New Year New You! (Part 2)


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New Year New You! (Part 2) 

We’re going to be continuing on with our series titled New Year, New You. Before we do that, we’ll recap a bit. We’re going to do what we always do. Let’s take a moment and acknowledge God because without Him, we can do nothing. I thank you, Heavenly Father for the opportunity again to gather with your people and to hear your word. I thank you, Jesus, for the blessing of getting at your feet and hearing you. I thank you that you’re giving the spirit of your wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you. I thank you that you’re causing the eyes of our understanding to be enlightened all the more that we may know and believe beyond the shadow of any doubt. The hope of your calling.

God wants to prove to you this year that as you do the one thing that’s needful, he will make all things new for you, including you!

What are the riches of the glory of your inheritance in us, the saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of your power towards us who believe according to the working of your mighty power? I thank you, Lord Jesus, that your ways are not only higher than our ways and better than our ways, but they are easy. I thank you that your burden is light and your yoke is easy. I thank you, Jesus, for this anointing of ease that’s coming in us and upon us, Lord. I thank you that you’re putting our hearts, minds, nerves, and emotions at ease. I thank you, God, for speaking to us spirits, soul, realm and saying “Shalom, be still.” I thank you, Lord, for your presence in our life. I thank you for all the power and all provision.

All the divine protection, all the prosperity, the good success that makes us rich, and no sorrow is added to it that comes with your very presence being there. I praise you for the freedom and deliverance that comes with your presence. For your word declares, you are not only a very present help in trouble but where your spirit is, there is freedom. I thank you that your spirit abides, He lives. He dwells forevermore in us. For it is written, you will never leave us and you will never, by any means, fail or forsake us. We simply say, God, with faith, be it onto us according to your word. Thank you ahead of time for your faithfulness. Thank You, God, for bringing us into the Promised Land, the collective one, and even the individual ones. God, thank you for every breakthrough.

Thank you for every miracle sign and wonders that are following us, God. For it is written, miracle signs and wonders follow those who believe. God, we believe or we wouldn’t even be here. No one can come to the Father or the Son unless we are drawn by you. I thank you, God, you’ve given to each and every one of us a measure of faith. I thank you for the increase and multiplication by your very own hand of faith. I thank you that even coming to you and getting at your feet is humility. I thank you for your promise that you see in those who humble themselves, you will exalt. I praise you ahead of time for the exaltation. God, if you exalt us, who could ever take us down. If you lift us up, God, who could ever cause us to fall. For no God, no plan of yours will be throttled and nothing you do can be undone.

The plans you have for us are all good. None of it is evil. It includes hope. A confident expectation of all good from you and a glorious future. When you say that your latter is greater than your former and I take you from level to level and glory to glory. God, we are saying nothing less than what your very best, Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God has paid for us to have for us and our whole house and generations. Everything, God, that the blood of Jesus has purchased for us in this life and in the next, our prayer is for your glory you cause us to receive it, to glorify the name of your son, Jesus, and to be a blessing to us, our family, and this whole world. Let it be, Lord, and nothing less than your very best, in Jesus name, we pray.

I thank God for this New Year. I thank God for carrying us and keeping us through this previous year, 2020, as the world experience unprecedented challenges collectively. How about this, during that time and pandemic, life didn’t stop. Everything else that was already an issue was still an issue. Problems didn’t remove themselves and say, “Since the whole COVID thing, let me not put too much on You.” It didn’t happen like that. I thank God for allowing us and causing us to persevere for giving us His mind. The mind of Christ was strengthening us. I thank God that we’re still here. Not physically but we’re closed in our right mind. Surely, that COVID has been an attack from hell itself.

New You: God wants to prove to you this year that as you do the one thing that’s needful, He will make all things new for you, including you!

No question but God is so much greater and we are all seeing how God is working things together for good. We’re seeing why God allows certain things. We’re seeing that what the devil meant for evil. God works it together for the good of His people and those who say, “Siohvaughn, I don’t see it. I don’t really see anything through these tears.” First of all, I want to say, God has compassion on you. He doesn’t want you to stay there, but He’s certainly not judging you for having ended up at some point in your life in that place of depression or discouragement. God is not finding fault with you about it. God is not criticizing you. He’s not pointing His finger and saying, “By now, you should not have.”

That’s not what’s happening. God is there with you but He’s there with you to deliver you and set you free. You are not called to pitch a tent in that place. My prayer for us all even that habit and those who don’t seem to see how God is working these things together for our good, I pray God that you will bless us, each and every day, with heaven in the earth. I pray you will give us God to see it the way you see it. Bless us to see these challenges the way you see them as bread for us like Joshua and Caleb who entered the Promised Land and had solved the same giants as the previous generation. That previous generation said, “Those giants made them look like grasshoppers.”

That’s how they saw it. That was their perspective but Joshua and Caleb had God’s perspective. They were saying these giants, challenges, adversity, and trouble is bread for us. We’re going to eat this thing and become stronger, wiser, and better. It’s no match for us. It’s not because of us. It has nothing to do with us. It has everything to do with the greater one who lives on the inside of us. They had that conviction and faith when God would come and go with His presence. We have the everlasting abiding presence in us and we abide in Him. How much greater will God do for us if that’s what He did for them under the old covenant? We’re under the new covenant. We come to God with boldness through the blood of Jesus Himself that has made us perfect in the sight of God where God can really, in an unabated manner, lavish His blessings and His love on us.

We have no reason to fear although we sometimes feel bouts of fear. May God’s perfect love cast out fear and all its residue from our life completely and totally. God continue to bless us to walk in the fullness of His plan and His destiny for our lives, in Jesus’ name. I’m grateful to God again for seeing us through and not only seeing us through but restoring us and not just restoring us to a place back to where we were prior to the challenge or the trouble but taking us a much higher. I don’t even like to say to the next level. This was a problem. I believe in God to give a big exaltation. Much bigger than the problem. If you thought, “What is happening?”

When it came to the COVID-19 virus, God is going to do where sin abounds and that disease is sin. That’s from sin. Where sin abounds, I thank God that His grace, His favor, much more superabounds, the Bible says. We are having a confident expectation and a lookout for the superabounding grace. I thank God for our prayer my mother often makes is that we won’t miss God. We won’t be the kind of people that God shows up and we miss Him. If you say mom like, “I don’t think I would miss God if He showed up. I’ve been praying. I’m waiting.” “I’m just saying the Bible Jesus’ earthly ministry.” Those people thought they really knew God. They knew the Torah back and forth but when Jesus, God in the flesh, was standing in front of their face, they even went so far as to call them bales above, the devil.

She makes a very humble prayer and I have certainly adopted it. I don’t want to get to the point where I feel like I know you so much or know so much of this word that I forget that I’m also clothing humanity for right now. I haven’t received my new body yet. In this one, there are limitations and fault. With that being said, I know what I’m quite capable of in my flesh and because I have no confidence in my flesh, which God tells us to not put any confidence in our flesh, I want to say that I ask God, please Lord, have this kind of mercy on me that when you show up, I don’t miss you and bless me not to call you the devil.

Sometimes, we’re going through things and we’re like, “Satan.” It’s Jesus. You didn’t let Him finish like the book He wrote through me. It may look like something bad but it’s because He’s not finished, which God showed me can happen in surgeries, doctors reading and nurses too as well because obviously, they’re there. They’re well aware of things like that. They’re making a patient better when they’re doing something like open-heart surgery. If you come and take a glance in on the middle of that, when they’ve got a scalpel going down someone’s chest, cutting it, splitting it open, and blood is coming out. I don’t want to be graphic but I’m simply saying that’s a bloody mess. It’s what it looks like. When you are the physician and Jesus is the physician of physicians and the nurse, it’s the angels assisting the physician, and you’re not panicked. You’re not in fear. You’re not worried. You’re not even concerned.

You know this is good. This thing split over just like it’s supposed to. Now I can reach this heart that was once in trouble, do a transplant, and give a new heart or what have you. The same thing with moms. Dads who’ve been in the delivery room, moms who’ve given birth or sisters and aunts. It takes a whole village. You’re a mom anyway. You’ve been in this room, this place of birthing, it’s a bloody mess. We’ve seen movies which I think there’s merit to it. They show family members who are in the room when the woman is giving birth and they’re watching her during the delivery process, she’s pushing and the baby is coming out. All of a sudden, they faint. They literally dismay because of what they see. That looks like a bloody horrifying mess. It looks like a horror movie.

This is first name Freddy, last name Krueger. That’s how you want to go with that. You want to describe it that. The truth is mom really love them. That so happened to be the way that it takes to get to them. That’s not a bloody mess. That’s not Freddy Krueger. This isn’t a nightmare. My hospital is not on Elm Street. This is me giving birth to someone and something so wonderful and beautiful that I didn’t even know I was capable of love like this until God blessed me with these children. It’s a wonderful thing. It’s a gift that keeps on giving to parents. Am I right? It can look like that which is why it’s important to pray for God’s perspective.

TOT 83 | New You
New You: We sometimes feel bouts of fear, but we have no reason to fear. God’s perfect love casts out fear.

It’s important to make that prayer that the Holy Spirit gave my mom. Indeed, it wasn’t her. It was the Holy Spirit that gave her that prayer, gave it to me, and I’m giving it to the world because it’s not ours to have. It is for God’s children to have. It’s a powerful prayer. We pray, God, that we do not miss You. If it’s you that’s blessed us to know when to bind the devil and blessed us to know when to just be still and know this is God. You’re closer to your breakthrough than you’ve ever been. I’m certain people heard me say that and said amen. I don’t blame you. If you heard that prophetically, go ahead and run with that. You’re closer to your breakthrough than you’ve ever been.

God Wants To Do A New Thing

We’ve been talking about this new year, this new you and this new me. We haven’t been talking about it in terms of God wants to do a new thing, although He does. God is always doing that. It’s a good prayer again. God, let me know it’s you because sometimes, it was God to be doing something in one chapter or one season of our life, a particular way or even using particular people. When God who said, “Behold, I will do a new thing,” does the new thing, uses new people, or uses new means to provide for us, sometimes, we freak out. We’re like, “I know this was God. What is this?” We want to ban the devil.

It’s not the hands of the devil running rampant in your life. It’s God who’s wanting to do a new thing. He promised you in His word that He would. Again, we pray, God, don’t let us miss you. Certainly, help us where we’re not calling you Satan. That would be good. Let’s call Him daddy instead of the devil. That works. I’m preaching to the choir. I tell you guys all the time, I’m on stage but I’m in the audience. I haven’t arrived. If you’re wondering why would God use her, she’s not perfect because there’s no one else to use. No one is perfect. Who else? He picked me.

Why not? If He had picked my neighbor, it would have been the same deal. I thank God for His grace in our life. I never want to be the one preaching to you, teaching you anything, or advising you in any kind of way. I want it to be the spirit of the Lord, Jesus Christ or nothing, period. I don’t do this because I like to hear myself talk. I do this because I’m called by God and appointed by Him to do so for His purpose. As long as He wants to do that and it’s Him that’s doing that, I’m all for it. Our key Bible verse if you were with us in the last episode comes out of Isaiah 43:19. Again, our emphasis wasn’t on God doing the new thing.

It was our emphasis that God gave to us for this particular series. I’ll read the scripture first. It’s, “Behold, I will do a new thing. Now, it shall spring forth. Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” God has been expounding even on this to me since the last time I spoke with you all and shared it with you what God was sharing with me. God was not emphasizing that He’s going to do a new thing, although He is and that’s a great thing. Take that word, receive it, say amen, claim it, declare it, meditate on it. It’s yours. It’s mine. That works. God’s emphasis was when He says, “Behold, I will do.” God’s emphasis was this new thing. I, God, will do, not you.

It’s not on you to make it happen. God is relieving pressure. He’s removing burdens from shoulders. He’s relieving people from being like, “What am I going to do? I’ve got to figure something out.” He’s running around like a busy body and He’s sitting us down now. He’s reminding us of the age-old yet eternal truth. He is God, we’re His people. He’s the teacher, we’re the students. He’s the master, we’re the ones who serve Him. He’s the Father, we are the children. He’s the healer, we’re the healed. He’s love, we’re the beloved. He’s the doer, we’re the receiver. He’s the giver, we’re the recipient. We are remembering who God is in all His offices.

God is reminding us of who we are and the part we play in this movie called life. That’s a wonderful thing. Let’s be honest with so many attacks in the world we live in, the natural things and normal things we go through, it’s important that we be continuously reminded of this. The emphasis God is making in New Year, New You is one that is for now but it’s one that is everlasting because God will always be the doer and the ones praising Him for what He did. That’s our role and part in this play. God says that He will do. Sometimes, especially around this time of year, people come up with their new year’s resolutions. God wants to speak to us about the resolution. The resolve He wants us to have.

The Resolution

What is the resolve that heaven wants us to have because we’re in the world but we’re not of the world. We have to remember that as Christians. We’re functioning and we’re doing things day to day but this is not our permanent place. We’re leasing this so to speak. If you’re leasing this, you’re leasing something you usually don’t like, completely remodel the place. You don’t put that much into it. That’s why Jesus says store for yourself treasures in heaven where the mobs can’t come in. Even a thief can’t break in and take it. Heaven is your home. Heaven is my home. We’re passing through here, we’re visiting this place, and we’re foreigners in this land. If you go, you live in America, and you’re going for a week in Paris. Trust me, compared to all eternity that we’ll spend in heaven, being here on earth will be that one week in Paris. Get all you can get in it and enjoy it while you can.

It will seem like that compared to eternity even though people live what’s consider long earthly lives, 90-some or 120 years, whatever it is. It will still be a blink of an eye compared to eternity or less than a blink of an eye, let’s be honest. Not only was God talking about Him doing it in the resolution He wants to give us. Another thing, God, showed me in the interim since the last time I spoke to you was that He said, “Behold, I will do a new thing.” People sometimes want to know what is their part. This is so good because this is the entire show here that God gave me.

I was blessed because I knew this ministry, God confirmed in me again, has been birthed out of His Holy Spirit. This was not a good idea. I promise you that. I’m not that smart. This is a God idea that Vaughn, thank God, heard from God. I was on board, allowing Him to do it in and through it. God’s part, He does the doing. “Behold, I will do a new thing.” God does the new thing. He’s the “I will do.” He’s the one that knows what the new thing is. He does it. He makes it happen. God will make it happen. Our part is the first part. God showed me this. I’ve read this scripture many times.

New You: You're closer to your breakthrough than you've ever been.
New You: You’re closer to your breakthrough than you’ve ever been.

I love it. It’s so deep, the depth of His word. How He can keep pulling things out when you need it. I promise you before I gave it to you, He gave it to me because I needed it. I did not draw this from Jesus to pour it out to you. I drunk this because I needed it. I went back and then drew, and now He’s letting me pour out, but I’m promising you. I absolutely needed this word. I’m as human as you are. God said behold. What’s our part? Something in that flesh is always like, “What am I supposed to do? What do I have to do? It’s got to be something I’ve got to do.” You’ve got to say like, “Kill that thing, God. Put it to bed, God, please. Don’t let it take over.” God has given us something to do. Even the flesh is like, “Finally,” but not belong when the flesh finds out what it is because it’s still hands off. It’s still faith. We walk by faith. We don’t walk by doing. Our Christian walk is not a doing, it’s a believing.

God said our part is to be whole. God showed me. It’s getting at the feet of Jesus and hearing His word, which is this entire podcast, The One Thing That’s Needful. We know that from Luke 10. It’s to get at Jesus’ feet and hear His word like Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus did. Jesus said affirm herself in what she did. That’s the good part. It will never be taken from her. She did the good thing. She did what she was supposed to do. Mary was in the vein of God. Mary was doing the will of God. What was she doing? Beholding. It’s so wonderful. Now we know not only that God is going to do a new thing. That can be exciting, a new thing, for some, terrifying.

God, let your perfect love cast out fear because we’ve got to roll with God. Even if we roll with Him and we’re shaking and our palms are sweating. I don’t tell you that lightly. I’m telling you, I’ve been there. Not when my neck was in the news or my neck was on the line. The neck and lives of my children seem to be on the line. Now, you’re talking real stress and shaking in your boots. You shook out of your boots at that point when it came to your children. I’m talking to the mama bears because you feel me on this.

We Have A High Priest

I get it. I’m not saying it lightly. I don’t say it loosely. I definitely don’t say it without compassion. I have compassion but greater than that, we have a high priest who’s compassionate and sympathize with every weakness we have. That’s one of the reasons God clothed Him in the flesh. He had to be human and die, obviously. Someone had to die for our sins because we have all sinned. Thank God for Jesus. God also clothed Him in humanity. Jesus was able to feel and He endured every testing possible. We’ve been tested but we’ve never been through everything.

Jesus was and still was without sin. He is our righteousness before God forever. God is the judge. He decided that God ruled on our cases when a devil said, “This is what they did. That’s what they did.” We say it like, “If I lie, I’m going to be adding it to what I did because I need to do it.” At least, that’s my testimony. I’ll be the first to pipe up and say, “I did it. It was me, Jesus.” Thank God for Jesus who came and said, “God is God. He is just. He is holy. He is righteous.” All those things are true but God is also love. Love reconciles. His righteousness and love through that cross of Jesus Christ and blood of Jesus.

We’re not getting what we should have gotten which was a death hell sentence. Jesus died to death and He went to hell. You can’t do that without being human. Another reason God allowed Him to be human is so that Jesus would be able to sympathize. He literally went through it. Sometimes, we want to talk to somebody and we want somebody who can counsel us, administer us, who’s been there, and done that. It was like when my mom and my sister passed away, people were telling her, “They didn’t mean any harm. I’m very sure of that.” Often people will say, “I know what you feel like.” They were at home with all their children in a safe place. My sister was killed, her and her best friend. To say, “I know what you feel like,” feels like a lie.

After her hearing that a few times with grief, she was facing all sorts of things. We all were. It started to get under her skin. I’m sweetening this thing over. I’ll let her tell you her own patch of horror herself, hopefully, one day but she was grieving a very significant loss. It was her first born. People were saying, “I know what you feel like,” but my mom was like, “No, you don’t. You’re hanging up with me because it’s your daughter on the other line.” She had lost her daughter. It’s like, “Get out of here. You don’t know what I feel like,” but God does. God and Jesus are one and God allowed Himself.

He could have protected Himself. He’s so far above all this. Jesus said He could have called the legion of angels and that whole thing would’ve been over. You’re not dealing with Jesus in any kind of way. Nobody took His life. He laid it down. He’s God. Nobody made Him do any of it. He did that of His own volition and it wasn’t going to get done unless it was of His own volition. I love the fact that our high priest can sympathize with our weaknesses because He has been tested in every way. Jesus is not condemning the person that through this or other things going on in life has felt depressed, discouraged or giving up.

I believe He knows what that’s like to feel like, “I know God, you said you would, but when?” Jesus was human. God in the flesh. Don’t forget about that flesh part. I thank God for that. I’m not thankful that He suffered so to speak but I am thankful that He suffered because I couldn’t have handled it. He handled it for me. It brought about Him and produced in Him something that might not have been there before until He had that human experience. I feel better when I’m crying out to Jesus and I’m going through things. I don’t appeal to Him or feel like this is God I’m talking to who scored up above it all.

I remember that this is my high priest who, in every way, was tested and He gets it. I don’t feel Jesus is hard on me or you when we are having our human experiences because we’re human. God made us that way. You didn’t make yourself that way. I didn’t make myself that way. God made us and He doesn’t make mistakes. Perhaps this humanity is keeping us close to Him. I love that God tells us to behold. That’s what we’re doing now together. We’re at the feet of Jesus beholding Him. While we’re doing that, that’s our part, God is doing His part. He is making all things new, even us.

This is wonderful. I believe when we do that part, God showed me how He follows up. Right away after He says, “Behold, I will do a new thing,” He says, “Now, it shall spring forth.” It springs forth but it doesn’t just spring forth. It springs forth now, speedily. I believe that God showed me a faster way to a breakthrough. It’s when you do the one thing that’s needful. I know that sometimes life happens or something we feel a challenge hits us. We feel like, “I didn’t see that coming,” or the devil is almost like, “Sucker punches.” You’re like, “You didn’t even tell me that we were fighting.” You’re going to walk up from behind and do that. He is not going to fight fair. There’s no fairness or concept of justice in him neither can there be.

At The Feet Of Jesus

With that being said, he fights unfairly. I love how God has given us wisdom. God said it in this show, wisdom wins wars and God is showing us. You’re looking for things to come about speedily. You’re looking for right now miracles, just keep beholding. Get at, stay at, as much as you can to the feet of Jesus. You’ve got devotional books anointed by God. You’re supposed to get at the feet of Jesus and hear Him. You better not get at the feet of what appears to be Jesus and hear the spirit of religion. God is not telling you to do that. That’s not what Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus did. They got at the feet of Jesus and they heard Him. Jesus is grace personified. Jesus is God in the flesh.

TOT 83 | New You
New You: Wisdom wins wars.

He is love. God told me, “How will you know you’re hearing the gospel?” I won’t say which pastor it was that I was hearing. Some people may know him. I was listening to something in passing on television. I had the television on a Christian network, I had left it on, and I heard something jumped out at me and I said, “Maybe I should take a moment and listen.” I started to listen. The more I listened, the more sad, depressed, discouraged I felt, and the more I felt introspective. The Bible talks about us beholding Jesus as in a mirror. I had the mirror part but I was beholding myself instead of Jesus.

Everything was about you. Everything was about what you did wrong and what you better do right. That’s why this probably isn’t happening. It was all about me. The more this pastor preached about me and I was starting to behold me, the more discouraged I got. It’s almost like a full-blown depression. Thank God for the Holy Spirit telling me like, “You’ve got a remote control, change that channel. You don’t have to keep listening to that. You’ve got free will. This is a good time to use it. Shut that off.” I had a conversation with God after. I love it. God didn’t waste any time. He didn’t leave me in that religious hole. Right away, God let me know. This is how He taught me. It’s so wonderful. He is Rabboni. He’s still a teacher. He’s so much more than that but that’s one of His offices. It’s to teach. Here’s Jesus. I’m asking God. I hear this preacher. I think he’s a well-respected preacher. I’m like, “Is that you, God?”

God says, “What did I tell you the gospel was?” I said, “Good news.” He asked me, “Was that good news?” I said, “No, Daddy. It was not good news.” God told me this because it wasn’t the gospel. I got free. I dismissed, count it as dead. Every word that proceeded out of that mouth, I didn’t care whose mouth it was. I knew it wasn’t from Jesus. I count it as dumb. I don’t want to hear it. I renounced to it. God blessed me to hear the true gospel. I washed all that away from me. Don’t let any of it take root if it has from its roots to pluck it up, cast it out. I thank God for that.

God is showing us not only that there’s a new thing that He’s doing. We’ll continue to do new things. He’s the one who’s responsible for doing it. He will do what He promised. He’s Holy. He doesn’t want to lie but He can’t lie. That’s even better. God is telling us our part. This is the part where everybody gets excited and wants to write something down. He says for us to be whole and then God showed me when we do this, now, it shall spring forth. We took our time here and I dissected through that scripture because from the last time I spoke to you guys to now, God gave me that revelation.

I felt to slow down and share it with you. We’ll continue on with this series as long as it takes. Even though we’re beginning in January 2021. At the beginning of the year, New Year, New You makes sense but because this word is timeless, the wisdom, revelation, knowledge, understanding, and the instruction from God, the revelation of Him, who He is and His ways, are going to continue on. That’s going to be the new year, the mid-year, the end of the year, and then the next year. It’s going to continue on for eternity. The Bible says, “Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” The instruction is for us all. He’s no respecter of persons. God is positioning us. He’s telling us. He’s not hiding the ball. He’s telling us how to receive.

God has got all this stuff for us, guys. He’s got all these blessings for us and wants to answer our prayers and He has answered our prayers. He answers before we open our mouth to speak but He’s glorified by it. You can see that in John 15. I think I mentioned that in the last episode as well. We’re out of time for now. We’ll continue on with this series and continue to receive everything that God has for us. Until then and even during and after, God continue to be with you and manifest His glory. Open your eyes to see that God is with you.

All the power, provision, divine protection, and prosperity. All the goodness, virtues of God being with you, and all that Jesus has purchased for you through His blood, death, burial, and resurrection manifest in your life. May you not miss God. May I not miss God. Us and our whole house that God is glorified. Hell is horrified. For our good and even the good of those who God is even calling it to His kingdom, drawing to Him, and wanting to come to Him in Jesus’ name, we pray. I love you, guys. I’ll talk to you soon.

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