God Is God, All By Himself (Part 1)

TOT 36 | The Sovereignty Of God

God is God all by himself. He is who he says he is, and that’s Almighty God. And whenever we trust in him, we will never be disappointed. In today’s episode, Dr. Siohvaughn Funches reminds us of the sovereignty of God and his great power and ability to take us from the darkest places to the brightest ones. Be inspired to trust God more in all your endeavors as Dr. Funches explains how God positions us to his promises and gives us the blessings we deserve.

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God Is God, All By Himself (Part 1)

We’re going to be talking about God being God all by himself. Besides Him, there is no other. Before we do that, we’re going to take a moment and thank God for this opportunity to know Him more and to pray. We thank you, Heavenly Father, for the opportunity to get at the feet of Jesus and hear His word. Be healed, be fully restored and be blessed beyond measure and comprehension by you. I pray, Daddy, that You will give to each and every one of us the spirit of wisdom and revelation and the knowledge of Jesus. I pray that the eyes of our understanding will be enlightened and we may know what is the hope of his calling. What are the riches of the glory of his inheritance and the saints, and what is the exceeding greatness of his power toward us who believe according to the working of His mighty power.

We pray Jesus that you will expound on the scriptures to us about the things concerning Yourself. I thank you, Heavenly Father, for your promise that the Spirit of Truth, your Holy Spirit will lead and guide us into all truth. Teach us all things and we say, Daddy, like Mary, be it unto us according to your word, and cause us, Lord. It’s not only to comprehend the scriptures and to know You more but to receive every blessing, benefit and promise, including your divine protection when we do that one thing that’s needful and we get at Your feet, Lord, and hear Your words.

Let’s start what I believe will be a series because it’s rich with a lot of wisdom and revelation that I’m clearly excited to share with you, that God is sharing with me. I believe that this show is full of an on-time yet timeless word from God. It’s filled with on-time timeless words of truth, wisdom, and revelation. Words that will fill you with faith. Because they are the truth, words that will outlast lies, outlast circumstances and outlast opposition. Jesus is the truth and nothing can get Jesus to change, waver, break or fail.

These words are not just words for me. These words are the word of God coming from the heart and in the mind of God via his Holy Spirit. I believe what God showed me is going to come to pass in the life of everyone who hears the word and believes the word. That nothing less than, you’re going to enter into true rest in God and His faithfulness, which never fails and rely on His power, which is what we know is all power. This is what we proclaim, God is who He says He is. That’s all mighty God. If you have all might, you have all power.

We want to find more rest in God, trust in Him more and as a result, receive from Him more. We’re going to be talking about God being God all by Himself. In fact, that’s the title of this series. When we take this posture of trust because that’s what this is. When we’re talking about resting in God. We know that whenever you trust in the Lord, you will not be disappointed, like that scripture, people are never put to shame. Not only that, but as you trust God, and you be still knowing that He is God, seeing His salvation. He is performing and bringing to pass and doing all you need Him to do as well as exceeding your expectations.

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Two Key Verses

When God was showing me this, there were two key Bible verses that God gave me, like the crux when he was laying this message on my heart. Dissecting scriptures and different parts and stories in the Bible that I read through. We probably won’t go into as much detail as he had me go into, but we’ll extract from it some of the larger truths that he showed. I will probably read some things, but I also will probably paraphrase and tell you the story as a whole as opposed to just purely reading it to you. Although, I’ll do some reading. The two key verses that the Lord showed me and I want to share with you. One coming from John 19:30, and God told me to start with this because our entire Christian walk starts with the words that Jesus proclaimed. In our English Bible, it says, “It is finished.” Isaiah 43:10, verses 10 to 11. Those are both from the New King James Version.

I wanted also and I felt from God to be transparent with you all because God has blessed me to get close with some key leaders in the body of Christ. He’s used them at different times in my life, whether it was to give me a word, whether it was to lay hands on me for healing. Whether physical or emotional, I’m needed to be healed in both areas, and God has done those miracles. I learned that sometimes when you are with people who are in leadership in the body of Christ, you see them on a platform that God ordained for his son to have via them. It can seem like these people are pillars of strength. This is the epitome of strength. If you look up strength in the dictionary, you’re going to find their photo next to it in high definition. I’m like, “They’re so strong.”

You don’t see the process that they’ve gone through or are currently going through. A lot of what they come out testifying about, a lot of the messages that they receive, the songs that they receive are actually birthed out of trials. They can a lot of times come from God turning something that was meant for evil into good and not always. Sometimes, it comes from pure fellowship with God. A great time with God. Sometimes, in worshipping God, it happens, you get a revelation. Sometimes in just conversing. The Bible says, “Iron sharpens iron.” You get with another believer, so true, two are better than one. You think you’re just talking to another believer. He’s there. He abides in us but He just takes over completely. The next thing you know, you’re not just talking, you’re prophesying and it has happened to me and it has happened through me, what I’m referring to.

The Example Of The Lily

Oftentimes, we don’t see leaders in that process like I see it. A beautiful flower, for example, comes out. You see this beautiful lily, I love lilies. They’re beautiful and they come in many gorgeous colors. They’re a delicate flower. If flowers had sexes, I will say a lily is she’s a beautiful, classy woman. I believe that, like the lily, we see this thing in full bloom. That’s how we see these leaders that God has called. That’s how people are seeing me as God uses me in whatever capacity He’s chosen to use me. I’m not by no means calling myself anything other than what God calls me, but I am saying that I can sense even in my closer circle that it happened.

I felt that God wanted me to share that with you that, that lily, although in full bloom is beautiful, colorful, healthy and strong, taking the plainest thing and being in its midst, making it a beautiful thing. It’s something beautiful to behold, eye-catching. Something that no matter how many lilies you’ve seen, how many times you still can stop, slow down, and gaze upon it or want to smell it or feel the petal and all of that. That Lily, though, if a gardener comes out or a landscaper and plants the seeds for the lilies to grow. I’m not sure exactly how that process goes, but what the Holy Spirit brought to my mind was, in that dirt is a dark place. It’s a dirty place. It’s a cold place. It’s a lonely place. It’s not beautiful. In fact, it’s ugly, if we’re honest. There was a process that that lily went through. There was darkness, coldness, and loneliness.

TOT 36 | The Sovereignty Of God
The Sovereignty Of God: God turns something that was meant for evil into good.

There were conditions that look nothing like once it’s in full bloom, but indeed that lily went through that prior to being something that God, even say a Solomon and all his riches and glory was not arrayed. Jesus said, “Even as one of these lilies.” That’s saying a lot because Solomon was a billionaire of his day. If he couldn’t even get fresh, get dressed and be even arrayed as one lily of the field, that tells you just how beautiful lilies are. They’re not always that beautiful and the same thing happens with the leaders, the people we see and hear from and see them in full bloom.

The Holy Spirit revealed, that place in that ground can be a lonely place. I don’t think it’s a place like in the book that God gave me. The Holy Spirit told me it’s like birthing. If you’re a mom who’s given birth or you’re someone who you know close enough, a lot of aunts are like moms to their nieces and nephews. There’s no question about it. It takes a whole village. A mom or granny, you’ve been in a room where someone is giving birth, if not even yourself or both. That’s a place where not a lot of people get to come in for a good reason. For the protection of the one giving birth and the one that’s being birth. For all of their protection, not many people are allowed in.

It can be a lonely place, that birthing place and that can be an ugly place if you’d been there. It’d be a bloody place, a painful place. I don’t want to scare anybody pregnant. You can always pray, “God, have mercy on me. Give me your anointing of ease.” In Jesus’ name, so don’t freak out. My second son, it was like a breeze. I might as well have been watching Netflix at the same time. It wasn’t bad at all. Every birth isn’t bad, but sometimes in giving birth, we know that it can be ugly. That’s usually a time where not a lot of people are around and not a lot of people are allowed to see. It doesn’t mean that they are in some way superhero Christians and they don’t go through the same trials and tribulations that everybody else is going through.

The Bible even says, “Think it not strange.” When you suffer all manners of things like your other brothers and sisters in Christ is suffering the same things. I’m paraphrasing, but it’s written, you get the gist. I want everybody to know, in hearing me and hearing God use me, I don’t want anyone to think that I’m not able to relate even on a deep level. Have I gone through everything anybody could possibly go through? No, but has it been probably more than a fair share? Yes. Am I still being tested? Do I still get tried? Do I still feel like I struggle with doubt? Yes, I am human.

My humanity is there. God is in me and that’s the deity in me. That’s the divine nature in me, that’s the spirit of God. God breathed in me. There’s the part of me that’s like that flesh thing. I’m not my flesh, but that flesh is there. Same as yours. “My flesh rose up.” I was like, “I can’t believe I said that.” I’m saying, “You and me both.” None of us has arrived. We’re all on our way. I want you to know that I understand the challenges involved in trusting God because that’s what the crux of this message is all about.

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God is bringing us back to a place of rest where we trust God. By doing that, He’s ministering to us His word, He’s giving us His truth. He’s reminding us of the truth. I wanted people to know and I feel from God, be transparent. Let them know that you understand the challenges involved in trusting God. Especially when all of hell and even Earth because even mankind can seem to be coming against you. I know what it’s like to struggle with trusting God when there’s no natural sign as to what God promised to you.

God Is Sovereign

I’m called to share with you what God has used to help me overcome at times like these. It’s the truth that God is sovereign. He is God all by Himself. What this translates to mean is that even if we are weak, God is still strong. That’s not the end of it. Even when we don’t know what to do, that’s fine. God is wisdom. Even when we don’t know what way to go, “I’m not sure if I should be still. I’m not sure if I should make a move. I just simply don’t know which way to go.” That’s fine. Jesus is the way.

We know that if you have the way, you certainly know the way to take. We know that Jesus is wisdom. The Bible even tells us Jesus has been made unto us wisdom. It’s been times that I have felt doubtful and fearful. I’m going through a challenge. I’m going through a trial that God has reminded me that He is sovereign, that He is God all by Himself. Because God uses us and all of that’s true, but this never stops the fact that God is who He is. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He doesn’t change. He has always been, and He will always be God all by Himself. The Lord took me to Isaiah 43:10-11 and I’m going to read you this so you can have the context of it about the sovereignty of God. Let’s let this word take root and bear fruit that remains. It says, “You are my witnesses, says the Lord. My servant whom I have chosen, that you may know and believe me and understand that I am He. Before me, there was no God formed, nor shall there be after me. I am the Lord and besides me, there is no savior.”

This puts everything back into perspective for us. God is sovereign. He sits high and looks low. Sits high above everything and everyone. He’s God all by Himself. Yes, you’re his witness. Yes, he chose you. Yes, you enjoy serving God, but besides Him, there is no savior. There is no God, none before him, neither shall there be after Him. He is, He was, and He always will be God all by Himself, which means God will be needing our help. This helps us when we don’t know which way to go. We don’t know what to do. We’re not sure who we can trust. You’ve got to say to your soul, “Take it easy and find rest in the fact that God is still God all by Himself and what I don’t know, he surely does.” Not only that, he knows what to do when to do it and whom to do it with or when to not do anything at all. You can’t lose with the God we choose and that’s Jesus.

Isaiah 45:5, reiterating the sovereignty of God. The Lord says, “I am the Lord and there is no other, there is no god besides me.” There can be challenges, there can be trials and we even know that there’s a devil. It makes no difference when it comes to being God. Top-notch, sitting above all, ruling over all, reigning over all, all power, all authority. At your word, things change. At the mention of your name, every knee bows and every tongue confesses. There’s just one and that’s your God and that’s your Father.

TOT 36 | The Sovereignty Of God
The Sovereignty Of God: God is sovereign. He is God all by himself.

The Lord had me expound on particular truths because we are seeing him and in God’s light, we see light. There are people that can read this message or even the other messages on the show or even other God ordains. People who God is speaking, teaching, and sharing the gospel through. You can just be doing that. You’re not trying to figure out your problem. You’re not trying to decide which direction to go in. You’re not trying to make any decisions but the Bible says that in His light, we see light.

At a time like this, things will be coming to you and God will be telling you right when the message is over, all of a sudden, it’s like a light comes on. Even something you forgot about. You weren’t thinking about it anymore. You weren’t worried about it at all, not thinking about it and then there’s the answer. Because in His light, we see light. This truly is the one thing that’s needful. The more I trust God and do it because you’ve got to trust God to get at the feet of Jesus when everything and everyone is screaming, you need to be doing something else. That takes real faith to say, “No, I have to be doing what God said.” Get at the feet and hear his word.

That doesn’t mean that from there, God will not direct your steps into something else but it will not be you. In a sense that is God-directed, God-ordained, God is in you. The Holy Spirit is in you empowering you to speak and to do or both or whatever it is He’s calling you to do. Even if it’s to just be still and do nothing. Have you tried that? I don’t know if anybody has my type of personality but when God has called you to do that, you find out then that the struggle is real when you’ve got my type of personality. It seems that way sometimes for me. You’re like, “Don’t say anything?” Don’t say nothing.

When you say nothing, you mean like nothing at all or a little bit of something but not too much? No, He actually means nothing. It’s times like that when I’m heavily tested at that point. I’m usually the one to speak my mind. I’ve always been an admirer of people who can tell the truth, even if it that stung a little bit, but that needed to be dealt with, that needed to be addressed. I’ve liked that about myself, but sometimes the answer is, don’t say a word.

The Work Of God

When God directs your steps like that, that even though you’re there and you’re talking, you’re refraining from talking, you’re doing something, you know who to call, you know where to go, or you know where to move and relocate. You know which job to take, you know which spouse to choose, or things like that, it is God because He’s worked in you. He’s working through you. That’s the work of God. That’s not you trying to figure it out, calling a bunch of people and getting 85 opinions and ending up more confused. How would I be able to tell you that beloved, except I walked through it and learned not to do it?

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These are some aspects of God that He brought it about Himself. We want to take our time and go through this because we’re getting to know Him more. God was explaining to us the blessings and the benefits. I believe that was the title of that series, The Blessing and Benefits of Knowing God. If we can remember anything from that, it would never hurt to hear that just often on purpose ever so often until it gets in your literal memory of your spirit. You cannot have read the blog necessarily, but it can come from out of you as opposed to out of this. The show is depositing seeds anyway. Let that seed bear fruit until it starts coming out of you. Most times that happens with repetition. Maybe some things we can hear once and we got it, and it’s just in you, but a lot of times it is something that we’ve studied.

The Bible says, “Study to show yourself approved.” We’ve gotten in deep, heard it a few times, meditated on it, read it again, heard a sermon on it, and heard preaching on it. Went to Bible study and talked about it. Those things are the things that get deep in us. It’s good, that word itself will do the warfare for you. You don’t have to do anything. When the Holy Spirit brings that to memory, brings that up and you’re like, “That’s it. I know the devil is not going away with it.” You believe God, you’ve got a lot of faith, and you’ve eaten that word. You got it back up and chewed it back down. You’re like the cow, it is good. Other than that, I would never refer to you as a cow.

One of the things that God wanted me to highlight about Himself and bring out about Himself in regards to this message about God being God all by Himself. You can trust God. This means we don’t have to figure everything out. We don’t have to know everything. Sometimes people are like, “I’m not sure who sent them. Is it God? Is it not God?” Those are good questions to ask God, and then rest. I’m not saying you only pray once. You want to remind God, “God, I’m asking you. I still don’t even know.” Let your soul find rest in the fact that God is in control. You’re in the palm of His hand, you are the apple of His eye, and He who didn’t spare His own Son, how shall He not also with Him freely give you all things including the answer to what your question is. God promised to supply all your needs. If it’s something you need, God has promised to meet your needs. We know that when God does something, He does it more exceedingly and more abundantly.

This helps us to rest because a lot of times when we’re in that posture of trusting God, it’s such a blessing. You’re at ease and you’re not stressed out and freaked out. That’s what God is doing through this particular series. God was reminding me that He is the God who goes before us. We must remember this. We can find this in Isaiah 52 and 12. God is the God that goes before us. He does so for a reason and that is to prepare for us what he’s bringing us into which is a blessing.

Being Tested

God promised to take us from level to level in glory to glory. People like that and they want to clap. That’s the part of the Bible where family and friends have often heard me say it, the part that makes you feel all warm and tingly inside. The thing about level to level is graduating. If you’re someone who’s been in school, before graduation there can be like a ton of intense test. The testing is real at that point. People are studying, tutors are getting paid double what they normally get paid because it’s now or never, flip or flop. It gets real at that point but even though the testing is there, the truth is that the testing is a sign.

TOT 36 | The Sovereignty Of God
The Sovereignty Of God: God works in you and through you, so let that seed take root and bear fruit.

Once you learn this about the ways of God, it is a sign that God is saying He’s done something in you and a work in you so great. No one just takes a test. You don’t come into your senior year of high school and then just get a test. “Welcome to English 101 or 501,” or whatever it may be in your senior year, I forgot. That does not mean I’m old, don’t you think that. You don’t go there on the first day of class. “Welcome class,” and then the teacher is starting and passing out tests. Pop quizzes, a lot of times they won’t grade that because they haven’t taught you anything. You haven’t learned anything. You haven’t been through anything.

They’re using quizzes along the way before you get to the big one. Sometimes the intensity of a test can be conducive or instructive as to the promotion, the graduation level. Regular quizzes, you get to a midterm exam is a bit more intense, you get to a final exam, it’s the most intense. You get to something like those tests they have before you actually can pass out and graduate and it’s the most intense, but no one does that without preparing you. If you’re at a place where you’re being tested. I know what it’s like when you slow people down. I’m trying to tell you I’ve been through some things but this isn’t regular. I get that, trust me. I have to slow people down. I’m like, “Pump your prayer breaks before you start praying for me because this is not a regular devil.” Something extra is happening here. I get that part.

The test can be intense. Sometimes, those tests can be longer. I was in law school, it was rare, but if we had an exam or we had to write an essay during the semester, that was serious. You’d invest a lot in it in more ways than one but when it came to that final exam, most people probably don’t know that. Law school final exams can last four and a half hours. Who can even focus for four and a half hours, let alone excel? This takes God. Even if there were people who have graduated from law school and don’t acknowledge God, I don’t care. You only made it because of God. I went there, I did that. If it wasn’t God for you, you definitely wouldn’t have made it through that thing. I know that for a fact.

Sometimes these things can be longer. That can also be a sign of this must be the final. When you think about it, that promotion usually behind that is good. You went from being a 1L law school student to a 2L. That promotion is big at that point. That test before that final exam was intense, but it also was a sign of great promotion, even graduation. As well as the fact that God has been doing a good work in you. The devil tries to make us feel so bad. Sometimes we’re even hard on ourselves, but God is doing a work in us always.

He lives there for a reason, not just to guide, provide for us, protect us, commune with us, and fellowship with us. He’s there also to do a work in us. We are being transformed into the image of His Son. That’s the perfect will of God for every single believer, for every single son and daughter of God. I love that God goes before us. He prepares for us. What an awesome Dad that we have. When I think about the fact that He goes before us for a purpose, to prepare the blessings for us, it blesses me and it brings us back to where we started this particular show that it is finished.

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Warming The Meal

That’s where our journey as Christians begin. When Christ cried out finish, that’s not just symbolic. It’s true. It’s imperative that we know that. We wonder, “How long, God?” It won’t be long compared to long because you’re starting with what Christ finished for you. I think of it as the difference between when I cook. I can make a meal with several courses and that can take several hours to do, especially if I want seasonings to sit, some things even overnight, I will let them marinate. It can take time to do that. That’s like what Jesus did for us. I’m not minimizing it at all. I just want to give an illustration for teaching purposes.

What God does for us as believers, we just receive it. There’s a part of setting the table, warming the meal, apportioning, or making sure that no one gets something that would be harmful to them for example. There is still something to do like unwrapping a gift, serving a ready-made meal but the meal is ready and the gift has been bought. It’s, for sure, yours. It is finished. I hope that encourages anyone who’s been waiting for any amount of time, especially for people who’ve been waiting for what can be a long time.

We want to be blessed and we like to be blessed like yesterday. Most of us are not like the man at the pool of Bethesda when Jesus asked, “Do you want to get well?” Most of us are like, “God, I want it.” The book God gave me and wrote through me to give to the world, he gave it to me too. I needed to hear that first probably and foremost. You’ve got to let God finish. In that book, God honed in on things like that. If you want a deeper understanding, you want to go into further detail about it, I would suggest that you get it. Because that’s where God broke down for me and gave me wisdom while I wait.

The wait had become a weight. It was heavy on me to the point that my faith was saying, “I know God will do it,” but I felt like my faith was at a place where it was gassing out. I know that that actually happened to me. I had a frank conversation with God, heart to heart, poured out my heart to Him and let Him know that I was at a place of giving up and it wasn’t him. I said, “I’m not here like an immature person and blaming you. I’m not doing any of that, Daddy. It’s not you, it’s me. You said you will do it. I believe you’ll do it. I will not call you a liar. That’s not it.” This doesn’t happen because I’m turning in my badge. I’m waving my flag. I was just done, the waiting had become a weight.

God began to minister to me and I kept crying out to God for what is taking so long. I reasoned within myself that was a problem, it must be a problem, something’s wrong. I figured nothing’s wrong with God, it must be me. I went and started to spiral down in faith with those thoughts, why I thought life is so important. God told me then when I kept saying, “What do I have to do, God, to receive? It’s been so long. Am I missing something? Am I thinking I’m waiting on you when you’re waiting on me?” That’s when God told me you got it. That’s when the Holy Spirit told me you’ve got to let God finish and I just said, “Okay.”

TOT 36 | The Sovereignty Of God
The Sovereignty Of God: The perfect will of God for every single believer is to be transformed into the image of his Son.

The Heart To Give

I give that to you and I give that to the people because obviously, I have a heart for those who have waited. I know what that’s like. I know what it’s like to feel anxious and just about undone. Someone says, “Anything happened?” You’re like, “No.” They’re like, “How could you look distraught if nothing happened because nothing happened?” You’re waiting for something to happen and you need to change. I can get that, hope deferred can make the heart sick. We are celebrating a God who goes before us. We’re going to stop right here and pick up next time because I don’t want to rush. I want to go into all the detail that God gave about the God who goes before you and I, for a purpose. That’s to prepare that blessing for us. It’s to rid that Promised Land of enemies and to prepare the promises for us that blow our mind and far surpass what we prayed for or how we, in our mind, imagine what it will be like.

I thank God. He is good to us. It’s His heart to give to us. God has given us His best. No way He would give us Jesus and then be like, “I’m not sure about a promotion.” That’s the wrong answer. The heart of God is to give. God is blessing us and given us the wisdom. Positioning us to possess His promises, not only those He’s made us, but even those that are throughout the Bible that we may not even know exists. God wants us to have it all. He wants you to be a light that shines bright in this dark place because even the unbelievers can’t help but notice your bright light and your shine. God bless you. I love you. We’ll pick up again on the same message.

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