Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 2)

TOT 59 | Waiting For Blessings

There are times in life when we have to wait for blessings to materialize – sometimes even indefinitely – but one thing is for sure: God will provide. In this second part of Waiting Room Wisdom, join Dr. Siohvaughn Funches to learn practical ways to wait with joy for God as He manifests His promises in your life! Get ready to experience the breakthroughs you’ve prayed for, knowing that God longs to bless you and exceed your expectations!

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Waiting Room Wisdom (Part 2)

We’re going to be continuing on with our series titled Waiting Room Wisdom. There are times in life when we have to wait for a blessing to materialize or manifest in the Earth as it already is in heaven. God is going to address that. There are many of us in the waiting room right now, even if we don’t realize it. He’s going to bless you so much and position you to possess all of your promises all the more. Let’s do that. Before that, let’s take the time to do what we always do and let’s acknowledge God and ask Him, invite Him to be in the midst of this.

I thank you, Heavenly Father, and I praise you for your word. I praise you for the wisdom I anticipate you’re going to give us. I ask you, God, that you will continue Lord to give us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus. I pray that the eyes of our understanding will be enlightened, that we may know what is the hope of His calling. What are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints and what is the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe according to the working of His mighty power? I thank you, Jesus, that you will expound on the scriptures to us about the things concerning yourself via your Holy Spirit. I thank you, Daddy, that your word declares that the spirit of truth will lead and guide us into all truth and teach us all things.

I say, be it unto us, according to your word. I pray you open our eyes to see wondrous things in your word. I pray God that you will enlighten us for your word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. I thank you that this is both spiritual, natural, and practical, God. I thank you that you’re making us wiser. I thank you, God, that you have given us rest. You’re rooting your rest in us, and you’re rooting us in your rest. I thank you that as the word goes forth, God, it accomplishes what you sent it to do, it prospers in the thing for what you sent it. You’re faithful to watch over it and absolutely perform it above all we can ask, think or imagine, according to you, God, it’s that power that’s working in us.

We bless you. We invite you Holy Spirit to take over. You be the speaker and you be the listener. I thank you that this word. I prophesy over this word that is a timeless message. No matter when somebody is reading this or even reading it again, God, I thank you for the manifested fruit that it will bring in their lives. As we get at your feet, Jesus, and hear your word, I thank you that every promise of provision, every promise of protection, every promise of blessings in your goodness that you’ve made for when we do this is our portion, even now and forevermore. In Jesus name, we pray.

We have our key scripture. I love this scripture. I loved the book of Proverbs, especially when you realize, as you’re reading it, that you are the righteousness of God in Christ. This particular scripture is from Proverbs 4:7, and this is known to be the Book of Wisdom that God wrote for the most part through Solomon, who was one of the wisest people ever to hit the face of this planet other than Jesus. You can learn so much from this book and so much in a preventive way. We know that God is our deliverer and He can bring us out of troubles. He can bring us through troubles and calls us to triumph, given us beauty for ashes, but the wisdom of God can protect you from ever even needing to exchange your ashes in from beauty. Now in the world, we’re going to have trouble. Even if you’re wise, that doesn’t mean you’re exempted from trouble, but wisdom has a way, the wisdom of God. Not the wisdom of this world, but the wisdom of God has a way of working in your life as a preventive measure for harm and evil.

It has a way of preserving you, preserving what God gave you, keeping you and keeping what God gave you. I don’t know about you, but I am of the position that I will walk by faith and believe God at His word when He says that He’s a healer, but I don’t want to be sick in my body and then have to experience the healing of God to know that He’s a healer. If I don’t have to get into trouble, I would rather not get into trouble. If I’m in trouble, obviously believe God to be delivered and to get me out of the trouble, even the trouble I got myself in, but it’s a higher way. It’s a better way to be out of the trouble, to stay out of the trouble, to not get into the trouble in the first place.

You don’t want to get into trouble to find out that God is a deliverer. You want to accept the fact that God said He was a deliverer. Believe that, walk by faith, but you don’t want to have to get in a world of trouble to then say, “Yes, I know my God delivers and saves because I made a whole mess and He was able to get me out of it. He rescued me from the burning building.” Learn about how not to start fires and what accelerates fires and things like that. That’s better. That’s wiser. There is nothing wrong with that. That’s not you fearing evil. That’s you being wise. Put on a seatbelt. It’s being wise. You’re not afraid to get into a car accident, but a seatbelt is a preventive measure.

God’s Promise

The spirit of God, the spirit of wisdom, the wisdom of God, which is Jesus. The Bible says Christ has been made on to us, the newborn again believes His wisdom. The wisdom of God would tell you to put your seatbelt on. We want to walk in wisdom. I believe God has given us relevant wisdom for now and for the rest of our walk on this Earth, because the truth is when God makes promises to us, some of them manifest almost immediately. Some of them don’t, some of them may manifest in some time and because of that, we want to know what do we do in that time. The enemy can’t take the promise God made you, God makes promises. He gives gifts without repenting. God isn’t going to backtrack on His promise. The devil has no power to take your promise. Why is it that some people realize their promise and other people don’t? Both of them are believers. God loves them both. Why does this happen? A lot of times it’s that waiting room experience, that period of waiting on the blessing of God to manifest in the Earth, as it already is finished in the heaven where people get into trouble, myself included. This wisdom God gave me and what to do while you wait is what He titled Waiting Room Wisdom.

TOT 59 | Waiting For Blessings
Waiting For Blessings: God’s wisdom has a way of working in your life as a preventive measure from harm and evil.

Picking up from where we left off last time, we were finishing and talking about how an out of time blessing can become a curse. Going over, why wait? Why isn’t it this instant manifestation sometimes? Why is that? We know in the Bible about the story of Daniel. Daniel had made a prayer and an angel came to him sometime after and told him, “When you made the prayer, God answered, but there was a spirit called the Prince of Persia, a demonic spirit sent from the devil that caused some delay.” He was interrupting, interfering, trying to slow down the blessing of God. He had no power to stop it, so he tried to go the delay route. The moment that Daniel opened his mouth to pray, interestingly, the Bible says, God answered him. I hope that encourages someone even that is waiting. There are things that I’m waiting on and I want to be encouraged as well from God that the moment we open our mouth to speak. That’s what the Bible says about Daniel. God answered, but there’s a promise in the Bible where God says, “Even before you open your mouth to speak, I have answered you.”

That’s even better. We want to go for a better because we have a better covenant. God himself said that, built on better promises. I’m rolling with God. If something is decent, that’s fine. If somebody says, “I have something better I can give you,” then I want that. I’m grateful to God for that promise. Let’s lay hold of that and believe God for it. We were discussing it because I believe God wants us to trust Him. Not all the time is it the enemy or the Prince of Persia trying to delay things. Sometimes it is and you have to bind the devil in Jesus’ name. You get to say the blood of Jesus is against every spirit of the Prince of Persia, every principality and power that’s trying to delay my destiny or the blessings of God.

The blood of Jesus is against you. I prophesy and decree and declare you don’t have any power over me or the promise of God in my life, in the name of Jesus. I prophesy and decree and declare, speak into my life and in the life of my children. Concerning the manifestation of the blessings of God, there is no more delay. Delay is illegal. Delay is impossible. We receive now in Jesus’ name. You have power, beloved, in your mouth, and I do as well. Definitely use it. There are times where the waiting is for a different reason. We were talking about out having some peace, letting the peace of God rule in our heart even as an umpire with the waiting when it’s God because an out of time blessing can become a curse.

You know how parents will set up an inheritance for their children, a trust fund or something like that. They’ll say at certain ages, certain amounts are released to them. While the children are maybe younger, parents don’t release as much to them because the child may not have the maturity, the ability or the knowledge at that point to handle that amount of blessing. They’ll portion it out and they’ll do it in proportion to the wisdom that the child has and their ability to handle it. If they give him something too soon or they don’t have the wisdom on how to use it, the thing that was supposed to be a blessing is then a curse. It’s causing more trouble than it is good. That was never the intention of the parent, never the intention of the gift.

We’ve got to trust God’s heart. Remember that episode when you can’t understand His hand, then trust His heart. Here we are again, full circle with that. Those words are timeless. We wanted to let God settle it in our heart that He doesn’t want to withhold anything good from us, but it is His job as a loving father and a wise father to know what’s best for us as His children and to act accordingly. It’s our job to trust His heart of love and accept the fact that sometimes we might not be ready, even though we think we are, even though we feel we are, we might not be ready yet for that blessing, but don’t worry. If God promised you something, God has many good things in store for you.

Our Destiny Partners

He will sure you and I are ready. Not being ready won’t disqualify you or me. He’ll make sure we’re ready. No need to panic or worry about that. There’s something else God showed me. There are times when yes, we might not be ready, but there are also times when things haven’t manifested or realized in our life in the Earth as it is in heaven just yet because someone else is not ready. We’ve got to remember this because the flesh is prone to try to have us focus on our self. It wants us self-absorbed. It wants us living in a place where we think the world revolves around us, where all we can see is our self and our situation, our family, our house, or our finances. There’s a whole big world out there. There’s even heaven and hell.

There’s so much more than the time we’re living in or even our past experiences. I’m not saying that what we’ve been through is insignificant or small at all. God has a plan for our life. It’s good and not evil. God is a God of purpose doing things on purpose. It matters. When you look at all of eternity, it can become a blink of an eye in light of that. Eternity is reality. Everybody’s going to spend eternity somewhere. God breathed His life into us. We have a God-breathed spirit and that’s not going to die. The body could be laid to rest. No one disputes that, but our spirit, our soul is going to continue on somewhere. For the born again believer, that’s obviously in the presence of God in heaven, but our destinies are not ours alone, and it’s not about us.

We’re not the only player on that chessboard, so to speak. There are many people involved. There are people that are involved that we don’t even know about yet, that hasn’t even been revealed to us yet, but God knows all of this. With all His knowledge, He’s making decisions. We have a more of a limited view, more of a limited amount of knowledge that we have in are operating in. We’re drawing conclusions. It’s like you see a part of a math problem and let’s say this math problem reads all the way from left to right on the page, completely from one margin to the next. You only can see the first four numbers. It’s not possible to give a correct answer to that mathematical problem you haven’t even saw at all. With God’s perspective and His view, He not only knows the end in the beginning. He determines the end in the beginning. He is Alpha and Omega. He is the beginning and the end. He is the first and the last.

TOT 59 | Waiting For Blessings
Waiting For Blessings: There are times when things haven’t manifested in our life on Earth as it is in heaven just yet because someone else is not ready.

You and I are right now. We can’t reach back into tomorrow. We have no power to reach even into the future. What we have is right now. God has the past, present and future in the palm of His hands. He sees more. He knows more, and He is love and He loves you perfectly. He has good for you. God made the announcement. “The plans I have for you are good and they are not evil.” They’ve got to give you hope. Hope is a confident expectation of good. This is good news, people. It’s not just about us. Sometimes we may call into question God’s hand or why this hasn’t happened yet. This doesn’t make sense to me. Even when it doesn’t make sense, that doesn’t mean that God, all of a sudden is not love or that He doesn’t love you, or he’s not doing what’s best for you. It means that God is love. God is doing what’s best for you. You don’t understand it. That’s okay because you’re understanding it isn’t a qualification for you to receive it. That’s great news or you and I both would be in great trouble if it were qualification, because I don’t understand everything that has happened in my life or that is happening in my life. That’s why we’ve got to trust God. That’s why we’re called to walk by faith and not by sight.

That’s our part, people. To fight the good fight of faith. No wonder why they call it a fight. To fight the beautiful fight of faith, the Bible says in the actual translation. It’s beautiful. It’s not a burden. God showed me since there are other players involved, since there are people that we don’t even know matter in our destiny, but come to find out somebody is critical in it. We don’t get introduced to them to five years from now, let’s say for example, but God knows the end and the beginning. He knows about them. He’s making decisions that even the part about them coming in is not throttled. He’s doing that, but we can’t see that and we don’t know that. We’re like, “I don’t understand this. This doesn’t make sense.” That’s like my boys when I’m freaking out. I don’t know why it goes up so many octaves, but it does. God is so good that He’s considering it all and He’s considering everyone. He’s wise. We can trust Him. He literally is wisdom. It’s not just that He operates in wisdom or uses wisdom. That we do. That’s good, but God is wisdom. That’s the best.

God showed me. Sometimes we wait not because we’re not ready. We can be ready. Some of you reading are saying, “Vaughn, I even got my confirmation from God that now is my time.” For some reason, I’m like, “Where is the manifested blessing?” Hopefully, this gives you some understanding. This may speak to you. God gave me this wisdom. He said, “Sometimes the reason we wait is not because we’re not ready, but because somebody tied to our destiny may not be ready.” Some of us have what God was referring to me as destiny partners. God wants to get you ready, but He also wants to get your destiny partners ready. When you all sail off into this sunset of destiny fulfilling it and you get into those destiny waters, your ship doesn’t sink. It doesn’t capsize.

If you feel like the flesh is prone to be completely obsessed with the self, “I’m hurting. I’m this, I’m that.” It’s not you. Trust me. It’s not me. It’s that flesh that does that. It’s like that. Nothing good dwells, God said, but know this, your destiny partner is worth the wait. God let me know nobody fulfills their destiny alone. Even when you look at His son, Jesus, Jesus had disciples. Not the toil that we read about being more close to Him, it seems like, but He had twelve disciples and He had many more. The Bible said He was sending them out two by two and the disciples were making disciples out of others. Even right now, the Bible talks about us co-laboring with Christ. God has no need, so to speak, of help, but it’s His will that we do it together. God doesn’t need a partner. He doesn’t need a co-laborer. He clearly can get things done with a word. You don’t need anybody to open your mouth, part your lips and make it tell to move. God knows how to talk. The one who created the tongue knows how to speak.

For sure, God is able to do this. He’s well able to do this, but it’s His will that He does it with us together. It’s God’s will that we co-labor with Christ and work with God and work with God and one another. That’s the will of God. That’s the way he’s been doing things. When He made Adam and all the stuff He had made before that, He said it was good. He made Adam. Adam was alone. He said, “That’s not good.” It’s not good for man to be alone. He made Eve. God is about together. God is about family. He’s about partnership. That’s the heart of God. Know that your destiny partner’s worth the wait because if Jesus decided to have help and that He wouldn’t go at it alone. Remember the Bible says there was a time when someone had to help Jesus carry His cross.

None of us were meant to go at it alone. Jesus said, “Most assuredly I say to you, no servant is greater than His master.” Jesus is the master. We take the position as the servant. We’re no longer servants, technically. We’re sons and daughters of God. Jesus was making that point to illustrate something. Jesus, as the most high, if there are things that He endured or went through and things like that, it’s no wonder why sometimes we say, “It was some trouble or some hardship.” Even He went through that. We’re not going to be greater than He is, by no means. He says, “No student is greater than the teacher.” Looking at Jesus’s life, He went about it with help. He went about it with destiny partners. He did not fulfill His destiny alone. The Holy Spirit helped Him. God helped Him. Disciples were there to help him.

The Bible says that women would come to Jesus and minister to them out of their possessions and things like that. That’s what I mean. Somebody gave Jesus a place to stay and it was a donkey that He rode on. He told people, “Let me get your boat.” He’s like that. God always gives us. He gives us the opportunity to give to Him because He knows that in us giving to Him sowing on His good ground, there’s going to be this amazing harvest that lasts. He sets us up for a blessing. He surely could do it alone, but He chooses not to.

What Not To Do

If that’s God’s will, even for himself, that must be the better way. He clearly wasn’t trying to do something harmful to Christ or himself. It’s definitely the way for us. If Jesus utilized help and didn’t go at fulfilling His destiny alone, none of us should expect that we’re called to live alone in this life or go at it alone or fulfill our destinies by ourselves. Not true, not so. I hope that this understanding so far about why we wait is making us happy because God said, “Happy is the man who has understanding.” God has given us wisdom and he’s giving us understanding via this show. God also showed me and was speaking to me about what we should not do when you’re in the waiting room.

TOT 59 | Waiting For Blessings
Waiting For Blessings: God wants to get you ready, but He also wants to get your destiny partners ready.

Wisdom can come in the form of what you should do and that’s great. A lot of times wisdom comes also in the form of what you should not do. That’s that part I told you that wisdom is like a preventive. It’s a real preventive measure. That’s not out of fear, once again. That’s simply out of wisdom. No one wants to lose all their money then have to go through a process of being restored financially to find out what you should not do because it will cause you to lose all your money. It would be better to have the money God blessed you with coupled with the wisdom to preserve, keep and grow it. That way you can keep growing because God said, “I want to take you from level to level and glory to glory.” If He does, if you do find yourself bad or down or at a loss, no worries. Jesus is the Redeemer. Our Redeemer lives period, point-blank. There’s nothing you’ve lost or are facing possible loss that Jesus can’t restore. No need to fear about that. It’s not nearly the end of the world if that’s the case for you.

Back to what we should not do in this waiting room. This is so good. It was such a blessing for me to see this and it was a correction for me. I was so deeply corrected when God showed me this. One of the first things He showed me that we should not do is to go after the blessing, keeping a watch over it basically. Rather God said we should go after Him and let Him make the blessing come after us. This takes some discipline because of that flesh. When God was explaining this to me and I want to do that first before going more into what shouldn’t do, God gave me a natural illustration. He’s still the teacher. He’s still Rabboni to this day.

First thing is God giving me this illustration. The Lord was showing me that when we pray to Him, that’s our way of bringing care or concern to Him for help. That’s the way we seek the Lord for help. That’s the way we seek His wisdom, His guidance and things like that. He told me naturally speaking with His illustration, it’s like when someone brings a family member of theirs or a loved one to a doctor because they need some help. Specifically, the Lord used surgery, as an example. God showed me. Imagine this illustration here that if you have a family member or you yourself, you’ve got a loved one and you’re bringing that family member to the surgeon. You’re doing well. Let’s say you tried to help them at home and you tried to treat it and you tried to nurse them and you tried to help them. You realize, “This is going to require something more than my knowledge. Something more than my knowhow and my care and my help. I need to get them to a surgeon.” Out of your love, and with wisdom, you want them to go to the best surgeon. It doesn’t get any better than God. God is the surgeon in this illustration that He gave me to give to you obviously from my own life. I truly stood corrected. That’s me being absolutely transparent.

God told me if you do that and you get that person to the best surgeon, you’re doing the right thing. When we take something we care about or something we love, it could be children, it could be somebody’s marriage, their finances, things like that, that’s the right thing to do. When you bring your family members to this surgeon, you turn that family member over to not just anyone, but to someone who is well able, quite capable in helping the person, the thing you love. However, God showed me once that loved one comes into the care of that surgeon, you notice how family members aren’t allowed in the surgery room. They’re literally instructed to go to the waiting room, hence, the waiting room wisdom.

God told me this is actually best for everyone because having a concerned loved one in the surgery room while that loved one, that patient, is being worked on by this most excellent surgeon, it can leave that patient in a worse state than they were in when they arrive. It would obviously hurt the loved one because they love them. That’s why they brought them to the best surgeon. This surgeon has this anointing, this calling, this gift, this desire, or this passion and love to heal. Even so, the surgeon’s hurt. He or she is like, “They even feel bad.” It does harm everyone if that loved one is in the surgery room in that regard. God also told me this too and still using this natural illustration that surgery can get messy. This is not something that a loved one should be watching.

When a surgery gets messy, there’s blood. If somebody has to have heart surgery, there is blood. There is sweat. There may be some tears. Sometimes surgery, we hear they say, “It was touch and go,” or “Up and down,” and some things were successful, but other things were like, “It was going for a minute, but thankfully we were able to remove the bullet,” for example, or something like that. It can get messy. God told me, “This is not something that a loved one should be watching.” This loved one, because of their love for the patient on the surgical table, they’re likely to freak out.

Likewise, when God is handling a family member, God is the surgeon in this story or God is handling something you love, it’s not wise to watch over God as He performs the surgery. We are not trained in that particular profession because if we were, we would have taken care of that patient, that loved one at the house and not even brought him to the surgeon. We brought him to the surgeon because we’ve humbled ourselves. We are wise enough to know I cannot, but God, you’re well able. I want to, but I don’t know how, God, but you know all things. That’s a humble, wise person. You’ll be making the wisest decision and you are operating an absolute humility at that point. I believe God is smiling big over you when you do that. It’s not ever a burden of God that you bring your burdens to Him. Remember, the Lord is the one who said, “Cast your cares, cast your burdens on me because I care for you. I’ll take my yoke upon you in exchange for your burdens. My yoke is easy. My burden is light.” God wants us to light. He wants it easy. I may be contrary to religious beliefs, but that’s what God says about Himself.

It was so interesting when the Lord showed me this. We, not being trained, let’s say, back to this natural illustration, as the healer in that profession in regard to whatever area that the person is receiving surgery in. We lack a lot of understanding and that lack of understanding can produce fear. When we’re seeing this surgical procedure play out, it can produce some fear. Let’s be honest. The first sight of blood, we’re panicking. During surgery, they have machines that monitor the heart rate or monitor people’s pulse. You want to keep an eye on that, obviously, during surgery. Things that are putting people to sleep that are being utilized. That can be very serious. There are people who haven’t passed from surgery, but they’ve had complications due to the anesthesia. It’s very important. It’s a serious matter. That’s not to say be afraid. It’s to say, it is what it is. Us not understanding that blood being shown is actually a natural, normal, non-panicking part of the surgery. For the doctor and the nurses involved, for God and His angels involved, this is routine. They see this all the time. None of them are moved, but for somebody who’s untrained and unskilled or lacks the understanding in that, they see their family member, blood is spilling out.

TOT 59 | Waiting For Blessings
Waiting For Blessings: Understanding everything doesn’t qualify us for God’s blessing. Believing Him does.

The first thing they do is they’re ready to freak out. They want to come against the surgeon. They would probably want to pounce the surgeon. God forbid that it’s a mother and a child and the child is getting a surgery. Here comes mama bear, ready to pounce the surgeon like a lion. He’s doing his job. That blood is routine. God gave me another example. I love this one about the pulse. During surgery, let’s say that the pulse decreases and decreases significantly during the procedure. Somebody who doesn’t understand why that happened, what you do understand is a pulse is vital and necessary for life. You’ve got that part, but what you may not understand is that person that’s having the surgery needed to have their heart slowed down.

They need that because it being even at a normal pace or an accelerated beating pace would have killed them. On purpose, the doctor has administered medicine to slow the heart rate down. Their pulse has decreased. All the untrained family member, they don’t mean harm, but it still can because harm because they’re thinking, “This surgeon doesn’t know what he’s doing. It looks like it’s getting worse. At least when they came in here, they had a normal heartbeat. Now, ten minutes after being on your surgery table, the pulse is going down. This is getting worse.” They panic, fear, fret, anxiety. It’s all rushing in at once. It stems from a lack of understanding. God gave me the understanding.

Let’s be honest. There are going to be things in life that we don’t understand. We’re going to leave this place and probably have never understood a few things. That’s okay. Understanding everything doesn’t qualify us for God’s blessing. Believing Him does, trusting Him does because the trust and faith, obviously, are one and the same. They go hand in hand. God was showing me this. The surgeon could have deliberately and for the patient’s own good sedated them with the intention of slowing that heart rate down because it needed to be so for that particular surgery to protect the patient. If you’ve got the panicking family member or the mama bear coming out at the surgeon because she doesn’t understand that, to her, it looks like things are getting worse. First, the blood, now the heart’s barely beating. This surgeon doesn’t know what he’s doing. You just want to come and try to pick that thing back up again and try to fix it yourself.

That’s pretty much where the enemy is trying to take you when he scares you or when he comes and whispers and says, “Honestly, I know you want to believe God, but look, before you even prayed, it was only that bad, but you noticed that once you prayed, look at what’s happening. They barely got a pulse.” He wants to do that. Deep down, the truth is the devil knows you can even trust God. He knows that God will do what He promised. God told me that. That’s such a revelation in and of itself. Even looking to the devil and even learning from him certain things. He even knows if God says it, it’s so, and He has moved like that. The Bible says faith without work is dead. If the devil didn’t believe God when He said something that He was going to do it, he wouldn’t have started the work, his evil work that he did once God spoke.

God spoke and Satan believes, “God is a man of His word. He’s going to do what He said.” He went to work all the time, trying to stop it or delay it or throw it and do anything. He went in full-blown. Year after year he was doing that and there are several occurrences of that in the Bible. If you took the time and let God enlighten you, you would see it in your own life. I’m absolutely certain you will see that. Jesus said it. He gives the word to us and persecution arises for the word’s sake. Why would the devil bring persecution specifically for the word’s sake if you can’t believe a word God says? Even the devil knows you can believe everything God tells you. That’s a check you can take to the bank and every time it’s going to cash. Even the devil knows that. Even the devil has got faith in God. Even the devil believes what God says. It will surely come to pass. Even he knows that. What he wants to do is try to convince you and I that that’s not true.

Remember, he’s a liar. He’s lying when he says that God is not going to do it. He’s incapable of telling the truth. That’s not even a deal we’re faulting him for that. He’s stuck there now. He’s bound with that. That is what it is. We can’t change our race. He’s no different. Satan can’t change the fact that he is a liar. God Himself has pronounced that truth about him. It’s over with. That word isn’t coming back to him. He’s a liar even if he wanted to tell the truth. Trust me, he doesn’t want to tell the truth. He’s disgusting. I thank God for giving us these natural illustrations because we most likely all have dealt with something like this and can draw wisdom from it. There’s much more to this particular subject matter in the series. I want us to take our time and get everything God has for us. We’re going to stop here, pick up next time where we left off, but I love you. May God bless you. I thank God that He’s going to do what He said and perform His word in your life and in mine, in Jesus’ name.

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