The eyes cannot say to the mouth, “I do not need you.” I beg to differ since I use my eyes and mouth every day. We need it all. God’s perfect will is that not only are you saved but your entire family is saved. Let us look at 1st Corinthians 7:14, “By the believing wife and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband,” otherwise their children would be unclean but now they are holy. See how God just encapsulated the whole family in that verse? God is showing us and telling us repeatedly that His heart is one full family. For the whole family to be saved, God has gone above and beyond, making provision for this to happen so the unbelieving husband, full-blown atheist anti-Christ.

God is saying, “He has become one with his wife. She is a believer. She is the bride of Christ. She is born again. This man is sanctified, set apart, made holy onto God because of his believing wife.” What does this do? This blessing comes down upon their children. Now they are holy before God. God is good, that our whole families be saved. It is literally, people, the perfect will of God.

When you know what you are praying and asking for is the perfect will of God. You can pray with boldness. What we are doing here by the spirit of God is just affirming establishing in our hearts based on the word of God. God has never called you to rely on my opinion or a personal revelation that I received. Any revelation God gives me is backed up by the word. It is in agreement with the word.

It confirms the word of God. It will not contradict it, and that is for me and anyone else that you are gleaning with that God is using to give you things or feed you. You’ve got to know that it will be in alignment, in agreement with the word of God confirming it, not contradicting it. That is how you know, whether or not it is God what they say when people say this is what God showed them or this is the revelation that God gave them.

We know, based on the scriptures, not on me, that it is the will of God for your whole family to be saved. It’s because of that, you can pray with boldness and absolute confidence for them to be saved. Not only to be saved, you can pray with boldness and absolute confidence that Jesus is not only their savior but He will be Lord of their life.

Confidence In Him

He will lead and guide them. They will be one with Him, in step with Him, in an agreement with Him, for His purpose, their life, individually and collectively as a family. Now let us look at John 5:13-15, “These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the son of God that you may know that you have eternal life and you may continue to believe in the name of the son of God.” This is the confidence that we have in Him that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. If we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.

Don’t you like the whatever part or is it just me or does the whatever part make you literally want to come out of your seat? We have firmly established by the spirit of God that it is the perfect will of God that not only you but your entire household be saved. Now that we know that is the perfect will of God, we can do what the Bible says. We can have confidence in Him that what we are asking is His will.

His will is His word. Praying wives, moms, children and fathers, God hears your prayers for your family. Not only that, it is time for you to know and believe that not only He hears you but what you are asking Him for, He is granting that petition. You have a yes from God. Give Him your amen. It is finished. All the promises of God, yes in Christ, and amen to the glory of God. He gives the yes. You say the amen. It is a done deal.

Our faith does waiver, but God’s faith is unwavering.

Now, will the devil try to steal the word from you, rattle your cage or get you out of a place of believing, resting and trusting in God? He will. Jesus said what he is going to try to do kill, steal and destroy. Sometimes, we think when Jesus called him the thief, which he is obviously, and he comes to steal one of those things, we let our minds lean towards material things but there are things that money cannot buy and the mouth cannot eat up. I am telling you what I have gotten to know about this evil thing.

That is what he is after, more so than anything. He does not want your house. He is not interested in having your car repossessed. If he did that to you, those were means to a greater end like do not believe God anymore. “I know you had faith but let it go. Can you really trust God?” Casting doubt and things like that. He wants something bigger than your car.

It might have been big to you but if he noticed, that is probably why he touched it. If you can hold on to your faith or you can keep believing God, you know how God He is. When He restores, He is going to do something like this. He gives you that back but it will be greater quantity and quality. He makes you a gainer if the enemy comes and takes anything. That is what happens. You cannot lose with God, I choose.

I continue to declare that truth because it is the absolute truth. God has allowed me to lose things that all the money in the world collectively could not back a fraction of so that I would testify to you, not just telling you what is in me and what I internally believe but what I have walked out. People who know me, I have walked this thing out. I say with confidence and boldness that God so-much-so is a restore and a lover of you that when the enemy comes to try to touch you, it is almost better than He did the way that God restores use but fought that trouble, you would not have had the double.

God knows how to make something that was tragic and turning into triumph. I do not quite get how He does take a pile of ashes, works it together for your good and hands you back beauty. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is amazing. He is with infinite wisdom. That is crystal clear. I do not consider myself a dummy by any means. I cannot figure out, even a little bit, how He does that and how He manages to do that.

No matter what I have been through, when I say, “I know you did it before but this time, I do not know how you are going to make me say like, ‘Thank God for this.’” I see how God worked that together but I do not know how God anything good could come out of this one notwithstanding the one million times you did it before. I said that same thing. He continues to do that and make me a gainer when the enemy tried to convince me I was a loser. You cannot lose with God, I choose because He works all things together for your good and God goes before you anyway, not just knowing the end from the beginning but determining the end from the beginning.

God has plans for you, me, our families and no plan of God can be throttled. You think like, “You should know my family member. You could see them and you can see what they are doing. You can see how they are talking. They have been like that for years.” I know what you are saying. I know when it just looks ugly. It is a mess. I am telling you, I have seen God more times than I probably want it to turn messes.

The worst of them into the most beautiful glorious miracles glorifying His is still improvement to me. Once again, He is more than enough and I’ve got you. The relationship with God is amazing. Walking with Him and being on this journey with Him is absolutely amazing. There is nothing on the face of this Earth that satisfies like it.

I can say that with truth because God has allowed me to experience many things that the world deems important, the key to success, happiness, edification, fulfillment, and all these things. God has allowed me to taste, chew and swallow almost all of it to just come back to this day, at this moment, right here with you and say, “Nothing but Jesus satisfies.” I know that for myself. It is not something I read or heard about. It is not something someone said to me or tried to teach me. I actually walked that thing out for quite some time.

Boldly Declare To Serve The Lord

I can come out of myself and I know what I am saying. No one else satisfies but Jesus. It is His heart to restore and save. After all, He is the savior and He is not just the God sent Him to save you and me or most of our family. God sent Him for He so loved the world. That is us, family, friends and even our foes. Do not shoot the messenger. God loves them, too. The Bible tells us something else, too.  God gave me this from Joshua 24:15. The reason why Joshua boldly declare this.

Remember, the Bible talks about coming to the end of the life of Joshua and people entered into the promised land after Moses had gone on to be with the Lord. Joshua was someone who wholly followed the Lord. He was someone who possessed His possessions. He entered the promised land. He got what God promised him. He continued to believe. Others look like they were falling away, in doubt, unbelief, doing this and that. He continued to believe in God no matter what He saw.

Even with the behavior of people in his own family and tribe, he continued to believe in God. He possessed His possessions. He fulfilled His destiny to the fullest and then some on top of that. It is absolutely wonderful. It is why he was able to declare what God wants us to declare. Joshua declared boldly to ask for me and my house. We will serve the Lord. Remember he was a part of that generation that the Bible says that everything God promised them came to pass, not one word failed of any good thing, which the Lord has spoken to the children of Israel.

Joshua was a part of them. That is a promise from God. We can lay hold of that promise and claim it now because all the promises of God are yes and in Christ, they are amen. God has given the yes, already. The yes is Jesus. The answer, the solution is Jesus. For God so loved the world that He gave Jesus. He has done His part.

Ours is to say, “Amen.” That is our agreement with God. Agreeing with God is believing God no matter what seer or people say, it is us believing God. You can declare boldly like Joshua, “Ask for me and my house. We will serve the Lord.” Do not let anyone or anything, including those in your house, deter you or take you away from what God said. People change. God is the potter. We are the clay. Clay is being molded, shaped, broken, put together, added on and taken away.

He is doing the mold and the shaping the this and the that. No one is doing that to Him. He changes not. The Bible said, “He is the same yesterday, today and forevermore.” With that being said, put your faith, confidence and set your focus upon. Let it be ever before you an unfailing, unshakeable, unbreakable unchanging, everlasting solid foundation. That is only going to be God, His son and His word.

We changed. Sometimes we feel good. Sometimes we do not feel so good. Sometimes you feel like you are bold and you’ve got robust faith. Other times, it is full of doubt, shaking and quaking. It is like, “Are you an earthquake? You are nervous. What happened?” We cannot even put our faith in our faith. Is it just me? It is like, “Lord, I believe but help my unbelief.” That is just me keeping it real, “Lord, I believe but how? Am I going to like John the Baptist when the angel coming announced to me?” It happens.

That is why God says for us to put and He gave me this revelation but I know it is not for just me. It is for the entire body of Christ. You put your faith in his faithfulness, not in your faith because our faith can waiver. Let’s keep it real. The truth sets us free. Not lies and pretenses or pretending. The truth is what liberates. Let us stick with the truth and the truth is we are human.

God’s wheel is family. God’s wheel is not the I; it’s the us.

To be human is to an heir. It is cool because the love of God is unconditional. The blood of Jesus covers. Thank God for mercy because our faith does waiver but God’s faith is unwavering. Jesus is the one who always believes. All things are possible to the one who always believes like that correctly translates that particular Bible verse. “All things are possible to Him. He is always believing and never doubting.”

We put our faith in Him. We put our trust in His love for us knowing He has given us His heaven’s best, which is Jesus, the rest is lesser. The lesser is always included in the greater. Mathematicians are not the only ones who know that. I wanted to take that time. I know it has been the bulk of our time but I wanted to do it because I felt from God to lay that foundation.

You have a solid foundation from the word of God that is declaring to us repeatedly, multiple scriptures, Old Testament and New Testament, throughout the Bible. I did not nearly put what is all there obviously for the sake of time but it is the perfect will of God. That is what God is establishing in our hearts. His unfailing truth and revealing to us His heart and the heart of His son. It is His heart will that we and our whole family be saved.

He tells us this. He feeds us this truth so that we can know and pray with boldness and believe in their salvation no matter what. Fix your eyes on Him. He wants them safe. Can you tell me of an instance where God wants something and it does not happen? I cannot think of anything. Let us row with God. Let us pray with confidence, less decree a thing with confidence, less decree His word over our family with confidence knowing that he wants them saved.

We are going to start the teaching, even though we are getting close to having to wrap up for this episode. I want to begin the actual teaching because that was just like the introduction. Our family is important to us and it is more important that we know they are even more important to God. Let us start with Genesis 1:26. I am going in the order that God gave it to me. I am giving it back to you. One of the first things God did for mankind was institute family.

We are in Genesis 1. It does not get any more preliminary than that. Genesis 1:26. God was not just demonstrating. It is His will family for mankind. He also was demonstrating to us in Genesis 1 that He had already begun a family. The Bible says, “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image according to our likeness. God was not alone in doing this, desiring this and causing this to happen. The father was with the son and the Holy Spirit.’”

That is family. Father and son speak of family. God was there in the beginning and as the Lord was making us, the Bible says, “Everything that was made was made by Jesus.” It was their will and heart. There was no one there praying, decreeing and exercising their faith, “Lord, I believe. I received.” There was no one there saying, “Touch and agree with me that God does this.” You did not have to pull up a God’s hand.

You did not have to pull on the strings of His heart. It was God’s will before there was any man or woman to pray, desire or even know their need for this, even know this is something of value family. God is all by Himself. The father and the son are all by themselves decided. Nobody made them do anything. Nobody prayed that they would do anything. We were not here yet.

God’s will is family. It is not the I. It is the us. It is not the me. It is the our. That is the perfect will of God. That all speaks to family. It is the idea of God. We know that Genesis is a book of beginnings. We can see that from the onset, from the very beginning, family is in the heart of God. Nobody prayed it that way. Do not even think, “I’ve got to pray more.” There is nothing wrong with that but this feeling almost got them convinced of God to persuade Him. There is no need to convince or persuade God that His will is good.

We should be established on Earth. He knows. We were waking up to it, realize it and getting an agreement with God. We are not convincing God to get an agreement with us, not when it comes to this. Praise be to Jesus. Praise be to God. Thank God for the Jews who wrote down the oracles of God for us. I thank God for the Bible and His heart. It is a heart for our family.

We are going to pick up the next episode where we left off and continue to let God build upon this revelation, principles, truths about His heart and will for us, and our whole house so that we pray with boldness and confidence knowing that what we are asking God for is His perfect will. It’s because of that, the Bible tells us, “God hears us.” Not only does He hear us but we have what we are asking Him for. It is a yes from God. We are simply given Him Amen. I love you very much. God bless you all and keep you. May God continue to protect, lead, guide and give you everything you need. I pray God calls you, work in you both to willing to do this. Receive from Him that grace without effort because He gives graciously and God gifts freely, in Jesus’ name.

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